We Bought the WORST RATED Car Products on Amazon

– This is spitting in people's faces. – This should be illegal. A bad online review can
make or break a product so we decided to buy the worst
rated car-related products that we could find on Amazon to see if they were really
as bad as people say. I'm joined by one of my
best buds today, Zach Jobe, Host of "Money Pit," and "Hi-Lo." We have no idea what's on this list. It was kept totally secret but we're told that some of the
products are a little silly, some of them are dangerous and some of them might actually have the
potential to be good.

And by the end, we're gonna
decide once and for all, the best and worst worst
car-related product on Amazon. He's Zach, I'm James,
this is "The D-LIST." – Huge thanks to our friends at Fanatec for sponsoring today's episode. You know me, my money pits, they aren't really always track-ready but I still wanna get my laps in. So I've been spending tons of time in our current Fanatec sim rig setup but it's time for an upgrade. This is Fanatec's latest and greatest, their direct drive wheel base. It uses motors specifically
designed for sim racing to give the best feedback in the business. And it comes with one of these, more on that little guy later. The new direct drive base
offers enhanced feedback. Literally no latencies. It doesn't use any batteries. There's no radio interference and there are no cables
between the wheel and the base.

And the best part is this, swapping the new base
in took no time at all. And did I mention it
as a sick OLED display which shows race telemetry in real time? Now the direct drive base, it allows for analog clutch pedals and vibration actuators for the most hardcore of racers out there, I'm talking to you, Landobot. Now, we are also upgrading our wheel to Fanatec's newest special
edition full-scale replica.

This is based on the
911 GT3R racing wheel. It's based on original
CAD data from Porsche and it's literally built to
automotive grade quality. This thing is so sick. And it's paired to the
Fanatec podium button module. This gives you more control
over custom mappings and race data in real time. And the best part is this
all works with our shifter and our handbrake and our pedals. So it was super easy to set up. So click the link in the description below to check out all the great wheels and bundles that Fanatec has to offer that will greatly improve
your sim experience, no matter what game you're
playing, whether it's Asseto or Forza or iRacing or whatever you have, their stuff will work with it and it'll work better than
anything you've ever used. Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell
you about this little guy. This is like the demon key
that comes with the challenger. You put this thing in the plug back here and it lets this thing go full horsepower, full risk breaker mode.

This thing is so strong, I'm
a little bit scared of it. Now back to the show. – First up we have the Vermo
Heated Steering Wheel Cover. Oh my God!
– Steering Wheel Heater Steering Wheel Cover 12 volt Auto Steering Wheel Black
Protector Cover With Heater Heated Steering Wheel Cover for Cars. – That is a mouthful. You know what I'm always thinking, my old cars don't have
heated steering wheels. – I mean, in the picture,
it looks nice-ish, but there's a cord that
goes from the wheel to your accessories. – That seems like maybe a problem. It might get tangled up there. – Let's see what people got
to say about this thing. – "Not a fan of this product."
One star (both laughing) "Waste of money." One star. – "I quit using this
product after two days, every time I turned my
steering wheel left to right, the cord would get stuck
in my steering column.

And other times it would
just be all over the place. Took a long time to heat up." "Took a little muscle to install but only about four minutes. It's very soft, like memory
foam and fits like a glove. Will update your view
if heating improves." – Well, sometimes things just get better. – It's gonna take a while. You gotta break it in a little bit. Yeah.
– Oh, there she is. Well, didn't come thing is… – Just right off the rip,
I don't like how it looks. – So wait, do you, yeah. – I can see this thing getting
gross after a few months.

Can I go plug it in
– Let's give her a rep. See if you can cram that
puppy onto that wheel. – Yeah. So they said that the… It was hard to get onto, took
a little muscle to get on. – Oh yeah. – No big deal. Easy, dude. – Like a glove. Straight up like a glove. – Oh yeah, let's see how it drives. (both laughing) – It can't go lock to lock. It is getting a little warm. – Well there's none down here. So I guess there's only a couple
of little heating elements. So the "Vermo Heated Steering Wheel Cover Steering Wheel Heater Heater
Steering Wheel Cover 12 Volt Auto Steering Wheel Black Protector Cover with Heater Heated Steering
Wheel Cover For Cars." – That one, yeah. – Not great. One and a half. Okay, product number two, "LTTLEMOLE Car Cup Holder,
Vehicle Door Cup Holder, Adjustable Drink Holder for
Truck Interior Soda Cans and Water Bottles." – I am into this one.

