Hello, Momshees! In today's video, our topic is Amazon VA Here in our channel, we often share skills, tips and guides about virtual assistance, so let us also insert and tackle Amazon VA. And since that is not my forte, we tapped a freelancer who is a master in being an Amazon VA and we will learn from her this skill, the requirements and qualifications, the salary range, where to find clients and her experiences being an Amazon VA. If you are interested in our topic for today, make sure to watch the whole video πŸŽžπŸ“Ή click the SUBSCRIBE button and the notification bell as well to get updates here on our channel.

What are you waiting for? Let's get started right NOW! Welcome and welcome back to our channel πŸ€— I am Sheena Santos, and here we share tips and guides on how to start and grow as a homebased mom! πŸ₯ Yes πŸ‘ Like I said earlier, we have a guest who is a certified Amazon VA and we are going to learn a lot from her. Without further ado, let us all welcome Ms. Nikki B. Nikki: Yes. Ms. Sheena. Thank you for having me here. Sheena: I am sure that you were asked many times about this and many are still interested to know, in my Facebook group Homebased Mom Diaries, many are asking about Amazon VA. For the sake of few people who still don't know, what is an Amazon VA? Nikki B: That is a good question. I am asked about that question because a lot is still not familiar in this type of role. That is because is not popular here in the Philippines, we are most familiar with Lazada and Shoppee Basically, an Amazon VA or virtual assistant is a virtual assistant doing an administrative task, but the difference is the platform which is Here is the most misconception, some think that when you are an Amazon VA you are connected directly to of Jeff Bezos.

That's not how it works. We work for Amazon seller, These are the people who sell on Amazon platform, it is like in Lazada and Shoppee, people are registering there to become a seller, It is the same with Amazon. People are registering there to sell their products on the Amazon platform. So what we do is we help them manage their accounts, and there are a lot of other tasks that an Amazon VA would do. It is not just limited to administrative tasks, you could do product research, manage the inventory to know when to reorder and we also do discussions with suppliers.

And we also coordinate shipping of products, say, for example, the supplier is from China. We need to coordinate that with the Amazon fulfillment sector of the US that's how complex the work is. And Amazon has its own ads, same with Facebook, it has its own ads, Amazon has its own as well. We call it PPC. Or pay per click ads, for you to rank up in searches when customers look for you in search on their Ecom platform. So, that's a quick overview of Amazon VA's tasks. Sheena: Honestly, I am not familiar with Amazon VA until I saw you on Youtube. It piqued my interest. But since I am doing email marketing and automation I'd like to focus on that. But my husband is having an interest in the job. And when we started 10 years ago, Nikki B. Woohhh! Sheena: There are eCommerce stores but we did not hear about Amazon VA.

What we know is, there are websites and we update the products and now there are Shopify and Lazada, and then I saw that there's an Amazon VA and it's a high-paying job. And in our channel and group, most of our viewers are newbies and beginners I am encouraging them to pursue general VA since they are not decided yet of the niche that they want.

But I think this is one of the niche that they can specialize on. Nikki B: Yes. Because you can charge premium if you are a specialized VA and other good thing if you are specialized VA your resume and portfolio
and how you setup your profile. You can set up your profile in a way that your target market and prospect can relate to it, because if your profile is generalist you are targeting everyone, most likely your message won't hit the right target unlike when you are targeting Amazon sellers most likely the messaging and profile optimization of the services that you are offering will be refined to target the actual needs of the clients.

Sheena: It is more tailored and it clear in your profile the services that you offer and the clients that could benefit from it. Since newbies are the one who are interested on this, what are the qualifications and skills that they should possess and learn? Niki B: Number one is basic computer literacy, because based on my experience the job involves analysis and since we are doing inventory management there is a need to use Spreadsheets and MS Excel, though there is no need to learn the complexity of the formula just know the basic formula on how to do addition, how to get the average and alike for you to forecast when your stocks be exhausted.

