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big jobs plan. It's Tuesday
Tuesday with a twist we want you to pick an outfit and
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out. >> You know what the countdown
are starting to give me that the nerves. I think we should
as Tina Fey if she thinks it's a good idea GI Joe I'm sure the
answers will be no because that's what everybody's been
saying what I do like what one of the things that has been
making the first of all blocking it completely out
makes me feel better do you think about like okay have you
don't know until we bring it up on the show panic internally
for a few minutes and then I block it out you're going to
compartmentalize in your standing foot stuff in certain
pockets, how it explode until amount and everyone take cover
okay, that happens okay what we've been getting advice for
Jenna. So here is our latest of Isis is from Mary when Sam from
Mount airy. Again Mary out Harry marry from Mount airy

She's got advice, she's the wife of a U.S. Marine
and how cool is this Jenna she actually went
skydiving with the U.S. Army Golden. Knights that's the same
group you're jumping. Yeah that's the same team that also
my grandfather jumped with so, here's what Mary has to say. >> The day of my job, I was out
for that. We're trusting with have been
certainly I wasn't very good and the first 3 seconds on the
plane. It was just before the time I opened his parachute,
we're actually hot, I told you this, but your job and I was ready to go again. >> Can how about that 3 seconds
3 seconds like terror 1, 2, 3, and then it's euphoria
okay that's what I do it wow, that's so cool and I recognize
my key did you get my grandpa yes, Mike and I think I'm going
to see him Thursday I can't wait it's going to be a lot of
I'm going compartmentalize again put it far like we do or
the election of motion and then I will take it out.

Over heat
later today or what we overreact to something that you
do that. Yeah we're done that like gas like I'm trying to
back up the car and like some Joel say like okay, little for
the 4th year like this for the not so much alike what else in
your head explode. I feel kind of guilty. But this morning,
you know, I woke up at the crack and wake up earlier than
him right, he put out my coffee Cup I like to go. And I love
and my little pot pod next to curing and a little spoon and
last night I was like get bathing the girls reading to
them. Your dad. Out loud and he came up and he said I was just
cleaning the kitchen and then this morning when I went down
and saw that so it's me this That's what I was doing when
you said where is your dad and morning. it was that like overreaction
that was probably bundled up of you know other things by the
way that's the most beautiful thing in the world, he was just
put in a pot of coffee can I share something that Jill does
every morning and I'm not kidding.

This happens every
morning and go down stairs every single morning without
fail since we started living together when I go downstairs in the
carriage there is a pod and my mug under
it. And it says it's nothing but it's every it's every
single day. So I walked downstairs, I know that before
he went to sleep because he's going to take action because
like the banks about you and he doesn't do that every morning
but he did it last night but that makes it even more
special. Yes Sir that was a cup in that and you're right you're
like where's your dad and your and he's like cleaning the
kitchen, making your coffee and the next morning, I know and
why didn't I just keep those weren't deep down where my fat
13 year-old child lives can box 3 belong. Alright, so Jessica
Biel is talking about she actually a guys know this but
she had her second baby out of the public eye and it was
during covid time I kind of I don't know to maybe we knew it
and we forgot that she and Justin Timberlake welcome son
Phineas last summer and no one ever even knew she was
pregnant, so good it like keeping their stuff tight, so
here's what she had to say about motherhood and she was on

Shepard's armchair expert podcast take a look. >> I had like a secret covid be
one. Yeah, it wasn't like a supposed to be a secret it was
just covid happened and then I went to Montana with my family
and never left, someone said to me. She was like having a 1000
and that is exactly what it feels like the balance of
everything is it's very different and super hard but I
agree, I mean it's amazing it's so interesting. It's so funny
the conversations, I'm having now my 6 year-old 6 year is so
cool maybe the real person and yeah, saying the body is stuff
and he's so sensitive and tender. >> That's why so many that's by
the way just we want to talk about having one child into
child children but DAX Shepard is really getting guests and by
the way how about Jessica who never speaks about these things
talking about that feeling comfortable and safe and his
podcast that allows people the space to just speak their truth
and now us Erik Prince Harry was on his podcast and spoke
give a lot of them in that secret information.

I have been
interested to go from one to 2, it's not easy was which was
harder one to 2 or 2 to 3. I don't I mean I think after
too is that just like everybody I think because everybody says
oh after to everything just what you know so then you think
it's going to be easier. I think any time you add a
child into the mix. It's a little tricky trend. Mike when
she says I hate the word balance but I think what she
means is till you figure out the rhythm the rhythm, you
know, and how do you getting like if you have 3 kids you
need 3 car seats. Yeah, a lot of I wanted the minivan yet
because I want to be room but we just kept are saying cars of
all 3, 3, in the brac back yeah, anyway all right. So
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All right guys we love a cute
video and Meghan Trainor whom we had door posted the cutest
video over 4 month-old son rally first of all I cannot
believe Riley is I don't mind speaking, Mike and genius.
Well these were apparently his very first words please listen
extra closely. >> And I love the name. >> Wade wrote again we have to
roll it again, OK that was so clear that was like wait that
was clear by the way they were celebrating their old nom
point. There is birthday by the way
that that was actually that was the girl's birthday, the 29th
it was his 29th birthday, but okay, I love the it took

Yeah, almost 2 to say I love you for Foreman by to
speak House at you no almost who I mean, but unlike a month
data for months, he's at that time he knew it he said I may
because they're always singing in the House, I bet, there's
always you know a lot so words and saying that to make me feel
better make ups in thing I remember your kids first word,
I mean I kind of think because they go
like that that that that that that Jimmy Fallon he made every
every kid do that. Well, it's also just true, but what
about your dad dad dad is easy my dad and my mom and her
partner to say which is ridiculous because we're the
ones that grew the humans and that's one of my favorite
dinner party conversations, I was sitting next to Meredith
Vieira Meredith goes on your first could you
remember everything you write down in the book at the booking
at the shoes and the baby, but you know, just the second
and 3rd kid, you're like.

My of 30 it was like. It was my
first we're going to see you she goes. Balloon ucas show bigger kick
us balloon. I had 2 syllable she was like oh, let's just
give them a memory just love. Just give them a member.
Times doing say I have to my girls and your son. I think also it makes the 3rd
you're the youngest right in the middle, I mean the jet was
like I think that sometimes the youngest is just super Cho
because yeah, I think there is something about this think
about how we hovered over first or second, we're just kind of
looser and they're like so much cooler like why this why is she
so much cooler in that way. Yes, but that's because of us
we did we do everything that's bad. How are you okay, thank you
guys for having us is so nice Craig. This book is personal
and I mean it's very vulnerable, you know, I think
hold on they are both so proud of you because we see you as
this premise colleague who's but didn't happen telling the
news and I can tell you're a little bit.

Yeah, comfortable,
a little nervous about telling your own story but it is brave
so what ultimately decided made you decide to do this, you know
a couple things I mean I have my dad and I just got to such a
good point and he and I had some conversations about his
story doing some good and he wanted to do some good
and the pandemic here to have a lot more free time on my hands,
so both of those things just sort of converge done. And
that's that's that's did you ever think you'd see your dad
go to. I mean like you said you've known your whole life.
Yeah were you shocked when when he when finally the
intervention happened in finally he said yes to it
because he still needs to say yes and yes, we tried before
and we tried interventions over the years and we just didn't
stick and this time we were last time we did it we enlisted
a professional. >> And that that that made all
the difference, realistic professional and I write about
in the book.

It also helps it's funny now wasn't funny the time
it also helps that when we had the intervention, he was
blackout drunk. The next morning. I called I called the
facility where the bree went >> Checked in on him and the
doctors like oh yeah, he's he's and I. fine now he's an hour or so,
but I couldn't remember going crew. You know I think the
other part of the story is that it's a true love story because
it's about forgiveness after this and redemption in this
race, yeah things that I think we see glimmers of mass
society, but not like it's clearly is as I think you were
raised to see it became apparent to me. >> Over the last couple years,
especially that I had to I had to forgive my dad but not
for him for me I forgive forgiven for

But I also route us to help him understand that he's
forgiven because for a number of years he would he would feel
so bad about the years that he missed and how he wasn't really
there. I wanted him to know. While he's you know still with
us I want to give MS. Flowers make sure you understood. >> All is right he gave you
gave him as flowers he gave you that letter that you talked
about that with those are your flowers and we know that faith
is like real big in your heart you talk about it here you feel
it we feel it from you and how special is this one
particular him that you love it's called guide me o thou
great jehovah yes, well, new life Baptist Church.
No. Oh yes, we did honey let's take a listen much above
average. >> On the you.

>> That's my childhood church
yeah, I know, and that's your OT obvious back to you. Already there right. I grow
that that you have no idea how much that means lamb. I was
shaped and molded inform by bye-bye that church but I sing
in the choir. My ground and I want to about number nicknames
who well I love, but we love you more so good luck in and
enjoy your book tour and you're so pricey all the good want to
you can. We love you happy father's Day, thank you for so
so happy father's Day. >> Today cops continues after
the break. My exclusive chat with hoda you can only see here
on today all day. see here on today all day.
We had. We have so many great guests today that we loved we
loved seeing Tina Fey and the flash that was crazy. We keep
saying she was our very first guest here but I'm quite
frankly, your dad might have been are very say that I think
we said it because your dad was in a different category.
Former president and most of it was on the Plaza except for.
These exact carefully out came up this morning, yeah, first of
all yeah to hear our music playing and I was always like

>> I morning Jen ph he's like
why are they saying she's the first guest. >> And I was like oh that's a
good yeah. Well, yeah, I mean I think like the first kind of
entertainment like guess that isn't or isn't a rag like a
regular gas that would have on our shared ad was an exception
dorries wearing involved by himself, but by the way girls 5
Eva please listen to that song called I'm afraid but don't do
it with your kids, bad words, yes, not terrible words, but
words you don't want to explain your kid, it's so it's so
hilarious and silly but it's opening here great singers like
Sarah brown eyes and I'm Renee Elise Goldsberry the abysmal
ups and Paula singing beautiful songs but work there.

>> Crazy, sounding I got one,
you know what's so funny you're just saying about don't watch
it with your kids in the room, I interviewed these authors
yesterday, yeah, 3 authors that I respect so much and one of
them room on a long he wrote leave the world behind which is
going to be turned into a movie with Denzel Washington and
Julia Roberts we have this kind of wait Denzel Julian yeah to
get past that looking bright.

Yes, and this bend, this book
is so I can't wait to see the adaptation but yeah, my point
is we have this kind this texting relationship mainly via
instagram I think of him as of yet where we talk about books
to read to our kids and I'm just so fond of it because
whites, everyone texts so that everybody kind of text he text
me he has a child close to me listen age and and we have this
moment where I said reading Charlotte's Web to Mila if you
have a least the age I know, but I'm afraid you said she
cried at the end but it was the most beautiful, the writing is
so beautiful. I can't tell you they write about cricket, some
summertime Indian seasons changing and it's poetic maybe
this at all. I love that, I'm just worried with the whole
dying topic just came out for us, yeah. >> Just because what happens
when you when you die. Michael we could have interest
what can we go together now.

And I said well up definitely
be there when you get there for sure waiting and she goes how
do we get there. Just like listening to a 4 year
olds where do we sleep. On the clouds, she's looking up
it was just like so beautiful, but it was so like. >> There's like an innocence
before that conversation happened and then that one
happens and then another one happens and another what you're
right and we I guess Mila we really went there be I lost a
lot of family members. Yeah, but we were saying we were
talking about me law just because of winn-dixie. >> Which was a book I studied
as a little girl, I couldn't quite remember at that the mom
leaves and Mila said before bed will Mommy, you're never going
to leave me right, and I said I'm never going to leave you.
She goes not even pro per.

Even pero prime said 90 from
for putting even for a promotion right, yeah, but
you're right, it's like that's what I asked I say what books
are appropriate for the yeah, yeah you're going have to yeah,
you have to and you keep by now. Web is a good way to
start, but maybe waited over. >> Okay, all right well that's
it for today's episode of today's talk keep watching for
more today all day guys. >> I I think this might be my
first in-person interview in more than a year, it's
definitely mine I feel I don't know how to act. I know, I know like you're
getting like are you being weird with people because I'm
being where I feel where he might be right now, yeah, okay,
but you know what I mean like my in my instinct up to hug or
not to hug to the elbow or not to elbow, I shook someone's
hand once and I and still having a hangover from it it's
such a weird rituals like sorry, I mean right in the
Polish, shaking your hand I promise this has been you know
sanitized in.

I know I thought about what are the things that
are just not coming back. Yeah, I hear you and I wonder
about handshakes I feel like handshakes is at the top.
You think it's coming back, I don't think we need them Lake but I I was wondering if we
were going to come up with like a new breeding. Well there's
the elbow but I'm Al both yeah, we'll bump doesn't it's it
feels like it's in place of yeah, like in the same way that
Japanese culture has the bow and it's a custom of you know,
and it feels respectful wonder if
something's going to come out of this because the handshake
was created because who really wants to touch.

