Want To Work From Anywhere? Amazon FBA Can Help

Hey guys Alex Ryan here and I'm coming
to you from high up in Queensland Far North Queensland and I'm in a beautiful
spot right here to get sort of seized coconuts up there it's lovely hey guys I
don't know whether you haven't been to Makai before but it's a very sleepy
place very sleepy not a lot happens over here and I've only I'm only found that
out by the here seeing a friend and probably probably won't come back again
it's just too sleepy but you know I'm quite a how old cap this morning it's a
probably about 20 minutes to find a cap that would take me somewhere so I don't
I don't particularly like I like sleepy I like relaxing and chilling out I'm
working a lot up here and working on finding new products for myself for my
Amazon store but guarded it's too sleepy and this was this is the issue why I
moved originally the Sydney was ASA live up on a Central Coast not a lot happened
up there either and back then there was no work so I had to move Brian I
actually had to move I was forced to move whereas skies in the Amazon store
well well when you run your own Amazon business or with your selling online or
importing from China you can pretty much be anywhere in the world you don't have
to if it's a sleepy city and you like that well hey guys go ahead and stay
there you don't have to go somewhere you don't have to go to Sydney or to to move
out and go to a bigger city to find opportunity because opportunity is
online you can essentially run an Amazon store anywhere in the world ride you
could be anywhere in the world as sleepy as it comes you could even be in Makai
right but but back in the old day you know like 10 years ago if there wasn't
much work opportunities well unfortunately you have to move you have
to go somewhere where there was work opportunities so what I'm saying guys is
if you're in a sleepy town or a few if you're if you love being in a sort of a
quiet place like even the Gold Coast or or Makai or cantle Townsville where it's
not a lot of physical work opportunities well Amazon business might be a thing
that might be perfect for you because you can essentially run that anywhere in
the world it's a saint it's exactly the same principles of finding good products
connecting with supplies gnarly barber and then listing those products on
Amazon all right and you can be up here and you
know beautiful coconut marina at the Makai I'm staying at the resort right
here so it's like you know you can you could be anywhere and you can stay
anywhere and you can work from anywhere as long as you have your computer all
right so guys yeah if you've been thinking about starting an Amazon
business for a while then check me out on the link below we've got a video
program we've actually got a video series they're sort of walking through
the steps of finding products on Amazon and getting started and if that's you if
you are looking to get something started this year on Amazon the ones the biggest
thing holding you back potentially could be you know I don't know what products
to bring in I'm not too sure you know what products are hot or what products
are winning then connect with us today guys
my name is Alex Ryan thanks for joining me and talk to you soon bye bye for now

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