the new video on how to make money in 2021 on Instagram with zero followers in time of unemployment

so here's how you can make money on instagram 
every week just like this without having an   instagram account the first thing you need to 
do is go to digistore24 and choose an affiliate   marketing product just like this one his secret 
obsession where you can make 45 once you've   done that go to the affiliate section where you 
can select a banner and just download a really   really high quality banner just save it to your 
desktop and just go across to guys and   upload your banner and create some text saying 
swipe up once you've done i just download your   banner once you've done that go to influencer and 
hire an influencer with hundreds of thousands of   followers just give you a shout out you can 
post your instagram story and send them your   affiliate link guys you can see this person has 
123 000 followers and they're only charging 15   here's their instagram account right here guys to 
learn exactly how to do this check out my latest   youtube video where i go through in detail 
step by step how to do this guys and i show   you two other websites that you can use to hire 
influencers come on guys let's make money online   with instagram it's really really cheap and you 
can make a ton of money really really quickly

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