Testing a Ohuhu Polygel Kit + Chit Chat

– Hey guys! So today I'm gonna be trying
a new brand of polygel, it's from Ohuhu. I've never heard of this
polygel brand before, until this showed up at my door. I asked if you guys
wanted to see me try this, and I also tagged the company saying, "I don't know how this got to
me," 'cause I didn't order it. And they saw it and never responded, so it's still a mystery. But nonetheless, I don't know
what color scheme this is, or anything about this brand. So I thought it would be
fun to try something new. From some of the DMs that I got, some of you were saying this is like a painting, art supplies company. And so, I guess they're
dabbling in nail products now, so that's cool.

And let's get into it. I'm also going to be doing
sort of like a chit chat video throughout this whole trying
this polygel kit process. So I can just update you guys on life and talk about some stuff. So let's get into it. Let's do an unboxing. Okay, so this looks really interesting. Okay, so we have a clear,
what it looks like a white, a solid light pink, a warmer pink, and then we've got some glitter ones. So that's really cool, that'll hopefully, I think this matches
my other set of nails, so perfect. Also got a cuticle pusher, some forms, and some sort of basic
glitter top and base coat.

We do have some slip solution, a file. Cool, I'm gonna see how these forms are. I did pull out these forms. These are from my last video, kinda, these are the long, square, dual forms, so I wanna try these. Okay, so I finally got in to
see an actual psychiatrist instead of just doing what
my normal doctor says. Cause I think I have a certain diagnosis, and it was a little bit far off from what my doctor was thinking.

And so I found a psychiatrist. And I've only had one appointment, but during that one appointment,
she basically was like, "Yeah, stop whatever
meds you're taking now. "Go cold turkey," which
is already kind of like a, not great a lot of the time, in my personal experience. Again, this is all my personal experience. I'm not giving advice. I'm not suggesting things.

I'm just telling you
what's happened with me. Oh, and something I've
noticed really quick, about these bottles is they're
big, they are 30 milligrams, which sometimes in polygel
kits you get like 15, so you do get bigger tubes here. Ooh, but see, like, look at how liquid-y, I don't think I've ever
described a polygel as liquidy, but these ones are kinda,
honestly, really, really soft. Oh yeah, so what was I saying? Yeah, so I got a psychiatrist
and she had me do that.

And then she put me on a new medication. I don't wanna call it
like a manic episode, but I was definitely experiencing some, experiencing some mania, and I was not doing
stuff that I normally do. Like, you see all these? I bought all of these in
like two or three days. And there's more, because my husband also collects them. So I got him about half as much as this. So that's not normal. (laughs) I ended up at an arcade somewhere, and I ended up playing
for like eight hours. Like, that's definitely not normal for me. I usually, I have too much
anxiety to go into an arcade, like a game arcade, play place,
whatever, and go play games. What? Like, that's not what I do normally. Because if that's what you
find then that's normal, great. But if that's not what you normally do, then it's a little bit of a concern.

And then at one point, my husband ended up sitting
me down and being like, "Hey, I'm actually kind
of worried about you." So that was kind of not
great, so that happened. Like I was up doing
things, but I don't know, I just, my mind was not letting me film, cause to film, it kinda takes, you know, focusing on one thing for a while, and I was just sort of scattered. And then the stuff that I was focusing on was not normal stuff for me. So my whole routine was
sort of out of whack. I also got my second COVID
shot, so that's good. The first shot, I kind of
felt a little sick with it, but it wasn't too bad. Remember, I've actually had COVID.

So I'm comparing it to like,
is it worse than COVID, actually getting COVID or is it less? And it's not nearly as bad as COVID is. The first time, my body
kind of hurt for a day. And I had a headache. I felt like kind of sick
for a day and a half. And then it kind of went away,
and my arm hurt really bad. The second time though,
I did get a headache, and I've had an headache on
and off for the past six days, but that's also my new medication. So I can't necessarily blame it on that. And my arm is a little sore,
but other than that, nothing. So do not be scared if
you've been worrying about the side effects and stuff.

