all right boys how are y'all doing so obviously the Simon channel is snatching it right now so I thought I'd steal $100,000 for more account and split between all of us one hour to spend it all yeah let's go crazy okay we have no idea what we're doing told you this but they have planned out what they're doing we have no idea all we know is they search us around like a like a light be trainer shop around here okay he needs new trainers longest time so there we go that's the first but the main thing we have to do is charity but I think the other teams covering that so we could just flash the money no no no Perry do we yeah could you hurry and so basically you know how we're spending money I thought you know what I've always wanted to hide are you ready I'm ready are you sure I'm ready I therefore just got a warm-up globe we got a little we don't have that long yeah I didn't know you could do that one more time what I do just show me one more time why I do one more time just to learn this five years in jail I mean what Yale I heard you I do pay attention it's gonna happen one time the one time oh here we go boom that's it very good I know I felt I fancy a coffee so I think we should get coffee we'll quit no that's what you think coffee yeah hi let's get coffee let's get coffee could I get a latte please Thanks nice we know that's some good coffee makes me feel good man actually makes me real feel real good hey yo who wants some free money let's go yeah let's go baby yeah free cash yeah yeah baby let's go I'm really good I'll be the Ruby was amazing Thank You ro thank you well yeah yeah enjoy y'all enjoy oh yeah okay our team is out on the go we've got some nice bees in the back where we're not gonna rush because that means we'll make mistake so we're gonna be so first things first we want to give back a little you've been gifted this opportunity inside – very lucky to be is yes we are going to start off and there's a lot of homeless people around this area in London and we can't just give them money but obviously this could you know be spent on drugs it's gonna be a bad thing so what we're gonna do instead it's gonna go to Sainsbury's yeah or Tesco store one of them I think says please do if yeah so we can get the right 50-pound gift cards so that gives them the opportunity to get you know whatever food sanitary products whatever they need rather than us trying to guess what they want yeah and we have more time we would like prepare things in advance and we're out of time yeah we're also going to grab some sleeping bags we're gonna go to a camping store and see what they recommend you grab a bunch of those and as we walk over its kind of B Street well we want to pick up some stuff for us we're gonna also give out to them along the way so if I stop let's go hi the first thing I wanna get I feel you know why I should get my brother something you bro play I want to get my camera okay yeah this camera not this camera for that camera how better quite a lot better yeah he's so fired up I'm ready let's get this thing started a fire camera I need a lens I want 11.11 lens American for 24 millimeter Canon hey do you have a canon eos or mirrorless and can i buy it I don't want you what are you getting right now in the warehouse Oh No oh the camera in the warehouse do you have a sigma 24 millimeter 1.4 enough to suck you know the stuff hey hey is he here I hit I'll take your ticket book visit the book this is what it looks like oh yeah thank you so much I just for you okay Jess are you ready are you ready now if I do this you go crazy okay what time once I'm home are you ready are you ready we can get it's more probably probably I'd say yes yes yeah yeah I've got my 700 pounds spent for 600 600 it's an open yes time I feel making this budget yes all right so the 2149 is spent that's happening and this is what's going down right now are you ready we have to spend all right it's Minister hoodie anyway they're mirror somewhere no okay so you get a token for buying the key into the hole this is the scumbag fact America needs the husband's to get to you see it goes to lay there he goes you start a little tap we doing you taught me a little tap to start out okay well he's got free bags I have nothing all right got some more cash out gonna I'll just give it all the way again I guess okay I'm thinking and so just throwing it all so quickly I might just give people some challenges yeah okay she does okay if you can do 20 push-ups okay temper temper shops in 20 seconds I'll give you I'll give you 200 pounds [Music] do you and I go for it okay for you I say 20 push-ups and 30 seconds over 200 pounds alright calm all right for this 20 push-ups and 30 seconds alright you ready ok 3 2 1 go hey guys 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 ay yo son 100k what he did 20 on one hand 10 or 100 one more one more hey hey hey my G alright I'm trying to get more challenges to give you one way hold up forget free cash move freak answer everyone what is my yeah I love it I love this game I love these Russian army [ __ ] oh my god Jesus that's crazy we've taken every single for garbage this is the most we can go around the proved that's how you know we've got cash but my bag right yeah secured my bag so you do hundred yeah that's getting that one word tube with a 5% that let's get here we've got our to do accounting store Supermax with us let's go in here somewhere these are actually the try it out you put it on good for shell is beyond and so you've spent weight was there under 750 well that's 150 already spending money Simon has an appropriate thingy if we donate to Simon's