You like this one?
– Cup holders, in my opinion, are one of the most
important parts of a car. And if you don't have a
cup holder within your car, this might be an option. – It folds up. "Not as pictured, does not have the U-shaped metal section going down as in picture
so it doesn't work." – "False advertising." – "Also, it's really small
and won't fit a small Panera or Starbucks cup. – Well, this sounds useless. – Let's see this thing.

It is Japanese.
– It is Japanese. – The packaging is sick.
I love the packaging. – It's made for Japanese drinks. Yeah.
– Not big old honking American ones. – And they don't explicitly
come out and say that, but that seems to be the case. People are always complaining
about the Miatas Cup Holder, I don't think it's that bad. This might be the new Miata solution. – Leaves little room
for the steering wheel but that could be, you could argue that that's
more of a problem with the Miata than with the cup holder. – Well, yeah, I mean, very easy reach. I don't know what everyone
was complaining about.

– I don't think they realize
you're supposed to bend it. – Yeah, I think the
packaging's really cool, assembly was pretty easy,
installation was super easy. Overall, I don't think it's a one star. I think I'd give that a
solid two to three stars. – I agree with you. I'm at three stars. It could be better, yes. But three stars, well deserved. – Next up we have the "E-Bro- – E-Bro! – "Black Portable Car Laptop Desk And Steering Wheel Multi
Tray/Stand Work Dining Table." – You know what, I'm always saying, I don't get enough work
done on my commute.

– This just feels like the saddest thing. Like you're just in a parking lot and you're just such a slave. "The material appears
to be of good quality. However, it does not sit level. In newer model Ford
Explorer," police interceptor. – This guy's a cop, dude. – Don't they already have- – Yeah, I guess so. But yeah, those are already mounted up so this is for wannabe cops. – Yeah, this guy really wants to be a cop. – Yeah, he bought a Ford Explorer so he can scare people on the road. – Yeah, and then he uses his
laptop in his Ford Explorer. What a dork! "Perfect for the home health nurse. Christmas gift for my dad.
He uses it not all the time." Five stars. – Interesting, interesting
caveat at the end. "He uses it, not all the time." – That's tiny.

– It looks like a cutting board. – So it just go onto the steering wheel? – Sort of – Yeah. I think it just like wedges on- – Wedge it in? All right, so I got my
laptop. I got my pen, okay. Perfect. – You look so comfortable. – And you know what, this
is so much better than this. – Oh my God, I'm embarrassed
for you right now. – You can maybe- – Whoa. Top show. Now it's like a standing desk. So Zach, what do we think of the E-Bro? – Well, you know what,
I really like the name, E-Bro's pretty good. – I think you and I are E-Bros. That's true.
– We're bros on the internet.

Id' say as advertised,
the quality is very good. – Yeah, quality good. – It's easy to store- – And easy to install. – I say five out of five. – I'm not quite there with you. There is one gripe,
it's a little too small. I think she should be a little bigger. So for that reason, I was at four stars. – Okay, so the E-Bro
desk tray multi thing, four and a half stars. Next up we have the "HQzon- – HQzon, yeah. – "Hqzon Car Sun Visor two in one Day Night Driving Anti-Glare Car Extender Sun Shield Night Vision
Anti-dazzling Windshield Driving Visor, 2020 Upgrade." – Universal. So it's like
sunglasses removed from your face. – Right, yeah, that's what it looks like. It's got fixed snap switch, day and night anti-telescoping gear teeth.

John W. Crego, one star. "No."
– "No." "You can avoid the sun
shining on your eyes. I hate wearing sunglasses. I can finally please. Thank you." – That's exactly how I feel. – Oh no. "We were going
to put it in our car. It arrived shattered. My husband was so upset
that he just threw it out. I was in another state taking
care of a family member that has since passed," two stars. – I don't know why they
had to include that. – What a story! – Thank you, Joe. Day Night Special…. As
seen on TV, it's Phoenix.

– That's my favorite stuff. I love infomercial stuff
and that is no bull. Oh, it's on both sides. – Ooh, that's nice. – Ooh! Yeah, and also not shattered. – No, not shattered. Straight pipes? Yup. Wow, this is not in my way, at all. – [Zach] I don't think that's
the way it's supposed to be. It's not?
– Yeah. – So is the yellow for daytime? – [Zach] I think yellow's for nighttime.

– Okay. So I'll put that up. – [Zach] Are you getting any HD? – Yeah, I mean, the greens are
greener, the blues are bluer. – [Zach] And the definition is higher? – Of course, dude. I just don't see the point. – Yeah, cause the good
thing about sunglasses is that they cover your whole vision. That is like up… – Right, and you look goofy as hell.