Personally, that was
what happened with me. So let's go over these shades. So really pretty, white. I'll have to see with the white, a lot of time with white pigment, it can't cure very far down. So if you have a thicker piece, it will make a little gummy sort of thing. You can squish it out,
so we'll have to see. A clear, this darker pink. And then I really love these glitter ones. This one's really, really, really pretty. So is this one, I might
use these for sure.

I really love those. So yeah, that's all the swatches of those. I'm gonna sit them this
way while we do stuff and I'm gonna see if they drip
down if they're not cured. Oh, this one's really pretty too. Can y'all see with this background? Probably not. Okay, hopefully this is
better and you can see better. So, I do have my protective base coat on. I am just going to lightly rough that up, and then we will put
the other base coat on. We are using dual forms today. So there will be no tips or anything.

As far as longevity with
testing new polygels and stuff like that, especially this level of
softness with polygels, it's something I've never tried before. And if it doesn't stick
well on this base coat, then I'll know that's the polygel. Whenever I do things on
top of this base coat, they tend to stick even better than if I just did it on my natural nail. Just this base coat, just personally sticks
really well to my nail, and you know, gel sticks on gel. So I usually never have a
problem with any of that. I'll put my light back. Alright, you see that? That's the light.

I should clean it for you. Here you go. Shiny bottles, cool. I should slide these out before. So let me show you guys these dual forms. These are like straight and square, which is cool, cause I've never seen this for longer pre-nails, reviewed it. I had never seen ones like that. So, let's just pull that one out. I am going to just set that there. I'm gonna do a base coat. Smells like a standard base coat. Don't smell your nail supplies. So, there we go. Okay, so for this particular one, I wanna do sort of a, I would like for my camera
to focus, first of all. Thank you. I would like to try
some sort of French tip and I'm gonna just put like
a little bit of this on here, cause it's, brush brush.

Brush. Oh, not sticky though. That's good. Okay. I'm just going
to put this on my nail. Sort of squeeze it down. The one I ordered from
Amazon also got these clips. For so long you guys were like, no, those aren't like the
real clips or whatever, but they definitely are. They're meant to just smoosh it down and hold it in place for you.

So that's what I'm
gonna do, let it squish. And then I'm gonna clean up any spillage. I'm gonna be honest with you guys. This. The smell of the slip solution
is making me feel sick. I don't know what it smells like. I can not smell it anymore. Like I will die, not to be
dramatic or anything like that. Also going to smoosh anything
on my nail like that.

I don't know if this clip is
really doing anything to help. I feel like it just like scrunched it down too hard on my nail. Okay, so we're not gonna use these, cause what happened was that all of it just bunched up right at the top, because the clip was too tight
and it kept smooshing it. Like if that fits your
nails, that's great. 10 out of 10. But for me, like it just doesn't. Can you do me a favor? – [Man] Of course. – Can you take away this? It's full. And this, the smell of
this, smell it please.

It's making me, like it's
making me physically sick. – [Man] What is that? – I don't know. – [Man] (coughs) Oh that's, that's awful. – I just, I can't smell it
anymore, I will get sick. – [Man] That's honestly like, what is this supposed to be? Monomer? – No, it's slip solution. So rubbing alcohol and scent. I don't know, but I don't like it.

– [Man] Did they send this to you? – I think so. The company– – [Man] Are they trying to kill you? Like did they intentionally
put poison in here just so you'd smell it and like die? – I guess we'll find out. Okay, let's pop this off. Okay. Okay. Now I'm gonna just put the other part, the tip part on here and
then we'll put it back on. It was up to about the third tick. Camera just cut out, sorry. I'll get a new battery in a sec. (chill-out music) That was definitely way
more polygel than I needed, but alas we will just
set it right back down where it was and squeeze
the absolute heck out of it.

Make sure we got that down. Okay, see where this now is
where I'm gonna use this clip, because it's not like,
I'm not doing the base, and then I'll just smooth
out anything on the back. We will cure this now. Okay, so I'm gonna take this off and there will be overlap but
we will just file that off. There we go. Ooh, nice. That looks good, doesn't it? Wow, I can get behind this. Look at how pretty that is. Oh, fun. Okay. Okay, so I'm gonna just
do that like same routine, kinda, for most of the nails
until we get to our finger that we are going to
just do some extra on, for almost forgot to do the base coat.

