Ultimate Dual Monitor Desk Setup!

There’s just something about a nice clean
black and white setup that I really enjoy. Combine some of the thinnest bezel monitors
in a dual screen setup. And a little bit of cable management to hide
most of the clutter. And you’ve got yourself a great baseline
to make your own dream desk setup. Hi I’m David and this is the ultimate dual
screen desk setup While I’m a big fan ultrawide monitors,
for pure productivity purposes I find dual monitor setups just a little more convenient
to use with the additional screen real estate and easier to manage window organization. For the best possible dual monitor setup I
chose the Dell U2717D monitors. For pure productive and aesthetics, these
monitors in a dual configuration are my top picks. Covering the basic specs of this monitor,
it’s a 27 inch, 2560×1440 resolution 60 Hz IPS-type (Samsung PLS) monitor. But what makes these monitors ideal for my
setup is the physical design. The borders measure just under 8mm on the
top and sides, and is only a tad thicker on the bottom edge.

Branding is kept to a minimum with the small
Dell logo on the front , so there’s not much to distract you whether watching a video
or browsing the web. And while the monitor stands that come with
these Dells are nice, I prefer to use their VESA mounting capabilities with a monitor
arm. I chose to use the VIVO Dual Monitor Arms
(Stand-V002M) and I find it looks and works great for putting together a dual monitor

Some caveats that I noticed when assembling
it though. The quick release plates are really thin and
don’t work well with the recessed VESA mounts these Dell monitors (VIVO does include spacers
and extended screws, but the screws were too long and even if I found proper screws I didn’t
like how it looked) so instead I just installed the quick release plate on the arm, bent it
upwards and then place the monitor on top while screwing it into place. Also looking at the arm from the top you can
see that in my configuration the arms need to protrude slightly to the back if I want
to keep my monitors close to the edge, this means I need pull my desk out a bit from the
wall to keep this setup from hitting it. The clips are a little flimsy so be careful
to not snap them and there’s also this VIVO branding on the tube of the arm that isn’t
the nicest looking but you can rotate it to the side by 120 degrees so you barely notice
it from the front. But overall it holds both of the monitors
nicely in place. Having two 27 inch monitors is really wide
in my case it spans just over 120cm wide and my desk is only 160cm wide, so it barely gives
me enough space to fit a pair of speakers.

I’m using the Edifier R2000DB speakers here
for this setup. I’m not audiophile but these speakers sound
really good to me with their 5 inch woofers and 1 inch tweeters. But I think they might be a little too big
for this design, or maybe I just need a longer desk. But for now I’m pretty happy with this setup. Cable management is also a must. Hiding all your cables underneath in an IKEA
signum rack is a quick and effective way to store your spiderweb of cables. I also just hide my computer underneath here
because I don’t like it taking up space on my desk. (Yes it is on carpet)
And finally on top the basic peripherals. While not everyone might agree with my choice
of keyboard and mouse. A large mouse pad is definitely handy for
this dual monitor setup. Sometimes it’s just more convenient to shift
my attention to a single monitor.

And then Slide the mat to the left, or to
the right depending on the monitor I’m working on. Or out of the way completely if I need space
on the desk for other tasks. While the Satechi mat that I’m using here
is a nice option just be aware it does have an issue with the edges curling up over time,
so you’ll might need to curl them back once in a while to make it look straight again. So that’s my dream setup for the ultimate
dual monitor computer desk. While a little barebones and basic. It gives me a lot of desk space and screen
real estate to do whatever work I need to do. And this can easily be customized in the future
to my personality with some extra artwork. But hope you guys enjoyed this one.

You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video..

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