The whole working-from-home thing — Apple

Bridget: How is the whole
"working from home" thing going for you? [CHILDREN SCREAMING]
David: Woah! Brian: What? No! [MESSAGE TONE] [CLATTERING] Dave: Guys! Guys!
Does anyone have my iPad? Instructor: Close your eyes.
[APPLE WATCH RINGING] Gently deepen your breath.
[GASPS] Woman: Babe.
Your boss is FaceTiming you. Marie: What? Bridget: Vivienne?
Dave: This is not good. Vivienne: Morning.
Bridget: Good morning! Vivienne: So Project Pandora's
Box is back, and we need to present
new designs on Monday. Oh, and it needs
to be recyclable. Any questions? Bridget: Yeah,
when you say recyclable — Vivienne: Good.
Dave: No! Brian: What's going on? Bridget: Project Pandora's Box
is back! Brian: What? No! Marie: We can't do this
in one week. Bridget: It's just a box. Brian: But we're working
from home, Bridget! Dave: Exactly!
And I have the kids all week! Dave: And I have my mom
all the time.

Brian's mom: You say something,
boo-boo? Marie: OK. Bridget: We can totally
do this, OK? Today, we'll get up to speed, and then tomorrow,
we think inside the box. Brian: What day is it? Marie: Monday. Brian: I thought it was Tuesday. ♪ Marie: She serious? Brian: Ten minutes for lunch?
[CHILDREN SCREAMING] It takes 15 minutes
to make lunch! Bridget: Oh,
so you got my schedule. OK, I'll send over the rebrief.
Does anybody have a spec sheet? Dave: Oh, wait.
I think I have it. Bridget: Perfect.
Scan it and send it. Dave: I don't have a scanner. Brian: There's one
on your phone. Dave: Where?
Brian: It's in Notes.

Oh, this is really cool. ♪ [MAIL ALERT TONES] Dave: Woah, woah, woah.
Make it stop. ♪ Bridget: At 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, remind me to remind
the team about — [MESSAGE SENT TONE]
[FIREWORKS CRACKLING] ♪ Bridget: Come on,
no one has anything? Nothing? No ideas? [CHILD SCREAMING]
Dave: Guys, simmer down. Bridget: Dave, please!
Dave: Sorry, sorry, sorry, guys. [BRIAN AND DAVE SPEAKING] Dave: Sorry, you go, Brian.
Brian: Sorry, go ahead. [OVERLAPPING DIALOGUE] Bridget: Please, please,
just one of you go! Dave: Well, I had this dream
last night that the box
was like a transformer. Marie: This is why
I hate brainstorming. Bridget: Come on,
we just need a solution that is lightweight
and sustainable — Dave: And cheap. Child: Dad! It's all runny! Brian: Ew. Bridget: You should go. [MESSAGES TONES] Marie: Too expensive. Dave: What about tissue paper? Bridget: Too fragile. ♪ [ALERT TONES] Dave: Any other ideas? [MESSAGES TONE] Bridget: Did you guys hear? I think Vivienne has
a new assistant. Marie: That's, like,
the fourth one this year.

Dave: What happened to the one
that cried all the time? Bridget: She had to go back
to Canada. Brian: What if we did
something like this? [CAMERA SHUTTER] Dave: Meatballs? Brian: No, hexagons. Marie: Yeah, that's cool.
Like this. Brian: Honeycomb! Marie: Yeah! We can totally make
honeycomb out of cardboard. Bridget: Wait. This could work. [CHILDREN SCREAMING] Dave: Guys. Hey, slow down!
Do not put that in your mouth.

Hey, good morning. Bridget: Morning!
Great work, everybody. We are really making progress.
Oh, shoot. Vivienne's calling. Dave: Oh, great. Vivienne: Morning.
Dave: Hi. Vivienne: Two things: the presentation has been moved
to this Friday, and… Bridget: Friday?
[PHONE RINGING] Vivienne: I have to take this. Marie: What was
the second thing? Brian: I wish my mom had a pool. [MESSAGES TONE] Dave: No! The budget
just got cut in half! Of course it did.
Because that's what happens. They cut the budget in half, and then they're going
to cut it in half — Bridget: Do you think
you should call — Dave: No.
Do not say his name. I would rather speak to my
ex-wife than have to talk to — Mike from Finance.
How are you, buddy? Mike: Yo.

Dave: Are those… swords? Mike: They're katanas. Dave: Right you are. So listen,
did Vivienne speak with you yet? Mike: Maybe.
Maybe not. Bridget: Are you
a little businessman? The big cheese
in charge of the company? Marie: Bridget,
are you talking to your cat? [CAT PURRING]
Bridget: No. Dave: There's got to be
a cheaper cardboard. Child: Dad!
Dave: Nothing cheaper? [CHILDREN SCREAMING] Woah! You're going
in the naughty corner. Not you, Jerry.
I need you to work with me — Ow! Bridget, this is impossible. Brian: Hey, using less cardboard
is good, right? Marie: Yeah.
Less cardboard, less dollars. Brian's mom: Brian! Brian: I have
to take out the trash. ♪ [MUMBLING] Child: Hey Siri.
Can you read us a bedtime story? Child: With no monsters. ♪ Brian: Ooh! ♪ [YAWNING] Brian: Morning!
Marie: Brian? Brian: I think I figured it out!
I'm going to add the others. Marie: Have you been to bed?
Brian: No! Bridget: Brian?
Brian: Sorry, did I wake you? Bridget: No,
I was just meditating.

Brian: I think I found
a solution to the budget. Bridget: What?
Dave: How? Brian: We make
the pattern bigger! Dave: You're a genius.
I love you! Bridget: How does making it
bigger mean less cardboard? Dave: Brian, how much less?
Marie: Brian, use your iPad. Brian: All right. It's about… one-and-three-quarters
of an iPad? Marie: No, use the measuring
tool on your iPad. Brian: Oh. A lot less! [MESSAGES TONES] Brian: I'm going to bed. [KETTLE WHISTLES] Dave: What the —
My computer is possessed! The numbers are literally
changing right in front of me. Bridget: It's a shared document.
It's probably Mike in Finance. Dave: That man is everywhere! [MESSAGES TONES]
No! He's texting me. Bridget: Hey, Marie.
How do I get InDesign? Marie: Ask Sam.
Why, what are you designing? Bridget: Oh, no, nothing. Hey, Sam. How is the whole "working from
home thing" going for you? Sam: No.
What do you want? Bridget: I, like,
really need InDesign because we have this big
presentation — Sam: Done.
[MAIL ALERT TONE] Bridget: Oh, awesome.
You know, when this is all over, you and I should go do
something fun.

Just the girls out on the — ♪ Marie: Who's changing
the design? Bridget: I thought it could do
with a little more zing. Marie: Where did you even find
these fonts? What happened to slide four? Dave: New costs coming over now.
[ALARM SOUNDING] [BLENDER WHIRRING] ♪ Bridget: I was reading
that "team" means, "Together, everyone achieves
more," and that — Brian: Should we tell her
she's on mute? Dave: Not yet.
Bridget: Wait, was I on mute? All: What? No.
Dave: Totally clear. Bridget: Good. Oh, wait,
the client's coming on. Is everyone wearing pants? ♪.

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