Work from Home Essentials (AMAZON FAVES) 7 Things You Need to Work from Home

My next work from home
favorite from Amazon. You might laugh at me
about, but itis actually… Hello and welcome back to channel, where I help you slay
your career and cultivate the successful life you deserve
for the best career success advice. Make sure you click the subscription
button and the notification bell. I release two new videos each
week. If you couldn't already tell, this is going to be a little bit
of a different kind of video. We've all been working
from home for a while. Have you found yourself wondering how can
I be comfortable when I'm working from home? That is a question
that I am answering today. I've been working remotely and working
from home for most of my career now, which has really allowed me to perfect
my work from home setup. You know, obviously it's gotten a little bit
better over the years, but yeah, I figured out the exact things that I
need in order to work comfortably at home.

And I'm not going to tell you what chair
to buy or that you need to have a dusk because there's. A million blogs that aren't
going to tell you that. And I even know that not all of you have a designated work area and you're working
from your dining table right now. So all that doesn't apply to
everyone. So in today's video, I'm going to share with you my work from home essentials that
are both affordable. And in fact, all of these things, things
can be found on Amazon. Things are going to make you more
comfortable when you work from home, but they're also going to
help you stay productive. Everything I mentioned is going to be
linked below. For full transparency, I'm using affiliate links, which gives me a teeny tiny percentage
if you decide to buy something that I recommend using one of those links.
If you don't want that to happen, just go to Amazon and search for the name and you can buy it
without using the affiliate links. So without any further ado, let me know that you were
excited to find out how to be.

Comfortable and productive when you work
from home by tapping that like button and let's jump into it.
And let me be clear. This first thing is
going to blow your mind. And this is something that I acquired
when we went into quarantine, right? Now I just, I can't imagine how I, I lived my life up to
this moment without it. And that item my lap desk. I know this probably makes me old, but I absolutely love this thing. I actually recommended it on a group
that I'm in with a whole bunch of other working moms and everyone
collectively lost their mind. The thing that I love about
this, and I'll insert some footage of me actually working on it
is obviously it has the space for your actual laptop, but you can sit
on the couch with your mouse.

It has a slot for your phone.
I think it's pretty, you know, this just actually helps me work. When I don't want to work at my desk
because some things, you know, you just, if you're writing or doing something
creative, maybe a different location, like the couch is going to be more
comfortable. And personally, I find, especially if you're
working in a tiny space, like you share a one bedroom with your
partner and sometimes you need to take calls in your room and stuff like that. This actually just makes it
comfortable and you can still navigate and use your mouse and everything. Okay.
I will note if you search on Amazon, you can even find some
that have cup holders. I didn't get that one because I've already spilled two cups of coffee
on two different computers. We don't need to go there again. Anyways, this is something that I
had seen in store for years. I always kind of laughed at, but I'm a total convert and I cannot
live without my lap desk anymore.

I just can't. And the next thing I'm going to talk
to you about is something that probably hasn't been a problem
for you in recent months, but as we head into the fall and
winter, it will be an increasing concern that is lighting. Let's
face it. We live on zoom. Now, obviously I'm a YouTuber
and I have a ton of lights, but I actually quite awhile ago purchased
this desk font, which is actually optimized for looking good on video
calls and has a whole bunch of different light and temperature settings and things
like that. It actually really helps. And people constantly remark on the lighting that I
have in the calls that I attend. And obviously having a lamp on your desk can be very helpful in terms
of just doing things like avoiding eye strain when you're working
in low light conditions. I do know that this desk lab
is a little bit pricey though. Like I generally on Amazon
think I'm going to pay like $20. And I think it was like 60 or 80, obviously pricing on Amazon moves a
little bit. I do have an alternate though, and this is good.

Even if you're someone who does a lot
of FaceTime or you just want to take a really good selfie, you can get one of these little guys
and it just eclipse onto your phone. So here, let me show you, so you
clip it onto your phone. Oh God, you're going to see how making
my phone it is now anyways. So you clip it on your phone and it has
this button and there's three different light settings. It's hard just by USB. I've had this one for a few years
now as a life is really good. It does give decent
lighting. Is it, you know, like a full lighting rig? No,
but I think that it really.

Does the trick, especially if you're
in a meeting in a darker room, it's going to give you a
little bit of illumination, so people can at least see
your face in the meeting. And I think that this one
was around $10. And again, this one has lasted me for a few years.
So if you want a cheap lighting option, this is a really good one.
And I think so much of working from home and being
productive and being comfortable.

One of the things that you also were thinking about is because you do
want to look good at video meetings and you just want to work effectively. One of the things that a lot of you
are working from a laptop right now, I know I do. I don't own a desktop. I
don't know anyone who does these days, but the thing about a laptop
is when it's on your desk, you're actually looking down.

So not
only is that like not good for your neck, but when you're in a video call, it's not necessarily a positive angle. So I went and got one of these bad boys. Now you can just as easily use a stack
of box, it's totally gonna work for you. But this little thing is so
cool. It actually just pops up. I have brought this around with me when
I was at my coworking space when I've been traveling. So it pops up and it helps her laptop
get up to eye level so that it is more flattering when you're in a meeting.

