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We have found a good chance. We will save the girl
and impress her! Your idea is great! Let's go!
– Come on! Let's go!
– Come on! Babies! Salman Khan is coming! Jackie Chan also!
– Wait! Wait! I want to be Salman Khan. You all will make me P.T. Usha. What is the need to run? We will call the cap? Watchman? Police! Police! Yes! Nice idea!
We will call the police! Nonsense,first the heroes enter!
And then the police! Ring the bell! Ring the bell!
Where is the bell? Is it a temple?
– Oh yeah! From the back! Wait, r*pist! Your hero has come! Hero?
– Yes. Hero breaks the glass and
makes the entry. It is a great idea! Who
will be the scapegoat? Me! Mummy! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Come on, boys! Come on." Are you looking at us angrily?
Or your face is like this? At least thank us for saving
you from the r*pists.

Shut up! Who are you all! And
how dare you all come in! You all ruined the rehearsals!
Sorry! It implies they were not r*ping you? Oh God! No! This is the
theme of our drama! Come on, sir. She is Miss Isha. – Hello.
– Superb. Mind blowing! Fantastic! Nobody would believe this is your
first film and first day of shooting. – I am glad to meet you, Uday.
– Same here. Hello. – I hope you don't mind me calling you Uday.
– No! Not at all! – Madam, your shot is ready.
– She is coming. She's coming. – Look Uday, don't feel bad.
– No. – But I was going to leave this film.
– Why? Because when I found out the
director had removed the hero… – I wasn't very comfortable.
– I know.

But when I saw you act!
Oh my God! The way you said that dialogue,
buy some potatoes, buy some onions. I've become a fan of yours. I just study the actors and try to act. I want your autograph. Oh yes! – Pen.
– "Welcome." "Welcome." "Welcome." – Thanks!
– Welcome! – It would be fun to work with you.
– Real fun! – Bye.
– Bye. "Welcome." Boss, looks like this heroine
has fallen in love with you. Shut up! "The salt of love is on my tongue." Boss! Take care! – What are you doing, Raj?
– Trying, what else? – Let me sleep.
– That's what I'm doing, trying to sleep. Will rubbing your hairy
leg against mine make you fall asleep? My hairy legs are
nowhere near your legs.

Raj! Raj, wake up…it's a rat!
Under that! – That way…
– Where? Stop looking there…it's
here…it's a big rat! – Here…get it out!
– Where? Where is it?
Where is it? Raj, there… Right-right-right…
left-left-left… I am checking. It won't come out
the same way it went in. Oh Raj, you can't kill a rat!
What are you doing? I'll kill it if I see it. What are you doing?
You can't kill it with that! That's for killing mosquitoes. Where is it? Papa, Jerry.
I also want to see…please, papa. Yes, dear. It's Jerry. Here… there it goes. Where? Where is it? Star.. Star, star, star.. Hello. I am Chandu Solanki speaking. Can I taIk to Devi Prasad? Whom are you talking about? This isn’t Devi Prasad’s house. What? He's not home?
Where is he? Go to a temple for goddesses
prasad – this is a garage.

What? I’m the owner of Star Garage Baburao Apte
and this is not Devi Prasad’s home. Hello? Hello,is Devi Prasad home?
– He died 10 minutes ago! Did you have a message for him? Died!
– Idiot, can't dial correctly. Hello, is Mr. Baburao home?
– No Devi Prasad here – speak!.

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