The Leadership Principles Explained: Strive to Be Earth’s Best Employer

our leadership principles strive to be earth's best employer states leaders work every day to create a safer more productive higher performing more diverse and more just work environment they lead with empathy have fun at work and make it easy for others to have fun leaders ask themselves are my fellow employees growing are they empowered are they ready for what's next leaders have a vision for and commitment to their employees personal success whether that be at amazon or elsewhere making amazon earth's best employer and safest place to work is a north star for us and one i am personally committed to it's important to know that we don't claim to be the earp's best employer we strive to be we work every day to listen to our employees and support their well-being striving means that we are never complacent we are a truth-seeking company that is honest about our shortcomings so that we can learn and improve this leadership principle starts with safety we want every employee to end their work day as healthy as they started being productive starts and ends with being safe every day we start meetings with safety tips and we want people to go home the same way they came in we are committed to the safety of our employees to zero injuries we are focused on managing and preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders or repetitive stress injuries our largest category of workplace injuries we will draw on expertise in innovation and technology and collaborate with proven thought leaders and scientists one program that we're proud of is working well which uses scientifically proven physical and mental activities to help recharge and re-energize the body and ultimately reduce the risk of injuries as this lp reminds us promoting safety is also part of leading with empathy being empathetic means putting ourselves in other shoes in an attempt to understand how they are feeling and what they are experiencing when we lead with empathy our employees know they are heard and valued for example our fulfillment centers feature voice of the associate boards inviting employees to share what's on their mind suggestions from these boards have inspired everything from better access to hr support to safety enhancements for our heavy equipment operations when employees feel heard and witness true empathy they carry these values into their work to serve customers do we have work to do to take feedback innovate iterate and make improvements of course we do ours is a dynamic fast growth business it's important to us that our workplace is safe inclusive and responsive to employees communities and customers and as hard as we work we have fun every day we find humor creativity and genuine connection with our teams every thanksgiving week all of our fulfillment centers host a special thanksgiving dinner for our employees and we dress up in pajamas to help raise awareness for childhood cancer if you haven't checked out the amazon vest life instagram account take a look you'll see all the fun our teams are having and during peak the energy within our operations is electric and we have fun and we know we are making a difference for our customers this principle also reminds us of our commitment to diversity we have set company-wide goals for diversity equity and inclusion not just with good intentions but with mechanisms as of 2021 we have 13 affinity groups representing over 87 000 employees we also set goals in our recruiting efforts to improve diverse representation across all job levels including senior leadership amazon publicly shares our data reflecting the representation of women and underrepresented communities because we know that diversity helps build better teams earth's best employer is a big goal but when we break it down to the core values i hope you see that we're contributing to the growth and empowerment of every employee leaders work every day to create a safer more diverse more just more productive and higher performing environment to me this is a never ending goal and that's the beauty of our leadership principles they always push you to be better so no matter your role at amazon you have a role to play in this leadership principle the seeds of its success begin with you you

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