Yup, It’s Good… Really Good – Pole Taival Review – A Modern, Aggressive Steel Hardtail

today we're reviewing the pole tyval what's up everybody we're here in beautiful sedona 
riding the iconic high line trail on the pole thai   ball a very very modern steel hardtail whoever 
did that you are awesome my friend thank you   today i'm riding with my buddy john we're here 
on hardtails on high line this is my go-to   rowdy trail for rowdy bikes it feels 
balanced i'm not fighting it for balance   i'm glad it's not any slacker for the climb but 
it's really not bad yeah nice and stretched out   i do not feel cramped in the slightest here comes 
the hardest part of the climb next hundred yards easy to control this bike you'd think   enduro bikes wouldn't climb big technical 
stuff very well but i actually prefer it yeah nice job paul yeah baby that's nice doesn't hurt that we have perfect conditions yeah cleaned it all no dab let's finish her up oh yeah yes all right it passed the no dab highline test this bike fights me when i try and manual it which 
is weird because normally when i have a tall stack   it's easier to pop into a manual but i think it's 
the low bb in that long chain stay i really have   to lift that front end super high to hit the 
balance point this is a good little climber   it's a roomy bike it does not feel cramped in the 
slightest reach feels a little bit bigger than its   number suggests which is real nice and i love that 
it's not this lethargic heavy enduro bike it's a   decent little trail bike granted it's nothing like 
that super light yeti arc or the spot rocker but   it can also handle way earlier trails in both 
of those bikes so this bike rides different   than its geo number suggests like almost every 
bike the seat angle feels way steeper than it is i'm in a really nice aggressive climbing position which is really nice on steep uphills 
thanks so much you guys just two of us   oh trail conditions our sublime stack is really 
tall on this the only bike i've come close to   this tall my banshee paradox of e3 i love a tall 
stack and surprisingly this bike does not feel   super heavy it doesn't feel overbuilt 
a lot of aggressive hardtail makers   know that these bikes are going to be 
punished so they completely overbuild them   and then the bikes ride like anvils they're 
not compliant they're not very lively to   ride they just feel stiff this bike doesn't feel 
overbuilt it feels light without feeling noodly   and it feels burly without feeling 
heavy i'm glad it's not any slacker i am   putting a little more effort in to stay balanced 
because of the slack head angle totally doable this feels a little bit bigger and 
more planted than the hanzo esd esd had a little more playful party in it 
this has a little more racer attitude in it   this is a 435 chainsay that feels like a 440.

not like the ragley big al where it feels like   420 on the manuals and 440 when it's planted fuels 
440 all the time even though it's 435 reminds me a   bit of the solaris max and katic beefy max feels 
a little lighter though it feels significantly   lighter than the hanzo esd all right here's the 
double switchback that's tough on a long bike we did that one nice i could not clean this 
on the marin elroy it was way too much bike   oh beautiful this thing has good slow speed 
balance not bad pull i'm impressed i'm glad   the seat tube is not a millimeter taller or i 
wouldn't be able to ride a 150 dropper on this   i'd love to see the seat tube three 
inches shorter so i could run a 175   on here there's no reason to have it as 
tall as it is especially on the small oh this thing's a joy i'm impressed 
with how well it climbs i was expecting   kind of a slow slog up this to me 
zippier than the ragley big wig it's got that muted steel feel it doesn't 
accelerate quite like an aluminum or carbon bike   but it's a nice riding position nice frame feel   i'm impressed did not expect it to do this well 
on the ups this thing feels so much more natural   than the marin elroy here we are at 
the top good job paul real impressed you got it oh man all-time conditions here 
today this bike is a rocket holy cow yeah this bike is 
so fast so confident wow what does this remind me of oh this is so good yeah what a bike pole this is super fun   thank you very much there's just 
two of us thank you have a good day oh it's so quiet such a good ride feel   i'm getting some chain slap i need 
a chainstay protector on this thing oh wow what a cool bike for charging the 
harder you charge the more it wakes up whoa it's not incredibly 
playful in the sense that it   takes a lot to get it on its 
back wheel oh this is cool so good i've already got chips on the chain stay   so i would definitely want a chainsay 
protector on any hardtail especially this one   that's the only noise i'm getting though holy 