Somebody else so they could it
be with the double Erica says gone that the handshake Scott.
Yeah, goodbye forget about the triple triple or case so forget
it. So what have you been doing during this pandemic I did makes our bridge. 7 news skill. I mean, yes why
sour dough bread well, you know there was at the very beginning
of the pandemic we all we all started we all start I think I
might might enter pioneer woman kicked in and so I was you know
making sure everyone was eating because we were ordering Sudan,
we didn't know whether we could or not we're going to zoom
school we were I was I was genuinely providing for my
family and I was exhausted.

It was really hard pioneer
woman ing that was hard it was hard, I mean the lifespan a
short lifespan make sense now you do. Did you enjoy all the
time at home with you that you've got I'm sure your 4 kids
everybody's under the same roof, yeah, actually and 3 dogs
I I. >> Genuinely M and still enjoying it. I think
I burned myself out early on in that I you know. Saturday Night
Live just in and of itself is such
an intense schedule. And I think starting out that
way I sort of always fell into work. In that all be there are all
show up I'll do it and I kind of never stopped and then I
think when I chose to have my oldest daughter Pearl, I'm
spending on the show and I just never really stopped and
thought like oh I can just kind of keep going and abroad are
with me after Hatter and I never it was because my
girlfriend on aghast, I was the first woman in the cast to do

She was pregnant on the show and we just watched that
and thought oh I guess we can do this great and then we all
teen and I both are both walking around pregnant and and
it's great it's great to have a home like that where they just
adapt to it. But now I'm tired I'm really tired. Because now they're grown up
and they have more the yeah I like being home, I like not
being in the car all day because I live in California
and they all have a place to go and I feel like raising
children today is about making sure they have 3 million
after-school activities and it's too much like when I was a
kid I dance but I wasn't like a dance team, you know, I wasn't
competing, I wasn't going to the World Series of my Little
League softball team like you just played and I feel like
today, it's it's too much. There's a lot of that back to
basics kind of see as one silver lining from everything
that we've done so, yeah, I like it, I'm also glad, I'm
not in my 20's because I think chomping at the bit to get out
but I'm sort of like.

>> I partied good, you know,
just you make it sound, I'm just me and by the way I I gave
up. It does feel like one of the harder breads you could try
it's exhausted and it's really harsh and when you're done you
have soured. Yeah and that was fun for like a few weeks until
it started, you know you have to feed coming into the if to
feed the mother all the time requires a lot of maintenance
yes, she was very needy. your kids were in the audience
knew what was that moment like that was amazing, I feel like getting to share that with them
was the highlight because how often do you get to share. What you do. But also. >> That place is my happy place
so really truly being in your element and doing what you love
and showing people that you love that you're happy.

So rare and it's the you know
as a parent, it's the one thing I constantly think about is
will they find something that they love and life, you know as
long as they're happy and they haven't killed anyone I
supported and so I want them to find what makes him happy
because when you have that joy it doesn't feel like work. And if you can be so lucky to
you know I been doing kind of what Saturday Night Live this
since I was a kid in my living room, you know it's not really. >> It's not that different if
any kids you think have the but the talent, I'm afraid so shall
remain nameless this is a there's a lot of star power
going on in the House but but yeah, I know. >> They don't have to be.
Performers as long as there's a joy in what they're doing and
that's hard, you know it's hard to find that and I see a lot of

You know kids going into
college are taking that you're off trying to figure out and
it's hard to know what you want to do unless you really know
what you want to do and it's that's what everybody but yeah,
I think you know having grown up the show and then the majority of the crew I was
there with and they're still there so they remember when I
had my oldest daughter and seeing her now and she's taller
than me like. It's like a time capsule for all of us and it's
so sweet how did they respond what the kids say they really
liked it. I think I can tell they liked
it more than seeing Collin shows that they really love
this. How good did it feel to step
into beyonce swick one more time it felt so good, I mean I
really genuinely I always like in playing her to
when a little girl dresses up as their favorite Princess like
it's so exciting and it's so fun.

Because I genuinely love her
and you know I realize like I never really set out to be and
any sort of Impressionist and on the sketch there and I think I think I know how to do her
because I had I watch or you know, I listened to her I
listener music guy you know go to her shows and
like you just start picking up those things along I think in yeah, I the fact that I could you know
walk in place and they have the wake perfect was like aware
that thank you. >> It's like a crown that was
waiting for you to put it back I knew I was it was a dream
come true.

>> You know, and I I just I mean anytime I get my
hair, I love it, I hope I hope she likes it because it's it's
just it's nothing but a love letter have you ever heard from
her since only what you know what once I
think I I think we did the Prince show in front of her
once when long time ago and beyonce and Prince is to go
with you know what to do with Fred. And she was like Mount school
in East. So I mean I just I hope she knows how much I love
her was there one of your many now famous impressions that you
said to the writers last week I've got to do this again have
to do it. That was tough because I realized how long
it's been since I've done those things and I didn't know that.
Bird like a case to do Donna tell a Versace and the kids are
like who what now.

And like we we wrote a lot of things not
everything made like we tried o'brien. We wanted to make sure
that kamala was in there, but I mean you know have that
show works it's like whatever its gets finessed the last
second that's an even then it you know it's not ready. But it's time to go and so we
have no choice at a time we're out of time we're out of time. >> Tell me about playing the
vice president of the United States. What what does it mean
to you it's it's it it's still not real. >> To me I I watched a lot of people at
the show playing the president or the vice president and all
the political characters and there really wasn't anybody
that resembled me and I wasn't really part of that but it's
such a right to see and such a rite of passage,
particularly at that show as well and the impact that it has.

Our culture is in scene and I
think when she was running it was pretty clear I remember
when Tina Fey got the call about Sarah Palin she was and
you know it's kind of waiting for the call that point because
everyone was on you should do and the same thing happened
with calm, I was really feeling this it and I could just tell it was
kind of in the ether it was in the wind, yeah and then Lauren called and I have a
feeling you're going to call and you waited one or 0.1
seconds to say yes, I don't even think I said yes, I think
he knew you know he knows. That show is my drug like you
need me, I'm there and I just figure it out he knows how much
I love it and it's and and then I recognize that there
is nothing else like it. There's
truly nothing else like it in more that's for sure I mean you
know that show takes place in the building we're live TV was
an actual event that doesn't happen anymore and that way
either she literally other than you guys I don't think there's
anything else.

It's live in that way you know and has that kind of variety in
that scope in such a small space like the old days, I'm a
family. It is everyone be United won big effort it's
getting this show on the air such a great feeling, but you
know I feel an enormous. I just feel like it's an
enormous honor to be able to play. Her and she's really like her and and I
think what she I just think the fact that we
have her at all is so exciting and it's such it's such an
unbelievable gift that I was given Mike. >> I can't believe how kind of
perfectly it worked out and I was even I'm sure that I
thought I resemble turned to it, but the way down alright
we're good we're good. I was going to ask you what does it
take to now. Kamala it's the wake. It's a great blazer and then. >> I think just a little just a
little she just I started to get you know maybe just a
little bit of like the way shocks back or through but what
I noticed about her she's so she got a lot of joy in her

And I think over time start to
say that but she just she also just like doesn't play she's if she needs to talk especially
during the last administration when she needed to let people
know that it was an OK sure that no there was no case and I love that. It's like us. >> What a relief. So is that a
four-year commitment you say yes to Lauren Mike you're in
yeah, I mean. >> I also just like a luxury to
get to do that you know if there if they need me, I'm
there and I I mean they don't need me, but
and I feel like it's been nice and quiet lately in the White
House. Great you guys just go to work like you're supposed to
do just do your thing you don't have to there's no drama so but
you need me, I'm there I'm always there and I just feel
like it's incredible honor to be a part of that
there's an actual legacy.

The people playing political
characters on Saturday, I specifically and to be a part
of this insanely esteemed family trees,
pretty nuts to me like and then there's knee. >> Okay, there was a time not
too long ago where would have been unthinkable. Yeah, you
would never said probably play a president or vice president
one day. >> I honestly like when when
she was elected, I think I got a
lot of congratulations. We just really crazy, but I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe that good
things sometimes it's hard to believe that good things happen
it's really incredible that we have her in this position I feel so
lucky to be alive to witness this in from a kid, so it
misses you know act ask have you heard from her. I got to
meet her during the election. Any polar and I that's it on
zoom with her and with Hillary Clinton and that was such as to
cool that's a moment is everything was everything
and of course they were hilarious and fantastic and so
skilled in great, but I just want.

I just want everything to go
back to normal so I can hug or I just want to order not shake your hands full on
she she definitely doesn't need a handshake from me there she's
going to get a she's going to get a large bear hug. I mean he wait to meet her. I'm I'm so
in love with her and I'm so excited. I'm so excited for for her to
be here now it's really tremendous. What we're
witnessing. >> Today all day all day today
all day all day. >> We're right there that place
and the look sorry to disturb your day, everyone's mad at
you. >> They make this past.

When I
see why we think I wonder what his quote would be given 6
minutes the last week and welcome to call. >> It does go baby said, it's
called parent and what was the first bus you remember Levy. >> Hearts Mark today with
simple exercises to strengthen your heart make the most of
your state. It's all of that right. How I now pronounce you husband and
wife, yes. This morning, stories of people
helping people he received tons of letters from people who've
been inspired that's true whether it's called it's warm.
It's raining. It's knowing that said one of our most favorite
ranch eyes as ever. We're just going to cook off
will definitely win something. Welcome to today all day. it's all about how technology
has just taken over our lives. Yes, there's a scene in the
movie where the family sat around the table, everyone's
looking at their device. Yeah can you relate. >> Yeah, although there's
always been an devices at the table clause in my house for
any of those things gets knocking even though they know
the girl down, but yeah, it's I can't believe we've been
saddled as parents with this.

It's really hard to navigate
it's really hard. Also specially now because it's been
on zoom and they want to see their friends. They have to
face time and there's been so much good
that's come from that but it's really hard to manage as a
parent and we don't have a rule about for it, I also love in
this movie that them the family is a mess, you know that there
really are kind of a funny little messy family filled with
love and filled with their own set of differences and problems and
confusion and it's it's a nice messy, sweet loving family in
the middle of we saving the >> World she's taking over sure
which could happen you're impacting come. I would not be
surprised if my room but decided to I woke up in the middle of the
night it was just scary.

My room was going on strike so
much work to expedite in here. You kind of you carved out this
whole niche of voice acting, yeah, it was the
best thing about it cites you know getting to expect and what
course, but you know. >> I realized early on that I
can be anything that's really pretty incredible like when I
started to look back on I think really I was a dog early on,
but I think like looking back on big mouth, especially she's
a character that that was just created she, you know, she's a
monster and she's big she's Harry in gorgeous and like this kind of
thing and so the ability to really stretch to do anything
is there not that's really fun.

I think you know as as an actress and
as someone who never felt like I resembled anybody else other
than the vice president. It's really you know it's it's
a strange business and it's difficult be unique bore be who you are and maintain I
think that authenticity in a world that really wants you to
be something they want to define who you are and I wasn't
raised that way and I don't really think of myself that way
it kind of just try to be who I am so that can be really limited on
camera and there's no question that I see
things changing but I feel like it's people
like me who have to write their own material or sort of say you
you will like this this is good enjoy this because it's good in
order for people to kind of come around and see you for who
you are an animation, it's literally anything and I mean
anything has been a lot of us strange thing.

You won not one but 2 Emmys something's working people are
getting it. I I I'm so glad. It's so nice. It was also
during covid so I didn't have just it was really cool.
But yeah, I like how would it. It's really nice to be
acknowledged and I had never won anything before it feels
really good when he's good winnings. Relief and it's
really fun. I like it. since bridesmaid I can't either
could you have ever guessed what a cultural moment that
movie would be no. No and and as I said to you
before I'm always surprised when good things triumph or you know
we were having so much fun and we made it and we knew it was
funny, but we're just enjoying it and I think that I think that fun was palpable I
think that was a big part of it.

