The Best Printer for a Cricut

hello and welcome this is angie with the so i get asked all the time what printer i use with my qriket machine so i thought i would compare a couple of different printers so this is my standard printer that i use every day so it's a hp photo envy and i actually have the 6255 now that's an older model the equivalent of that in the newest model is like a 71 55 so if you're looking for something really similar it would be like the 7155 where i have the 6255. now i've used an hp printer for many many many years i've loved the md series i don't think you can go wrong with the photo envy but the latest thing on the market is the canon pixma this is the ts 9521c and it's being labeled as like the crafters printer for a few different reasons and i wanted to give it a try i wanted to see if i liked it as much as my hp and if i could recommend this so we are going to compare and contrast the two printers so that you can decide which one you want to use in your craft room now either of these will work with your qriket machine other printers will work with your qriket machine as well these are just a couple of like my favorite ones and this is the one that's been in my home all the time that hp 6255.

Okay so first let's talk about pricing because it's all going to come down to pricing in the end most likely so the hp photo envy the latest model averages about 180 dollars at all the places i looked now i will drop links in the description below for both these printers as well as other things i use during this video the canon pixma is about 250. so it is about 70 dollars more than the hp mv series so that's the first thing second thing is going to be ink so that's your biggest expense when looking at a printer a couple different ways to buy ink like you can just go to the store when you run out of ink right and get ink for both these printers but both of them have some kind of subscription service where you can get your ink and i wanted to go through those because those can save you some money depending on how you use them so the hp is called hp instant inc and it's actually a monthly fee and it's anywhere from 99 cents on up cheapest one is 99 cents a month and you get you get a certain amount of pages for that monthly fee so for the 99 cents you get 15 pages and then every page after that is basically like a dollar for 10 pages so the 99 cents makes it 7 cents a page if you were to go over your 15 pages it would be like 10 cents a page if that makes sense i love instant ink that's what i use every month because when i say 99 cents a month you get to print 15 pages you can print 15 pages of whatever you want you can print 15 8 and a half by 11 sheets at best quality that uses the most ink for that one price so i know that i like to print at best quality when i'm using when i'm doing anything with my cricut on either machine i like to choose that best quality option and i know that uses more ink so i feel like hp instant ink is the solution for me but a lot of people don't like that monthly fee so the other only other options like buy the cartridges as they run out which you definitely can with the hp printer canon same thing you can buy them as they run out or they partner with amazon dash it's a little bit of a different program wherein your printer basically tells amazon dash when you run out of ink and it orders it from amazon for you so you just pay for the cartridge but you do get a discount on your cartridges it's like 10 now the pricing on the per sheet so i can't calculate it as easily right with the hp and stink and both of these by the way like hp and canon if you go with those automatic subscriptions the printer connects with your wi-fi and basically orders the ink for you so the whole benefit of that is you never run out of ink you never have to remember the ink at the store both of those valid points the information i could find on the pixma is that it averages like 15 to 16 cents a page color i couldn't really determine if that was like the best quality prints or just regular prints but i would say that the pixma is going to be slightly more expensive per page than the hp just with the research i've done now i could run like hundreds of pages through both and kind of determine that but i don't have the resources to do that right now so i just had to do a little bit of online research but i did want to warn you that the programs for both are different and that the pixma might be a little bit more to operate on a per page basis okay so we've talked about pricing of both of these so now the question is like what are the differences so let's talk about size first of all you can see there's a slight size difference so this is the printer shut so the they are this one the hp is about like six and a half 17 and a half and with the tray closed about like 16 and a half this way so to operate the hp all you have to do is open this exit tray and that makes it like 21 and a half so increases it this way the only other thing you might need to do is open the scanner because it does have a scanner at the top now this model see how this one has the automatic feed tray on the scanner there is a model of the envy that has that automatic feed i don't opt for that because it's more money and i don't use it so you would need to open that scanner so i have this um usually in a little cubby above my desk and this doesn't actually open all the way it only opens about this far in that cubby but that's plenty enough room for me to stick anything i need to scan in there and then close it back up so if we say it just needs to open a little bit i would say you were looking at about like a nine inch with it open the pixma needs a little bit of a bigger area so first of all shut you're looking at about eight inches high shut about 15 inches this way and about 19 inches this way now to print regular eight and a half by 11 paper you need to flip up this screen so it just kind of flips up from the the um the front there and then a paper tray opens like an exit tray and this has to flip out so that has to happen to operate that exit tray is pretty large if you can't tell so the exit tray and everything makes it about 26.

