YouTube Monetization – YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!

– How much do you think
the YouTube creator economy was worth in 2020? Have a stab in the comments below and I'll let you know after the intro. (finger clicking) (whooshing) Ah nice try, but you were way off. The answers twenty and
a half billion dollars. That's the equivalent of
nearly 400,000 full-time jobs. Oh, and did I mention
that this only accounts for the US YouTube creator economy? I don't think I did, did I? As we approach the end of another year that same question is still being asked. Is it too late to start a YouTube channel? Well, this report will
give you all of the answers you could ever need. Spoiler alert, the answer's no, it's never too late to
start a YouTube channel. This YouTube report linked below just underneath the like button is a gold mine of
information for creators, businesses, advertisers, marketers. Well, anyone really.

And here's my first big tip. Scroll down to the very
bottom of the article and click on this link. Depending on where you are in the world, it will summarize the creator
economy for your location. So in Canada, it's a near
billion dollar creator economy supporting nearly 35,000 jobs. In the UK, it's almost one
and a half billion pounds or 30,000 full-time jobs. But you know what? I've
not finished having my fun with this number yet. Let's turn YouTube's
creator economy into GDP and see where it goes. Yep, YouTube is the 116th most
viable country in the world. And how about this for a statistic? According to Business Insider, Amazon now employs 1.3
million people worldwide. It took them 27 years to do that. YouTube has doubled that
number in half the time. The YouTube Partner Program
started back in 2007 and it now includes
over 2 million creators being paid via multiple
income revenue streams, allowing individuals to
become business entrepreneurs. All right, all right, so this
isn't an apples to apples comparison with Amazon, but you get the idea,
YouTube's pretty big, right? YouTube has paid out over $30 billion to creators, artists and media companies over the last three years through 10 different income streams.

I didn't even realized there was that many directly connected to
the YouTube platform. YouTube are calling this report The State of the Creator Economy, a report set within the backdrop of the worst global pandemic in a century. But here's the thing, the pandemic didn't damage the
creator economy, it aided it, it accelerated it, it multiplied it. The pandemic magnified the
potential of what I like to call the most accessible and
democratic communication platform ever created.

Now I fully accept that
some of you will disagree with that statement, but hey, I'm biased. YouTube has changed my
life for the better, and it's changed many of your
lives for the better too. And this is where the report
can take you beyond the money. Beyond the creator economy, you can click into the report link and then scroll down the
Discovering More section to see the impact of YouTube. The report will document how
YouTube helps people learn, form stronger relationships
within communities and connect viewers and creators with diverse and new cultures. You can read about
countless creator journeys from all across the world and how YouTube impacts
different stakeholders from creators, to businesses, to users. And to top it all off, this
bad boy comes as a PDF. You know things are serious when somebody's bothered to
convert it into that format. The report on the US creator economy alone comes in at a whopping 40 pages and even has a table of
contents, holy smokes.

And then of course we
have all of the reports from the other locations too. Canada's one comes in at 10 pages itself. I guess I was gonna be on page 11, but the must have ran
out of ink or something. This report is huge. I'm gonna need more time to digest it and if you want me to
report on my findings, let us know in the comments below. Having said that I do know of one thing that definitely won't be in this report, YouTube Shorts. They didn't exist last year. Just imagine how much
more the creator economy is going to grow when
Shorts is fully monetized. But if all of this talk
of the creator economy has got you excited, but
you're not yet monetized, then this is a video for you.

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