But I was also kind of coming
from a place of like. I don't expect anything from
this where we're we're not used to work planning for a
blockbuster sort of take over thing. But the fact that it's been 10
years is kind of crazy. >> When did you know this is a
hit. This is more than a hit. >> People were speaking to me
about the movie in a different way than I had ever

And it was right away. And then I also knew that when
the reviews. Sort of practice with this idea
of like it's a female hangover which we all sounds really
ridiculous even talk to Bradley Cooper that it is like with the
church. >> Like why do we have to put
it in those terms I understand as there's plenty in this but. >> And you're talking to a
bunch of really funny women who know they're funny and have no
interest of being sequestered into anything like that is so
past the level we're all on we're not even thinking about
that way because we don't think about ourselves and comedy that

That's kind of what I was
saying before, it's like y'all y'all will catch up it's
cool but like this is a funny movie that said we're not
trying to be a female funny, hangover you know I think I
think if any of the women that are doing comedy went into it
thinking. I know what I'm going to do I'm going to make people
laugh because the ladies like. I mean other than like Rita
Rudner I don't know anyone who was that like ultra feminine I
just it's just about perception and
I also think it's about. I think we live in a time when
journalists really like to write stories in. It's it's
just it's just talk. Yeah, I think funny is funny, it's
always been funny and that was a great example of like love filled, fun-filled great time caught on

>> Shooting love that. >> Just caught on camera we
just you know the documents in major Doc yeah. I well, I'm
sure you've been asked this a 1000 times everybody once. >> Another one I know, but I
think the director said now I know listen if they want to do
it, they know, I mean I don't think anybody anybody that
knows me well, they will be in the be there. By yes, whatever
you want. But I think it's okay to and it kind of it kind of makes
it sort of like let go of what a onetime like
one and done like. So, Mike drop has a certain
cachet yeah, it is my job, I just yeah, I know it's it
would be kind of funny that we did it when they're all super

I'm here for that I'm here for
that I would revisit that that would be. >> Held down old folks. I was
going to ask you how it be what with the 2021 version. You know
I don't know what we've got to get real so
we're going we're going to wait a little while I still got my I still got about a bounce in
my step so maybe you get a good like 40 more years going to be
then yeah that would be the same age, I'd like them.
Yeah. >> Welcome to today food on
today all day so when life hands you lemons you know what
they say they couldn't tell today on all new saucy Anthony
country know showing us how to make the Italian spirit plus to
let the sweet treats that will want to make you.

>> Everyone loves the sweet
treat every now and then and I have read that are stunning
delicious and use one of my favorite ingredients in the
entire world. So rent 11. First up a traditional a time
that you're human shallow. Then my lemon curd tart let's
finally my favorite a lemon and olive oil cake with you in
shallow glaze so grab a lemon and Parker. >> It's not every day that
produce from Italy comes in but when my local time market gets
the first batch of Sorrento leavens eye and like a kid on
Christmas morning.

Aside from the obvious difference in size.
This lemon has more bumpy skin which contains more oils so if
you're using its act or steeping it for something like
Lehman shallow you're going to get that much more flavor.
Let's start making early men shallow the first thing we need
to do is peel is beautiful limits. We have your favorite peeler
and just start appealing strips of the skin. Take your time. We don't want to leave any of
the skin behind you don't want to waste any of that flavorful
skin. I wish you can smell how
fragrant this is it's amazing as a more sweet aroma. Then your traditional store
bore lemon I'm making a huge batch of
Lehman shallow so we're going to need 8 of these lemons if
you're using regular organic lemons you're going to need at
least 12 of them.

My hands are going to smell so
good by the time I'm done with this carpal tunnel, however, that so
much. That's one. Look how beautiful all these
peels are the next step is to peel off
any excess path, so I want to go through all of these and
make sure that there's nothing that has more pet than what I'm
seeing on this. >> now for the fun part of
yourself off fairly large glass jar. At least 56 ounces of possible. And simply add your hard work
read into the jar all of these gorgeous. So to the lemon peels and now for another very
important ingredient high proof grain alcohol, this stuff is
strong it is extremely flammable it's a 190 proof you
can not drink this as is it will literally burning inside
but it's that power that is going to. >> Help call all the flavor of
all of the oils out of these lemon peels. >> Might on do not drink it.

I'm going to add the whole one
leader bottle right to our Now all that's left to do is
wait. For me it's more of a visual
cue. I want the lemon peels to be pal which means that all of
the flavor all of these oils have been out of the peels so
around one to 2 weeks is probably best thankfully have
little tricks up my sleeve. If you've been watching you
notice that we had this hiding in the corner the last few
weeks steeping just for today and you can see the obvious
difference. This is a deep golden yellow color isn't it
beautiful. We have everything we need I
made some simple syrup earlier that we're going to add to our
stream Lea Michelle. Well you hear that pop. It smells a little bit like
cleaning supplies right now don't worry about that will
take care of it.

Get yourself an even bigger
glass jar just going to place a strainer on top of our newer
jar and carefully to hopefully not lose any of this liquid
gold. And I think that's part of the
day. We're just going to open. My God, how cool is that it was easier and I thought it
was going to be we're going to pour our simple syrup right in. Look at how the color changes. It's just beautiful, sunshiny yellow color at this point it's
almost done, but it's still way too strong to drink so we have
one last ingredient to add. Some cold water. This recipe makes a lot so hope
you have a lot of friends. Give it a little bit of a stir. And it's just time to start
bottling I know I'll make this process a
lot easier. Perfect just seal them up as
you finish bottling though that beautiful. I'd be very happy if someone
brought new bottles of the. You can find these glass
bottles at some craft stores.

But I normally find them at a
store that sells. A little bit left which are
later this that's for me. What this going to let these
cure in the freezer for a week. The good news is they can live
in there for a year just in time for the next 10 to 11
season. >> Are you ready to whip up
Anthony's delectable dish just text food to 3, 4, 3, 1, 8, at
we will send that recipe right to your phone. >> When I was interning in
southern France. I learned how to make the best lemon curd I
ever had in my life and thankfully Scheffler on was
kind enough to share the recipe with me and this is my version
of it. The first thing we need to do is prepare or butter.
This is one of those times when we want very cold butter. They don't want room
temperature and just going to cut it into cubes about a half inch que would be perfect. Tuesday ix a full half pound of
butter for this recipe. Definitely one of the reasons
why this is so delicious set that aside.

Let's start our Kurd. >> Now I'm not one for really
we're on cities and baking or cooking in general. But this
recipe is so perfect that it does call for a weird amount of
land use exactly have caught plus 4 teaspoons it has to be that quantity
trust me don't round up don't round out. Some sugar. 3 quarters of a cup. Half a teaspoon of salt. And then some acts. The re whole eggs. And one walk. This actually is going to add a
bit more decadence and richness I'm gonna put this over medium

We don't want to put it on top of an aggressive heat
because we don't want scrambled eggs. Travel with start combining all of these
ingredients. You want to keep whisking over
the medium heat. Until it starts to steam and
you'll feel this mixture getting back. Start to see my first wisps of
steam. And it's done just like that.
Immediately off the Heat. Grab a spatula and through a fine mesh
strainer into a food processor scrape it all down.

Every last bit of this. Kurt in there. And then kind of in a back and forth stare
emotion, start pushing occurred through a strainer but on your list. The right. Turn the machine on. >> We're gonna start adding
orbiter at a time. It looks great. >> The transfer this to a bowl. Look how silky House.

beautiful it is. And it is delicious to promise. I guarantee you that this lemon curd is life changing. Into the fridge for 4 hours or
overnight until it's nice and DEC thankfully I have one
already to go. Here I have some Filo dough shelves that you can
find in the frozen section of your grocery store we're going
to fill them with this delicious current. Let me show you how to set up a
piping that. Well down the top, then you
want to choose a tip. I'm going with a medium small
round tip. Cut a hole for your tips and
slide it in right side up perfectly. Then just pushing forward and
then haul to stretch out the plastic just
a little bit that will lock it in place. And then simply just this beautiful Kurt. Into your back that will be plenty for the
scarlets going to fill these with a
slightly heaping mound of the Kurd just like that the smooth heard against this
crispy phyllo shell is the perfect combination of
textures. And the finish these off with a
couple of things first. A fresh raspberry for a little bit of color.

And just a sweet little pop of extra
flavor. >> These are looking amazing
already have one more special touch that to them. A little powdered sugar that's
pretty an ad just it's just weakness. Little channel taps a little bit of early morning,
snow. Aren't these just so adorable. >> They're delicious too I know
my neighbors are going to love them so I'm going to be a good
boy and I'm not going to touch them. No one said anything about the
leftover current though. >> This is one of the Moises
cakes you will ever have honestly I would have a slice
of the simple and elegant been hit over layer cake any day of
the week. >> We always want to start with
your dry ingredients. 2 and a half cups of flour right if your ball.

And we need some salt always
need salt and baking it helps bring out all the flavors of
everything else that is in your better. One teaspoon of that and using
2 different levers baking powder and baking soda, so just
a half a teaspoon of baking soda. And then one and a half
teaspoons of baking powder. And within this really well to
evenly distribute all of the 11 years. Perfect set this aside and
let's get started on. Already gradients. First up a stick of European or
European style butter. Right into the bowl of a stand mixer and
some sugar. One 3 quarters cup of sugar. It's at that right on it. They sound like a lot but this
is not an overly speak. The olive oil component of our
case. It sure using a floor olive oil this is definitely
not the time for a pathway all of well this is it.

A quarter caps. This liquid gold. It's not so good. It's going to write on and get
all of those last little drips. Some lemon zest it's around 11 here so half of
this test of this level will be more than enough. The paddle attachment. And we want to beat this until
it's super pal and nice and fluffy. >> You can see it lightning
already. >> We can start adding RX the 3 large eggs. It's down again. I'm sure there
are no it's a tag. That were missed at this point we're also going
to add a little bit of vanilla I feel
like everybody could be just a little bit of vanilla we have our dry ready. We just
need to finish our way. I have a quarter cup of that
delicious lemon juice from our sorento lemons and to that I'm
going to add 3 quarters of a cup of buttermilk give it a little bit of a swirl
to incorporate and now lets finish it up. Start by adding half of your
dry. And slowly on most doesn't fly
out at you.

Let it go. And as soon as it's almost
fully incorporated start drizzling in you're buttermilk mixture. All that's left is remaining
dry ingredients. Once again incorporate on low speed. And you want to stop the
machine as soon as it looks like it's almost or
incorporated. Right there. Finish the rest by hand. I never want to over mix.
Okay, that are really tough. I want to like this, but I'm
not just going to make sure that any bits of flour are fully incorporate at this
point this looks great.

It's getting to our pan. It's a nice. A jury us better. You can see some of the specs
of the lemon zest in here. It's going to be so delicious. >> Just gently start smoothing
it if you made a mess like I did just here fully clean it up
without ruining too much of your
greased pan on last thing that I like to do before I put in
the oven a few taps on the countertop
just to knock out any large airball as that may be an act. We want to bake this for 45
minutes at 350 degrees until a cake tester comes out clean
when inserted in the center. Is this not starting. We want to allow your pick to
cool completely so it's cold to the touch basically at least
from temperature. We're glee's will not set. So let's get started on it. One and a half cups of
confectioners sugar. And putting it right into a
fine mesh strainer because we want to sift out any lumps you
want a nice smooth place. And using a spoon or spatula
whatever you have just start working it.

Through the street. To this we're going to add just
a few more ingredients, some melted butter. 4 tablespoons and then 2
tablespoons each of whole milk. And of course. I live in shallow. Heat the milk on standby just
in case you need to thin out your place. Just with slowly pulling in all
the sugar from the sides of the ball. >> Now. >> Yes. >> This claim should be fairly
thick. But still run enough to drizzle
down the side of our bond cake.

Want to use this quickly grab a spoon. >> And work your way around
your cake allowing it to drizzle down the sides and to
the center and across the top. There you have it our beautiful
lemon olive oil bundt cake with the cello glaze all of these women who treats
make a perfect gift and I think show you some fun ways that I
like the package down when giving them friends and
neighbors, let's start with our want to carefully transfer. Looking for some make it cake
space. Right into the center of our
charger forget about our gorgeous lemon curd tart let's
these could be a little tricky to transport, but I discovered
a trick. >> I've got this cute little
shallow 10 at a craft store and I want to put in just a small
layering of sprinkles. That's going to help keep them
in place and of course they match of
health tight, let's. And in vessel them in don't overcrowd look how cute,
this looks. A lot of people are going to be
back before the sun even show have a solution for that too.

And this cute lemon rubber
stamp. And some yellow Inc it a little hat and then with just any on to
Parker. That's twine string get through a little tag
and will tie it to the sides of our bottle. And he's so cute. And there you have it 3
delicious the drible gifts that I know my friends and family
are just going to love. They also happen to make
excellent ride. >> With her shaved head in
hunting version of nothing compares 2 U Sinead o'connor
shot to fame in 1990 with a massive number one hit one year
later, she grabbed the Grammy for best alternative music
album. >> Even though she boycotted
the awards that year. But it was her shocking move on
Saturday Night Live in 1992 after singing Bob Marley's wore
when she made tore up a photo of Pope John Paul the second
and instantaneously destroyed her career he.