But also when you're just doing work on
your laptop, you're not looking down. And it is again, it's just, I
think it's more ergonomic. Now, the next thing that I got, obviously when you're working from
home and you're meetings, you're going to have a set of
headphones. Having a good time. Headset is really important, perhaps
I'm just late to the party on this because I'm an Android
girl, not an iPhone person, but I did a couple of years ago, get a pair of wireless headphones
for what I was writing. Yeah. And I ended up using them a ton, especially when I'm dialing in
to like a training or a webinar, or even just a meeting that I'm not an
active participant and the video is off. And that lets me move around
a little bit.

You know, I want to get up and get a
coffee in the middle of it. I can like tethered to my desk. I did recently upgrade mine
to get Google pixel bods, which I just got last week. And so far I'm super happy with,
but they're more expensive. This other pair did really good. The reason why I did the upgrade is I
initially got them to see if I would actually use them and like
them or if I would lose them. So I wanted it to be low, low
risk. I managed to keep them. So I did do the yeah. Upgrade,
but both totally work. Obviously the Google pixel
bides are better quality. I find the sound to be much
better on the microphones better, but both of these work. So there's a lot
of options at different price points, especially on Amazon. My next work from home essential product
is something that admittedly is not going to be essential to everyone. But
if you're a stationary officiant auto, like I am, you probably are going
to want to have a stack of these.

And this is a really good notebook. Now I do have a favor that I'm going to
show you and you're going to need this. If you have something for my critical
up workshop, you're going to need that. We'll be taking a ton of notes and there's
going to be a bunch of action items. Let me just grab that. So I
do have a favorite notebook. It is a fringe note books, some 192

You can get these on Amazon. And actually, if you look
into TJ max or HomeSense, these options didn't come up as well.
I have a bunch of different ones. Basically. I just keep on ordering them. I really like this one because
it's bigger than a standard size, if that makes sense. Uh, so
there's lots of good writing room. I tend to illustrate and map things
out as well as obviously, right? So I liked the size of the paper
for that. I like the cover. It's like a leather feeling one
it's pretty, it's inspirational.

And I'm a total sucker for rose gold.
And they have a lot of that gang. I just, I really like this notebook. So if
you're a notebook fan, check these out. And if you do see them at TJ Maxx,
just like buy one and try it out. My next work from home product that I
just really couldn't live without is pretty obvious. And if you
follow me on Twitter, you know, I just in general cannot live without
this. And that is my coffeemaker. Now, before I was fully remote working from
home, I was actually a pour over person. I love a good pour over coffee.
It's just my favorite. However, when you're in and out of meetings,
it does take a little bit longer. So I have hauled out
my old Carrick machine. This is actually a gift
from my Mother-in-law. From when we got married, it's nine
years old.

It still works. I get K-cups, you know, on Amazon as well, or again,
TJ max. Cause I love that store, but I like it cause it's just like fast, easy way to get coffee into my face
hole. There are more inexpensive options. And I think if I was investing in God, I would get one like this that
I'm showing you on screen right now because it's small. And I would actually probably just
stick it in my office to make it really easy for me to have
as much coffee as possible. Just to be honest with you now, my next
work from home favorite from Amazon, you might laugh at me
about, but it actually does. I'm going to have to kick them

It's a good pair of slippers. I am sucker for a good pair of slippers
and we are heading into cooler season. You know, obviously it's turning into fall and just having
cozy feet is really nice. And I'm Canadian. I don't
wear shoes inside of my house. I do like to have something on my feet
sometimes though. So having a really good pair of slippers is really nice. Especially when I am doing something
like I'm on my couch with my laptop, just getting some work done and having
slippers just makes me feel cozy and comfortable. And that gets me into a more
productive mind frame in general. So make fun of me all you want in
the comments. I love a good slipper. If you do too, let me know. Now the last thing is something
that I actually don't have yet. And this is a bougie bonus because I
actually don't think that this is a work from home.

Must have. I don't think
it's actually essential, but for me it is something
that is essential. I have invested into some exercise
equipment when the weather was good. I just had stuck to running
outside. That totally works for me, but I do like to cross train and I'm used to going to spinning classes at
Peloton and I've really missed it. So I ended up ordering a bike. I didn't go full out and get a full
Peloton if that's in your budget and you have the space, I like cannot
recommend those bikes enough. But our little home office
set up is temporary. I don't think we're going to
keep it this way in the future. So I just didn't know if I
was going to keep the bike. So I didn't want to invest into a
Pelton when I didn't know if it was a permanent.

Thing in my house.
So I ended up getting this one, Amazon it's shipping
to me now I'll be using the Peloton app so I can
still do the classes. And I'm really excited to
get back on a bike and spin. And especially in cold mornings when I
really don't want to go for a run outside or just to do something
a little bit different. Plus the Peloton instructors are
just so motivational and I love taking those classes. So I'm
really excited to get back. No, I'd love to hear from you what
you would add to this list. What is your work from home fav product
that you think everyone should own? I can't wait to hear it
and maybe test it out. And obviously when we're working from home separating our work and our life
space, it's really important. My next video is going to be a deep
dive into work-life boundaries. So if you haven't already,
I highly recommend clicking that subscription button so
that you do not miss that video.

In the meantime though, I do have some tips to help you
set some parameters so that you have differentiation between your
work life and your personal life. Even when they all happen in the same
space, you can check that out right here. I can't wait to hear your work from
home essentials in the comments. If this video was helpful,
give me a thumbs up. If you
have any of these things, let me know and I will see you
in the next video. Bye for now..

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