Zero to $1,000/day with YouTube Shorts – 5 ways to make money with YouTube

Oh, Hey, how are you?
Let's jump into this video. We'll we're going to talk about how to
go from zero to a thousand dollars a day. Utilizing YouTube shorts. There'll be four surefire ways that
we'll go over in this video in several actionable steps that you can take today
to get started in the past the YouTube shorts that I've been able to post have
generated some income like this and like this. And we're going to dive deep into YouTube
shorts and how it could be a stable income stream for you. If you're about
that shorts life, go ahead and comment, YouTube shorts and let's get started. So you have probably heard of this
YouTube creator sorts fund by now.

I talked about it in a previous
video and for the longest time, and since YouTube announced the YouTube
shorts creator fund back in early 2021 around March, I believe it was, they had mentioned that there was a
fund of a hundred million dollars set aside to give to a YouTube
shorts creators within 2021 and 2022. And no one quite knew exactly
how that was going to work, how the funds were going
to get distributed and how
creators were going to start getting paid. But guess what?
Today we have the answers for you. So let's talk about the YouTube
shorts creator fund shall we? Youtube just announced that shorts
creators could make anywhere between a hundred dollars a month and up to
$10,000 a month just with leveraging the YouTube creator shorts funds. And so what they base it on are basically
the views that are generated by the shorts and the location as of today, which we are early in 20, sorry,
we're in the fall of 2021. There are about eight countries where it
is possible to monetize YouTube shorts.

And so eligibility wise, any shorts,
creator who is creating original shorts, content is eligible to receive
this fund. And in short, any creator who is creating shorts
content that is original content is eligible to receive this shorts bonus. That's officially what YouTube is
calling it. They're calling it a bonus. So a creator can receive anywhere from
a hundred dollars a month up to $10,000 per month. And you may be
thinking, wait, Marissa, this video is about making a
thousand dollars a day. Don't worry. I will get to that, but let's just
continue with these requirements. So in addition to creating original
content, meaning you can't you know, post reuse content from Tik Tok or
Instagram reels or any other social media platform you have to have
posted a short video within the past hundred and 80 days.

It cannot again have the Tik TOK
watermark or anything like that. It can't be noticeably stolen or
taken from somebody else's content. It has to be original content that
you create for YouTube shorts. And so this is actually really interesting
and it can be in favor for a lot of new shorts, creators where every
month the clock kind of resets an eligibility for all shorts creators.
It's basically anyone's game. So if you get a certain
amount of use one month, and it's not that big of an amount of use, it's kind of like the clock can reset. And the next month you have the potential
to earn a bonus because basically every single month, the view count resets.
So this is great for shorts creators, just getting started
because it's a realistic, a much easier barrier to entry to try
to monetize with the shorts creator funds.

And so YouTube said that what they're
going to do is reach out to these creators every single month. And the idea is
that we'll say, Hey, you creator, you are eligible to receive this
bonus of $500. And then you, as the creator says, okay, great,
let me claim that bonus right away. So that's the important part. You have to look out for the email
because if not that bonus could expire or they'll distribute it to another creator.
So the key is to definitely claim it. So let's say YouTube sends
you an email on September 8th, between the eighth, through
the 10th of the month, right? Let's use September as an example, you have until I think the
21st of September to claim the bonus, and then you will get
paid that following October.

So you will get paid between
October 21st and October 25th that next month for them, the
bonus that you earned in September, that makes sense. And so you
may be asking, okay, Marissa, how do I specifically
get paid with this fund? You do not need to be a part of
the YouTube partnership program. The YouTube partnership program is when
a YouTube channel qualifies to receive Google ad sense through
the partnership program, by being qualified and getting a
thousand subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on their channel. If you are not a part of the YouTube
partnership program, no sweat, the way you get paid, it
kind of works the same way.