Mostly, the clients have already their own spreadsheets and Amazon has one as well. But there are clients who doesn't want the spreadsheet style of Amazon and they have preferences to the style of their workflows, you just have to adapt to their preference. So other than basic computer literacy, I am also asked if do we need to speak perfect English since it is Amazon and the clients are international and it is famous in the USA. What I always say is, learn the basic, and as long as you understand each other, then that's good because 90% of the task of an Amazon VA is nonvoice.

Unless, like with my client right now we started accepting calls from our customers. Because they want to strengthen our customer service, Before, it was all email but right now we launched our hotline so we are now accepting calls. If that is your role, then you must be proficient in English. But for the rest of the task, say, you are doing product research, ads management, inventory, management is more of email responses for customers.

You can use basic English. I mean the basic Filipino English that we are using. Sometimes we are better in speaking it than them. Sometimes, we Filipinos are exacting. When I talk to my clients, they are not following these grammatical structures. As long as you understand each other, that's okay. And if they assign you to do inventory management, and if your supplier is from China, you need to use simple words and not highfalutin for you to understand each other.

So, just basic English. Use the English that was taught to us during Elementary and Highschool years. Those are enough and will help you survive. And what else? This one is optional, but is good if you are familiar with the Amazon Platform, if you are selling in Amazon, there is this dashboard, we call it seller's dashboard where they can publish their products, upload pictures and the description of these products. If you are not familiar with these, you'll get intimidated and overwhelmed with the terminologies at first. There are clients who prefer Amazon VA with experience, but there are also clients who are willing to train their own VAs. Why? There are clients who prefer newbies, they call them 'fresh blood' because they want to mold the person to the culture and preference that they want. Like with my client, my client prefers beginners. Because as he explained it to me, some VAs with experience have these unproductive habits that they bring to their new clients, but it still depends on the clients.

There are clients who are very meticulous with the workflow that they want everything to be efficient. If you are not efficient, then you have to unlearn strategies and learn a new one. There are clients who are like that. The familiarity in Amazon platform is a plus and an advantage but it is optional, and not all sellers will require it. Sheena: Most of our mommies here have experience in using Shoppee and Lazada, and some are also selling online. Is this a plus to the skills required? Niki B: It's funny that you asked that question, there is this one person who posted on our group, this person is a beginner, and during his interview, he was asked tough questions. What he did is, he relates his answers based on his shopping experience. This person is fond of online shopping and according to him it is the same principle but on a different platform. Which actually make sense, same rules apply.

Like with the number of sales divided by the number of your available stocks then by doing that can now forecast the number of days left for you to reorder things like that can be related to the tasks it is very useful if they have a work background like that but even if they don't have a background as long as they are fond of shopping, they can still use that. Most moms take notes of sales, and the promos. As an eCommerce business. They could give a marketing insights, and marketing inputs. And they can use that if they work in a client which company targets mommies, let's say, toys. Or mommy and baby needs. Since they are the target market, mommies could give more insights on how to increase the sale of the products, or they could suggest features to highlight that could catch the attention of moms and avoid the technical terms.

It could be an advantage for mommies out there. Sheena: I asked that question because many of our viewers are into online selling, it may not be in Shoppee and Lazada but they are doing it on Facebook. It's a plus that you have knowledge of it but it is unnecessary since skills can be learned and practice. Niki B.: Exactly! Sheena: Let's continue. You have mentioned about team player? How many are you in a group or it is just you? NikiB: You should have a skill of a team player. When I started with my client. I was just the only VA. And we only have one product. But since our company grew already, we are now in 30 plus products. Wow! That means our team grew as well. Since I am the only VA, I trained my teammates and manage the team. It is not required, but when opportunity calls, there is career growth there and when you take on bigger task, it could translate to higher compensation and greater benefits. Working in eCommerce requires you to be a team player and excellent communicator Why? Because even if it is just you, you still need to communicate with the suppliers And you should be good at bidding! It's nice when you work in eCommerce because you could relate that to your prospect client that you can do bidding with the suppliers and you are familiar with the process and the method and what else? And when you encounter a problem with your account.

