Weekly Vlog 2 – Work From Home Life, Netflix & Chill | Life Of Manpreet

good morning guys i am manpreet i make weekly vlog on this channel i used be daily vlogging but life happens stuff happens so i am doing weekly vlogs and this is my 2nd weekly vlog if i within goes alright i am gonna by filming a life from sunday to next saturday and let's a see how that cold okay hiii say i really want to vlog but with this heat i don't know how people are even you know going about with the days even the AC's on are not working we need a bigger AC we want a survive so few days back i got a netflix subscription once again and i watch the movie bird box again i really love apocalyptic movie is you know i really liked it time well spend but now i back it about my work is also like mommy i need to be in the AC for my babu came my babu came my babu came come on we are met to live in the AC babbu yes yes yes run run run you have to be inside yes good so its monday today and i have already starting working i would working on the pitch deck today so ya i have a lot of videos that need to be done but first there is the priority for pitch tech at work i am gonna working on that and yes i design all of those things in canva so creating presentation it extra its also part of my job and i do that in canva.com i'll link in down below if you wanna check it out it's an amazing tool guys this is tuesday yesterday was totally spend on making these pitch deck for work and i am not really like i haven't done a lot of presentation but designing them in canva and then doing stuff in google slide that something i really like doing i would want to do it more and hopefully as i keep to doing this i have will became really good act this as well that's how you do just think you just keep doing them you practice them over and over over again and you get better i did thats why i did with my content writing digital marketing everything i do for my job i have doing it for years now and even new things i try to do them often so i get to learn them so thats key of getting good and act anything you want to be good act guys this is wednesday and its too hot to leave but i m getting ready to another work day today i'll be working on videos i'll be working on demo videos for work so wish me luck even though you'll see it later on but really i need some good luck finish wrap up a lot of demo video so….

Thats that hi guys so i just got them food jam eating some shakr- pare because my neighbours attend to wedding amazing i making chicken i have no idea haven't thing the recipe this the chicken on grilling it in the microwave lets hope it on the good hi guys welcome to the thursday of my weekly vlog number two and its not really going good because just so hot and i have filmed the video and i filmed the video it doesn't look alright and my feeling is so sad about it because see that you see over there that bookshelf makes a really good background so i shoot from here zoom it a bit like this and this like now its looking to much but ya this is my background it gives a good contrast over there with a white and its looks good so i want the shoot the video here because this is the best background i have in my house but i do not want to apply makeup and have it run down my face in this area and doesn't look so polished and nice if i do not apply makeup and you know if i do not not sweat if that came out right basically i should been sweating and i should apply makeup and keep my hair down which can i do its such a hot weather so i trying to find a solution to it probably just look at it as this bookshelf here may be this will also good give a good contrast i have no idea about it but thats it see i am gonna try this one

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