(chill-out music) Okay, and then here we
are, got some squishage. I really need to stop
using so much product. Like, it'll still be there tomorrow. All right, and then if
you wanna keep it on, you can also just leave it on, you don't have to take it off, just put more in. I just find that doing
like that base layer and then doing any sort of
tip makes it so much easier, cause you have so much to
smooth out if you don't do that.

Okay, you guys ready for my favorite part? (chill-out music) (chill-out music) Huh. Okay, so that one
just straight came off, which I don't really get
cause this one is strong. Okay, try number two. (chill-out music) Okay, second time's the charm. Okay, let's see. (chill-out music) Much better. Also what I've been doing
is one day I woke up and I was like, let's do our closet. So I started to film
it, but I was just not in the right head space
to be filming anything, hence why no videos. But I have been updating
on my second Instagram, how it's going.

We're not completely done with it yet. By the time you see this, it will be done. So I will show the before and
after pictures on the screen, but it looks really good. It's purple and pink. And we've pretty much finished everything but the crown molding and the built-in. So I'm gonna put the
crown molding on tonight, and then David will put the
built-ins in this weekend, cause Saturday he's getting a tattoo and he probably won't want
to do anything after that. Okay, and then even though
you can, once again, just like put some stuff on, I feel like it's just better at this
point to just put on this. Okay. Hold on. I was gonna do a different
color for this finger. This one's gonna be the accent finger. Which one I wanna do? Let's do this blue-ish one instead. I think this one's more
like silver holographic. I think these forms work
a little bit better, if they are layered a little bit more, cause I think they might be a little thin, for my nails personally, forms fit everyone's nails differently.

But for my nails, I
feel like it just needs that little bit of overlap
and a little bit thicker. Now we put it on this one and then you can see
like the space between, just make them like overlap a little bit. And I think that's what makes
it really, really strong. Pretty! I actually love these. I love the forms too. Whenever you try a new form or tip, there's usually some trial and error, so I don't blame the polygel or the forms for that.

And then my pointer and my
ring finger are the same size, so I use the same form for it, cause there's no reason not to, honestly. I am pretty much just going
to do the absolute same things with these last two nails. I'm gonna go back to
the iridescent glitter cause I want my middle finger to be our accent finger today, and then I will decorate them. Okay, so these are all
done now, time to file. I'm only going to use my
e-file on the cuticles, cause there's always that
little bit of spillage for me. (chill-out music) (chill-out music) Now I'm going to hand file. I'm not even sure what grip this is, it feels like a 100, 180. (chill-out music) (chill-out music) Ow, uuh, I got myself with
this, these edges are sharp. (chill-out music) Then I'm just going to use this
to clean up the under side.

(chill-out music) (chill-out music) Hey guys! So I am back. It's been about 24 hours
since I last saw you guys. And I actually have a little
update, which is kind of weird. So in the past 24 hours, I
took my dog to the dog park, and of course played with
my dogs, did some cleaning. And I also did some errands, you know, a little bit of grocery
shopping, whatever. But I noticed today on my nails, although they do have like no top coat or anything like that, they
were maybe not chipping, but more denting, which
I thought was weird, cause I've never had
like a polygel do that, and I think it's because
they're really soft.

I think, I'm not 100% sure with this, cause I obviously need
longer to test them out, but I think because they are
so soft when they aren't cured, it still leaves them a little
bit soft when they are cured. I had this kind of act
like a little slant, and you can see that they are runny. So I would say that these
are definitely more of a gel than a polygel. They are super pretty though, and they are super easy
to work with dual forms. I would think you'd
have a pretty hard time sculpting these out
considering they will drip. They are that soft. So, that all being said, I only have one camera
battery charged right now. So I'm gonna switch it to my overhead, and I'm still kinda
chit chat a little bit, and we'll finish off my nails. I'm going to do a bunch of sparklies, cause I feel like we haven't
done enough rhinestones lately. All right, so here are my
nails in this exact moment. I did get myself a
little bit on my cuticle, but you know what? I would rather me do it than
me pay someone to do that.