Say, you have a problem with the listing. Problem like that could happen. So you have to call Amazon seller support, you have to coordinate and communicate well, the support will then help you resolve your problems. It's funny because the customer representatives from Amazon are also Filipinos. Sometimes when it is hard for me to explain it in English I speak in Tagalog, but they still reply in English. I'm asking for help from them while speaking in Filipino. It's nice if you are fond of talking and an excellent communicator because you could use that at your advantage. Sheena: Yes, that is so true! Can you tell us how you started? Because I know a lot of aspiring VAs can relate to how you started and grow as an Amazon VA. NikiB: I am a nurse by profession, Ms. Sheena. But I never practiced my profession because when I graduated in 2010 there is a surplus of nurses and that was the time that we need to pay the hospitals to get experience. And after that, I had 3 and half years' of experience as HR practitioner and I become a full time ESL tutor for 4 years.

I was 29 years old at that time, and during that time I was earning 50,000 as an ESL tutor but I was working 10 – 12 hours per day for me to hit that salary. And I realized I am getting older, the work hours is okay if you are still young, and I can't imagine myself in my 30s and 40s working in that number of hours. And if you are an ESL tutor, you need to talk for 10 -12 hours. The work is kinda draining. It's funny because I am the type of person who thinks simply.

If I think I can earn from that job and I can learn it, then why not? I will definitely try it. It was that time that I am looking for an online job, I just keep on browsing. And with my background, the service that I think I could offer is VA. Because I have a background as HR practitioner. So, I also applied as general VA. And I sent out applications in every job postings that I saw. Unfortunately, no one responded. My profile back then was generic and sent to all. Maybe that's the reason that clients don't see my value and the competitors are experienced already. And I know my profile is not that strong. And it is so timely that every time I browse, I always see this job postings about Amazon Account Manager who is looking for Amazon VA and I saw this post that he is willing to train his Amazon VA for 800 – 1000 dollars per month. That fascinated me and decided to learn it. I also did research on YouTube and Google but didn't see complete information and that was 2018.

No one is talking about Amazon VA. So I asked myself, who will teach me? And that time I am a member of a Facebook group, Online Filipino Freelancers (OFF) That is where I saw the post of Coach Lish Aquino. She is already an Amazon seller, and she made a course for aspiring Amazon VAs, and that is also the course that her Amazon VAs took. I got interested in it and at first I thought it was scam. I was 29 years and I am not open-minded with that online courses, What I did is, I saw in her sale page that there are people who posted testimonials, I searched those individuals in Facebook just to be sure, and I messaged each of them if it is true that they landed a client. And there are some who replied that it is true, I remember it was Bam, I forgot her last name. She's a mom and she affirmed that she's working from home as an Amazon VA. When I got that confirmation that it is legit, I enrolled in that 8-week course.

But I did not finish it, because on the sixth week of the course, I already landed a client. Because I am already impatient at that time and wanted to have a return of my investment. And I am so eager to work immediately. Even if I haven't finished the module yet I sent out application since the module is already available and it's impossible that I will do everything from that module to the client. And I thought that the client will assign a simple tasks to me since we are just establishing trust. And that what really happened. And that gave me time to adapt to the tasks, and review the modules. Even if it was my work off, And since the client gave me access to the seller central I will explore it and see different sections.

Like the customer reviews and request for refund and more. So, that's how I started. I was also clueless back then, but I am the type of person who is willing to learn. And once I learn it, I apply it immediately. Nothing will happen to your stored knowledge if you won't practice it. Sheena: Yes, it is best that when you learn something you practice it immediately. I am also that kind of person who remembers it all if I apply what I learned immediately. NikiB: True! Sheena: And what you did is also great. In my years in online industry, it is just lately that I heard about Amazon VA, It is great that you look for someone who could teach you and has proof and testimonials that they are earning because of the course. It is like ordering in Shoppee, you checked the feedback and reviews first. It is also like in taking courses. I related that one πŸ‘ Sheena: How much is the salary range? NikiB: Okay. Just to manage the expectations of our viewers, based on my experience, it is 500-1000 dollars per client.

