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'It has been an hour already.'
Yes, sir. 'Guys! Let's take a break for 15 minutes.'
– Okay, sir. Okay. Done. Jeez! Even when in school, I wasn't this desperate
for a lunch break or the class to finish. Such a legend! After an hour,
he has granted a 15 minutes break. How about a take a small nap
in this 15 minutes break? Harika, could you please get
some jaggery from the store? Come on, mom! He finally has given me a break.
Please do not assign me anything now. It will take you a couple of minutes to go downstairs
using the elevator. Couple more minutes to get to the shop. And a couple more minutes in the store.
In total, it would take you 6 minutes. And you are making a big deal out of it. You moms!
You twist things and convince us. You would still have 9 minutes, which is a lot.
Now go, bring it. Fine. I'm going. Isn't the lift working? Do I've to get down 5 floors now? Yeah, sir. Why bring so little? You could have spent
10 more bucks & brought some more. Fine.
Bring it once you're done. What happened, Harika?
– Sorry, sir.

The internet went down, so the video
got disconnected. I'm sorry about that. Yeah. Yes sir, yes sir.
I’ve collected all data and PPT is also ready. Once the meeting starts,
I’m sure I can give my best. Ya, ok. Mad person!! Should he point out at me about
looking presentable for the meeting in front of all others? He’s indirectly targeting me nowadays.
I should teach him a lesson! What’s that irritated expression on your face? Look, mom! My manager wantedly asks me to be presentable
in tomorrow’s meeting and I now feel embarrassed in front of all others.

Yes true, when it’s your office work you need
to be neat and presentable. Look at you! Go get ready. Mom, you also don’t start
telling the same thing now. Go, get ready well. Wow, the smell is too good! I was using Coconut oil since childhood, nowadays,
I’m using Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair oil. I'll retain oil on my hair for 30 more minutes
and then wash off my hair, all set! Thank god, this oil is not sticky-sticky.
I can use this oil every day.

Let me show a new version of myself
to my manager and others in the meeting. As expected, my Parachute Aloe vera oil regime
has done its wonder. Hair has become super soft now! So, this is all about the project, sir.
And I hope we can go forward. Yes, I submitted. Why is she looking so good today?
Let me ask her after the meeting.

Yes, sir.
I'll email all the files to you. Thank you so much, sir.
Finally done with the meeting! Hello, Harika? Yeah, tell. What did you do? What? What did I do now?
I was in front of all of you in the meeting, right? I'm asking what did you do to your hair? I had noticed
you during the video call, your hair looks too good. You guys were teasing me that I don’t look presentable, right? That’s the reason
I used Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair oil on my hair. Looks amazing, right? It's very easy. All you'll have to do is apply the oil on your hair
and massage it, leave it for 30-35 min before washing… If I apply oil, my hair becomes sticky.
Yours doesn’t look so. This oil is not at all sticky. It’s super light
and moreover, it has both Coconut and Aloe vera. Coconut oil gives deep nourishment to your hair
and aloe vera gives deep conditioning to your hair.

So your hair will neither be frizzy nor dry.
And also it’s best to use in this season. The best part is that it’s from Parachute. That we’ve been using since childhood,
so you need not worry at all. Oh, so this is
the secret of your hair transformation! Let me go and purchase Parachute Aloe Vera oil
right away. You can disconnect the call. Oh, hello? Next time,
I'll also look more presentable in the videos. She called, asked for my hair secret
and disconnected the call. Shameless! Hello!
– 'Have you fallen asleep again?' I never woke up in the first place to fall asleep.
– 'You keep throwing those punchlines manager might visite your home & beat you up.'
– What's it, now? 'Check the time.'
– What's the time anyway? Shit! I'm an hour late.
I've got 10 missed calls.

'While working from home, you don't
have to take a bath or brush your teeth.' Okay.
Set! Shit! Do I've a meeting now?
They will notice it when they see me. For time being,
I'll put this on & manage. "Ramulo Ramula!" 'Vamshi, are you there?'
– Sir-Sir! Yes, sir. I'm here. 'Is everything alright? Did you check for updates?'
– Yes, sir. I've updated the email, sir. Okay, sir. Whatever. Thank goodness!
I'm done with my work. Crazy movies have released.
I've been tirelessly working for the whole week. I'm losing touch with the world.
Heck with this work from home. No matter what,
I'll take a sick leave today. Sir!
– 'Harika, I was about to call you.' 'The team is on leave.'
– Sir, the thing is… 'It'd be a great help if you could do 2 hours of OT.'
– Sir, but the thing is… We had Varalaxmi Vratam yesterday at my place.
And I had Daddojanam. My tummy is giving me trouble. So, I need sick leave for today.
– 'Harika, I know that.' 'You should show your support at such critical times.
As a team member, try to work for at least half a day.' 'Please, take care of yourself.'
– Okay, sir.

Sure. Thank you. Won't grant me any leave
but asks me to take care of myself. Dammit!
Cause of work from home, can't even take sick leaves. Hello!
Tell me, what's it? What's up?
– Nothing much, watching videos on YouTube. You're binge-watching,
yet sending emails promptly. I'm sending emails using my laptop.
And watching the videos on my mobile. 'And you're quite active on the WhatsApp group as well.'
– Oh, WhatsApp you ask. Dude, when working from home,
you gotta do what all you can do at home. If you ask for a leave, they will say
you're already at home, why ask for it? So what I'm doing is,
watching videos on my phone. And doing work simultaneously. Then what about WhatsApp?
– I have borrowed a friend's spare phone.

Unsuspiciously. Namaste, people!
Wassup? Do try the Parachute Aloe vera coconut hair oil
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