What’s inside Blurred Money?

– Today's video is
sponsored by a Bitdefender. This is blurred money. Is it real or is it fake? (money splashing) Whoa.
All right, it's kinda sad cause this looks really cool. (upbeat music) – [Man] Oh baby! – Welcome back to what's inside today where you're going to see what's
inside some blurred money. – Yeah this money right
here is not blurred.

– It's a lot.
– This is real money. This is a lot of money we got here. – Wow.
– Money. What do kids buy at
your school these days? – T'sa shoes. – Lots of shoes. How many shoes could you buy with this? So many
– A lot. – If you are somebody
that's a fan of TikTok you've probably already seen
this blurred money on TikTok. We saw it. David Dobrik did a TikTok on it and we were like, "What is that? Is it a editing trick
or is it a real thing? Turns out it's a real thing. We've got it right here. We've got the
– [Announcer] Blur. (upbeat music) – All right, why don't
you open your first? – Check.

I mean It just looks weird. (Dan laughs) Wow. That is weird. – Look at that. – That looks really cool
from like a further distance. – It looks really cool.
– Yeah. – So the one thing
– That's awesome. I got to have on my money is a strap like a pink strap that goes around it. – Yeah.
– This is just factual money, but it's kinda crazy. – That looks pretty real. – It does look very real.
– Yeah. – It looks like there's
money inside of here. Is there money inside of it? So the cool thing about
the blurred money is that for you guys, it looks
probably pretty cool on camera, but for us, it looks even
tripper when you're on camera. Like if I get my phone
– Yeah – and I record this, it is crazy. Look at that. (Dan laughs) In person, it kinda does
look like it's a glass case and it's not a see-through glass case and inside of it, there's
actual money down inside of it and you're just looking
through and you're seeing it.

I don't know if that makes sense but that's kinda what it looks like. Like it does look like there's some sort of real money inside of there. And that ties in really
well with today's sponsor which is Bitdefender. When you're in the digital world whether it's online or on
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for our entire house. – Luckily it was like a nice
guy who was trying to help us. – Yeah, I think we had over
a hundred million views just off of videos about our home.

Well, one of them we showed the security
cameras in our house. We showed kind of the network and the system and how integrated it is. And at one point in the video, I accidentally showed my IP address. It was in there. The IP address is a
bunch of little numbers that kind of is the address of
what your internet system is. And it turns out IP address
doesn't change as often as what our internet
provider said that it would. I learned a good lesson
about internet security and safety and privacy. This is where Bitdefender
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unusual activity is coming onto your network or trying
to come onto your network and it shuts it down because most people have vulnerabilities in their internet system
and in their network. A lot of people are working from home.

They have their company's information that's on their personal computers and if there's vulnerabilities
in their network, it can cause problems, like a lot of data could leak out there that you don't want to have it leaked out. There's also really good web protection. So anti-phishing stuff. So phishing not with the fishing pole. There's webpages that look incredibly real and they're not real and
Bitdefender will analyze that and stop you from going in there. You have a VPN that is connected when any apps that are on your phone or on your computer are
trying to access your camera.

Yes, it will tell you when
somebody's trying to access it. And this is called the microphone monitor. And would you have a VPN on the network that is not a good VPN, a
lot of times what it does is it throttles your internet usage and like how much data can go up and down. And Lincoln gets really
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you can use it for free and if you like it, keep it. And thank you to Bitdefender
for sponsoring this video. So if this is real money, then – Hopefully
– hopefully the police don't know where we live cause we are about to have
a felony or a misdemeanor or something crime because
we are gonna destroy this.

– We are safe now. – I got this. All right, it's kinda sad
cause this looks really cool. – [Lincoln] We'll go save one. – It's been a while since we've
actually destroyed something inside of here. – I feel like this is
gonna scratch the table. – Right here we have a big
scratch from the hatchet. Bam.
– [Lincoln] Yeah. – But what if I take it
and I hit it right there. Do you think this will actually go in it? We do have,
– Yes. – The (indistinct) knife. I think I can cut it, but
let's just do this first. Let's do one shot just a bam. – Okay.
– It's not really that sharp. – Yeah but it's still a hatchet. Just please don't scratch
the table too bad. (upbeat music) – [Both] Oh. – Baby
– Oh, oh. That was went through. – Oh.
– That's gonna go through the table. (Dan laughs)
I thought it went through. – Oh, look at that. We got inside of it. I'm terrible with the hatchet. I just hit it with the bottom corner.

– Yeah I mean, if that would
have kept going through or just like slid out a little bit, that would totally mess up the table. – Can you see it on there. Look at that, look at
the edge right there. Okay.
– [Lincoln] Wow. It is kinda like rubber though, right? Blurred lines, we're fine. Blurred money. (Dan laughs) Here we go. (Dan sighs) Wow. Ease up.
– Okay. – This side.
– Okay. – Oh. – No. – Oh
– Okay, that's it, that's it. It's gonna go through,
it's gonna go through. – Ay!
– Perfect. That sounds good. All right Lincoln do the honors
of finalizing this brick. The blurred money, what's
inside of blurred money? – Oh!
– Oh my gosh. – It's just like a spray
paint, like cover on it. – It's a giant eraser. – It is.
– It's like a pencil eraser.

– It's eraser. – Does it smell like a pencil
eraser? Don't erase that. I'm gonna get this paper and a pencil. Hold on. – If they actually like erase
paper, that'd be really cool cause it feels like the same material. It's like this little, you know, like a (indistinct) eraser, like the cool shavings on it. That's what it feels like. – Okay, I got it. I got it.
– Okay, what did you write? – Okay.
– Let's see. – Here we go. There is the paper right there. All right, Lincoln can you erase this? – Linkpie is veri- Yeah, I got verified on Instagram. – He did. – It was really cool.
– And we got him a cake. – Oh, Lincoln got verified on Instagram. – Wow. – [Dan] Eat it. – This is the test. It is. It's kind of an eraser.

It erases it. (Dan laughs) It erases it. – [Dan] Inside of blurred money. – [Lincoln] Is it erasing? I mean that makes sense. It's got a little bit of
a blur on it on the words. – Blurred. So here is the plan. We have all of this money. – Oh, no, no – And we are going to give away – Oh, if it was like $1 bill,
– this. – It'd be okay.
– We're gonna give this away. We'll give this away to
one of you in the comments and you guys we'll mail this to you if somebody really wants this, we will actually throw
it inside of a backpack. So you can take it to school. It's a free backpack and this. Leave a message in the comments. I'm actually not comfortable even having this much money out. – Yeah, and throwing it on the ground. (money splashing)
– Whoa. It did not work earlier,
I don't even know. We filmed that like 20 times. If you could see how
many times we're like. (money splashing)
We have not one of, we have the best editor – The best.
– In all of YouTube and I'm sure that looked
amazing right there.

(upbeat music) (money splashing)
– It says on this one, "You get what you get and you don't get upset." Isn't that supposed to be you get what you get and
you don't throw a fit. – Yeah.
– Oh well. Back to the bank this goes.

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