In our community and when I joined ASVA Master Class, we have exclusive Facebook groups, and it is nice because you can post questions and your wins there. And I get to see the wins of other people, and it is inspiring at times that you are down when your efforts are not working, and suddenly you will see this successful long post from someone, their struggles and how they conquered it. With that, I got motivated that if they can do it, I can do it as well. I am happy because that was my experience. But the people that I get to interview in my channel, the very first person who trusted me and enrolled in ASVA Master Class as well, when she got hired in 4 weeks, her rate was already 10 dollars an hour, and she is just 21 years old. I was 31 years old when she told me about it, and I was shocked.

We got the same tools but have unique journey, And this excites me, I interviewed this mom, she's a stay at home mom for seven years, and she has her own grocery store at their home as source of income, she has no laptop and no money as well, and she borrowed money from her friend because she really wanted to join the course, and after a month, she already landed her first client. And it amazes me, because sometimes there are stay at home moms who think that their mind can no longer catch up to the latest technology trend.

But this seven years stay at home mom was able to pull it off. And recently I interviewed someone, he is 52 years old. A grandfather of two grandchildren, he is now an Amazon VA. These people are really amazing. I am sharing this with you for you to see that 500 to 1000 dollars per clinet is based on my experience, But the wins of others that I see in the community, have unique journey since we also have different strategies and tactics, and we have different background and could land with different clients. That leads us to have different results. But this will give you hope, that if this 52 year old grandpa, if a seven years stay at home mom, if this fresh graduate and others are still students who support themselves now after finding a client could do that, it will also give you the hope that you could do it as well. You do not differ from them. They learned something new; they applied what they learned, and they got result.

Just don't give up. If you are starting out, do not think that it will be easy, there will always be challenges along the way, expect that. There will be rejections, low baller clients, expect these all. You just have to keep learning, it is more of data gathering, your first 10 – 20 applications will be more of data gathering, and then after that, you can refine your process and find the one for you. Sheena: THE ONE! NikiB: These are the possibilities that they probably would experience. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Sheena: Regarding learning process, even us who are tenured already but not yet old πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ we also have a learning process and it is continuous.

If you have the one, then this is your forever. I relate these things πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ And Amazon VA is one of the best niche that you can learn. Sheena: Can this job be posted in Fiverr or other online job sites? Are the clients already in your group? Where do you usually find your clients? NikiB: That is a good question. The course teaches us how to set up our resume, portfolio and where to find clients. At our time, they told us to check these 25 websites. I am overwhelmed with the 25 websites so I just chose my top 5, and honestly, I found it hard to manage these 5 accounts. I focused more on Freeapp, Upwork and OLJ.

There are a lot of hiring in these platforms. There are also hiring in other job sites, but they don't respond promptly. And recently, Amazonation partnered with MultiplyMii. It is a VA agency, and they cater clients who are Amazon sellers and these are not just ordinary Amazon sellers. In eCommerce, there are big and smalltime players, their clients are members of million dollars sellers organization. The annual income of these sellers are million dollars. And this group have membership. My client is a member of million dollar circle, when my client gave me access, I searched for Multiplymii if it's really a member of the organization. And I confirmed that it's part of the circle and not just a trick.

You can also check it as well And since they handle big clients, they are transparent that the starting salary of their VAs is 800 dollars or 40,000 pesos with HMO and other benefits like SSS and 13th month pay. They will really take care of you. The president of the company is Amazon seller, so he knows how valuable Amazon VAs are. Since Amazonation and MultiplyMii have partnership, we have this special link to apply, when you apply in that link there is prioritization and VIP treatment since they know that you underwent training. And they could vouch for you. There are other platforms where you can land a client. You could land a client in LinkedIn and Facebook. I experienced landing a client on Facebook and LinkedIn. There are strategies that they could learn once they are inside the community.