You do have to link a
Google AdSense account. If you are already a part
of the partnership program, you could use the same Google AdSense
account, but if not, no worries, you can create a separate
Google AdSense account. All you really have to do is
you Google, Google AdSense, and then you can create an account and
that's completely or not completely that's separate. And then you would link
that to your YouTube shorts channel. And so my thoughts about the
YouTube creator shorts fund, it's interesting because this means, let's say a hundred million
dollars within, let's say a year, timeframe that up to 1 million creators
could get paid a hundred dollars a month, or that means 10,000
creators could get paid up to $10,000 a month.

And then the
shorts fund is gone. It wipes out, it's all used up, right? So it's not the most lucrative
path to monetizing with shorts, but is definitely an amazing start. And I don't know how it compares
to like the TikTok creator fund. I mean with IGTs, I think you
can monetize now, but it's very, very selective, only certain Instagrammers with a
certain following are able to monetize. But I think it is an amazing start
for creators who are looking for a way to get started with making
content short form content. And it's eventually a segway
into making long form content, which is excellent. And the best part about all of this
is the virality that's possible with YouTube shorts. And
with that being said, let's move on to the next point on how
to really crush it and monetize with these YouTube shorts.

So now let's have a discussion about
shorts plus affiliate marketing, what an amazing way, and
what a time to be alive, where you could monetize this
super hot traffic source and combine it with affiliate offers. I
mean, this is the name of the game. There are specific shorts channels
or channels that are only shorts content, right? There's channels that
are there's YouTube channels that are, you know, normal YouTube channels with long-term
content that are incorporating YouTube shorts. And I think just, if you are interested in creating
a YouTube shorts channel alone, you have the power to really monetize
that with leveraging different affiliate products. Now, if you don't know
what I mean by affiliate products, we're talking about affiliate marketing, where you promote another person's
service or product, it could be digital, physical, it could be a referral
program to a service I'm going
to hop behind my computer and show you guys two great networks
where you can grab your affiliate link today and use it and leverage
it on your shorts channels.

So let's say you start a if
you're into health, fitness, relationships, wealth,
whatever your niche is. So I just named a bunch of
industries and markets, right. But your niche is going to be a little
bit more specific than that. And so like, let's say you have a specific shorts
channel all about real estate, okay. And just giving real estate
tips and cool you know, how much you made selling real estate
and how to buy your first home, just whatever type of niche
you get into real estate.

So let's say you want to teach how to
flip houses, how to do wholesaling, how to buy and hold properties. You can
create a shorts channel all about that, and I'll show you where you can
find affiliate links right here. So let's hop behind my computer
so I can show you how to do that. Okay. So let's first look at this affiliate
network called Digi store 24. Did you and
you can see that it is a huge network for affiliates and
also for companies who want
to promote their products on here. And so you can
see why did you story? You can see this on their
homepage. There's automated sales, large affiliate network, unique
conversion tools and such and stuff. So you can come and check out
this first part of the page, but we want to check out the marketplace
or first we could check out affiliates and we can check out what it takes to
become an affiliate with Digi store.

You can see it's free to sign up
up to 70% commissions and over 800,000 products in the
marketplace and over 44 different niches, which is pretty cool. So if we do head over to the
marketplace you could see on this side right here, all the different types of niches
that they have dance and music, and you can see the product
information of products that you could promote and sign up for. You can see the commission percentage
that they give the earnings. The benefits is course has already
been sold more than 2000 times. That's a really good thing, actually, cancellation rate below 2%
customer support team. So yeah, this is a great way to go through and
look at the different products that could serve your niche that you choose
for your shorts channel or any YouTube channel that you're
starting. So job and employment, it's just really cool. Survival.
They have sports seeks rival. Yep. Okay. And then they have sports.
So yeah, I love did you start, I think it's a great affiliate
network and let's just say let's go to a product in business and investment.