>> Perception was that that
Pope moment on SNL 92 sort of derail your career whereas your
take on it which I thought was interesting was that's quite
the opposite it was at that moment, you felt like you are
really railing your career what do you mean by that. >> NATO Connor was never meant
to be a pop star. There's really a protest singer in a. >> She says it was an aside it
was a statement against child abuse a decade before the abuse
scandal in the Catholic Church exploded the Vatican had no
comment, Catholic leaders said her actions deeply wounded

>> 10 years after the pope with
an episode you will then find those in America, the this was
going on we always say Americans 18 nothing happens
and they found that above. >> Nearly 2 weeks after SNL
shanae was famously booed off the stage at a Bob Dylan
tribute concert you sort of shouted war over the audience. >> I think I got halfway
through before I almost those screaming. Do you think you're
the first one sort of canceled its a good question. I never
told the love well, the first one that everybody was like
okay and not having a career.

>> Yeah, I mean it was steam
rolling your records like within 24 hours a little with
bulldozers until she apologized. >> She says ripping up the
photo of the pope was a blessing. >> So that was an awakening
that moment when you rip the popup you are like oh my gosh
that was you finding yourself >> It was a blessing because I
had to make my living doing the again. thing I love doing just making
music live. >> She made says it wasn't just
about abuse in the church the photo of the pope belong to she
needs mother who abused her for years was there something
symbolic about that actual picture of the pope that you
tour. >> Picture I took over mother's
bedroom walls is the way within her up as well I guess with
that women are you know.

>> In her new memoir
remembering YS shanae reveals chilling details about the
abuse and decades of mental health struggles that followed
some playing out very publicly on social media. >> This is a new wave of people
leaving. >> After seeking treatment and
rehab today she made seems to be a much better place living
in a peaceful thatched roof house in a remote area outside
of Dublin.

>> As you and I see here right
now, I mean how do you feel how are you know, good yeah, I've
been really good since I moved into this place, but a year ago
through peaceful. Somebody told me that you have
sighting true I am riddled with it noted Sykes terrible I
suffer from a condition called complex post traumatic stress
disorder from things that I went going up. >> She also describes in her
book being inspired by Muhammad Ali, frightened by Prince and
misunderstood by Ole blue eyes. >> We'll have was poor Frank
Sinatra had been told that you know does this cheeky Irish
singer and she hates America said something but she should
ever take and the trouble was staying in the same hotel as
in. Oh my gosh I was thinking oh my God my father's going to
kill me if I kicked the crop of friends not to I love friends
amount of sleep was most love these amazing right. >> Next year, she'll tour.
A new album being released this >> I'm concerned that perhaps I
have aged a little too much to fall.

Tour and you know it's a young
person dead. >> Now you know it's all for
you can do it, I got 2 words for you, Willie Nelson. >> We have a you know I don't
know he didn't have a radical hysterectomy my soul and spirit is or 17
under certain of was my body. >> Things it's 70 how does that
make you feel to see and feel the love large crowds, this. >> It's lovely it's lovely I
like particularly when there and cry and then I go. >> The tour was canceled the
whole were shut off and it was definitely. But for us we were very
fortunate. It's been a year unlike any other for Celine
Dion. After the pandemic forced the shutdown of her world tour. >> It was back to basics for
the singing superstar. >> It was the old fashioned
family fun, simple pleasures of life playing outside a lot
being with them cuddling at night cooking honestly making
the best out of this during her time off Celine also had
moments of reflection.

This past January marking 5 years
since the passing of her husband Rene Angelil this is
the first time we've really had that much of a break since you
last Renee losing my husband, my kids to lose their father. It was quite something. I feel
like Renee has given me so much to the years and still today I
see my kids I look at them and I still see we're live with him
we still live with him he's part of our lives every day so
I have to say that I feel very very strong is there a chance
in your life that you see your heart opening up again to love
you want to find someone else.

>> That one that hard. On yes, it will go on. Well. >> I I don't know. I have no idea. Right this second. Love is so big right now in my
life with my kids which life itself, I'm not thinking about
a relationship and falling in love again. I don't do I have to say it
will never happen anymore or no. I I don't know I don't know. >> Now Celine says she's
pouring her heart into a new residency every sorts world,
Las Vegas strip's newest hotel, a change from the Caesars
Palace stage she practically owned for 16 years. Her
headlining performance will also usher in new blood.
Carrie Underwood Katy Perry and Luke Bryan making their Vegas
residency. Debuts. >> What advice can you give
them to help break them in. They're very professional
performers I don't have any advice to give them obviously
but the only thing I I can say to all of them is that how fun and I can't wait to be
to take myself. What is it about biggest that has had
become home for you they Gus had given us and family and I an opportunity for me to be a
mom for them to be kids for me to perform for my fans and to
practice my passion and every night come home.

That is rare so I really feel
that Vegas has given me a motherhood and the best as an artist at the best of
both worlds. >> She says the new show set to
open in November will carry a heavier emotional weight. >> It's going to be about an
energy about starting again about living again about
feeling that something will come out of this hopefully. is out with his 12th studio
album today, it's body language and of course, he's a coach on
the voice 5 Laker Marni mornin. >> How's it going but I got to
say this I got to say this right off the bat, I I'm
sitting here watching and I was thinking man, you know from a distance.

Carson is looking young.
I mean a lot Carson many look he looks so great. Because
going to tell. Lake. >> We miss you you know who
really it's so fun to have you here, but just not being here
and hold and I being able to Corley flirt with you well,
it's not the same. >> It's not the same and and
you know in this in this Brady bunch. I'm yours is kind of creating
a. No like it's not just the love
triangle any. >> Today got to get in.
Speaking of love let's talk about your future bride. I was reading all over the
Internet this morning. Blake that you all have picked the
song that you want to dance to your first and if you leave
what. >> You know, I'm gonna learn my
lesson, one of these days first of all of us said that when I was on the
Jimmy Fallon show again and people out there should know. I'm never given an answer to any question in my loft from
Jimmy Fallon that wasn't complete bull craft.

Like I
mean why would I be honest with Jimmy Fallon come on. >> So be honest with us OK so
what is your first a song going to be the first dance. >> I don't well to be honest.
I do I do love that song, I'm not I love that so maybe I
can talk or into this we both love the 80's, you know soft
rocks to 4 vote. You know that's kind of one of the
things that when we started getting to know each other one
of the things that we were shocked about each other is not
with them and I think she was more shocked that I was into
you know she was like wait why are you listening to >> come on Eileen rush.

80 there you go. And here's the thing everybody just just loves
you guys I was just here tonight, Wayne and our podcast
saying you know if your wedding is the hottest ticket in town,
everyone wants to be there. >> I mean nobody likes to go to
wait. That's that's not true. That's weddings are. Maybe I'm just
speaking from the dew point of view, but you know, unless it's
your wedding, you don't really >> To this process, what your
wedding and hit him so Blake, want to go. let's talk about the other big
news in your life which we really should have started with
but we we just can't believe that about that and yeah I had
to ask about that.

Your album. Yes can you tell us about your
new album. >> Yeah, I'm so excited about
it, you know I I've been kind of pushing back on the idea of
releasing an album for a couple years and and and finally my record company
just said, hey, you know, we're we're in actual were
record companies so we could use record. And and so we
finally I've been recording for but 3 years and just trying to
you know and releasing music always singles but out of its
packaging this rollout man it's time to put together an album,
you know fans flock to talk to dig through and find out what
cuts that they love him and so we're excited we're
really proud that I don't know that I've ever worked longer.
Now than this one and I just feel like it's now been full of
potential singles.

That's coming out just approach this
because I wasn't even sure we're doing now and so
everything on this river was things that I thought man we
could release this as a single radio now and just go with it
so looking at it from that standpoint, I'm just super.
Proud of. >> Oprah Jim what's the what's
the single that you and one are singing together on. >> It's not happening anywhere.
Own the other song was a nobody to you that was only his
package, but happy anywhere is actually was actually the first
single off of this album. And then we came in the Plains
and now here's the album is out there so we had a blast making
that video. That's when we were in quarantine in Oklahoma and
and her brother I got to work the cameras really out in a
cornfield and staff at the at the ranch and this season much
old home movies.

Footage and luckily, she films everything.
So like that. And when it's happening no, but
what we need a music video out of nowhere to go last. >> Yeah, let me ask you this
place we're going to actually get to hear couple premise is
pretty soon including happy anywhere. But it makes me laugh
because you know the hall like fairy of country music singers
I supposed to be like broken down and rest and you know you
dog ran away and all that and you're so happy you guys are
like, you know, everything's working. >> Yeah, maybe that's why my
career starting to fly all haha I got it I got a Staten things
you're a coast to coast. You know back over my dog and
and I have a broken heart, I guess, but things are going to be good
right now and I can't help but be honest. talked to you last year.
25th anniversary of jagged little pill and there were
these plans to go take it out on the road take the show on
the road and now it's happening.

Yeah fired up to get
out of the House. >> Fired up and I think when we
all see each other again and rehearsals there may be we may
just melt into a big cuddle together we thing for for
reunion, we're all dying to see >> Well, you know, it's funny I
was just looking at you we saw each other. your picture pop up and I was
like that's lantus Morissette you look beautiful by the way
how long you've been blonde I miss that chapter. I don't even I and most part so
it's been a couple of months, I have no idea. >> You know I think everyone
played with their hair during the pandemic time because we
were we were all slightly insular. >> Yeah, how was your pandemic
time by the way. >> You know the bit of a roller

I think I've not alone on that one. You know, I just missed
everybody really really hard and I was very I was very sad
to miss out on the touch and the hugs to be totally honest. >> Lantus you know I was so
lucky to have a front row seat into your meteoric rise going
back 25 years my body guy Syria. Maverick I believe side
you I might have been your very first United States radio
interview in San Jose. Your 20 in 1995. I just you
know, Glenn Ballard I think said something profound you
back 25 years ago when you guys collaborate on the record what
did you expect jagged little pill to do. >> They say you know they were
all very excited at the thought and I was to as little blown
away at the idea that we would potentially so 100,000 copies
of the record and when they told me that number I just
remember thinking about it, that's overwhelming, you know,
so I had no idea what was to come.

>> Lantus current lived in
Carson's first interview but I I came to know you through of
an obscure sketch comedy show back in the early 80's. You
can't do that on television you introduced me and I think
millions of others to slime and Nickelodeon and tell you are on
on the right. I haven't given any serious consideration to
return to common. >> Yes, we're filming I have to
scratch that itch once in a while you know there was a
period of time where everyone said stay in your lane to stay
in rock and roll Isis for them, you know the multitudinous
creatures, those of us who are artists who like the different
forms of art or we're going to dip our toe in all of them all
the time so now this era is really exciting because it's
it's big invitation for people to use multiple talents.
And there's less of a pressure to stay in one lane, they've

>> What are you most excited to
sing on stage yen from the songs that use song a million
times but now with the passage of time and recognizing how
iconic they are to people is there one in particular you're
like I cannot wait to be in front of a crowd and let it
rip. >> And all of them to be
honest. I love you know back in Sydney. Thank you at the end of
it but from jagged little pill. The only song that I actually
can't the store has to be updated in a way is these is
not the doctor. Everything else I can stand by it which is
convenient but not doctor really shows where I was at the time which
is on dating, you know, and I don't really want to get into
your business and they church and stay stay over there and
now that I've been married 11 years.

I realize that I want to
actively participate in my husband's. >> If you change it to a Miami
doctor. Yes, we love your your
collaboration with Willie Nelson. I mean that once that
one just comes together how did you guys team up. >> Again I I know know while at
the privilege and honor to have known him for a while and when
I was really young I lived in Europe in Germany, I grew up
there the few years and my parents would play that song
all the time because we would do road trips constantly so
when I kept thinking about our return our union on our tour of
being reinvigorated I kept saying that's a song to myself
and I just thought of this record it and then as it will when I just as willing to join
me so it all unfolded very organically and for him it's
family that cell phones are >> Welcome back in our friends,
although them like family great.

Little big town. >> I have been making music
together for more than 2 decades. Racking racking up
number one hits in Grammys all along the way care and Kimberly
Philip and Jimmy there with us with us live from Nashville.
Hey guys we're just looking back at our old home movies and
over. That was one of our favorite concert that also
happen to be our last concert so we're just checking in like
how you all then Karen since since lockdown well gosh, we've been we've got
a good thing and they are just dying to get back on the road
it's fine happening so we are incredibly thrill and to be
back with you guys that. I love it Kimberly, so tell us
about the new tour with what are you planning to do. >> Well just after we were with
you all at Universal we had like I don't know maybe for more shows and we have to
call it quits like everybody else itself, we're picking up
where we left off we saw a lot of yes.

We're picking up where
we left off and we're going to hop back on the road and you
know good all those cities that we didn't get to go to last
year, we're so excited. We can not wait to get back up. >> He has juggled you know,
you're picking up where you left off with nightfall tour
and then I hear you have new music so how how Jimmy has it
been you know creating music and what what is the new music
sound like he was just a little hint. >> And we just were in the
studio until late last night and just don't have the last. Yeah, I'm excited about the new
stuff there's some really great songs that I think speak to
find whatever everybody's been going through coming out of and
we wanted to bring some light and some fun and so that's kind
of the way it's feeling right now super size me sticking with
that alcohol theme.

