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hello all welcome to ec electronics in today's 
video we'll be discussing about some latest job   updates from amazon so all these top updates are 
work from home because of the scopic situation   and also after seeing the job updates we'll 
be discussing about the amazon walk event   which is actually a tech challenge which 
is conducted by amazon in order to hire   interns and after this internship you will 
be posted as a permanent employee in amazon   so nowadays if you see a lot of recruitments 
are actually happening from amazon   especially because of the sports situation uh 
many of the jobs they have made us work from   home so you can work from your home itself and 
you can earn good amount of money so many people   are getting recruited and selected and they are 
working with amazon if you are also interested   in getting a job in amazon please do watch this 
video till the end we will discuss about what   are the uh work from home job openings that 
are coming from amazon and everything and also   mainly we'll be discussing about the amazon warp 
event in this video so before moving to that video   if you are seeing the channel for the first time 
please do subscribe to the channel support the   channel also follow us on our instagram page so 
the first post that we are going to discuss in   today's video is it support engineer the location 
is maharashtra currently it will be work from home   only because of the covert situation after 
that you may have to relocate to maharashtra   uh qualifications they are asking is bachelor 
degree in computer science or i.t related field   all the electronics candidate electrical all those 
candidates circuit related branches can also apply   also they are asking microsoft knowledge then 
strong networking skills advanced linux system   administration skills then strong troubleshooting 
skills all these things they are asking   then ability to explain complex i.t concepts uh 
all these things are the qualifications they are   asking for then the preferred qualifications are 
bachelor degree in computer science or ita related   field ccna networking related knowledge excellent 
verbal and communication skills all these things   are the requirements they are asking okay so 
that is the first uh quali that is first post   it is for freshers and the location is maharashtra 
okay currently it will be work from homoli okay   next is tron associate uttar pradesh is a location 
this is the second post all these posts will be   posted as separate separate links that is all 
these job links will be posted separately in   the description box so you can apply to 
whichever post you are interested in okay   so that is the second post which is tron 
associate the location is uttar pradesh   the job description also they have given roles 
and responsibilities they have given here   understand performance metrics process 
requirements drive business result all these   things are the job description bachelor degree in 
any field means you have done bb tech or bcom or   ba or bsc whatever bachelor degree you are having 
they are okay with it okay and the qualification   is bachelor degree with excellent academic score 
0 to 24 months of work experience okay so that is   the second post which is tron associate these are 
the very recent updates okay so the uh updates i'm   telling you are the very recent updates only it's 
not an old update so don't worry about it okay   next one next we are going to see how to 
uh see the latest work from home jobs in   amazon so this is the amazon carrier site here you 
you have to give uh the keywords work from home   select the location as india then from 
here just select most recent updates   now you can see all the recent work from home 
updates you can see the date of posting here   along with every post so you can see the posts are 
on june 4th third latest updates you can see here   okay so all these jobs will be work from home 
based on your qualification you can apply okay   so these are the uh work from home updates the 
latest latest updates next we are going to see   about the amazon wow event so this is the link for 
amazon wow event i'll be posting this separately   in the description box so amazon wow is actually a 
tech challenge kind of uh event where you will be   you will be conducting that is you will be doing 
a challenge and if you are getting qualified here   you will be selected as an intern with the amazon 
okay now they are actually conducting a fireside   chat this is actually a virtual session means 
a virtual interaction uh between various uh   that is various speakers of amazon and between the 
candidates like us okay so i have also registered   to this uh event this will be a virtual event so 
you will be attending an online session so this   is actually an online session which you will be 
attending and the speaker's name you can find uh   in this link itself now what they will be telling 
you is they'll be telling you what are the job   opportunities you can find in amazon what are 
the various fields or categories in which you are   you can find job opportunities what are the 
qualifications they are looking for what kind of   job they will be providing what will be the 
salary they will be providing everything   they will be speaking in this event 
okay now the date of the event is   actually june 14 means when i'm posting this video 
it will be june 13th june 14th that is next day   uh 4 30 p.m to 5 30 p.m is the date so you can 
apply uh that is you can register to this event   when you are seeing this video itself okay 
otherwise if you are seeing this video after   two or three days you may not be able to register 
to this fireside chat so this event is actually   called fireside chat means this is actually a 
virtual event as i told you it is a virtual event   in which the speakers will be telling you about 
the job opportunities and openings in amazon okay   so if you are really interested in working with 
amazon just attend this session you will get to   know about what are the various job opportunities 
and all you can find okay so please register   to the session it is completely free there is 
no registering uh amount or anything they are   asking you i have also registered that's why i'm 
telling you with hundred percentage guarantee okay   now in order to register what you have to do 
there is an application form you can find here   so there is a first name last name uh email 
id phone number then are you currently a   student then college name you have to give you 
have to select the degree bb tech mem check   mca or others you can select whichever degree 
you are having stream or branch you can select   then year of graduation so all the final year 
second years or uh from all the second year   third year or final year whichever you 
are you can apply okay then your agenda   then you have to check this check box and submit 
so you will be registering to this fireside chat   so later on after the fireside chat they will be 
telling you about the amazon wow event that is   inside this fireside chat or inside this virtual 
session they'll be telling you about the amazon   wow event now if you see the agenda of this agenda 
of this uh virtual event will be a welcome note   there is leadership panel introduction 
then fireside chat with panel panel we   have seen here this is the panel then amazon 
wow portal launch means wow portal is actually   a job finding or a tech challenge portal 
so if you attend and qualify this challenge   you will get job as intern okay you will be 
posted as inter then there will be q a from   students so if you are registering to this event 
you will have if you are having any doubts you   can directly ask this panel of uh three speakers 
okay so that's about the amazon wow event i think   that you have got a good idea about it now i will 
show you the mail which i have got uh about this   registration process so here it is i have 
registered to this uh fireside chat so the   virtual session name is fireside chat okay and 
the tech challenge name is amazon wow so fireside   chat it is i have registered to this event so 
you can see that hey i know you are in means   i have registered okay so if you are interested 
you can also register you can participate in it   so amazon wow is actually a very good opportunity 
to at least know what are the various openings you   can have in amazon okay many people are actually 
interested in amazon working with amazon and all   so please don't miss out okay so in today's 
video we have actually discussed about various   job updates and also we have mainly discussed 
about amazon wow event so uh that's all for   today's video i'm really hoping that you found 
the video useful many people are interested in   working with amazon finding a job in 
amazon because amazon is one of the   highly paying organization uh it is a very 
reputed organization many opportunities are   there so please to explore it please to apply for 
it if you're interested so that's all for today's   video if you found the video useful please do give 
it a thumbs up also share it with your friends and   if you want more videos please do subscribe to the 
channel thanks for watching and keep on watching

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