So let's say that your earnings for
this let's see price average commission, 65%. So the affiliate commission
that you could make on this is 65% or $136 and 54 cents per sale. So this is really fun because
let's say that your shorts channel is receiving a thousand views, right? So let's say that one YouTube short or
one YouTube video is producing a thousand views. And on average, like the conversion rate for
things is like 2%, right? So let's just say it's
1% to go on the low side. So we're going to multiply
that by 0.01%. That's 10, 10 times $136 and 54 cents. That's $1,365. So you don't need a lot of traffic to make good profit and good money
from these affiliate links, considering a low conversion rate
from your channel, your shorts, content, and your YouTube videos
to this affiliate product.

Another great affiliate network that
you can explore is called ClickBank. And so, again, it's the same idea.
Here are all the different niches. So if we come into cooking food and wine, it's really easy to be up in
promoting a product within minutes. You can sign up for ClickBank for
free and create your login ID, and then to come and promote
any one of the products.

You can just simply click
here and click promote, and then you would get a hop link, right? So this right here is a hop
link generator. And let's say, this is something I'm
going to on YouTube shorts. I would come here and type in YouTube
shorts as the tag so that I could maybe have another promotional link. If I was
promoting this on Facebook or Instagram, I could generate a hop link to keep track
of where the content is coming from. So then here, I would just grab, you know, copy and paste my affiliate
link here. And then boom, I would have an affiliate link to start
monetizing my YouTube shorts content right away. And so now you must be wondering about
content strategy and how to actually get these shorts videos up on YouTube. Well,
the great news is if you have a phone, any type of smartphone with camera
and video capabilities, which I, if you're watching this
video, most likely you too, the barrier to entry to
creating videos is so easy.

And let's say you are already
creating Instagram reels or tic talk. There is a way to repurpose them. So it could be legal to
post on YouTube shorts. And you have to make sure that you are
removing the watermark that you are maybe even adjusting the clips so that
it's not the same exact clip. So you can repurpose them in that
way and put them onto YouTube shorts. If it's original content and you made it, then you really have
nothing to worry about. And so now what I want to show you
is a content strategy where you could leverage an amazing video editing tool
so that you can create these templates without even having to film yourself. You could leverage over 4,000 already
made templates for you and a library of millions of different stock
clips and copyright free images.

So let's take a look on how to do. And so if you don't really want to
produce content, or if you're stuck, you're like, ah, I don't know, really the filming and all that and
putting it together. Don't worry. I have just a tool we're
going to use in video, which is a web based video creation tool. It has over 4,000 studying templates
already built in for all social medias, but for TikTok reels and all of the
vertical template or all of the vertical whatever you call it, framed
content that is on social media.

It has templates for those as well. So let's take a look at how easy
it could be by using in video to create these pieces of content. We'll hop behind my computer and go
through just a quick example and I'll show you how you can create these videos.
And under three minutes, four minutes, five minutes tops. Okay. So
here we are in, on, in video, this is the tool. What
I love about it is it's, web-based no need to download anything
you can get started for free today. All the work that you do is
automatically save to the cloud. So what we're going to do of
course is go first to the vertical right here, the, the, we have the
vertical option and the vertical format, which of course we need to use
for Tik TOK reels. And of course, YouTube shorts. So let's say we wanted to
start a YouTube channel about fitness, something that has to
do with fitness. That's really easy.

All you would have to do is just come
here first to all these beautiful templates and just type in fitness, or maybe it's muscle building
that you want to do so fitness. It doesn't really matter. And this is just to get an idea
of what kind of templates are on there for fitness, right? And really you could use any template
and change it into whatever niche you want, but this is going
to be the most effective. So let's say we wanted to
check out this template and we like it. Okay. So look at
this. This is how it looks. Any element you see on here is
editable essentially. So I like it.

Why don't we go ahead and
use this template? Okay. So welcome to the editor down here to
explore a little bit of what we got going on. This is the timeline, which is the main editing tool and
how you edit something up here. You can grab anything you
can arrange or redo any texts. And here you can see the elements
and what it is that selected. My logo is automatically updated. We don't have to edit
that right now, here, you can upload any type of media. You
want any type of graphics.

