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And I'm doing it. (rap music) ♪ I been livin' off a dollar and a drank ♪ ♪ Working schemes up in my head ♪ ♪ To try and reach up to the top floor ♪ ♪ I can't seem to focus
on a single thing ♪ ♪ I'm too dazed in ♪ Hello Sasha! What up what up? (upbeat music) The first 35 people we hired had zero days of creative experience and then I told half of them
in a room just like this, not too far from here,
you're all making content. And literally, I'm like any questions? And they're like I don't
know how to make content. And this was really the
answer, I was like, Google it. (people laughing) I was like, we'll get you
Photoshop and Google it. That was literally real
to me, like very real. Very not real to a creative agency land. Like if you ask me what's
the biggest difference between Vayner 2019 and Vayner 2011 and could Sasha take something from that? It's just doing.

(upbeat music) Organic reach is really feelin' it. – I think it is algorithmic. – Yeah I think that's right. – Please. – Yeah, yeah. – Yeah. – 100% But I do think, but
here's what I would say, I don't think our IGTV thumbnail
and titles are good at all or copy, and they're crushing
because they think they're, got it? That's where my thesis is coming from. The first three seconds really matter. The copy really matters. The thumbnail really
matters, everything matters. I love how people think these people have amassed millions of
followers 'cause they got lucky. Twitter, hope you're doing super well, just wanted to wish everybody
a tremendous Wednesday and nothing but health and happiness. And a little fun thing that I think a lot of people tend not to do, I recommend if you have a second right now to go into your address
book, hit the letter D, and call somebody you haven't spoken to in a long time and
just say hello and hi.

You know what's funny? I'm gonna do it. (man laughing) Eating your own dog food, D. (dog barks) Here we go, D, D. (cellphone ringing) – [Brian] Hey G. – What up Bri? – [Brian] 'Sup man? – Honestly no joke, I'm just calling you to say that I love you and I'm so grateful for these many many
years that we've gotten to work together at Wine Library, you're just such a wonderful dude and I just wanted you to know it. – [Brian] Thanks man. – How are you? – [Brian] Haven't heard
from you in awhile. – I know, I know you
haven't, that's why it's fun to just kinda do this once in a blue moon, you know what I mean? I think about you a bunch and I just wanna do a
better job of just callin' sometimes, and literally that's it.

Ya good? – [Brian] No problem man, I appreciate it. Yeah I'm good. – Seems like a lot of the
operation stuff is getting better and better and
more efficient every day. – [Brian] Yeah definitely. I'm working on it. – I love it man, I appreciate it. Ping me anytime, okay? – [Brian] Will do. – Do that, make, put some
sort of weird calendar thing on like November, like,
on September 7th and just call me every year on
that day or something, just at least once a year. – [Brian] You got it. – I love you pal. – [Brian] Love you man. – See ya, bye.
– Talk to you later, goodbye. – Now you get addicted
and you're kinda like, now I'm like looking for more.

(laughs) (cellphone ringing) – [Voicemail] At the tone,
please record your message. – I don't think I've left a voicemail in like 13 years.
– When you're finished recording, you may hang up or
press one for more options. (beeps) – Freddy Decks, it's Gary V. I just wanted to call
and say I love your face. See ya. I haven't talked to him in seven years. Alright, let's bounce. (rap music) ♪ Yeah don't play ♪ ♪ I'm in your mind ♪ ♪ Get in my own way ♪ ♪ Stop wastin' my time ♪ ♪ I ain't trying to leave
here until I'm gettin' mine ♪ ♪ Bitch I be taking what's mine ♪ ♪ I ain't trying to leave
here until I'm gettin' mine ♪ ♪ You don't gotta see that I'm right ♪ – I'll tell you the thing
that I would highly recommend, is maybe making a comic of something that's actually happening at this moment.

– [Chris] Right. – Like the college, you know, the parents buying fuckin' into kids into college? – [Chris] Yeah. – We should've made a comic on that. – [Chris] Absolutely. – Like it should've been
like a bunch of people like, Gary, did you hear what happened? – [Chris] Yeah let's do something like– – And then, my reply would've been like, what do you think I've been telling you? – Right, exactly.
– You know, like, stuff like that. Social commentary, like of the moment, in the same way you're
thinking about that. – [Chris] Yeah. – But we're cool with
that Chris, I'm into it. – [Chris] Cool, yeah, no, that's exactly what I wanted to do.

– Let's go.
– I wanna capture stuff– – Literally, like,
– in the moment. – Look, the best way to get
shit to happen, is to do. Go find Mike Boyd, get Mike Boyd, find his number, call him, get Keat on the phone, and let him, make sure he's, you know? The other thing is, I don't
want you to waste time, so you should be fucking
texting me, and saying like, I wanna make a comic on this, this just happened, what do you think? – [Chris] Yeah.