>> So speaking of that, I mean
not my favorite little big town saw that there are a lot but
why there was scant like it's it's the perfect and we can't
been streamed a 150 million dollars what's the story. >> I'll be honest you are
writing a really serious song that day and then as we take a
break from that he said I think I was going to say hey, let's
have a drink but we have wind beer got whiskey and we try to
get them all in there. So we're >> 30 minutes. It's a little
embarrassing guys when our kids start saying it. A lot of
things that you know where we have got a lot of explaining to
Coke and Sprite.

>> I was like the 4th time he
did it that I finally kept I mean he was all night, I mean
there are some results involved in everything so I love the CA
what what's the secret sauce, I mean 2 decades together have
how do you guys keep coming out with hit after hit that we were
all singing along to. >> I think we're just always
looking to be inspired and looking good.

Back in the day. >> Or here is what a better
now. Always looking just like to do the next thing we never
feel like we were finished, you know. I don't know. I think
also the chemistry between the 4 of us is really special one.
We we take care of each other and take care of our families
and our life on the road together raising children is
important then and connecting with our fans is really
important to listen not been. Yes, so I think that's what
still is with us a long line. What's next. Karen every
concert we've been to we've seen your kids are all there. >> Row every single time.
Yeah, you guys are and our all the big moves that have
happened I didn't really plan they just kind of worked out. >> Adam Lambert is a
grammy-nominated pop rock icon with an incredible vocal range
and larger than life stage presence. He first rose to fame
on season 8 of American idol. The growing up he was always in
the spotlight.

I was a theater >> My parents are very
supportive, they've always kid. known that I was a bit a bit
different and they really encouraged and cultivated and
so they put me in a children's theater group when I was about
7 or 8. It very quickly became clear to
me that that's what I meant to >> From an early age, Adam says
he always knew he was and do. didn't shy away from it. Was there, somebody who sort of
helped pave the path.

>> For you I felt safe at home
which I think that was a big deal for me I had some and some
teachers that kind of I think without actually saying it sort
of created a safe space for me and that really allowed me to
sort of find the comfort of my own skin to be able to come out
and say this is one. >> Adam came out to his family
and friends early on, but after his run on American idol, he
came out publicly to the world. >> Did it change anything for
you within the music industry, I was open and now with all the
people that I was working with it wasn't a secret. I think it
actually made things a bit easier at that point. >> I was very clear on the idea
that like there's no way I'm going to hide this and also for
the people that I that I had seen and I watched, you know
hide their sexuality.

I was thought to myself and that must
be stressful. >> Brad of being true to
himself made all the difference and his career took off. Releasing for solo albums and
joining forces on tour with legendary rock band Queen. >> When you step into those
iconic Golden platforms that you're aware stepping into that
role almost as you know, Freddy Mercury did like for you
to get on that stage. >> I've been with them now for
about 9 years. And it's it's crazy because it's been a an
evolution for me the first time we went out together and I was
just get my feet wet at that point and I was pulling it off,
but I don't think I felt totally at home there yet.
But over the next 2 or I think I started growing into it more
and feel now when I get on stage that I I can really just be myself.
100 1%.

>> Being 100% himself has
driven him to help others like him do the same date in the
fight for equality. He launched the feel something Foundation
in twenty-nineteen that supports lgbtq organizations. >> I think anybody that's in
the community and and our allies need to look deep within
themselves with some empathy and put
yourself in that person's shoes and realize this this person
was born this way that's who they are and to to hold someone back and
punish somebody and discriminate against somebody
that's evil terrible. >> And this weekend is
preparing to headline his first in-person concert since before
the pandemic a three-day Festival in Los Angeles
featuring a lineup of artists musicians and speakers. >> I think things are getting
back to normal slowly, but surely, and it's time to
remember that we're part of a community and to support each
other, it's not just one thing it's not just men, women, we
have a big rainbow that we need to honor it's a time to kind of
be part of that rainbow. >> I'm Abbey and step up.

And I'm Maria and the kids
biological mother and Abby's cousins acts like. >> Abby riverton Mariah
Anderson had a rocky start. Maria and her ex husband,
Stephen have 2 kids together. After the couple divorced in
2013, they both got remarried, but sharing custody of the kids
was complicated. >> Actually seeing somebody
with my kids is it's not an easy thing to swallow those
feelings of it's even better than I am with my kids that my
kids and like her better. Each encounter was just tense
and I always feel this is a guy like. Well boy was coming, I
didn't have respect for their parenting styles and they
didn't have respect for for my so we've got it had a lot there
was a lot of harsh words said.

>> After years of bitterness
and strife their relationship started to slowly change. >> There's a few things that I feel words that capital
points where we tolls and started me having respect for
each other, I think one was when Steve and I had a baby. >> Absolutely agree with that
because as much as I thought that I knew what I knew about
being a parent are getting upset here and then once you
have your own every experience, I yourself like that I could
really really and be in her >> Both couples have more
children and then Murray and her husband Chris decided to
buy the House across the street from happy and Steve. >> Eventually you know the more
situations the more whole actually we do have something
in common or last together but it was not at all moving in
that really start to really check our relationship. >> It has continued to grow. >> There's no girls that
happens within your number-one we have to get uncomfortable to
be in a better spot had to let go of words that we can take
back because you you can't do that you don't think then I
feel like you're stuck in that answer we all love that arrest
that made the ultimate goal.

>> Was to raise our kids
together and so that they know what a loving family is enough. Their dad and I are together
but just keeping that end goal in mind is what really brought
me to realize I needed to forgive and just move on. >> With forgiveness came an
unexpected friendship, I know that I him. >> Be honest. I come and have a
genuine conversation and expects a genuine and response. >> I would say Abby is probably
one of my best friends, she's somebody that I go to an end of
that day are in a good mood or something's gone wrong will go
and just visit you talk it through. >> Together the friends have
created a close-knit extended family. >> When it's a family vacation
that was our kids this Christmas gift from all of us
we done birthday parties together recently my oldest art
and just after his driver's permit so happy, I took them to
the beach the other and took him to get us test and and past
that I come from a tour of divorce family looks like your
mom, your dad, those typically don't get along and I feel like
we just broke the mold of.

It can look like I like to talk
a lot is we're going make the best out
of Haiti, an ideal situation always trying to find the best
people just hopefully it can grow up to 3 times what an
individual stock. >> A leading by example is
given these best friends, a lifelong bond. >> I can ask for someone better
in my life to help the race I can slip. I couldn't be happier
having her in my life and your 0.6 and I am of course
Greece I and of course, she's my
suitcase we grabbed a Gracie. >> Our children do not care if
we're happy get that through your noggin they don't care if their
parents are happy they care if they are happy.

Go at your own pace. >> Don't let somebody convince
you when you should be involved, but keep in mind once
that happens. It changes. >> I met my step kids probably
about a year and a half to 2 years after my husband and I
had begun dating it was something very simple so we
planned it out. So nervous. I think so we met at the bowling alley.
So when I first met my stepdaughter I was very
intentional about letting her set the pace and set the tone
about our relationship. >> Dove right into being a
full-time stepmother right after the day after we got
married, there was no kind of buffer and so that was
definitely trick is it was tricky for them a tricky for
me. >> Just starting out befriends
do not parent these children. >> You want to come in and be a
parent and you want to come in and try to assert your
authority or be a disciplinary. Be a cool Auntie leave that
this link to their parents until they establish a
relationship built on respect and boundaries with you.

>> I have to say I wish I had
followed that rule of not to disciplining stepchildren I
really wish I had known that that can kind of cause a rift
in the relationship really early and if you could hold
off. For a couple years, I'm not doing any discipline
that you're more likely to gain their trust and develop that
sense of closeness just like in any household, somebody is
usually the one who does the enforcing and somebody jersey,
the one who lets the kids get away with it. Any household. So when it comes to your
blended household. But your partner take heavy
lifting. >> It takes work to be in a
family like this don't make them call you mom let them call
you by.

>> And your first name or a
nickname or whatever they want. They may change their mind down
the road. >> I got a different
relationship. I don't have to do all of the kind of thing and
I don't have to do all of the the things that you think up
and I do some of them and I I certainly step up and into but
I can also step back and be a trend. Whatever that's my
stepdaughter me and I I think she confides in me and a lot of
things this doesn't necessarily feel comfortable confiding in
apparent as a stepmother.

>> You are placing some body. That you didn't create you do. >> Heartache for it can be
hard. >> For children to accept love. If they don't know where it's
coming from I can't control it. It's
incredibly beautiful moment when you realize that they've
received your love accept it. They I mean I know my kids love
me because they now make fun of me sort of nonstop. >> The reward comes like later
in life you may not always get the hugs and kisses but over
time you you definitely do start to feel that relationship
has really been built and that they will they'll come to you
for for life advice. And my one of my stepdaughters has 2
children so we talk about parenting all the time now
right and it's become a really great connection for us. >> They want to know that
you're you care and they want to know that you're always
going to take care of them so as a stepmother you have to do
a lot of reassurance in a timely and a visit with the
kids always say, you know guys thank you for inviting me into
your family, I really appreciated I thank you for
just being so good to me and this is my first time being a
step-mom so you guys got to tell me if I'm screwed up
because I don't know doing all right.

>> You really have to try to
enter that child's world and live in their world as much as
you can. It doesn't have to be quality time honestly quantity
really counts. >> They tell you that ye
parenting saw the quantity. >> I hope when my stepdaughters
older that she can look back and see that just how much I
loved her and how much I truly wanted what was best
for her and there are so many times that it doesn't necessarily come out the way
that she may want to when she's the 9 but I love her so much
and I've tried so hard to give her the best life and to help
her I feel like she had an equal shot at happiness than a
successful future in office things as her friends that
don't have to more spare time I felt very vulnerable has a new
stepmother. >> And that some of that a feeling of wanting things to be a certain
way or maybe feeling like I needed to kind of you know
almost control things a little bit because everything was kind
of feeling kind of chaotic and never wished upon them to have
them feel unloved or and cared for or that.

You know that they weren't good
enough and that somehow they should change to to what I
wanted of them, I regard them >> And I I wish that they could
understand that I am your dad's is mine. wife but I am also something to
you I'm yours now too. So that's probably one of the most
that's something I want them to know, I'm yours too. >> I wish they understood sort
of how unsure I was when I went and into the relationship. >> And and I think they do now I'm completely crazy golf that. You take that added to the new
stand to be successful. >> I really didn't want to date
a single that not only do they not have any children before I
met my husband.

I was the least likely to play with kids when
they were wrapped so I don't think I had any idea of what is
really getting into we're both older. >> And I have been single from
most 20 years I had raised a daughter completely on my own. >> I immediately knew that he
was a parent and to be quite Frank I've never dated a parent
before and because of other things I about dating a parent
and conflict in divorce and honest of I knew that I would
never ever ever ever date, someone with kids and then 8 my
words, I personally how hard >> I was smitten I don't know
went on a second date and could it be. everything progress from there. >> So you fall in love. And it's like all we wanted to
do was make out.

And we spent 6 months basically
hiding from our children he would be absolutely. >> Best man I ever met and I
encourage any woman out there if the guy that you're with has
children and he's not the absolute best man you ever met
in your life. I would have. >> Taking it more slowly like
hey guys I'm not sure I can I come to this party and I
definitely was not invited and he was only person that welcome
me so I felt the tension instantly. >> Our relationship and our
romance was really solid by the time we. >> Broader children into the
picture then we we did bring them into the picture day even
though there are lovely and kind and they loved us very
much they each one freaked out. >> And ran from the room in
tears. We've got a lot of time to really build our friendship
and build our closeness and that was the easiest part about
it when the hardest things was when I actually started dating
him and realize that actually I I don't have as much time with
him as I would like because on a regular day he had to do
various things with the children.

>> There's just so much. >> Going on in that London
environment that you just need to know can you handle not being. >> The priority in the
relationship and number one to that partner right because the
kids should come first right logically speaking that sounds
fantastic of course always put the kids first, but your heart
doesn't really I feel like that's a great
decision right your heart feels like like, I'm not significant
and I don't matter and why why the kids always coming first he
can't help but feel a little bit of resentment. >> Some days you're going to
the leading lady some days just going to be a stagehand and
Sunday Jen not going to be in the scene at all. So the
quicker you realize that the better off you'll be.

>> I would say I ever felt
pre-nup goals for my daughter, but I feel jealousy toward her
and hey, it's kind of a trough to have to share I event with
somebody when you're in a relationship with somebody who
single you don't have to share that time. There's so many hard part about
dating a divorced parent had a lot of emotions I was really
and secure I found myself comparing myself to his first
wife like constantly. They didn't buy their first house
with you then have their first child with you you wonder oh my
God said right to the hospital going to be like because
they've been there done that >> You need to understand
they've not done it with you but.