Sheena: So there are other options where to find the clients and not just limited to that. Is this type of work needed to be done in laptop or desktop only? Or can they use mobile phone like when they shop in Shoppee and Lazada? NikiB: You can do online shopping in Amazon through cellphone, but to work as an Amazon VA, you need to have a laptop or desktop. Because you will be dealing with spreadsheets, reports, and analysis. Personally, I use dual monitors. I prefer to see my work when I encode it and not switch to other tabs. I get dizzy with just one monitor. Using a laptop and dual screen is still challenging for me, how much more in phones and tablets that have smaller screens. You can work efficiently if you use a laptop or desktop. Some would ask if there is a need of high spec or high end laptop, I would always say that maximize the resources that you have. If you do graphic designs, edit videos,vor Photoshop then you need a high end laptop or desktop.

But we VAs are more on spreadsheets, there are software that needed to be installed like Helium 10, we use that for product research. It could slow down your work but you could get the job done. If you don't have a laptop and can borrow from someone, then do that. Then upgrade if you have a stable client already. That's what the seven years stay at home mom did, she borrowed a laptop from her relative, and after two months she messaged me, I shared it to my page, that mom shared a photo of the PC express that she bought, and she told me, Niki, one goal unlocked, I can now return the laptop that I borrowed. She already bought her own PC. The happiness could bring you to tears. This milestone is like starting from the bottom, it's nice since these people started with just what they have and made the most of their situation. And when they are financially stable, they upgraded. So you could also apply the same thing. Sheena: That is an excellent example, with what you are saying, I am slowly convinced to also try Amazon VA, and that it's not too late.

πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ NikiB: You can also work for Amazon seller since you are an email marketer, Amazon sellers have Shopify and they also install email marketing sequence you can target these Amazon sellers to do email sequence to sell products on their email list. You can use that as a stepping stone, and a training ground as well. Sheena: You excite me! We can integrate and connect the Amazon store to the email automation. Wow! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Is part time schedule possible? Or should it be full-time or flexible time? Becasue there are mommies here who struggle with their schedules. NikiB: Yes, there are clients that want flexible schedule. Often I am asked if all the clients require us to work graveyard since the clients are from the USA and other countries. There are clients that want you to work together their shift, and there are also clients who will give you certain tasks and it is up to you to finish that.

Though in a day, you need to finish a short tasks. And in a week, there are tasks that you need to meet and deliver. It depends on the client and yes you can choose a client that you want to work with, I always this, be honest, be transparent with your client if you have another full-time job or errands to run, or if you are a mom and have kids, tell your clients. Clients are not mind readers, It would also help you custom fit your schedule to theirs. Of course, there will be clients who will reject you, just because you cannot meet their preferred work shift but that is okay than sacrificing your health and your time for your family. You will definitely find clients who will be okay with your custom-fit schedule. And in the end, it will be a win-win situation for both of you. Sheena: Don't pretend that you can do full time while you are sacrificing the serenity at your home, and don't know how to work at that shift while taking care of the children. So, it is best, to be honest from the start.

I posted in our group, which is the Homebased Mom Diaries, and I made a poll of the questions that they could ask since I told them that we will have you, and one of their concerns there is the online course and the price. And I want to ask for your opinion, First, why did you choose to take the course? Do you see that as an investment? Did you also have doubts prior to taking it? NikiB: Yes, those are good questions. Actually, yes, it was the first course that I took my entire life, after college, I did not enroll in any courses, that was the first. It was a risk for me and a gamble as well.