let me tell you at the end yeah it's true how much money how much we give it come on – given what's that Wow looks like you know if you want [Laughter] come on money come on oh wait this guy here this guy is my guy oh yeah all right so what do you want to do I'm gonna go give him my 50 quid 50 quid yeah okay this is a deal no you do you do how do you do I have 50 pounds I'd sleep right here why let me see let me see don't worry out from the ghetto okay have you got a flip in front of it and then you 25 each 40 Bobby yeah right now well we'll go go over there first all right I'm gonna see this coming across the bird safely here more interesting [Music] [Music] thanks a lot jeez guys guys make some noise for this guy good job man that's one super mom I need to get me a hot man everything what's it mean just call me blood Jesus made that guy so sick I messed up I gave him the whole video stop it Scott we got more we get new iPhones no no no see guys this is what happens when you have rich friends we are established situation you got to pick some sleeping bags there's a lot of people homeless had everything bags are like not that warm all right what have we done what have we bought I live in Bay Beach 281 pounds each smash bros we got we got sleeping bags I bought eight pairs of a nice thermal socks and now it's time to go and ask some homeless people forgive their permission to film and then sack into a ball if they would like a gift card or a sleeping bag let's and so both everybody okay thank you lucky dip me yeah hey Lisa off we go which makes Barnaby Street that way in that way of course he doesn't okay so it has been a little difficult so far a lot of homeless people only want money and not sleeping bags or talk to anything but there's a guy over over here asleep and a little bit of a Scot sleeping bag so we're gonna go and go and a Sainsbury's gift card for tuck that in love the socks there we go we're over okay one one one one set gone new guy tonight a nightmare well you are in the right place at the right time okay I love all that you're in the right place at the right time we have a sleeping bag if you would like it we also have these have 50 pounds on each of them so you can go to Sainsbury's and you can get 100 pounds of food drink whatever you like so you're in the right place on a tight right time we're just looking for people to help and you happen to be the right place for these that leave of the year food pleasure do you know anywhere else we could go where people might be looking for help like this yeah hi I was worried about you a table outside I shall just see what's on the menu yeah okay morley that hungry though I could have a hot chocolate please yeah alright yes home yeah alright could have the bill as well please say off there yeah oh wow sick thank you very much man oh look at that hey don't know oh my god no this is amazing this is one of the best hot chocolates ever I've ever had in my life well I got it come on boat screw that my G come through let me let me let me show you out my G that's all yours bro all yours fam for that that amazing family I'm being fully serious yeah no it's all yours man all right well okay share with everyone man tell them this is one of the best hot chocolates I've ever had yeah man insane Wow thank thank you bro Thank You Man Wow I can't do any more shots there Stuart bought anything I can't get out the habit it's not buying stuff hey Harry I need to spend money but unless we have a time limit as I've been lookin palette apples a shout good game game will die oh it buy games onion beam points lashes online does that count for life Selfridges that's easy I could sell ground by yourself sure they wait their turn stuff to fill me in Selfridges but I hope you'll get over there okay so you locate a game of a quick run be four points so you should get something at least please put all their Max's alright alright so here's the plan we get as much of these as we can and then when this maxes out we get as much as these as we can so fifty ones and then thirty one thirty one yeah okay [Music] my dream come true mate custom controllers you okay where's the timer months we have custom controllers of them oh yeah pick up though we got small stuff put in here with a parakeet arrangement we're just trying to help I need to buy a 2cv so you want to buy two TV ins it's this way nothing okay listen listen listen I could give you a good price for this TV right here the 55-inch $69.99 but the small one hope you with a with a big one 1899 the extra eight nights of 100 pounds for me but you know it tax all right we got all right judo to them I excuse me see my mum told me she wanted to kill there's a couple kills here right there I don't know good kills or not so when I asked downstairs but the main thing I want to get is a laptop to that for mum and dad to share one and hello who can help me excuse me do you need any help I'm a trying to buy a laptop I work here okay so which I put that toilet this one yes this one right here I want two of them won't it's very expensive well you would like this one right here right yeah I'm trying to get two left yeah to a cell right now okay so can I get two of these 2001 you only got one okay if you get this one Toby you're not buying you know like family but I love me after this I'm kidding I know we're trying to spend the money here but also kind of be reasonable and I spend them so we can spend the money hey guys it's your boy ksi I just want to make a quick announcement to everyone here I'm giving away free money so yeah come through all right that's it go home yo let's go