This is unique to your
relationship in your experience. >> As much as its talks. The second and this hard as
that is. I couldn't have the life, I
have. >> It marked that way very
early on we were trading hour. >> I divorced stories and he
said to me this is low. He said Amy I have an idea. >> Less to everything
differently and we did. moments where I just didn't see
how I would get to the end of the rainbow. >> There's a lot of things that
people don't get about step, parenting and often the advice
I got was.

>> Well what what did you think
you're getting into what did you expect why did you marry
him, and it was kind like well that's not what I need right
now for stepmother's it's very difficult for people to
understand what their life. >> Really is when you have
stress when you're having moments of contention when you
are completely overwhelmed. I don't think it's a good idea
to go to your loved ones these people. They love you and in
their mind. The first thing we're going to tell you to do
is just to leave. I I want the best for you I don't want him
for you I want you to go and your love.

>> As a newbie step mom you
don't know who to turn to your friends are not stepmother's
don't have that insight to share and only other
stepmother's can help you get through it. If let's say you're with the
dad and he has a bedtime ritual with one of his kids it goes on
for hours and you're left watching netflix by
yourself, you know like there is so much to resent on both
sides and I think it's OK to feel these feelings.

But you
have to >> not go there one of the
hardest things to talk about is the stepmother is your anger
that anger is often like this dirty little secret right here,
you don't really know how to express it, it's like oh I
don't you love your children stepmother and or raising
another person's kid and it's been happening all throughout
history as long as we know it, but it has become a natural
feeling to it because many times you don't know your place
in so I'll see a lot of stepmother's feel feelings of
anger and resentment.

But if we drill down to what those
feelings really mean it means they're in secure. They don't
know their place and saying they I mean the group to ladies
is not we're all in this >> Nothing will shake you off
your Foundation or knocked the together. stuffing out of you like a step
kid who is raging sad, acting out. >> And I feel like for new
stepmother's I wish that somebody would tell them that
it's OK if you're angry and it's OK to talk about it, it
doesn't mean that you're not a loving person and it doesn't
mean that you don't care about your step kids but it's a lot
of emotions that you're dealing with all at once the and you
never had that kind of responsibility before in your

>> My biggest self-care to is
that you have to make time for self-care I put it on my plan
or like first before anything else don't lose who you are. >> Still do the activities that
you are passionate about before you became a stepmother, do not
get pulled into that stepmom >> Here's what I did self-care
wise, it's called Dunkin Donuts vortex. drive-thru I would get in my
car and drive away and go through
Duncan Donuts and so by the lake and drink a cup of coffee
and look at the water honestly, and I didn't come back until I. >> Was feeling better the
biggest thing I think is trying to understand what you need in
terms of self-love what are the things
that are missing for you. That are leading you to be
triggered in your relationships. I feel like if
more stepmother's were able to understand what they need to
feel nursed and to really feel deep self-love and almost feel
a sense of inner abundance because nothing is going to
help your relationship with your stepchildren more than if
you're a happy wholesome wholehearted beak.

>> I encourage all set moms to
have a stop word because it will be in your feelings and so
when you find your mind kind of veering off over into the man's
past or something that his Exeter something that kids that
is something that you saw have stop word. I can tell you my
cousin discussing it, but. >> I think a big job for any
parent is to cope with their own feelings, the same way we
try to coach our children too being a stepmother has really
given me the gift of surrendering to my own humanity. My flaws. >> And I think I have more
authentically myself every step mother in the world,
you know is aware of the evil stepmother trope and it is it's
kind of painful sleigh. It has to be talked about the society
as a whole. >> Should be embracing and
talking about it and not in a negative way. There's a lot of
people who don't like the word step-mom because of this
association with that in the kids, a proud step-mom I stand
behind everything that the word step-mom stands for I am
married to a man who had a daughter before me and I
percent mom and I'm proud to be her step mom.

>> There's nothing that I can
personally do to dispel the myth that's in
their head. If they're dead set on keeping it. My first love
comedy turn everything into a game make them laugh because we
remember how people made us feel yeah, it's one thing to
hear what the other adults are saying, but I remember every
adult in my life that made me feel good. >> The great step parent, you
know be a great step mother be the best mother you can be
another way to do it is for us to stop talking about step
parents using this kind of phrase wear your real kids. >> In front of your kids. >> All of our kids are all of
our kids in our current society, there's
so many step families and blended families and it's kind
of becoming the norm right now and there's so many happy kids
who are part of the family so maybe they can be changing the
stereotypes for the future in the sense of like I was raised
by step mother and I turned and prayed and she loved me and
cared about me.

She is a staple idol to my life he can take a
lot of stuff personally you know compared to Cinderella everybody's got a pretty good. He has such a good example with
your father Kirk and your stepmother and they married 66
years or I think I read this >> They see as 63 years in 63
years of know maybe you. morning. Yeah, 3 don't quote me yeah. >> Now the they're wonderful
wonderful people and I lost was dead a year ago now in the year
ago February and in I just lost about 3 weeks ago. And my tribute to her is is an
extraordinary step. Mother you know step parents really don't
get the credit to do you hear all the stories about meals
step parents. But the truth is people like you like, and I had
a great stepfather and a lot of families do that out of their love for their
their their partner, you know they raise these their kids
other people's kids and the extraordinary efforts
and their part so here's Joe I think with it we
we have so many days now Dave is any which we need step
parents say.

Thomas was his first game in
red was his last name and what I saw as instagram you know I
learn more about I Thomas Rhett is. 30 years ago when we were
trying to come up with a name my husband at the time read his
dad we could not they couldn't agree so we were being from the
South. We're like Thomas Rhett. >> I love it and the rest is
history. So take back to those early years when they were
young what are those years like for you. >> Okay, so grat his dad was a
country singer back in the 90's when we first moved to
Nashville and he took off on the red my daughter Casey was
like 6 weeks old. Thomas that was for yeah, it was crazy and
we would go out on the road some with rat that to me that
was harder then just stay at home with them and do it by
myself. >> So tell me I know you and
I'm also a product of divorce early on, but you and your
husband divorced, I want kids were young vice other moms out
there who are going through a divorce with young children.

>> Don't ever bad now you're at
because that is their father and you married him for a
reason they have some good and I'm so just keep all that to
yourself and we were both very good at and I think my kids you
know they came through it, but we've always kept it and
the couple and like even now, I mean we spend Christmas
together and the last teacher have sent to the beach and if
you create problems there, it creates problems for your
kids that's such a wonderful advice. >> Thomas Wright has said that
the way he views his life and his morals and all that is
because of you and what you instilled in him as a child as
a mom that must feel so good here. I'm sure there are days
when you're thinking did I do this right. >> I mean at here at the crime
just about every time I hear it, you know because you know
it doesn't make you feel really good that you know when you're
doing it when you're in next step that you're like what am I
doing use around your kids by good people and they will
eventually become good people and that that's the goal.

>> And then what size shoe you
where can I see what size shoe you can I give you up his
sneakers for free yeah in this and then it right is on from
the police everything that we do especially as New York it
starts with our feet. A good day you go now you know,
thank you Mister Daniels precision you. One time all all we may not
want to take this on wow yeah. >> The 67,000 less fortunate
homeless people in the state of New York, almost 2000 to 3,000
of them walking around with no shoes on that people just like us they
should not be forgotten. It's from the soul is a
nonprofit organization, providing sneakers to the less
fortunate. >> We are a store for them. >> The do not call them home
this week with the less fortunate because we believe
that one day they will move into a place of becoming
fortunate. The companies have now donated
towards our organization regular people have donated to
our organization everybody can look into that closet every
single person it can look at the closet to see something
that you know you're not going away any.

Now the bridge
between that is something you're not going away any more
and finding who needs it 2012 so today we have given more
than 30,000 meters. My main mission is to educate
people that helping the less fortunate can be enjoyable. >> And what's nice is that some
of these sneakers I remember growing up really what in. >> I came from Barbados and I
was 4 years old and I live in Brooklyn, New York for 41 years now I worked as a stylus a client
specialists in fashion for 20 years. I'm tired of seeing less
fortunate people with no sneakers on when the sneaker
culture is a billion dollar industry. Every 12 to 13 blocks days, a
sneaker store. How can they be less fortunate people walking
around with no comfort waxing for gently worn brand-new
sneakers, we don't believe in given anything that we would
not put off even 2. I haven't provided and about 2,
3, weeks. So because I have lived in 2, 3, weeks. >> They're going to be there
waiting for me today, this 30 sneakers in these 2 bags, we've
got to make sure the simplest question people looking very
comfortable today.

My first time going out first
couple of times that in no way to go. But as I continue to do it
realizes for areas, I go 14 Street Union Square Madison
Square Garden, Penn Station, the Port Authority bus station
Grand Central station, those 4 areas, 24 7 they will be there
waiting for you. >> I give your pants and a top
of the hour. Are you know, I love I get out of here.
I'm feeling good man.

>> They line I want to see
everybody to Matt, I know you all right family enjoy your
day. >> It's from the solar started
8 years ago me and my friends of playing basketball. I seen a
gentleman walking by limping and I looked down he had on no
shoes and no socks. >> We'll size to you where 9
and a half I got you. >> So I ran up to the agenda.
The Knesset skews me Sir can I ask you what size shoe, you
told me to leave him alone get out of his face and I said I'll
leave you alone, if you just tell me what size you it.
He said the last time you remember he with size 10 something in me that I said how
many more less fortunate people lined the city like this
gentleman, I got a look at my closet and see obviously
because I have that I don't wear.

Thank you all right
lovely, thank you family, thank you. And you started
walking around New York City every day in my closet,
grabbing sneakers that I didn't even wear looking for people
who went from 10 to 12 started providing my sneakers to them. We're blessed because right now
I start taxing all my friends and their family for this
weekend's and then that's how it is from the so girl and can
I give you this is free. Friday's on from at least some
nice good no balance super glide comfortable. What's going
on there. How are you. There was some has everything a good
I give me one 2nd I'll be with you OK. It had just because for them
help them put the sneakers on. >> We want them to feel
dignity. We want them to feel like they're coming into a
sneaker store. >> You do OK. The new 5 it is
so when you step down has that cushion in it that makes it
more comfortable, I need to call to have a parade, yes, all
bless you man bless you.

>> A lot of the less fortunate
people they don't understand why would you want to give me
something that you probably can sell so we have to change the
narrative and let them know we are here to help we are not
here to get anything from you. >> All right, yeah, yeah, they
fed right and then to go there you go the things that I used
to complain about it. This is. >> Shows me that the things I
complain about they really don't matter. Because now other
people providing for less fortunate and they sent us the
video they sent us the picture so that we could see that we
have inspired that the. So now that this organization is
growing the way it is now that people feel the need to they
need to give out of the closet or give their resources is is
just incredible.

Blind and visually impaired
people. >> This lamp had means we're
not blind, but you can't seem like speeding, it doesn't mean
you can't do great things. >> So any the with with with a
good tease. Yeah, was that you would like. My name is greasy Bennett that
came in one his mother, I'm the CEO and founder of Bro code
pink, what we do is we provide services for blind or
vision-impaired people throughout patches. >> And there are all under
there and I would describe one me as a very. >> Happy boy he's very
confident, he has a one hard he's very loving and caring. >> It's pretty smart you known
the scenes, he loves us Amy I when he was born, I realized
something was going on with his eyes when he was 2 parts.
I took him to the doctor.

He then told me that was going
to have a 100% of his vision when he was 11 months. Stay did
an MRI and then they diagnosed him with SEPTA optic nerve
dysplasia I was devastated. The first 2
years of his life I was completely lost the stuff
before for him in need of a little bit of my childhood has
been race because I was that devastated the first 2 years of
his life. It was traumatizing because it
it was my first tiled and I was a single mom like I knew that
was going to go through this alone so I just had my mom and
the first 2 years in my family. It was different layers of fear
it was what's going to become of his teacher, what is going
to be like what how's he going to make it in in
the cited world, how's he gonna make it through. How would people understand him
because it you know when a child is born this Way's
majority of the time it's other things going on with them to
these other issues, it's often wasn't fully develop.

But also
his pituitary gland was a really developed as well it was
so many of the mayors. After he turned to I came to
terms with everything. >> There was a point when he
when he started to walk he was walking here was 19 months in
the sport before he walked and he picked the Bob just off the
floor and I saw that there was a contest so he was teaching me
along the way unbeknownst to me the money was going to teach me
a showroom so when one he was for 5 years old I move there
was a struggle or how to put on the schools. If he was trying to that just
wasn't working exactly started to just search started to do a
heavy search on things and products and I didn't find
anything remember work. I was not people off and then
really be weeks later, I was sitting in my liver. The different. It was I saw
patches I saw patches and grail in the end it is spooked me out
because I was by myself in so apartment but I'm looking up
and I see seen on some seeing things I was like oh my God
that's it.