– You look incredibly goofy. – So I think even though
it wasn't shattered and I didn't have to throw it
away because I was so upset, I'm gonna give that a two stars. – Yeah, I think that's
about right, two stars. (whooshing music) – Oh, oh, oh! – What is this? – I've heard tales of this little sucker. – I think this probably
claims to do something that is impossible that it does. – Yeah, "I can get you
better gas mileage." – I think this thing might claim that it gets you better gas mileage. And in that case… – There are gullible people out there. – Yeah, in that case this is like…

– [Joe] Well, let's see the page. – I'd love to be surprised
though, let's see what it says. I'm interested to see how it
claims or what plan it makes. "10 to 30% Auto-"
– Get the hell out of here. – "Auto Fuel economy Energy
Saver Regulators Plug and Play Enhanced
Power," more performance, "of Car Trucks." – And it's cars and trucks
so it works on both. I mean, there's just straight
up lying to us, right? Oh, well, hey, Larry is
at least on top of things, sees that it's a complete scam.

– "Made my Nissan versa 2017 more fast and no, make it noise."
– "And no make it noise." – "Doesn't work as advertised.
No difference in mileage." I'm surprised that these people, if you buy this thing, I'm surprised that you're
able to figure out- – How to make a comment. – (laughs) Yeah. – How to even put a review together. I'm noticing something, it's
either one stars or five stars. I think all these five
stars have been bribed. Oh, it does light up.
– Yeah, it does. And it even says fuel shark. – [James] That's pretty sick. – Completely hidden in there. Completely hidden just down
there saving you some SMPGS- – And more performance, dude.

So it's like hidden knots. I'm like Dom from "The
Fast and The Furious." So ease of install, very easy to install. It does light up. I like how it looks. – You know what this is, I
think it's a placebo type thing where it maybe makes you
start driving more cautiously because you want it to work. So there are maybe people seeing a couple miles
per gallon difference, but I guarantee it just all
in the way they are driving. – Dude, and it's only $5.90. – [Joe] Big Oil's trying
to keep that a secret. – Yeah, you know what, all these one star reviews
came from, freaking princes. – This is spitting in people's face. – This should be illegal. – So what's our final rating? – Zero stars. All right.
– They should be arrested. Call the cops. I've been informed that this next product
is, especially for me. I'm excited, honored,
and a little bit nervous. – I'm excited for you.

– Oh, the "SNAILAX. – What I name! – All caps. – SNAILAX! – "Cooling Car Seat Cushion with Massage, Car Seat Cooling Pad, Air
Conditioned Seat Cover with Car Fan for Car,
Truck, Home and Office use. – SL-252, The air
conditioner, I am intrigued. – I am kind of(indistinct)
I hope this works because air conditioned seats are my favorite thing about new cars. – It's one of the best things. – If this thing works like it's come up because the Corolla doesn't have a seat. Neither does the Golf.

– So it's got one fan at the bottom and that little tiny fan
that I'm sure is really nice, is responsible for again, okay. – Sanjay Jakhar says, "Not
efficient, price i too high, massage is just a vibrator." – I think this thing actually, especially after reading the reviews, I think this is gonna draft
a nice breeze up your butt, you know what I mean? – This might be…. This might stay on the car. It's officially your last 12 volt socket. – Yeah, I hope you guys
didn't get us anymore. Can you feel a breeze? – Yeah, my Tisha's cold. Hey!
– You try it out. (whooshing sound) The massage?
– Yeah, there's a breeze on my thighs.

– Yeah, the breeze is nice,
the massage is annoying. – The massage is not good, I don't think the breeze
is getting into my back. – How much did this thing cost? – 40 bucks. – It does what it says. – It does what it says. – I felt a breeze on my nether regions. – Which is nice. – Price isn't too bad. – Still up there. – I'm gonna go three and a half stars. – I'm gonna say three
and a half stars too. – We didn't even rehearse that. Thank you, Joe.
– What have you got for us? – What is this? Shiny. Oh, I know what this is. – Oh, the steering wheel knob? – Yeah, so this hooks
onto the steering wheel.