But it can stick out you know past like something you have it in now the trick is this one can print up to eight and a half by eleven and it prints on like four by six or five by seven like photo paper but it all goes through this front tray on the pixma any special media that is not your standard eight and a half by 11 has to go through the back tray so this back tray slips out flips up and it's pretty tall so it is once that tray is open you're looking at about 16 inches tall and total like back of this tray all the way to the front like if i have that front tray open you're looking at like 35 inches so it is quite a bit bigger especially if you need to fold it out and use the functionality of this back tray and we will be talking about like when you would use that back tray and looking at printing with both machines so don't worry about that so those are the size of the machines themselves now we've talked a little bit about the size of paper but let's go into that the hp prints up to eight and a half by eleven simple that's your paper size it will also print like four by six or five by seven photo paper that type of thing but eight and a half by eleven is going to be your max the pixma however will print up to a 12 by 12 sheet so that's kind of why it's called the crafters printer because you can print your own like 12 by 12 cardstock and that type of thing right in the pixma has to go through that back tray like i said again it'll print like standard eight and a half by eleven it'll print all those small photo papers it'll print like square photo papers there's tons of different options for sizes maximum is going to be 12 inches by 12 inches so that's for the pixma so that right there might decide it for you if you need a printer that prints those 12×12 sheets the pixen is definitely for you now both printers will print full width no borders so this will print 12 by 12 all the way to the edges both ways this will print eight and a half by 11 all the way to the edges both ways both have like best quality or photo printing capability but we're going to take a look at some things i printed so you can kind of see the differences between the two now let's talk about time to print so you might be concerned about how long they take to print i didn't find a whole ton of difference so i always use best quality like i said when i am printing for my qriket machine and if i had both these printers on best quality i don't really see a difference in the time it takes to actually print the whatever i'm printing so i don't think that time is really a difference factor they're basically about the same and i did want to mention before we look at the stuff i printed that both of these will print on mobile or desktop if you're worried about something that will print with your mobile phone both of these have applications that will do that so you don't need to worry about that either both of these will do the same function so now we've talked about all that let's take a closer look at some of the things i've printed and printing with both of these machines and then we can get into the final tally and which printer i like best at the end so first of all let's take a look at printing just regular eight and a half by eleven printer paper in both machines [Music] all right so now let's take a look at some of the differences so this is the hp printed on best quality this is the canon printed on best quality and you can see there's not a ton of difference this one is the canon printed just regular so you can see there's a huge color difference hopefully you can tell between best quality and regular now with the hp in the settings i can basically always change it to best quality i might have to tell it that it's like not plain paper but i can get it to change the best quality for the canon some of the papers i had trouble getting to change like the 12 by 12 papers i could get it to change on the eight and a half by eleven but like on the twelve by twelve i had a hard time getting it to change and some of the matte papers wouldn't change the best quality and we'll take a look at that as we look at those papers but i did wanna caution you that there is a color difference between regular and best and you might also see streaks in like a regular print if you don't turn it on best quality so if you're having trouble with your printer always try changing it to best quality first but sometimes the printer itself will not let you and you'll get something that you're not happy with which is what happened in this case all right so let's move on to photos so i'm using this hp photo paper in both printers and as you can see like it's a white glossy photo paper so let's take a look at how to print on photo paper with both printers [Music] do [Music] and here's the prints we made so this one is the hp this is the canon best quality and this is the canon where i did not change the settings to best quality you can definitely see a difference in this one that's not best quality like the colors are just really not good but the difference between the canon best quality and the hp best quality is minimal so they both look really good and the differences are a little bit you can probably see a little bit of difference but overall they're probably comparable in quality so let's move on and try printing larger things like a 12×12 paper all right so this is just a regular 12×12 piece of white cardstock and we're going to feed that through the cannon again this paper is too large to work in the hp so we'll only experiment with the canon but let's take a look at how to print 12×12 all right so here's a couple sheets of 12×12 i printed one i just printed like regular quality and the other i tried to print high quality you can see they both look exactly the same this is the one i printed on eight and a half by 11 on the canon on high quality and you can see it looks quite a bit better like the colors are more vibrant than these two so i was not able to get like a super vibrant print on the 12 by 12.