You have, you can upload here any media. This is also where you can
search videos for fitness. So let's say we want to just create
a video that incorporates stock footage, which is totally legal
and totally doable within video. We can come here and see all
of the different footage, follow the different stock videos
that we could use for this video. So if we wanted to put to lose weight, okay, so we could even come
here. And if we wanted to, we could change the different the fonts,
the text, whatever, whatever you want, really. And so, for example, if you click
here and you want to change the font, you can come up here to,
and change the font size. You can change the font type. So you could change it to the, this one or pick any one of
the fonts here that they have.

And so let's say we wanted to come
here to this scene is what they call it. Right. Well, we could do is we can replace any
stock footage with this scene if we don't like it. So what we can
do is come here and we could say, oh I want to replace it with
another stock image or video to, let's say we wanted to use this
one. Instead, we could do that. Or we could say useful video
and then it'll appear on, on here. Okay. So then we can make it bigger so
that it's better looking for the what do you call it? The
mobile, the mobile footage. And so we could do that and this could
be maybe a step like step, step three, you want to eat healthy
or something like that. So anything you want to do is
editable here and it's super easy. I have, I haven't dipped
tutorials in an oven video. I'll leave that in the
link in the description, but essentially all you would
have to do to save it as come.

Here to download and share. So you would
see it automatically saves your work. So that's really nice. You would just
come here and click, download and share, and then you could transfer it to your
computer or to your phone and easily upload this within seconds to you
YouTube once you're done. So again, you can get started with in
video today for absolutely free. And if you do decide to upgrade to a
business plan or one of their paid plans, which offers so many more features, you could use the discount code in the
description to get twenty-five percent off.

And so the next strategy we're
going to talk about is a short strategy, plus a YouTube channel plus affiliate
marketing. Let me explain what that means. So on my main channel I'm
posting two shorts on my main channel, meaning my main
channel with long form content. So that way it could generate more views
and more subscribers to the channel and with multiplying the views and the
traffic that's coming in for me to shorts, that means there's more
traffic to drive to, to my, to my affiliate offers that
I specifically promote.

And that's a great way to
up the revenue even more. And right now YouTube shorts is in its
infancy, right? It's kind of still, we don't really know
the direction is going, but while it's here and while it's viral, if you have a YouTube channel right now
where you've already started posting long form content, don't
worry about being nervous. If you want to post shorts and long
form content on the same channel does, that's exactly what I'm doing right
now. Feel free to test it out. And my reasoning behind
that is well, okay, it's a way to attract somebody
who's on the short self, enjoying the short form content to my
channel who never would have seen me if it wasn't for that short.

And then, you know, if they are exposed to the channel and
are able to get more value from the long form content, then there'll be much more willing
to buy the affiliate offers that I'm directing them to. And so it's just building that trust
and establishing that trust more with getting them onto the channel and
establishing that relationship even more because they're able to connect with
me not only on my short content, but also on my long form content.

And I say this because in that example
that we just went over with the conversion rate and what you're able to
generate from the amount of user getting it is realistic that you could
scale an affiliate offer, just one offer to a hundred
dollars a day, $500 a day, and a thousand dollars a day. And beyond there are several affiliate
marketers that I know right now who are seven figure earners just
with affiliate products. It's insane. All right. And so the next strategy we're talking
about to go from zero to a thousand dollars a day, leveraging
YouTube YouTube shorts is by doing everything I
mentioned in this, in, this is me doing everything I just mentioned
with the affiliate offers and driving traffic to affiliate links, but also putting that together
with selling more offers.

