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March 2017 - Westermo Releases MRD-405-DIN Industrial 4G Router
January 2017 - Westermo Releases WeOS 4.20.0
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  • Easy to read specifications in table or bullet format
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  • One click store access where you see "Buy Now!"
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  • Store is available to our US and Canadian and select Int. Courntries.
  • ESI offers over 200 products for purchase on-line
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  • ESI offers the best on-line selection for Westermo anywhere!!!
  • ESI offers the latest Tri PLC products

Eternity Sales represents some of the finest companies in industrial automation, connectivity, communications and manufacturing intelligence. ESI's approach is to combine the resources of these companies and provide a synergistic solution. Many of the products transcend any one specific industry. Therefore, regardless of industry, a solution is possible. One need only think beyond their own boundaries and realize what is possible.

ESI is a solution oriented company. We strive to provide solutions for your automation, connectivity, communications and manufacturing intelligence requirements. We are a problem solving company.

Based on 20+ years of experience in developing and providing solutions, ESI has worked directly with the companies we represent and therefore are confident in the products we represent. Furthermore, we are confident about the people who make up the companies we represent. They are world class...second to no one and therefore it is ESI's privilege to be associated with such fine companies.

ESI just doesn't resell products, but in order to accomplish a synergistic solution, we have access to a group of programmers and integrators that can take the products we represent and turn them into your desired end result making us not just a product supplier, but a solution provider.

New Product Showcase
Westermo Westermo Triangle Research
MRD-405-DIN Red Fox Routers Nano-10
4G Wireless Broadband Router
2 Ethernet Ports
12 New Layer 3 Ethernet Models
Switching, Routing, Firewall
Ethernet Enabled Embedded
Programmable Logic Controller
Anywhere you see these logos within the ESI web site indicates that you can purchase products directly from ESI. If the logos are not present on a specific product page indicates ESI is a manufacturer's representative for that product. Orders can be placed through ESI with payment being sent directly to the manufacturer.
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