>> This is going to do is
listen in Braille or clothes for kids. >> And me with my fingers I we
Brough the patches that he said if any
could stick then to close and it has directional cues such as
back left and right at the present inside and inside out. And if it's outside between 2
to 5 I could easily put on the clothes about having to ask her
this is backward just say out with broke of patches. I can no without asking head. And Lebanon created this. Out said people to know that
blamed and is impaired people can do great things despite
their condition. Do communicate with saved
people. But still it's kind of rare find someone
in the same boat as well. >> I met one e he was a student
in my class he was very eager to learn what it was like
whatever you got Mistry just give it to because you sound
like my mother and I still in the children that school is
supposed to be a place where learning is fun thing.

>> Infielder powder inside. What do you think that is the
eye and shake things so that sprinkle some on paper what you
feel you can see now take your mind to see what happens. >> In the field, the other
hand, you know, I just signed. >> when I first heard about the
company, I thought it was fantastic. It was a beautiful
thing that the mother has done what I liked about it is that
this is a parent. Well understand that she had a child
with special needs and she wanted to learn the world the
way he learned the world. This mother went way beyond because she wanted to make sure
whatever child needed. She was going to make it a
sensible for him, so that he can navigate the world, the
same way that she navigates the world and what she's done this
she's taken off her glasses so that she can learn the same way
that a child learns and that's you know most parents don't do

>> People who are blind and
visually here we're not asking for special treatment which is
asking for equal playing field. I was. >> What I hopeful won a future
it is I see why me going places and he comes from
beautiful background as far as family members she has a great
support system support is something that all of us need. >> That's this for the last is
a mad. >> I'm one of my sisters, they
they said look we're going to be his eyes if he needs us to
be his eyes will be his eyes whatever he needs we are here
for him.

>> I don't want to stay long in
2019 and is no Brown labels on products. >> Well if we're going to get
here. >> I want is ready for the
independence, but what the world is not ready for
him he cannot go to the supermarket where his own
because he can't read what's on it like a sighted person could.
So we'll be him constantly having to ask. I'm preparing this which is I
can't. >> It costs the left. We're on the right. There's man
of the left.

>> The vision impaired which
has to adapt with the site of the world, what I will tell the
world is that. >> I would love the sight of
work to help help us adapt, you know come into our
understand. Well our life. Given him so much independence
and I just have to continue to do it have to continue to nag
him I go as hard as I as it feel since I it's hard to think
about it and that's what what I've been doing and will
continue to do. foods and flavors but also
learn about the origins of what's on their plate. >> That's the idea behind the
new netflix docu series high on the hog based on the 2011 book
by historian just could be higher in this series food
writer Stephen Satterfield traces the contributions and
creativity of African Americans when it comes to food, I sat
down with those Satterfield and Harris to discuss why they
believe it is so important to explore the past and dig into
these untold stories in high on the hog, how African
American cuisine transformed America.

Viewers watch food,
writer and host Stephen Satterfield on a journey to
trace the origins of the foods >> It's African because it made
the voyage with us why were you we love. drawn to do a series like this,
I love food they really brought me to a place of de Pere
curiosity, the unique food each it shows that the stories
behind many dishes innovated by African Americans have been
largely left untold no point was it. In your opinion for the
culture to do something like this we have for many years
been overdue for a serious look at the contributions that black
folks have had to food culture in the U.S. and really around
the world. >> Culinary scholar Jessica be
Harris has been passionate about this topic for decades.
Her book which she wrote back in 2011 is now the basis of
this four-part series. She accompanied Steven to West
Africa teaching him along the way they brought Rice the M's peas beans, black eyed peas fava beans. All of those things that now
join us I things that came with us are you on board
immediately. >> Yes, absolutely I mean we've
set the table and often cook the meal and harvested the food
so at this point looks as though we may be getting a
place at the table and we certainly is there have been it's been a
long time come we tend to read history as absolute fact.

But certainly in the case of
the history of African Americans, it's important to
study the silence is. >> A parade of chefs historian
some entrepreneurs and descendants also peel back
layers. >> How did it feel once you
realize that you were a descendant of the person or the
family that helped popularize the station the U.S. I'm
wondering when my roses on every black American has
something like that. >> In the background you can't
explore the roots of of our food culture without talking
about slavery. He talked about that a little bit. >> For African American people,
the foundational relationship that we have with this country
is one of of servitude and forced labor and that is rooted
in agriculture. And so it is at times difficult story to tell,
but it is a true unnecessary story to tell on that note. >> I had no idea that George
Washington have this renowned chef I've been named Hercules. >> He was famous if someone who
was enslaved lived in Philly for more than 6 months they
will automatically free and so Washington who was well aware
of the rule would continue every you know.

5 months 29
days to send people back to Mount Vernon so that they would
remain enslaved. >> There's no known image of
the man who led the first presidents kitchens that
Hercules Posey's fine-dining cooking skills continues to
inspire today. >> The thing that's so amazing
about african-american black culinary history is every day we learn more. >> What do you hope viewers
will take away from some of the tales shared within the series.
My hope is that people begin to think about the areas in their
own lives in which the contributions of black people
may not have yet been documents. >> If you're wondering why
you're all state news looking up these days just look down. >> We want our sons to be a
conversation piece so if you're not under arrest and then the
extra attention the spread of the for you. >> I got the store now we get
20 more to come.

>> Allstate is the CEO and
creative lead a bungee appalachain e the Python in the
back high in shoe designer bursting into the Philadelphia
sneakerheads team last year they're made flashy to create
buzz and draw attention and this is one of my favorite, so
that the original purpose was just to give Darrell his great
escape from prison. I have over 250 designs all while you're in
pretty allows and present that creativity was always in him,
but his first passion was music. For jail Alston was a fairly
successful rapper opening shows for headliners like low can
look cool J he says the business was tough and keeping
up with the lifestyle was even harder so to make a little
money on the side he sold drugs and got caught the last vision
that my grandparents have me is me getting beat up by the
police and and sent to jail his grandfather died while he was
behind bars, I just remember breaking down immediately he
actually thought about to say yes.

A couple times. Instead he
poured everything into his art. My mom she was like well, you
know all eyes are going to survive. If you don't create your own
business and immediately the light bulb went off. Alston use
connections is a barber to hustle he shoes, but it wasn't
until a chance encounter with boxing legend Bernard Hopkins
that things really took off. >> I wasn't a fan of it for
Sunday. But always your reaction when you thought you think I'm aware it is what. >> With the 2 bonded over a
shared history and the seat drive it turns out both men
were locked up in the same praising years apart. What
about his story. >> Are you inspired by that you
didn't get talked out his dreams, everybody got all the
dreams we in here. But what are you doing to get
out. >> I want to thank everybody
for coming out today, Carol is living his dream his goal now
to do with his mentor, good for >> I want to be able to help
other people like me that are him.

Either incarcerated or just
needs help to be able to create a business. >> A mission of redemption from
the soul of a man whose reminded of just how far
determination. Travis every time he takes another step for
today, Steve Patterson NBC News, Philadelphia. Emily Jones, you know >> it's that's it. >> Growing up the brothers
always put fitness first and while all 3 of them were
attending the University of Pennsylvania. They started a
side hustle training friends classmates storm. >> Fast food camps with at the
door to be living in and the following year on they invited
us to continue doing them. So University Pennsylvania that
have been one of my biggest clients. >> After graduation the
threesome became certified trainers and launched trio
fitness full time with a mission to motivate folks to
move not only to better their bodies but their minds between
the 3 of us we have that synergy we have that trust.

>> If you can't really get
typically when you're starting to build a business and it's
been easy for us to just say this in front of the things
sports team to be on the same business and in addition to
running trio fitness. >> The siblings are also at the
top of the boutique Philly workout scene Ahmad is an
instructor at Barry's khaleel as a trainer for rumble boxing,
and the leak as a coach at unite fitness there we've got
in Philly their classes are so in demand that clients Jim hop
to catch each brother. The triplets call that the trio
fitness tour for the trio >> We actually even had one
woman she was visiting from triple.

Chicago. I thinks it's the
coolest class first and didn't know that we were fed place and
then just happened to go take my leave fast and then she was
like you guys, I'm sure it was not. Last he was here for the
weekend he took all 3 classes like almost back to back. >> But at the beginning of the
pandemic trio was forced to pivot with widespread gym
closures the triplets no longer have physical spaces to teach
their classes. So they went digital without making things
happen on tiktok we start out in the instagram.

>> If people work out they can
do at home longer following workouts sort of workouts
workout you can do without equipment. Workout you can do
with stairs. Detergent bottles of wine bottles of wine bottle.
Making sure that people have the resources to stay healthy
at home as fast as they could. >> Then in the wake of Phillies
black lives matter protests, the brothers decided to use
their platform for good and shifted their instagram feeds
from playful workout videos to Syria snippets on practicing
meaningful allies ship and supporting black owned
businesses. >> We thought is that we have a
responsibility to make sure that we use our platform and
with it created more visibility around issues they have a
really really important and necessary to talk about it now
and also let's educate ourselves because the same time
the 3 of us benefit from different types of that as well
right nobody is completely outside of it was, but you used
it in order to communicate and advocate for the other group.

>> Through it all the brothers
have embraced a new entrepreneurial side of their
relationship. >> Has brought this things can
get this. Maybe it's just a hard night of where we're going
to laugh about it was up on with it the was going to have a
bye and that's why it's really the best with a half or 2. >> High today all day hope
you're ready for some laughs coming up with what your
favorite celebrities to the test as they take on the 6
minute marathon plus we've got some of my personal favorite
sit-down interviews from the last few months. Get excited as
today all day continues right >> What is something you have
read about yourself that is now. totally untrue. >> Well, I guess my net worth
is kind of surprising to me you will that recently and I was
like well, I don't know where they're getting that number
from the IRA lower. In my mind is the mode. It should be higher.

Welcome to the 6 minute
marathon. Well let's do this I'm ready. I write a lot of
merit. That's so good. All right here we go number one. >> What is the one thing you
always have to have on your plate and forms. What is the most used app on
your phone. >> Most used app well probably
messaging. >> Text messages school.
What staffer, I'm not a what's app or. >> I mean my whatever crack and
my wife has its like they're ready to use are usually like
traveling together. >> If someone married if your
life who would you want to be the narrator. >> Mean more than 4 years ago
with Alec Baldwin did so well with that animals too so maybe
I call it. >> No one in his family had
spoken to him in 3 years which he had retired from
professional tennis of 26. >> I just started a side hustle
what would you do like clothing this we're getting into the
covid pretty good.

So yeah, like Street where OK, it's
going to have actually sure dressy yeah I think Street
where it up is what they have tribute to you know that is
very interesting but also very A lot of state capitols the Capitals. >> And I remember we were
shooting this movie. Wieners me exactly by the great passes and
and we were just stuck in a van for summer and there was this
like magnets state map basically and we just learned
the Capitals. The time which is to the one that is
most impressive when you know it. It's like of the year. >> It was something like that I
was yes that is that on I think so yeah, yeah, I know
that's the way I always remember because it's like last

>> Cooper, French and like
where is it supposed to be okay. But there was water.
What on screen moment has major I would say what's up with that
was a pretty solid definition career. defining moment like the first
what's up with that. >> You know because that was
like you know a real stamp on my Curry to beauty and you know
the creativity of the riders coming together to you know fit into a show that
was 40 years old he just has such a lenient so to come up
with an idea that fits their just made me feel really good. >> Well as you say you are more
of an extrovert or you can >> I'm very injured. A mellow
kind of quiet kind of guy and then when I get on stage I get
to perform and being an actor allows me to be an extrovert
because I'm not myself basically, but me personally,
I'm super children super quiet >> But people expect you to be
Kenan Thompson, then harden basically.

Your everyday life we think
they're going to come up and you're going to be like they
have shade on your has all the time. >> It used to be like I had to
learn how to just go with the fact that this is a once in a
lifetime moment, maybe for a lot of people you know and just
give them what they look for and it's always a much better
experience to just embrace. The love that people are trying
to give is not like people are trying to like come tell me off
because like I'm playing a villain or anything like that.
It's always all love and I you know I just learned to just allow my public persona to
be a part of my life when I go out in public, you know it's
it's just you know a give and take that which I came to terms
with life was much movement.

>> Wired yeah, I just look at
is sort of an extension of your public life, but what you might
do a show. >> For just how I would feel
you know like I get very excited when I see famous
people to you know, and I want to run up to him and tell him
that you know, I grew up, you know you like watching you
and me like you're wonderful and I never take into account
sometimes that they could be having a bad day or they're
tired they want to speak to anybody, but you know for me,
it's like I'm never probably see this person again sometimes
what you think and then I got you know the understanding of
an Italian they're like yeah, just take the picture and the
NBA next because the babies.