cow what a machine no pun intended this trail   gets overshadowed by the big moves down there 
but all the ups the up top stuff's so fun this suits the 140 fork really well so smooth oh what a bike this is special really nice ride feel not quite as compliant 
as the cottage solaris max all right let's hit   the bonus drop i'm feeling confident on 
this thing this one scares me every time oh so composed oh we're having fun what a 
perfect day on a fantastic bike it lacks a   little bit in the playful department but it 
makes up for it in the stability department   love how stable this thing is   you can still crank out emergency manuals where 
you need to lock the front wheel over something but you're not going to hold long sustained 
manuals as easily as something like a hanzo esd   so this is a very good bike it's definitely biased 
toward the aggressive fast enduro steep racy feel   i could ride it for my only bike but it's a little 
more aggressive than i'd want for my all-time bike because most of the time i'm not able to 
find trails as steep as this where i can   really make use of that head angle but i know 
there are plenty of you out there who will this is one of the more pedal friendly 
and trail friendly enduro bikes out there   it doesn't quite have the snappiness 
of the cottage beefy max frame feel and it's not quite as supple as the solaris max 
it's right in between the two this bike's riding   a lot better than i imagined that paint just 
kind of glows it looks like it's got a battery here we go let's see what 
condition this trail's in today that feels real good oh yeah it's in 
such better shape than it used to be   i don't know that still needs some 
work though it's pretty blown out this bike has so much control coming 
through here slow and here we go now we follow these white lines yeah smooth with butter what surprises 
me most about this bike is how well   it does at slow tech moves most big bikes 
like this oh man yay this is way better   oh boy that's way worse we made it sorry i 
had to concentrate a little bit there uh most   big enduro bikes like this are not great 
at slow speed they kind of get stuck   this is a really well balanced bike 
though wow i have so much confidence on it oh we got a puddle most people miss this turn yeah doing this whole trail on 
2.3s on the hunt trail wide wheels   they're one of my control variable wheels that 
i test how stiff a frame is using these wheels   on almost every review these are the nuke 
proof horizons or the hunt enduro wides   and it did really well wow what a 
bike i'm impressed reminds me a lot of   the pasula hamari except it's 
lighter the pasula hamari felt like a a brute just a charger where you just   point downhill and smash through everything and 
this does that well too this is just a little   lighter the postulate was more playful easier to 
get on that back wheel all this corners so well this feels a little bit like a longer wheelbase 
bike than a lot of the bikes i test in my size but it doesn't feel ridiculously long like the 
marin elroy what a special day on a special   trail on a special bike this section represents 
what i think a lot of my friends in southern cal   have for your trails just fast rowdy 
riding hello there's two of us thank you this bike will jump if there's a long 
manicured booter like you'd find at a   bike park but it doesn't want to like pop 
off of every route and bump in the trail it's still hello oh you're fine you can just stay 
there we'll go around you thank you oh such good dirt so much traction it just rides like a long wheelbase 
bike with a long chainstay   long groomed high speed jumps no problem little 
poppy jibs it struggles a little more and that   makes sense given its intention and pulls all 
about making long bikes long fronts and long rears and it rides like that and that's just a 
style choice it makes the bike very fast   and very planted okay so here where 
it's the trail's a little bit flatter i can still bunny hop up that two-foot lip but here where it's a little bit 
flatter the bike is just a little bit less zippy and energetic oh nice hard rim strike there yeah it's just a 
little bit less zippy and energetic is like an   aluminum bike or a carbon bike but still 
more comfortable than most steel bikes   check that out that's my rim ding just now i like 
these hunt trail wide wheels but i don't love them   i've had more dents on them than any other wheel 
by far they just dent easily on that rim edge   but it'll get me home then i'll bend it 
back out with a crescent wrench and go again   but they are a little bit soft but i like the 
weight i like the ride feel and the hub feels   good i'm really surprised by this bike it was 
more composed than i thought at slow speeds   in fact this bike at like barely tipping 