So it's all about multiple income streams, and that's why YouTube
is super powerful and the most powerful traffic source
that is on the internet today. So you could offer things like
other types of digital products. Maybe you sell digital downloads.
Maybe you sell templates with logos, with animations. Maybe
you sell a pocket program, which is a course that's less than
$97 where you can teach something and your customer or your potential customer
could have a quick win and learn something. Maybe you can sell a mid ticket course
where it's a bigger course where you're more involved with the student, which you can charge anywhere
from $500 to a thousand dollars.

And so that is real where the
real wealth comes in and wealth generation, because you know, you, yes, it's basically the idea of turning
YouTube shorts or a YouTube main channel, or a combination of both into a
business and automating that income. Because with this channel alone, the company has made multiple
six figures just off of organic traffic. And with the YouTube short strategy
that I talked with you guys about today, that's a sure fire away to to keep
going and not have to, you know, leverage paid advertising.

You can do it
all by leveraging the YouTube traffic. So I hope that makes a lot of sense. What we're going to do now is show you
a method where you can utilize a tool called two buddy to better your chances
of going more viral with YouTube shorts let's check. And so what I was saying was, if you
want to give your YouTube shorts videos, a chance to go more viral
and get discovered faster, you definitely want to use
keywords. And so with that, I always 100% recommend to buddy,
which if you want to try to buddy, it's a free comb extension. It's my number one recommended SEO tools
that you can optimize your videos on YouTube, whether it's a short
video or a long form video, and you can put keywords on your videos. And so this is going to help the
algorithm even more because when you have keywords and the proper tags
and titles on your videos, that's better because the algorithm
is going to say, oh, okay. So these keywords are
associated with these videos.

So let's send this type of traffic. So not only do you want to
capture this short shelf traffic, but also keyword traffic, that's going
to help your videos get discovered. So yes, two buddies, very simple to use. The main thing you'll be doing is using
two buddy for the secondary keywords that are on your video or the
tags, not necessarily the title, because for a YouTube shorts, video title, it's different than a normal YouTube
channel title because you only get, I think 40 characters that'll
show up and he also needs to use hashtag shorts whenever you're
uploading so that the algorithm can, that it's a short. So
that's really important. So put hashtag shorts in the title
after your short 40 character title, and just make sure you
have that in click save. But on the bottom of when
you're optimizing a video, you want to make sure you're
also putting tags in those, in that tag box to make sure you're
getting the most bang for your buck.

When we're talking about getting
the algorithm to notice you. Okay. So just one quick thing I
forgot to mention about too buddy, when you're exploring something.
So let's say you wanted to explore, I don't know how to train rot while Wyler puppies, what you're going to need it
for is not so much the title, because this is the title, but yes, because we're going to need to keep
the title to two 40 characters as I mentioned, but here's, what's the most important about to buddy
and how it relates to you to shorts over here, we have common tags and these are
going to go in the SEO of your video. So what I mean by that is when you go
into a YouTube video and optimize it, when you're on your YouTube
studio on the bottom, you guys can see this video
has not been optimized yet.

It's a brand new video releasing tomorrow,
but if you come down here to tags, this is the kind of what
the biggest steps for doing SEO on your YouTube. So this is where you're going to come
here with the common tags when you're doing this research and copy and
paste some of these on your texts. Cause these are the most common
tags used for this video title right here. So these are very effective and I highly
recommend you use common tags to fill in these, the tag section of your video when
you're uploading your YouTube shorts. I hope that helps I'll leave the link
to a 30 day free trial of two buddy. And there's also a discount code. If you want to get to buddy
for free today and later, explore the tool for all of the cool
features and benefits that it has. So that's just one thing I wanted to
say and follow up with about two weeks. All right, guys, thanks for staying
tuned to the end of this video. If you've made it this far,
let's continue the fun.

Let's watch this video coming up next,
which is about generating 200,000, which is about generating 200,000.
Oh my God. Not that much money, $2,000 plus per month with leveraging
Amazon and low content books. So click right here to check that
out. We'll see you in the next video. Imagine planting little
money trees online. Now that is exactly what I'm going
to be showing you in. Today's video, how to start and build your little sales..

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