The FASTEST Way To MAKE MONEY Online (Not What You Think)

hey everybody this is roberto blake helping you create something awesome today today we're gonna be talking about the fastest way to make money online I know right now that many of you are in a tight spot I remember exactly what it was like to always be stressed to be broke to not have enough money trust me when I was broke and I mean broke this is back when like five dollars was a lot of gas money I still didn't have it I actually might still owes some of my friends money now that I think about it if you guys are watching just let me know I'll pay you back I promise so yeah today we're gonna talk about the fastest ways to make money online specifically I believe that one of the fastest ways to make money online is not going to be scabby multi-level marketing schemes nope we're not going to do that I don't even believe the fastest way to make money online is to start a YouTube channel overcome an influencer in fact I think that's one of the slowest ways to make money online so what is one of the fastest ways to make money online well freelancing freelancing is one of the fastest ways to make money online and there are also several websites that if you aren't particularly skilled at writing or video editing graphic design or voice-acting guess what there are other gig like websites where you can do very simple tasks in fact I made a video with ten websites that you can use to make money online about link that in the description so you guys can check that out after this video I'm also gonna link it in the info card up here in YouTube if you're watching this on YouTube now when it comes to freelancing basically you're taking the skills that you would do at a job and you're actually going directly to the market yourself and the difference is once the job is completed you get paid and that's a big difference instead of waiting two weeks and living paycheck to paycheck you can actually make money pretty much everyday if you want to and that's where the speed comes in and this is why I call it the fastest way to make money online in my opinion because of the simple fact that transaction-based and you can go ahead and do a job and be paid for it and that happens in many cases right away now I realize this is not stable steady employment but you know what I think that right right at this moment when you're watching this you've probably seen that there's no such thing as a stable reliable job it doesn't exist you know it's 2020 can we go ahead and let that myth die I think it's time and of course because this is 2020 I just want people to know that none of my bad jokes are meant as a criticism or to shame anyone who works a regular nine-to-five job I actually used to work a nine-to-five job once upon a time in a cubicle I know exactly what it's like when I was a teenager and in my 20s I used to work at the mall so it's not as if I'm not sympathetic or I don't understand but what I really do want people to realize that this very special moment in time is that the things that you've been taught are reliable we're never really reliable and they're more vulnerable than you think and I would like for more of you get sanity and stability in your life by being able to do things on your own independently and just take a little bit more control of your life and more importantly at least in my opinion control over your finances control over your income is going to make you happier it's going to make you saner it is going to eliminate a lot of the insecurities that you might have and that was at least true for me now with freelancing again sometimes you need specialty skills I learned a lot of different computer software I learned Adobe software I had some other skills obviously writing graphic design photo editing video editing there were a lot of things that I could do that most people could not do now you may not have those skills you could take some of the time to learn them free on the internet I've done tutorials on a lot of these things here on the channel there's over a thousand videos here with different types of training tutorials and it's all free there are also websites like Skillshare and a lot of them have free courses and some of its paid if you want to get a free trial of Skillshare I'm gonna link to that in the description down below for you guys that is an affiliate link but if you don't have the time to learn a skill or you don't have a particular skill set and you want to make some money online pretty quickly then the next thing I could tell you about is affiliate marketing now affiliate marketing is probably the fastest way to make passive income online but I don't think it's necessarily faster than freelancing the one thing is with freelancing you may or may not get clients so I can understand how that can be daunting to people or can be discouraging like what do you do that's why I made an entire video that actually teaches you how to get started with freelancing and how to find your first clients so I'm gonna link to that video here in the info card in YouTube if you're watching it here and I'm also going to link to it in the description down below and I post this kind of content pretty regularly now with affiliate marketing you actually can get started pretty easily most people do with Amazon and I know there are a lot of people who fail at affiliate marketing I've been really successful at it I think I might be doing about close to six figures in affiliate marketing a year now I'd have to double-check but if it's not exactly six figures it's really close my best affiliate program pays about five to six thousand dollars a month on average my next one after that usually is between 1,500 and 2,000 and then the next one is a thousand it just keeps going and trickling down after that I probably have a good solid 15 different affiliate programs that I promoted any given time and they earn hundreds to thousands