>> Give a little what is
something you read about yourself that is totally
untrue. >> Only a Andrew. I mean I guess I've been
misquoted, you know are ported to a point we really didn't get
exactly what I was trying to say you know that's only happened a
couple times have a rating. I mean I guess
my net worth is kind of surprising to me who will that
recently and I was like well, I don't know where they're
getting that number from that. >> In my mind is the mower
should be higher but the reality I think is is
lowered. >> What is the most
embarrassing story from your childhood. >> Probably they gymnastics
Photo my mom put on Willie Geist interview the other days
like me and like us partly. A top jumpsuit purple sparkly
pink top and super model. Some beef. 6 year old miss's show. >> It's not cheap, but she just
like it is sold you out like. >> And yet she does the photo
it was like a gymnastics thing or something that I was in when
I was little and you know it's like a recital and she just she
left that thought I remember she was taking pictures of me
all day that they just are so key.

>> And this is the first time
the photos really been out of the public. >> This is the second time and
like the first time people gave me a hard time and I think you
know this time they might go a little easier just because you
know to now I have kids and stuff so it is cute to look
back at 6 year old me. >> They won bad happened. >> It's scattered probably be
dietary think lakes.

You know my chief days you know start to stack up and
become 2 or 3 weeks as opposed to like one week so just you
know trying to stay on top of making good decisions when it's
time to eat. >> In congrats on the new show
came in on NBC and thank you very much, I'm over the moon
excited. And Tuesday's course you and I say it to him we you
already know we're going to start.

They asked Tuesday
afternoon. out. >> I would call my agent. Okay, I thought you're going to
say Anderson now a new >> you know sometimes he
doesn't pick up for me. >> Andy Cohen welcome to the 6
minute marathon. This is the best marathon
you'll ever run. >> Yeah also the only marathons
yeah, ready I'm ready set the clock okay, what is something
you've always wanted to do, but haven't checked off the
bucket list yet guy.

Italy, yeah, it's something
I've wanted to do what's your biggest pet peeve my biggest pet peeve is bad
breath. Yeah, real that like the
halitosis the one that comes from deep within. If you could only watch one
movie for the rest of your life, what would it be. 2 empire strikes back. And with you and that it's
funny I love your star Wars geek yeah, yeah, me too what is
the biggest misconception people have about you that I'm down.

I don't think that people might
think I'm done maybe shallow. I'm deep, but shallow. I got it, yeah, I can relate
what do you think you were throwing out here. It was like why are you
commenting on just insulted yeah, it just it took me a
minute for that to sink in. I know, you know, I'm just
teasing wow he sows and now he like that. I am even shallow
and monetize that moniker so it's OK I like it OK, what's
your favorite emoji. >> Is I'm going to show it to
you or not I send it constantly it's this. >> And yeah yeah, if you are
sent to jail who would you call the bail you out. >> I would call my agent. >> Okay, I think you're going
to say Anderson now new you know sometimes he doesn't pick
up for me. >> In one word, what is the
secret to your success passion with the most recent show you
binge watch.

>> Game of thrones I've never
seen a it was my covid tree. >> It didn't need the high. >> It met the high, I love that
I'm 8 years late but I'm like oh my God, I can't believe the
red wedding, I mean I'm literally living in 2012. >> It's funny because I wanted
to see it but I haven't wanted to make the commitment but it
was how's a real good time. Yeah. What do you think you are
much better at than you actually are. >> Maybe dancing. >> Who would be your dream
guest on watch what happens live that had never been on

>> Michelle obama that would be
a good one. I thought you might say pope. Somebody like that. >> I don't think he would be
spilling the tea no idea there. >> If you're stuck on a desert
Island but could bring one type of food to eat forever, what
would it be. >> Pizza franchise in Sioux Mac
and cheese that bus stop just give me a huge say in French
onion soup been great with the last picture you check with
your phone. >> In my side holding up the
bottle all by himself. >> That's a cute one now that
your parents like that's your phone is nothing but. >> I have so many pictures of
him, it's like I'm even starting to get. >> Well no he's so cute though,
I know is he talking it up. >> Now it just sounds.

>> It's a good idea. He says that that that that
that that yeah but could be directed at you I yeah, I kind
of think to sing in the shower. I think every what's your favorite song right
now. >> You know what I'm super into
the new Taylor swift album >> Next level him not even
believe how good it is that's like. so funny wait a minute because
hoda is obsessed and listening to rest just told me to get her
in your home. >> How good is that Taylor.
Swift album is now.

>> Now out of my mind maybe
it's on breaking. See you play for you all morning a look at
your top 2. >> I love near of all I love
last great American dine aside. >> Streams yes, but what about
what about number one the first time above number one, it's so
good. I'm like not that I ever I didn't think Taylor. Swift
was talent. I always knew she >> The last 2 people at the
today show to >> this is a good question
would you rather give up alcohol free year or give up
your bone for months. I think that's a real tough
would you rather. >> I'd rather give up my phone
for a month. I think that would be much healthier, I mean I
don't I have an alcohol problem that's another misconception

>> You know I know I was you
I'd give up the phone the iPhone isn't always that fine
and down a cocktail is occasionally and socially
responsibly what did you think was going to
be amazing but turned out to be horrible. >> The final season of game of
thrones oh okay describe the perfect day. >> Out just waking up with my
side feeding him shelling out music, the beach couples at
that time and hanging out on my deck with a couple friends
watching the sunset if cutting perfect days a lot me I am
actually weirdly yeah, it's everything's OK right now we're
really I mean at some nice as the world is in turmoil.
What question do you wish people would stop asking you
who's your favorite housewife. >> Exactly what is the best
compliment you have ever received you're a good dad. >> And a good friend, thank you
for doing that.

It's my pleasure to have you. >> Love you, I hope I see you
in person some time too. When I do and they give you a
big old squeeze. Yeah, also is your back but respectfully
respectfully exactly from a distance. >> Not it's cutthroat and that
we don't support each other and world. don't get along. And that's not
at all. You know how it is on the inside and behind the
scenes where a family we traveled the world together we
spend more time with each other than our own families.

>> It's not black swan not
exactly good. I even watched that movie. Misty Copeland welcome to the 6
minute marathon, thank you for having me let's start the clock
here we go. What is your life motto.
Not to let other people's words to find me how do you find
balance in your life I use. >> The structure and discipline
in all that I've learned through ballot. I think to
really apply to all that I do in my life, so I'd say foul it
keeps me Center in grounded and balance it literally can she
balance. >> It does. >> What is something you would
like to learn. >> I think I would like to
learn other languages for sure do you know any other languages
I don't I have so many that I like it.

I like French and
Spanish, and I just so it's slowly drift from in all and
other things but I would love to win those 2 languages
Italian too. >> We'll be fine to go to one
of those countries and just kind of said it's the culture
for a while. >> That's like a dream to be
able to just like move to Tuscany in for you know for a
year and just BA with with the Italian people and learn the
language that way. >> The 2 I've always wanted to
do like eat pray love year. When was the first time you
realize people knew who you >> How we after my first under
Armour campaign I will but I were.

Want I think that was really
when I kind of crossed over and even you know got the attention
respect of men to see dancers as athletes as well as artists. What's the best. >> Interaction on the street or
you know with the fan that you've ever had. >> I think when I see like
young girls that are just overwhelmed because of what I
represent and they just get really emotional and most of my
you know fans want to like touch me and hugged me which I
think it's such a beautiful thing because I want them to
see me as themselves in as human and so I love that
connection that I have with them.

What is your favorite, but I
would say the power of now I think it's carts whole yeah I
think it's something that I this. continue to go back to in
different times and faces in my life and learn something new
from it every time. >> What is the biggest
misconception about the ballet world. >> Not it's cutthroat in that
we don't support each other and don't get along. And that's not
at all. You know how it is on the inside and behind the
scenes where a family traveled the world together we spend
more time with each other than our own families and it really
is supported him fired. >> It's not black swan. >> Not exactly good. I even
watched that movie. That's a concert for Broadway

>> Concert a huge means music
lover. I knew that was what I grew up on being played around
the house and that's what motivated me to Dan Simon if
there's ever a concert in New York that I'm excited about I
will drop everything to be there. >> What's your favorite kind of
live music. >> I love like soul and R and

I but I do need more Mariah Carey live music in my life,
I've only ever been to one concert that she was my first
concert at 16 years old. >> All right here is no
transition to this one, what is a weird food, you like that
most people don't. >> A weird food, I love beats. >> I love, I love love
vegetables, and I love like. >> The earthiness of other be I
just I love them just take them whole and roast them with just
salt pepper and olive oil, you just dig in. >> It's funny I came to be it's
later in life did you like and we do it all. >> I did I mean I wasn't I was
you know didn't grow up with a lot of options for healthy
foods and so I when I was eating it was out of the can.
So later in life I realize like oh this is something that
actually grows from the Earth and I could like you know make
it myself.

>> That's how I felt about
cranberries when I found out that every student naturally
come with like the can imprint, you know it just slice it. And who are you inspired by. >> I'm inspired by you, I'm
inspired by seeing how incredibly powerful and intelligent and
the forward thinking and just ability to stand on their own
and say what's right I think it's so impressive and I think
the point of having the young people that learn from my
system and make them better than we are and that's how we
create a better world and continue to evolve.

>> Who have you been star
struck in needing. >> I would say president obama you know I've I've had I've
been so fortunate, she spends quite a bit of time with him.
And interview him. But I think every single time he just has
such an incredibly powerful and engaging presence. And at the
same time he feels like you know like likes talking to my
dad. This weird like you know balance of just incredible love
and support empowered 90 S is. >> Where would you like to
visit if you happened, but we know we're going to test any. >> You know, I've never been to
Spain. I would love to go to state you
have. >> We'll go there after we go
to Italy, perfect. >> Misty Copeland great job,
you did an awesome job. >> And that was fun. Thank you
have a good day to make Sunday's. Yes. Savannah Guthrie joined our
today team right here and we've been celebrating this
anniversary all morning.

Long. >> This guy. And like double doors. Us but
thank you bigger news which is out daughter getting married. >> Starting with you for so how
you feel. >> Yeah, I feel really grateful
and kind of speechless that sort of overwhelming like I do
it's just too much, but it's it's it's sweet, I guess. >> I'm just soaking it in and
appreciating FOX. But I think the flowers soon enough so I
like it so great they were able to push the pause button and
and celebrate you so we all have things to say I'll be
quick. >> I'm going to make it quick. >> So one of my highest moments
of my life and kind of lowest moments that low's moms but
lonely moments, it was actually it was the was at the
inauguration, you pre-dawn even though this nothing gracious
that's not what with the with the president's gives our

White House correspondent, I cannot even
believe anyway. It was a president barack obama's last
one that was a big ticket, but I was new here, I didn't
know anybody and I went by myself I can get along with you
know. But that's a different crowd, I'm not in the White
House bubble. So I walked in and it was tough like I learned
how to be by myself it was kind of lonely and some breath was
over I just kind of felt like a fish out of water and I was
going back to my hotel time to go back and Savannah just
happen to be outside and she saw me and she actually saw me
like there are a lot of people who kind of looking the other
way and she lock my eyes and for some reason I don't know if
her soul felt my soul or something but just like our so
got the car I just start bawling you probably don't
remember this and she just affirms the NSA has always easy
you know, this is the network.

It's a lot and I just and I got
home, I said mom Savannah was just so sweet and she just she
saw me and last but not least the first person who text me
after my vocal surgery, Savannah. >> The scriptures things to
keep you going. That woman Affleck people the snow behind
the scenes, she is everything she's that woman that's the
nicest thing I've heard today and you know what you're an
amazing person amazing friend and I'm just am so grateful.
To that point you know for for folks out there thinking of
like longevity in their jobs. I mean did you where have those
those kind of moments where where you felt in secure Oregon
over the course of 10 years, yeah, all 10 years. >> Into this momentum. Honestly
it like if I'm really honest. It's like I'm kind of
embarrassed because I'm like I don't know if people really do
like me. I yes, yes, I know. We all know there's like you
know, there's been ups and downs but that's what a family
is you know it's like I just feel really really great fun I
but I remember all those feelings of being like I don't
belong here.

I you know I don't know if I'm gonna survive here
and I don't want to be there. Did you know, hey I got all of
those things you know, but we're so you know what what this all
means to me is just like my goodness, what a blessing like
how lucky am I how did this happen how did like Savannah
from Tucson of all.

This is the craziest thing I saw the
picture you post on and everybody. Yeah, I I you know
when I'm so embarrassed of that picture, but I just posted it
because I'm like you know what for every little kid that ever
looked like that, it's like oh you're nothing's good, you know
we're going nowhere. Yeah, I feel severely..

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