Yes it does print 12 by 12 but it doesn't print the colors as i would like them or the colors as they appear on my screen i guess is more accurate so i wasn't completely happy with the 12×12 print i would like it to print like high quality like this one but i was getting like more of a muted color so let's move on and talk about printing on sticker paper so for the sticker paper i'm going to be using the cricut printable sticker paper in my cannon now this sticker paper if you've ever tried to use it is super thick i cannot get this to work in the hb it's way too thick to feed through the feed tray but i'm hoping that the it will feed through the back of the canon but in the hp i'm going to print on the printable vinyl instead which will make stickers but they're much thinner so i'm going to try both with the print and cup function on my cricut and then we'll take a look at the results [Music] all right so here are my stickers so this one is with my hp this one is with the canon and i tried two different times to get it to print on like best quality and get brighter colors this hp print is way brighter than the canon versions and i never could get that really bright print on my canon so i was much happier with the print off my hp however i can't get these super thick sticker papers through my hp at all so i can only get the thinner sticker papers to the hp so if that bothers you that could be an issue now i will note i do have my auto bleed on on my cricut so there is like a fuzzy line but you can see it on all the prints because i have my auto bleed and that will cut off as i run them through my cricut machine and make my stickers so now let's talk about which printer you should get all right so now the only question left is which of these printers should you get to use with your qriket machine so i was really hoping that i would love the canon because i wanted that extra functionality of the 12×12 prints as well as those thick sticker papers but i'm just not crazy about the colors and i tried multiple ways multiple settings and it's just super inconsistent for me where i can get like the same quality print out of my hp every single time i print and i cannot seem to do that with the canon i seem to get like muted colors on some things and then other things i pick best quality and i get super bright colors comparable to the hp so for me i'm going to keep the hp in my craft room i'm going to skip the i guess 12×12 printing is not for me nor the big thick sticker papers i guess i won't be using those but if you are just dead set like you need that 12×12 print or you need those super thick sticker papers i really think the canon is the only way to go you might be able to waste a bunch of paper play with the settings and get something that works for you i'm not saying you can't it's just that i tried multiple things and was not able to get a consistent print every time that looked like the hp version so for me i'm gonna stick with the hp in my craft room i'm gonna stick with that limit of that eight and a half by eleven size but get great prints every time so once again just a quick rundown the hp i have the 6255 you can find it on clearance somewhere more power to you the current version of it is the 7155 i'm pretty sure they'll be the same i've had several different versions of this photo envy over the years loved every one of them retails approximately about 180 if you find it on sale more power to you the pixma is the ts 95 21c and it retails for around 250 if you get it on sale or power to you again i feel like the prints like per print will be more with the canon than the hp i do like the instant ink program for myself i found that i can find a monthly fee that works for me and i don't have to worry about how many times i print like i can print as many of these full bleed eight and a half by eleven best quality sheets as i would like or as many of these photos as i would like as long as i'm within my plan limit and they only cost me like i'm on a plan i think it costs like five or six cents a print and that's like almost equivalent of like what i would do if i printed it at walgreens or cvs so i just print like four by sixes at home right on the envy and then use them in my projects or to hang around the house or whatever i can do the same with like eight by ten prints five by seven prints that type of thing i can just print them right at home on my printer so it's one benefit that i like with the in the and using hp instant ink so i don't have to worry about printing and how much it's gonna cost me i know how much it's gonna cost me as long as i don't go over my limit and i felt like over time i could set a limit that worked for me i mean i work from home i do a lot of printing for my cricut so i have obviously have a higher allowance than most people probably would but you can start at that lowest allowance and kind of work your way up if you would like but i personally love the instant 8 program but if you are dead set on the canon you want that 12×12 i would look into the program with amazon dash just because it sends you that ink automatically and you get like the 10 discount should be a little bit cheaper and you'll never run out of ink trust me having ink delivered to your home it's like a whole new world it is amazing to just have that ink delivered to your home and not have to worry about going to the store to buy ink so hope this comparison helped you if you have any questions about anything we've covered please drop down to the comment section and ask those you can also find in the description below links to these printers and i'll also link to some of the papers i used just in case that you wanted to purchase those but if i miss a link you can comment below and tell me that as well if this video helped you please give us a thumbs up if you haven't already head on over to our youtube channel hit that subscribe button we have videos like this all the time and you don't want to miss any of those so thank you all so much for joining me and i'll see you next week bye

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