of dollars but I wasn't able to do that overnight if you want to make passive income if you want to make money in your sleep it's not gonna happen overnight I keep stressing it I don't know what people are telling you I don't know what gimmicks or get-rich-quick schemes people are doing the only method I know is the slow and steady consistent painful agony of showing up every day like and eventually it just all adds up in my case I feel it works kind of like compound interest in the stock market so what I mean by that is this when you had do affiliate marketing you're basically doing Commission sales it's really not that different than what real estate agents do and what car sales people do so what happens what affiliate marketing is in Amazon you get a two to eight percent split if you do software-as-a-service stuff you could get 20 30 or even 50 percent and so that's why I like affiliate marketing the other thing is that once you have content and an audience affiliate marketing can really come passive it can become automated and this is the reason I like to call passive income automated income because what we're doing is we're using the tools and services on the air net to build and automation so it can do the work for us I want people to start understanding the concept of you know leverage versus labor and the thing is when we have automations when we have systems when we have tools when we have employees we can leverage those things to start making us money whether or not we're putting in a labor or not any more after we do it upfront so if freelancing you're gonna be doing active income and you're still gonna have to trade time out right in order to make money in terms of producing the result but with freelancing don't worry about being paid by the hour don't charge by the hour charge for the results the outcome that you produce that's why it's gig work you do the gig you get your fee so charge a fee flat fees are the best way to be a freelancer and I talk about this a lot because I want people to move away from trading time for money I did a whole dedicated video about how I stopped trading time for money and it resulted in me being able to make passive income it resulted in me being able to have a six-figure income and because I realized the limitations of how many hours you have how many waking hours in a day and also how little people value our time no one values our time they value the results that we produce and the thing is if you've strayed your time no matter how good of an hourly wage you think you're getting your disincentivized from being as productive and as fast as you possibly can be because you have to keep putting hours in on the clock in order to make more money but if you just charge for the results you're rewarded for getting fast because you can just do more work and earn more money so it's better to be paid by the result instead of by the hour and this is something I'm trying to teach more people and if it's something that you're more interested in learning I hope you subscribe to the YouTube channel hit the like button so YouTube actually shows you the videos and just in case turn on notifications but you have freelancing and affiliate marketing are the two fastest ways for most people to make money online I want to really quickly address the fact most people do fail at these things most people fail at a lot of things and that's why most people just go ahead and they get a regular traditional job instead of going directly to the market and keeping probably majority of the revenue from the value that they created the reason that I like these things is in most of the affiliate programs I'm in I get 30 or 50 percent I've never worked at a job where 30 or 50 percent the outcome that I produced ever came back to me and if you're watching this that's probably not true for you either most you probably don't get 10 20 or 30 percent of what you produced for the company and so why do we not do that we use the company as a middleman because well if we have to go direct through the market we have to be responsible for everything we have to find clients we have to find relationships we have to produce things we have to have all the tools and resources the job usually provides those things and that's why everyone doesn't do this because everyone's out of position to do it and everybody's not ready to do it and the reality is that it's hard because you won't be successful right away and there's a lot of easier things you could do like get a regular job you understand how that works so it's just easier for most people and since there is an alternative that's easier most people give up get discouraged and they don't have the discipline to see it through now I want you guys to be successful so I'm gonna tell you what I feel is one of the best pieces of advice I can give you if you want to be a freelancer and get clients and then I'm gonna tell you one of the best pieces of advice for making those first affiliate sales especially in Amazon so that you can make some upfront money right away and a lot of people they don't give that information just straight up I'm going to but I also have detailed individual videos on this so I'm gonna link to those in the description one of my most important videos is actually how you can make $100 a day with affiliate marketing and it kind of walks you step-by-step through the things I had to learn and the systems I had to put in place to make that happen I would say that you can do affiliate marketing be successful if you want to be somebody who can build an audience or who might have the gift of gab or if you're really good at making content whether that's blogs podcast live streams or videos on the internet videos on YouTube then you be very successful in affiliate marketing if you are not somebody who thinks they can grow an audience or you think that's too slow and you need money upfront very quickly in less than 30 