– And then I'm gonna reply
one out of every three times, and like, we're gonna go. – [Interviewer] Alright G.,
if you had to pair one wine with vegetables, what would it be? – Empathy Rose. – [Interviewer] And if you had
to pair one soft cheese with? – Empathy Rose. – [Interviewer] What if it
was a hard cheese though? – Empathy Rose. – [Interviewer] Fish? – Oh, with fish, Empathy Rose. – [Interviewer] Okay, but
what about white meat? – Like a chicken? – Yeah, chicken.
– Empathy Rose. – [Interviewer] Red meat? Maybe a steak? – Then, Empathy Rose. – [Interviewer] Alright,
but finally, if you had to just pair it with a
dessert, what would it be? – Like a coconut cream pie? – [Interviewer] That, or maybe just like a sprinkled cupcake.

– The Empathy Rose. (both laughing) I was fighting to stay
alive the whole time. Oh I think you should do
a, make a piece of content that's like a spin-the-bottle. I'm gonna kiss one of you, so get ready. (man laughing) D. Rock, I know you've always wanted it. – [Man] I know. – Yeah, D. Rock! – [Man] No?
(rap music) – Oh, so perfect, I wanna kiss myself! – [Man] I think it's you. (men laughing) – [Gary] It's literally nobody. – [Man] Nobody. – That was amazing. ♪ You don't gotta see that I'm right ♪ ♪ Get in my own way,
stop wastin' my time ♪ ♪ Putting it all in my mind ♪ ♪ Bitch I be taking what's mine ♪ ♪ Bitch I be taking what's mine ♪ (Gary laughing) – Well first of all, it's
a lot of practice, right? I've been really grinding at like working like this my whole life.
– True.

– So, you know what I mean? – [Dustin] Yeah. – It is gratitude, it's also
being in your right spot. Like I love doing this, like
I've said it over and over, you can probably clip 13 different times I've said it in the last month. Like, this is my hobby. – [Dustin] Yeah. – This is my passion,
this is what I love to do, I love building businesses,
this is fun for me. Like I'd rather be doing
this than playing Fortnite. I'd rather be doing this than skiing. I'd rather be doing this
than rock climbing, yoga, cooking, watching Game of Thrones. This is my hobby. Most people don't do their
hobby as their profession. Like, I just don't think most
people are living their hobby. Right? And like, and that's it. It's kind of like today when
I gave the advice to like, go to your contacts and hit the
letter D, and call somebody, well then I did it. – [Dustin] Right. – And like, I keep telling
everybody in the macro to live their hobby, live their
passion, live their happiness, and I'm doing it.

Like I only give advice,
or hot takes, or opinions, or thoughts, or hypothesis'
on shit I'm actually living. – They're scared because of judgment, and they're scared because they buy shit, or live a lifestyle they can't afford, which is why that's where
all my content goes. Think about where all my content goes. Stop buying dumb shit, stop worrying about other people's opinions.

Why? Because if you do those two things, you can actually do what you love. Almost everybody can do what they love, but are they willing to live a lifestyle where they only make $31,000 a year? That's, you know, do you wanna be happy? Or do you wanna be perceived as happy? Right? You know, people end up buying like, does this dude want this Lexus? Or does he like the way it makes
him look to everybody else? – [Dustin] Right. – You know? That's my fucking question. It's not super complicated,
it's a very simple question. Because the part, the second
part of that statement, which I say often is,
if he's got that Lexus because he's insecure,
and using it as a cosign, and that's coming at the
expense of him not being able to leave a job he hates,
where he's making 84k, to go start a Star Trek
blog, while he has a side job making 47k, that Lexus is bad. If he's happy, that Lexus is amazing! Like, I don't know, that's the saying.

– Yes. – 'Cause you're not an entrepreneur. I hear Star Trek, and I'm like okay, I'm gonna start a Star Trek podcast, then I'm gonna take 18
months, it's gonna pop, then I'm gonna be those,
you know, I'll do something on the side, but then I'll
be able to start like, selling hoodies, with Star Trek. Like I think I can, I'm an entrepreneur, I think I can get to
100,000 on any fucking idea, but I'm talented, and I'm an entrepreneur. – [Dustin] Yeah. – It's okay if you're not an entrepreneur, but it still speaks to
it's truth, it is possible. And meet, and like, if it's not long-term, like you did build it,
then go get a fuckin' job. My thing is like, you could
always get the fuckin' job. You could always succumb. Why are people starting
by folding their hand? – [man] I guess. – Play! Because the system told
you to fold your hand. 'Cause they'll put you in detention if you were rowdy, and charismatic. But I didn't fuckin' listen to you system, I didn't fuckin' listen to you system, I lived it.
(rap music) 'Cause I didn't respect
it, 'cause I thought it was a facade, and I
ended up being right.

– [Man] It's comin' out. – [Dustin] Thanks Gary. ♪ Yeah don't play ♪ ♪ I'm in your mind ♪ ♪ Get in my own way ♪ ♪ Stop wastin' my time ♪
(helicopter whirring) ♪ I ain't trying to leave
until I'm gettin' mine ♪ ♪ You don't gotta see that I'm right ♪ ♪ Get in my own way ♪ ♪ Stop wasting my time ♪ ♪ Putting it all in my mind ♪ ♪ Bitch I be taking what's mine ♪ ♪ Bitch I be taking ♪.

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