And then you can go like this. – So this is a little cumbersome, but if you could just do one of these, think about how fast you can turn. – This is the "Lunsom Grip
Steering Wheel Knob Resin Handle Most Car Suicide Spinner
Power Turning Booster Aid Helper Stick Head Fit Most
Automatic Manual Vehicle, Gold. This is one of the dangerous ones that we were talking about. So it's basically like you know what I want on my steering wheel in case I get in a collision. "Metal hammer to smashing my forehead." There's one five star review, there's one, one star review. – No words written. – No words written, no context. I guess we're just gonna
have to throw it on and see how it goes. – We have to find out for ourselves. I don't think that spins the thread. Dang, dude, I think you
can turn super quick. So much leverage.
– You look like a bus driver.

– You got my wheel. – Definitely got some marks on it. A little marring after 30 seconds of use. Well, it does its job. It's just the job that it does,
I don't think is necessary. – Yeah, because of my steering wheel, I'm mad at it, one star . – Give it two and a half. – Two and a half, it ruined my steering. – Well, James! – What's the average of
two and a half in one? One and a half?
– One and three quarter. – One and three quarters.
One and three quarters stars.

Next step we have, "The car
dining plate can be bent and rotated 360 degrees at will, which is convenient for dining
and traveling in the car." – Seems like they just took the sentence from the description and they were like,
"That'll be the title." – They say the plate is
mainly used for snacks and burgers in the car. – Okay. (all laughing) This dining tray is clearly not actually
originally in that picture. – One star, "Crap, broke. Do
not waste your money on this." – Oh, what a nice box! – Very nice box. – Ooh, there's some assembly required. This is my type of stuff. – In the photos, oh, I guess it is. Oh my God! – Oh yeah, yeah, there you go. – [Joe] I got some burgers and snacks. – Got my E-Bro- Time to study.
– I never have to leave the car. – I don't know if I drive too much. – I think that the car
dining plate can be bent and rotated 360 degrees at will, which is convenient for dining
and traveling in the car is a decent product.

I'd say-
– It works for me. – Three and a half stars. – Yeah. I'm with it, three and a half. – Next step, we have the
Dewhel universal aluminum turbo sound exhaust muffler pipe whistle car blow up that valve BOV tip
simulator Whistler XL in black. – We got a whistler too, baby. Woo woo.
– Woo woo. I don't need to be up
making breakfast anyway. – I gotta see the reviews. – Okay, "My first official disappointment in an Amazon order." "Sorry. Hate to give bad
reviews and I never have. But when the product does
not work as advertised, a man has to do what a man has to do." "Tried it out by simply
blowing in it, worked fine.

Tried it on multiple vehicles,
nothing. Not a sound. Super disappointed," but still
he says, "Sorry, seller." – What a nice guy. – What a nice guy. Okay. She's installed.
– Ready? (car engine revving) – Nothing. (car engine revving) (both laughing) – That was kind of a
letdown, to be honest. – Yeah. – Product number nine, 10. – I'm not trying this. "Unisex urination device. Portable urinals for women
travel urinal unisex, potty urinal, car toilet, mobile toilet, portable urinal for camping,
hiking, outdoor activities. They say it's made of a safe material environmental friendly PP. Oh, I can't wait to read their reviews. "Stupid product. Bought to have on way
home from Florida to Ohio. I thought I would use it instead of going to restrooms
during the pandemic, wrong, I'll use the restrooms." "Doesn't work easily, hard to use." One-star, "Too small." – Trying to put (beep) in. – Right off the bat, it
does fit in a water bottle. – But the question is,
is it gonna just fall off as soon as it gets filled up with pee? Are you ready?
– Yep.

– That's about right, right? – Mmh hmm. Flawless.
– This is a good product. – What do you think in
terms of review, five stars? – I'd say it does what it says- – And it's cheap. – I think, unlike a lot of the
products we reviewed today, I can see a real purpose
for it and real use for it. – And it's aesthetically pleasing, right? – It looks professional. It's high quality.
– You can give it five stars. – Five stars. – Gotta bring you some big news. We made a "Money Pit" T-shirt, it's so new I don't even have it yet. You gotta look at the pictures. Look at these pictures. It's sweet, it's got everything. It's even got a parrot
and we made it in tie dye.

They're so cool. I love it. And they're gonna ship before the holiday so get your order in
now at donutmedia.com. Thank you so much. I love you. – I hope you guys enjoyed
watching us do this. If you did, let us know in the comments, maybe we'll do it again. Hit that like button, hit
that subscribe button. Check out Zach Jobe on
"Hi-Lo" and "Money Pit." He has turbo parts, they
are not whistle tips. – No, they're real. – I love you. – It was fun being here. – Yeah, man. "D-LIST.".

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