days I'm going to recommend that you do freelancing and you get clients and so like I said I'll have some videos on that linked in the description and the info card as well but let's get into these really quick tips to make you successful the first quick tip when it comes to freelancing if you want to make money right away is look at easy enough to do tasks that pay well if you go to a website like Fiverr or up work or freelancer I would look for the best paying jobs just sort them by price and figure out what the best paying gigs are then I would figure out whether or not you are good at any of those things and then if you are good at those things I would start trying to put together a portfolio show a body of work maybe work on a project independently once a week or even find some people you can work for for free upfront so you can have some references and so you can build that portfolio the next thing I would do is I would reach out to people that you know personally either former co-workers you know friends and family just whoever you can and then I would show them your body work and then if they don't have any work to offer you make sure they're putting out feelers for you so that you always have people who are talking you up and are recommending you use the network you already have other than that just make sure you're putting your portfolio out there maybe even build yourself a website learn a little bit of search engine optimization seo something we talked about here on the channel and then maybe you'll be able to have people find you so I would use these websites I would set up profiles in social media show off your work and get the word of mouth going in your favor like I said have a dedicated video on finding clients as a freelancer if you need more details and I also talked about how to get local clients not just clients from the internet when it comes to affiliate marketing most people fail and most people don't know how to get people to buy from them and so the simple answer at least in my opinion is if you want to start with Amazon since it's accessible to almost everybody it's the one we're almost familiar with is don't get them to pay for anything use the free trials in Amazon and make money off of those free Commission bounties so a lot of you probably don't realize Amazon pays people to get people to sign up for their services and the thing is even a free trial does pay you out audible for example pays you five dollars for everybody who signs up for free so you can just recommend some audiobooks and people get to audiobooks for free when they sign up and you know it's up to them to cancel or not if they cancel they actually get to keep the two books for free forever so that is definitely worth it and since it cost them zero dollars most people are willing to do that so if you can just get people to get a free trial of audible you will make a commission of five to ten dollars from that and so you'll start making those Amazon sales you need to stay in the program like I said I did a dedicated video about Amazon affiliate marketing this is my favorite hack because when you know I mean five bucks doesn't seem like a lot but think about it's free you can get a lot of people to sign up for free that five dollars adds up every time and so it's worth it for you to start doing book reviews it's worth it for you to start making recommendations it's worth it for you to start a book club and you can do that also Kindle unlimited has a three dollar bounty commission and there are other bounty Commission programs like Amazon Prime for people who want deliveries etc etc and so I'm gonna give you my links for those things in the description down below and I'm gonna recommend that you check out two free audiobooks I think the ones I'm gonna recommend from you are the $100 startup and also I will teach you to be rich these are two of my favorites obviously have a lot of books that I read and so I think these are really good for you guys if you are trying to make more money so you can get a free two books forever use my link down below and see I just showed you how easy that is and how you can do that and so for a lot of you you need to take advantage of free trial offers that pay out a bounty the other thing I would tell you is if you're going to recommend something make sure you can back up that recommendation a lot of times I recommend the camera gear that I use for this youtube channel yes what people can see the results of how crisp and sharp and how good this is how good the lighting is all that stuff so they actually want to know what I'm using you need to think about whether or not you can create interest in the things that you're promoting and whether you legitimately can recommend them I think that you need to do affiliate marketing authentically or not at all and so there you go the fastest ways to make money online at least in my opinion the fastest way to make active income freelancing fastest way to make passive income is to do affiliate marketing question of the day what do you think is more suited to you in terms of making money online are you going to go down the path of affiliate marketing and building an audience and recommending products to them or are you going to get on that freelance hustle and be part of the gig economy and leverage your skills I'd actually love to know which one of these you're more interested in so I'm also going to run a poll up here but I want to hear from you in the comment section down below and of course please share this video with anybody that you know right now who could use making some extra money just making a few extra bucks like this video if you liked it don't forget to subscribe check out the other awesome stuff here on the channel as always you guys thanks so very much for watching and don't forget go out there and create something awesome today take care

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