Ultrawide vs Dual Screen – what is the best setup for productivity?

Hey guys David here and so I’ve had my new
Dell Ultrawide monitor for a month now and I love it. But I’ve been going back and forth on whether
for productivity was ultrawide the way to go? Or is a dual monitor ideal? Obviously for gaming and video, ultrawide
automatically wins out, but for purely productivity purposes which works better? First let’s quickly look at it from a resolution
standpoint. For roughly $900 Canadian dollars you could
buy a pair of 27” 1440P monitors or the same amount you could buy a single 34” 3440×1440
Ultrawide monitor. From a basic resolution stand point the dual
monitor setup has about 49% more screen real estate.

So that’s a huge amount of extra space but
you’ll have to deal that bezel in the middle that can be a bit distracting.t
But screen real estate isn’t everything to consider when it comes to productivity. How you can manage your workspace makes a
big difference as well. Take the example that you’re running two
instances, on the dual monitor setup maximize on one, and maximize on the other and away
you go. But luckily thanks to the built in windows
10 snap feature you can pretty much do similar on a single ultrawide by dragging the window
to the left or right and they’ll automatically expand to half the screen. Or if you want you can also do this from the
keyboard by pressing the Windows key and the left or right arrow. You can also click and drag between the two
windows to automatically resize them both. Or you can drag the window to fill a corner. This window snap feature works whether you
have a single ultrawide or multiple displays so it’s really handy to use regardless of
your setup. There are also optional applications that
can come with your dell or lg monitor that will allow you to virtually divide your screen
into custom areas if you have a preferred screen layout for your windows but I find
these tools a little too cumbersome for my workflow so I just stick to the built in windows
10 snap feature instead.

So far comparing the ultrawide and the dual
monitor setup they both work comparably well but one area where the dual monitor setup
stands out is if you want to multi task with an app that needs fullscreen mode. The example I have here is YouTube on one
half and another window on the other. I can’t maximize the Youtube video without
it taking over the entire widescreen. But with dual screens you can maximum the
video on one display and continue to do whatever you like on the other. This workflow can also apply to other applications
or games that need to be maximized on screen for full benefit. Something you won’t be able to do on a single
ultrawide monitor. (not entirely true there’s chrome plugin
to maximize youtube videos within a browser but I find it too cumbersome to use regularly,
and you could run dual inputs to the ultrawide and run it in picture by picture mode but
that also has its own limitations that isn’t worth it)
So it’s not a huge win but in my mind between a single ultrawide vs a dual monitor setup.

I think the dual monitor setup wins slightly
in terms of just pure productivity for me. The Windows snap feature is a really big help
to manage multiple windows on a single ultrawide but it’s not perfect compared to having
two discrete displays. But even though I prefer dual monitor for
productivity a single ultrawide is almost just as good of an experience and you have
added benefit for games and video so I can see it winning over most people.

Or if you can afford it an ultrawide pairs
very nicely with a second 2K display like I have right now, or any old spare monitor
you have should do just nicely. With this setup I typically just use the ultrawide
monitor by itself most of the time and the second monitor is just used as an accessory
monitor when I need just a little more space for reference material or to keep organized. So now I figured out my ideal monitor setup. It’s time to clean up and redesign desk
setup but until then, Hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video..

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