over just creeping along down technical stuff   it's better than almost any other hardcore 
hardtail i've written i was really impressed   had great balance and had a lot of composure on 
those steep slow rolls i'm really impressed and   this thing just wants to open it up it's 
a really well balanced bike some of the   really really wild bikes like the rsd rs291 and 
the marin elroy they're just a little too radical   for me to be comfortable letting him rip and 
letting him open and this bike was right on   the cusp it felt really good i could open it up 
let it rip and it was really controlled really   planted to the ground it's really fun when you 
get to let it rip and just let off the brakes and   tear through flowy fast stuff blues and blacks 
and double blacks really fun bike i wouldn't   change the seat angle seat angle is perfect i 
wouldn't change the head angle i love the tall   head tube the tall stack it just feels planted you 
never feel like you're about to go over the bars   descending i'm going to give this a 10 out of 

It just felt super composed the rear end   felt long and planted and wanted me to stay glued 
to the ground and that gave me a lot of confidence   but it wasn't so long like the marine where the 
back end was losing grip and sliding cornering   i'm going to give this a 10 out of 10. it corners 
extremely well it just you just rail corners the   geometry is perfect for that one thing they could 
do to improve it is cut this off i know everybody   likes that little gusset cut this off trim 
this down since it's a totally straight c tube   i could easily run a 175 in there and this 
might be the one bike where i could run a 200   and i would just love to experiment with even more 
drop i think it'd make the bike even more playful   but that's just my personal preference but this 
is a small and it rides like most mediums and   even larges the bike feels bigger than its numbers 
suggest it felt roomier the reach felt closer to   460 than 450 but it didn't feel 
overly huge it just felt like a enduro   race bike and i think that's the best way to sum 
this up it's not a jibby play bike but it's an   enduro race bike that can climb just fine and then 
you open it up downhill and it it does really well   playfulness i'm gonna give it a seven and a 
half out of ten not super playful but it's so   carvy on the ground it's got its own version 
of playfulness it's just not poppy and jibby   man what a special bike special sauce it's got a 
little bit of special sauce and there are other   bikes with the same numbers but they don't quite 
ride like this and i'm really impressed with   what paul's done with this thai ball so who's 
this bike for i would recommend this bike for   people with shuttle trails or lift access where 
you take the chair lift up and just bomb down i   would recommend this for people who like to race 
enduro on a hard tail i would recommend this bike   for people who love to go fast and who have trails 
that can handle it if it's too blown out or chunky   it still feels like a hard tail it gets in 
over its head a little like any hardtail   i wouldn't take this on a full-blown dh track it 
wouldn't take any hard tail on there sure you can   get down it but you're not able to just really 
let it rip when it's super chunky but that's   every hard tail in existence you could bike pack 
on this bike just fine the climbing position and   all the riding position is really comfortable 
thanks to that steep effective seat tube or   at least it felt steep to me it did not feel as 
slack as the numbers suggest this has some of the   best cable routing i've ever seen and it's done 
right and it's easy to do really clean routing   no sharp bends anywhere you think that's a simple 
thing but a lot of companies get it wrong and paul   did a great job on this i love the straight 
c tube i love the geometry i love how light   the frame is and how light the build came out 
just a really really great aggressive hardtail   this bike is not for people who want to do 60 
mile days while you could do it on it you'll   benefit from something lighter like that spot 
rocker or the yeti arc or the banshee paradox v3   lighter bikes like that are a little bit better 
on long days but this could do it no problem   this could totally be someone's only hardtail and 
only bike if they were on that aggressive pointy   end of the spectrum and they really liked 
hardtails but this bike is not for people   who like to jib and manual and just pop and 
play everywhere it just wants to stay planted   and go fast if you need advice on your next 
hardtail and you're not sure what to get or if   you're wondering how this bike compares to the 
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a party in the mountains and you're invited

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