So, it's fine. I'm gonna use these giant ones, for sure. We're gonna bling like each nail out. Just like look at how pretty. I may use these little bears, just because I think they're cute. And then I have these
ones from Blingee Thingee, of course will link. These ones from Enailcouture, I pulled these out because they have some
interesting shaped ones. And here like this, that sort of are good
accents for the outside, when you kind of have an area that most rhinestones won't fit. So these for like filling in, and these ones also from
Blingee Thingee on Etsy. I mainly will probably use these or these, maybe some light pink, probably not the rest, but
yeah, let's get started. Also, I almost forgot to mention, I got this new tool from Kiara Sky and I'm so excited to try it out today, it is basically like a little wax thing, as I usually use like a wax pencil.

Then it has this other little
side with a open hole on it. It's so you can move
around the rhinestones without like getting
anything on the wax part, so that's cool. To secure these, I am going to be using my
Makartt rhinestone glue, with the top coat from this kit on top. All right, let's go. I'm excited. So I wanna put a big one here, with these big gems, you kinda have to put a big blob on there and I'm sorta just blob, blob,
blob, blob down like that. Okay. Hi! Hello! I decided to switch lenses
so we can get much closer.

I'm not sure if you want
to be this close to me, but you are. Pretty pretty. Ooh, you know, maybe I
wanna put two of those. So I just want to take
a second to apologize, cause I feel like that
doesn't look right, does it? (laughs) Should we keep it? Okay, we're gonna keep it because we can. 'Kay, I have that other little one there, cause I felt like that fit in nicely. Put the other one here now (mumbles) Okay, I'm gonna cure that.

Okay, as I was saying, I wanted
to apologize a little bit because I realized, I think my new meds are starting to work. I've come to that conclusion
today and I've realized that I always say I'm
going to do certain things and then I don't do them. And it's not that I
intentionally don't do them, and it's not like I tell
you guys for no reason. It's because I genuinely do intend on doing whatever I had
said, but due to my brain, most of the time, or
just getting overwhelmed, I don't actually end up doing that. And I feel like that can
get pretty frustrating if I say, oh, I'm gonna
be doing this video, and then like, where is it? It doesn't happen for like three months, or I'll be like, oh
yeah, next week videos, that I'm for sure getting up, and then I don't, I feel like
that would be really annoying.

So I just wanted to apologize and say that I'm going to work on both getting out more content and
really try to not over promise and under deliver anymore. You guys have been super
patient and understanding, which I appreciate immensely. And I'm not saying this because anyone has said anything to me about it. You guys are really so sweet and you just message me, like
"hope you're doing okay", and I really appreciate that. So don't think anyone's coming to me and being rude or anything like that, which, you know, I honestly think it's also a valid criticism to be like, you always say you're
gonna do certain things and then you don't.

So again, apologize for that. I should be doing more, but I do feel like I can
really do it this time instead of wanting to do it, as this is my second video
I filmed in like two days, which for a long, long
time would never happen. So I am hoping that this is the start to a better mental space and, you know, just hoping that it gets a little better, but I'm going to just stop saying like, oh, new video every week
or anything like that because I want to go from,
you know, over promising to under promising and over delivering.

Okay, here is my super blinging nail. You might hate it. I actually like it. So I'm gonna put a top coat on here now. Now, time for the top coat. Make those sparkles
spark, rhinestone sparkle. Wow, make the rhinestone sparkle. Okay, time for nail number two. Oh, something that
happened yesterday morning that I was like, kind of scary. So, we were sleeping, it was like 4 a.m, I think,
maybe 5, I don't know. I woke up cause I heard knocking, and I was like, that's weird, especially since we have motion cameras and none of them went off. So it woke me up.

It didn't really wake David up. Why do I keep doing this? Okay, anyway, so yeah, we heard the knock and I automatically checked
the cameras on my phone but I didn't see anything. And none of the notifications went off. So I was like, oh, that's weird, that's probably a bird or a squirrel or other sort of creature. So I was about to go back to bed but I was like, hmm, you know what, it's middle of the night, I gotta pee. So I did, we have a window in our bathroom really close to our back gate, and so when I was using the restroom, I heard the gate trying to open, we have a big brick stopping
the opening of that gate. And then from right there, I heard someone trying to open it. And you could tell, cause you can tell when you're trying to slam
the gate on the brick. So that was scary. And then I yelled for
David and then it was gone, maybe because they heard me, there are thin walls in this house, you can hear anything if you're anywhere.

