In this video Classmates, I will be sharing with you my TOP 5 LEGIT EARNING APPLICATIONS that are paying through GCASH these applications are 100% free and no cash-out is needed. These are my recommended applications that I have tested and proven paying earning applications. I am giving you an assurance that you will earn from the applications I will be sharing with you, [music] Hi Classmates! Welcome back to my channel By the way, I am Rose If you are new to this channel and you want to earn money for free kindly click subscribe button and hit the notification bell to get updates on our new video uploads on how can you earn online Classmates in this channel we have ₱100 giveaway to those who will comment down the hashtag word that you can find in this video but before anything else, please like and subscribe to this channel. For today's video, I will share with you my TOP 5 LEGIT and HIGHEST EARNING APPLICATIONS that I am using up to now.

I will be sharing with you in a particular order based on the total amount accumulated in an application. Without further ado, let's get started. TOP 5 in our list is Vuewin, in this application we will earn by just collecting Vuewin chips. We will earn chips by viewing the advertised photos, or articles found in the application here you will only be viewing photos and they do not have short videos here. We just need to finish the short ad flashing on the screen Here the mechanics is very easy, you just have to view the photo advertisements.

We just need to swipe that to earn Vuewin chips Classmates like I said earlier we have another way to earn chips from here is by viewing articles. They have articles here that you can read to earn additional Vuewin chips, and the other way to earn more chips is to finish their tasks. The tasks here are easy to accomplish. like viewing a certain number of ads and/or articles. here you can earn additional chips. it's not that complicated to get the extra chips from their tasks. Aside from viewing photos, reading articles, and accomplishing a task. They still have another way to earn which is through their referral program. in their referral program, we can earn an additional 10% of the earnings from our referrals. and an additional 5% commission. since they have games here wherein we can earn from our invites. Classmates, you can see the code that we can share with our social media accounts or friends that we want to invite to this application.

We cannot just rely on our invites. We can earn higher chips quickly by accomplishing a task like viewing photos or articles in their application Classmates for their rewards aside from paying via GCASH they also have other giveaways like cellphone, speakers, watch, bike and also TV and a lot more. They also have Paymaya and Prepaid load for Cignal also in their Premium, they are giving away ₱350 to ₱4,000. sometimes they also have CAR giveaways, but with that, we need to have lots of chips to redeem that. Here we need 16,500 chips to withdraw ₱60 GCASH Money And also they have 33,350 chips for ₱120 GCASH Money that's the amount we need to earn so we can withdraw via GCASH. here's my proof that they are really paying through GCASH This ₱60 is already delivered to my GCASH account and the ₱120 is already being processed and we will wait for that to be credited to our GCASh account this is my own proof that VUEWIN is paying via GCASH By the way, VUEWIN is strict with the name you will be using here.

It should be the same as the name registered in your GCASH account. The next application is Milieu. It is a mobile application that pays users for answering surveys. Milieu acts as a middle man to companies by asking for feedback and information from consumers about their products to find the right customers. In return, we are getting points for answering the survey, which we can eventually convert to cash also, there's another way to earn from here, which is through their referral program But again, their referral program is ineffective in earning points quickly.

We really have to answer the survey and earn points which we can convert into GCASH Money Here. they are paying through GCASH, PAYMAYA, or Mobile load. We can easily make revenue from here by answering the survey. We don't really need to invite here in Milieu to earn points. I will flash in the screen my total earnings with this application next on our list is, Buzzbreak, here we have lots of ways to make revenue one of them is reading articles.

We just need to read and browse articles for us to earn coins. In this application, the fastest way to earn and get paid is by inviting friends. Its referral program gives a high amount of points making it easy for us to earn. We can share this through our social media accounts. or by sharing directly with our friends. Aside from inviting friends, there is another way to earn from here.

This is through their daily task. We can accomplish that daily for us to earn much higher coins. You have to invite or refer friends here in Buzzbreak to expedite your earnings. Classmates, the payment option here is via GCASH. We can withdraw ₱1, ₱22, and ₱91. We need 20,000 points here to withdraw ₱1 500,000 points for ₱22 and 2,000,000 points for ₱91 We can earn more points if we can invite friends if not we have to persistently accomplish the daily task and reading articles so we can get payouts. Classmates, here's my withdrawal history from Buzzbreak. All of these are worth ₱91.35 pesos All of these are already resolved and credited to my GCASH account. The available payment method in Buzzbreak is only through GCASH. All of these were credited to my GCASH account I am sharing with you the TOP 2 earning application that pays via GCASH. one is SHOPBACK. This is my favorite application because I really love online shopping We can make revenue by using this application first before making an online purchase. Like in LAZADA, SHOPEE, ZALORA, FOOD PANDA, and a lot more. What we will do is open SHOPBACK application first and if we are going to use SHOPEE we will type it on the search bar and open the application here to earn an additional 15% cashback from our purchase in SHOPEE Cool right? We will earn an additional 15% cashback and get discount vouchers in SHOPBACK it means we can get more discounts if we are purchasing online SHOPBACK has a lot of affiliated online stores.