But based on my experience, when you invest in yourself, you don't lose. It is something that you learn and when you got hold of that, it's yours forever No one can get that away from you. I paid for that course once. And now I landed a client that has been giving me a salary for the past two years. And he is giving away bonuses and since we are in the health supplement industry, and I get to receive 30-35 thousand worth of products quarterly. Because he wants his VAs to be healthy, and how can we be good ambassadors of our brand if we are stressed.

They are letting us try the products, and I also help in formulating the products. I chitchat him if he can give us products; he agreed! If it wasn't for that opportunity to take the course, perhaps I didn't meet this client of mine. My client is so nice and a cheerful person. But I do not guarantee that you will also meet the same. You will never know the opportunity that will open up if you invested in yourself. If you are asking if they require it to take a course to get an Amazon seller client, NO! When Coach Lish started as Amazon VA, there was no course at that time she only learned it from experience.

Actually, it can be done. But if you are alone and encounter difficulties, you have no community to run into and ask questions. It is just you. Unlike when you belong in a community that has instructors and pioneers who are expert, you have someone to ask and help you. It is worth it if you will take action. But if you just enroll and after gaining a certificate, you'll expect a client to land on your lap, no, it doesn't work like that. If that is your mindset, then please don't take the course. It might lead you to disappointment. If that is your mindset, then NO. But if you are the person who takes action and just need tools and we are not just talking about ASVA, any course that would fit your needs, just do your due diligence, of course. Because spending money for a course is not a joke. It's like us, Momshee, we do research if the reviews are accurate or not. Always do your due diligence, if it feels right, if it makes sense to you, then go for it.

And keep going until it works. Make it work! Some, when they met rejections after taking action, they easily give up and doubt themselves and their abilities. Those people who succeed met a lot of rejections before stepping on the top. Apply the law of 100, I always say this, If you haven't submitted 100 applications yet, you have no right to give up. Or 100 interviews. Yes, apply the law of 100. Track the number of your applications and learn from your experience and mistakes. Sheena: Yes, believe Ms. Niki. Do not get discouraged. Honestly, last week I got rejected four times by clients. But I did not give up, and I use that experience to land my direct client now. Even us who are tenured already could also experience that. So, it is up to you if you want to take a course or learn in your own way. But it is best to walk a path that is tried and tested already and have testimonials that they earned from it.

But do not just rely on the course, because you really need to take action because if you are not serious, then don't continue it. And one thing to remember also, if you want an online job and take care of the family while having an income this is a good start. It is up to you if you want to invest in a course or self-learn, the important thing is you take action. For those who want to know more about Amazon VA, and more freelancing tips and guides, I know Ms. Niki has also a YouTube channel because I'm scanning her channel This is the best time to invite our Momshees, and HomebasedKada to your channel. Everyone, Ms.

Niki B. Nikki B: Thank you Ms. Sheena, yes, I also have my own YouTube channel. It is Nikki B. Vlogs, Basically, I also share my journey and learnings, the things that I do and how I write my resume and cover letter to gain the attention of my clients. And I also interview successful Amazon VAs coming from different background, some are mommies, and on Saturday I will release a video of a dropped out of law school.

She dreamed to be an attorney but did not handle well the failure before, But she is now earning a six-digit figure, I am happy for this child. At 27 years old, she's earning a six-digit. I don't want to spill all. Her growth in the industry was so fast, and she is now one of the coaches. In my channel, I feature different Amazon VAs with various backgrounds. I also share my journey and tips and strategies on how to get clients online for your freelancing career. Sheena: I'm a subscriber. NikkiB: Thank you Ms. Sheena. me too, I'm one of your subscribers. Sheena: Last advice for our Momshees and HomebasedKada who are just starting out and wants to be a freelancer like us. Especially those who are discouraged, what can we tell them? NikkiB: Sometimes we worry that we're just wasting our time, resources, and effort, and we ask ourselves if this industry is for us or if it will out for us, and I always say this, you will never know it unless you try. For me, it worked, for others, it also worked. And there are others who didn't.