And that was really scary. I was like freaking out for a bit. And then later that day on the
neighborhood app that we use, someone put up a recording of some man, walking around wet and half naked, just going through people's yards. So I think thankfully that's all it was, just someone confused, maybe
had an all-night, I don't know, but I am hoping that's all it was. I don't know, honestly
don't know why I said it was probably me yelling for David that made the person leave, when it was most likely
all four doggies barking, especially Appa, he has a ferocious bark. He's a small little German Shepherd, but he has a really loud bark. Here is the rhinestones on
this nail, gotta cure it. Isn't that thing so cute? I think it's so cute, the little holding the
heart and everything.

Okay, so say, you know, your cuticle area doesn't turn out like you'd hoped, my favorite tip is to just
put rhinestones on them, and nobody will know unless
you're filming it for YouTube, and about 70,000 people
are gonna watch it. I mean, I hope (laughs) but if you're just doing yours at home, you don't know, no one know. Best way to do things, see, look, I can even hide that little
bit right there that I nipped. All I can think of is that one TikTok, where it's like, I'm a genius. This wax pencil, by the way, is amazing. At first I was like, it's not working, but that was just because you had, there's like a coating on it
that you kinda need to get off, but after that, it's really, really good. Then for this last nail,
I want to do another bear, cause I just think they're so cute. Are these little bears gonna
get caught on things? Yes.

But I will try to do my best to sort of seal those
little parts hanging off, so that they don't. One last question for you guys. I am getting a whole giant, I mean giant, giant organizer for all my nails stuff. I did want to do a video on it. I'm gonna say at some point,
I'm not gonna promise one, once again, try not to do promises I don't know if I can keep.

But, I wanted to know if you guys did want to see me organize all of it. I don't ever want to try
to make anyone feel bad with like the amount of stuff that I get, or try to think I'm trying to show off or anything like that,
you guys know what I mean. So let me know if you guys do want that. I'm gonna just tell you guys now, I do have a lot of nail stuff. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. Cause at this point, you know, I've been doing this for years. I buy a lot of nail stuff.

I also get PR from some
nail brands, thankfully, or I don't wanna come off, like I'm grateful for having my stuff or any things like that
because I definitely am. I just do have a lot of it. Yeah, just let me know, because I have been
waiting for this organizer, which if I do do a video,
then I will show you guys, for over two months and
it was so expensive. I hope, I really, really,
really, really, really hope it's gonna be worth it, because honestly nail
stuff is just sort of taking over my entire room. And since I'm gonna be
here for a little while, I want to actually decorate this room and make it pretty and stuff. And you can't do that if there's literally
nail stuff everywhere. Like I have a path in my room right now, this room that I'm filming
in, my filming room, vanity, studio, whatever you
wanna call it, storage room, where I can walk through and
I can't walk anywhere else, because there is just stuff everywhere.

It's honestly terrible. This is my absolute favorite part especially when there's glitter. Also, I completely forgot to mention that I did end up having to do
a little bit of clear on top some of these because just the shape, and I think that's all I have to say. If you have any other
questions or wanna talk a bit, I always am in the
comments for quite a while after I post a video in the next few days. Obviously, I can't catch every single one, but I really do try. So yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. It's always good to try new things. Overall, I think the polygel kit is fine. I personally will probably not
grab for this kit very often.

I can't see myself just doing that, if I'm gonna do polygel. However, if for some reason
I'm like, you know what? I really need a really, really,
really, really thin polygel, not quite a gel but a really
thin polygel, then sure. I'll use it for whatever purpose I have. But I mean, overall, it's fine. I would definitely pass on smelling the slip solution ever again, but that's all I have to say. Thank you guys so much for watching and I will hopefully
see you guys next time. Bye! (chill-out music) (chill-out music) (chill-out music) (chill-out music) (chill-out music) (chill-out music) (chill-out music).

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