You can search the store first here in this application before going directly to their platform, and another way to earn from here is by joining their promotions. Banks, usually, give promotions. Like for example ING, if we open an account from them we will get ₱250 cashback. We also have HSBC, we will get ₱5,000 cash back for credit card application For Citibank, with ₱2,000 cashback same as Maybank. Unionbank has ₱800 cashback.

And again for Maybank, we have ₱350 cashback and for a personal loan, we have ₱4,000 cashback. If you are planning to open a savings account or apply for a credit card, try here first in SHOPBACK to earn additional cashback. Classmates, we have here Lifetime earnings of ₱749,861, it's a huge amount right? and our available balance to withdraw is ₱857.30. The total amount withdrawn is ₱2,800.76 Here in SHOPBACK we need to wait for the cashback to be credited before withdrawing. we still have pending earnings let's just wait for them to be credited don't worry these earnings will reflect in our account, we just need to wait. Here in SHOPBACK payment method is visa GCASH or Bank Account. we can link our bank account here and if not available we can use GCASH. Here's our withdrawal history, all of these are paid and credited to my GCASH account. This is the total earning I received via GCASH Account another proof that SHOPBACK is a legit paying app via GCASH And now Classmates, we are down to our top 1 application paying via GCASH which I highly recommend. The application I am talking about is CASHZINE This application is almost same with Buzzbreak except that it is much better because here we have unlimited withdrawal unlike with Buzzbreak that has a specific time frame and lesser amount allowable to withdraw.

with this application we can make huge revenue. Cashzine gives higher coins than Buzzbreak therefore, it is more easy for us to earn higher points and withdraw money quickly. We have to earn coins by reading articles They have available articles that we can read. we can opt to literally read the articles or just scroll down o the end. another way to earn from this application is through accomplishing daily task They have available daily task to accomplish every day. If we opt to finish a task daily we can earn higher coins. Again like Buzzbreak, we can earn much higher coins if we invite a friend they give good amount of coins if we refer a friend. We can earn 20,800 coins in each friend that you get to invite join here. Cashzine gives higher coins than Buzzbreak. If we get to invite a friend the higher coins we can earn. Again, referral is optional.

If you do not want to invite your friends you can just read the article or accomplish daily task to earn coins. We just need to persistently do it to reach the minimum coins needed to withdraw. Payment method is via GCASH or PAYPAL. I prefer to use GCASH because PAYPAL has additional fees. to save the amount of fees being charged by PAYPAL, I just use GCASH. We need 960,000 coins to withdraw ₱600 It will be credited as adjusted balance in our Gcash account. Don't get astounded if you have seen that there's a ₱600 adjusted balance in your GCASH account. That's just how the payment is being done in Cashzine Here's my proof of all the ₱600 withdrawals made from Cashzine without hidden charges All of these are completed and credited to my GCASH account. Almost every day ₱600 is being credited to my GCASH account.We still have payments on process, let's just wait for 5 working days for it to be credited.

Classmates I will just flash in the screen my total earnings from using Cashzine. So that's my TOP 5 LEGIT AND EARNING APPLICATIONS that pays via GCASH I am still using these applications until now. Just a reminder, Since all these applications I have shared with you are free you have to persistently open the applications daily to earn more Anyway, I have shared legit paying applications with you and all you have to do is religiously open and do what you have to do. There's no such thing as easy money especially if it's free.

Classmates I will just put in the description box below all of the download links of applications I have mentioned earlier. And also my full video tutorial link for each application and before I end this video. I would like to announce that we have a giveaway you just have to like this video and subscribe to my channel and write in the comment section the hashtag word that you can find in this video and please incluse #EARNATPERAUNIVERSITY and your GCASH number. So that's it for today Classmates. Hope you like this video and please share this video so we can help more people on how to earn money online so goodbye for now, see you on my next video.

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