You choose the story that you want to believe, and you have the option and choice to make your own reality and journey, you don't have to figure out everything from 1 to 10, learn steps 1 to 3 first, then take action because eventually, you will learn along the way. whether or not you join a course, just take necessary steps first, start with steps 1 and 2. Because we have this tendency of worrying the things in step 10 without taking the first step first. I have this experience with my mentor before, I asked him how to improve my proposal and how to charge higher, and he asked me if I have already a new client, I told him no and I just asked it for future reference, and he told me to apply first, get interviewed and when I get accepted, then I can get back to him. And I realized that he is right, we are sometimes thinking in advance and get overwhelmed and paralyzed us with the fears and doubts that were are thinking.

Learn a few things first, then take action. Trust yourself enough that you can and will figure things out. It's like being a mom. Is there a manual for being a mom? For first-time moms, You hear stories of other moms. But when you become a mom, you have your own strategies and approach on how to raise your children. That also works for us freelancers, whether you are a VA, graphic designer, or web developer, you have your own unique approach to things.

Stop getting in the way of your own success. Because we are our greatest critique. We have to trust ourselves. And don't fear failure, failure is part of success. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves that we immediately aspire for perfection. As someone who is starting out, it is impossible the predict the future and there are things that are out of our control. There will be an instance that even if you prepared, study and consider all the possible scenarios, you still failed. Forgive yourself, move on and learn from that mistake. And after that, establish protocol and SOP to avoid that from happening again.

Personally, maybe I got successful with my chosen career, because I failed fast, and I am not afraid of failure. I take actions; I succeed and fail, but I learn along the way. And that will give you more confidence. And when you fail, and the failure won't kill you, then just keep pushing. Move on. When I fail, I admit it. My client got mad, okay! I still present my plan and solution, even if my client will fire me, I will still do my best to resolve it, so at least when I exit, I do it gracefully. That is the mindset that I want them to adapt, when it comes to starting any venture, may that be a business, or freelancing, it all starts with the mindset. Take actions. Learn from your mistakes. Stick to one first until you figure it out and make it work. I believe that the Lord won't give that to you, just don't give up. It will be given to you, just keep moving forward. Sheena: Yes, that is true. Excellent. πŸ‘ I just keep on nodding my head here in agreement with everything that you are saying.

What Ms. Nikki is saying is all true, even me, I also encounter struggles and rejections, let's not stop moving may you be new or tenured in this industry, especially for the freelancers who are just starting out, you will encounter a lot of struggles along the way. And embrace the learning process, this will help you to be strong and succeed. And even if you are on the top already, just keep learning, growing, and keep moving. I would like to thank you Ms. Nikki for visiting our channel and sharing your knowledge and journey with us. Thank you so much! And I hope to have more videos with you and hopefully, I could visit your channel as well, I am already presenting myself to you. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ NikkiB: Thank you, Ms. Sheena. For the mommies out there, if you think that this makes sense, you get to decide, and if you that this is something that you can learn which I know you could.

Check it out and who knows what opportunity that could open up for you. And I have another piece of advice, don't compare yourself with other people, some will question themselves and compare their journey with others, STAY ON YOUR OWN LANE. We all have our own unique journey. Be happy for other people. Sometimes I also question why they figure things out easily. Sheena: Don't just comment "sanaol" and not take actions, NikkiB: That is true! Don't compare because it could kill the excitement.

Stay in your own lane, focus on what you do. Trust the process and continue taking action. And Ms. Sheena is right, keep on learning because life never stops teaching you. We should keep educating ourselves and be open to learning. Sheena: For those who are interested to learn more about the ASVA Masterclass course, I will put the link on the description box, check the links there, these are important social media links that you need to visit. Again, thank you so much, Ms. Nikki, I will no longer prolong this for I know how busy you are, thank you, thank you so much Let's see each other again.

NikkiB: Thank you! Bye!.

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