This 17 Year Old Makes $50k a Month Selling Slime | How To Get Rich

I've created over 300 different kinds
of slimes. I make around 10 gallons
of slime a day. Since I've started, I've sold around 100,000 slimes
in total. I ship it all over
the world. When I told my parents
I wanted to start a slime business,
they thought I was crazy, and they said no, but I did anyways. Typical. Today we're making
a white glue floam slime, which is a super crunchy and colourful slime that makes amazing bubble
pops and crunches. We're going to be making
two gallons of slime, so I have to use two gallons of glue. Then you pick out your scents,
your colours, and then you add your
activator. Today, I'm feeling like a blue cotton candy
type of scent. Each week we spend
around $800 on supplies, which is
like glue, scents, clay, sprinkles. In some of my slimes,
we have secret ingredients, but I
can't show you those today.

I work every single day, all seven days a week. I try to take breaks,
but it's really hard. Once your slime is formed,
you can add a bunch of add-ins. There's sprinkles, charms, foam beads like we're
using today. You can honestly
do anything. The possibilities
are endless. Sometimes I'll get
an idea in the middle of the night
and I just like wake up out of my sleep
and I'm like, I have to make this slime. This is one. You can definitely tell
that I wrote it in my sleep because it didn't
make any sense. Each batch of slime
makes around 50 to 100 jars, depending on how
big the batch is. If you get slime
in your hair, you can just use
hot water. It'll melt right back
into glue. Learned that the
hard way.

I sell around a and each slime
is priced at around $12 to $16. My favourite slime
personally is Cereal Milk. It's been selling out
every single week. I love making slime. I love playing with
the big batches. Now that we made our slime,
it's time to make an ASMR video with it, because that's what
my followers love. ASMR is short for Autonomous Sensory
Meridian Response, and it is basically the sensation that some
people get when they watch
slime videos. They find it stress
relieving and anxiety relieving. I know that I find it
very satisfying. I like to make sure
there's a good variety of noises.

So I want to make
sure there's pokes, there's bubble pops and there's crunches. This is a crunch. My business really started
to take off back in 2017 when I started my
YouTube channel, the most views I've ever gotten
on a video was, I think seven million and
it was on Tik Tok. Making these ASMR
videos is basically like marketing
because you're showing the
product before people buy it, so
they basically know what they're
going to get. I do not really like slime, but I have a few ones that I don't mind touching. Pretty much everybody
in this family gets stuck in the
slime business except for my brother, he somehow stayed
out of it He's dodged it.

As a child, I was very
entrepreneurial. I first heard about slime when
I was browsing through Instagram back in 2016. One day I was going to Target with
my mom and we found this blue glitter glue. And that night I came
home and made slime with it and I
ended up posting it to Instagram. My first sale was to
one of my friends, but I don't think he
ever paid me. So if he's watching this, you owe me like
four bucks. It's time to post it to
my Instagram to get people excited. I work super hard on my
social media profiles. I have six hundred
thousand followers on Instagram. We just got an order for Cotton Candy Skies.

I sell some of my merch
on my website. I sell hoodies and
phone cases and facemasks and socks
and t-shirts. I definitely earn more from
slime than merch. Someone bought it and
they posted it. The quickest I've
ever sold out during a re-stock was
only one minute. That was back in 2018. In the future, I would
love to open up my own slime
warehouse, where I can have people come into the warehouse and buy
slimes in person.

I feel so grateful to be able to run a business
at 17. I love the fact that I'm
earning money from something that
brings people joy.

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