let's go yo why are we talking about y'all who wants some free money who wants to write somebody there somebody here somebody there somebody there oh yeah baby and we got some more we got some more where that come from yeah yeah Oh real man hey hey hey almost done almost done we almost done with it hey hey yo hung a good time y'all have a great time yo enjoy we're done but uh you know I'm gonna get some more cash oh I'm feeling real good yes let's go to the bank it's throwing total I was 5k I'm gonna go out so another you know five six K and that should be that should be it for me yeah let's do it he's gonna get some dog food yes live that's worth it okay things are going well we've got a five out of ten sleeping bags left get settled well we're getting there we're just a Hugo Boss store and you may or may not know that our JJ's doing this punching thing little plunging content in there in a month or in a bit cell I need a suit I need to be looking sharp so what we're gonna head into Hugo Boss and we're gonna pick me a suit and then you guys can get to see what we end up with this time when I try orange bougie guys know you know I I'm presenting to you the freshest Indian number one tomahawk thrower in the United Kingdom the world chest chest in the vest okay I hey assignment changed you bujji man vikkstar123 is picked up his suit because now we've come up with a master plan we're gonna split up and see if we can get rid of the rest of our stuff so that would be the run with the sleep your house and stuff we're gonna run around London transpired here we can drop it off to then we're gonna meet up at Carnaby Street in ten minutes pipe this time now ideally I want to add a frame left you want to need human being on camera you got two of these again let's get through any of that now a thousand pounds 600 pounds got got a did the jump 3902 that's for the TVs for the iPad 6 3900 thank you very much Merry Christmas and Happy New Year I'm tell you right now they literally aren't spending all this when this is really happy this is not this is not fake this is really happening we're coming back at the end to the TV I'm up to 3.6 per you need to work proud of me no you need help I'm gonna be right that's true that's true oh yes Wi-Fi go divert boom by about five of them sings oh yeah what if I go with iPhones oh we might help a brother out now I'm still gonna buy some bubble let me hold a laptop Yoda from now on we are the kettle boy Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys shuttle boy arms we got you kettles kettles nice that's my commission just want to know what the people want you guys to buy like I'm sure these people comment down below what do you want them to Bob it's too late now I'm in this too late at the same time let us know what uppercut yeah comment which you would avoid that's a no I'm just trying to be like you guys I wish you discount codes discount code is Adonis oh yeah yeah yo 15% why does I sound like an insult you a discount code all right game is complete couple packs couple packs what we off to now okay spending spree that well I mean I wanted these bigger five back Josh must be just been halfway as good as any good we need to go someone's with some electronics iPhone on a new iPhone you have nice hello boys all right Josh is still in the Apple store he's taking years so I've got a prep there to pick up some grub for everyone he's been in he's wasted about I don't even know like 30 minutes in there half our time okay so I'm finally on the case I've now spent more money than you food clean air then back again to get you a fork and came back again and you start for the iPhone I've got two iPhones on for me on the Freya to go dope it is could be is there money I actually heard of you by the way no yeah by evening maybe view in spending two hours Bournemouth and we were happy welcome to a house of two hours it's a whole meal I had a whole meal this was there I had an urgent mission run before we go we go go excuse me how much for your help how much how much 50 pounds hundred pounds on the bounce okay that's about a hundred pounds all right boys one good joke libro yeah likewise bro take care in the vet what how much do you jacket how much how much do you want to give me for my two hundred down all right let's go this is your jacket [Laughter] Wow there we go easy Wow all right just give it back – I don't want these guys ah nice Toby's buying four for iPhone Elevens I'm also gonna buy one oh you're buying Ivana left by Oh would you bro I told you brother no yeah he's right um no I'm not this is a prank video I don't know no no they don't last film in there though Wow yeah let's go are you sure yeah let's go Oh bye wow we're out of the Apple Store Toby I'm gonna tell you guys okay listen people 1 million she says she wants your number but listen how much have you spent so far Tobias is currently eight thousand four hundred and forty three pound he's overtaking me you said what 443 pounds 90 six eight thousand I'm sure we'd be in that I'm sure I'm sure we being that already I am 7700 on I have a secret that I can't tell you yet but I wouldn't add that one yet but I bought this nice it's actually no yeah hold on this deserves a very special entrance it so excuse me Oh how does he do I bought 11 Booya you know two clubs it's a movie Oh door ah step up your game sign man okay I don't know I don't know what happen anymore we're brothers now just be a hype man and this ended up this is how you height things up this is how you take it to the next level but we need to step it up I time's running short Ethan's getting a bit stressed cuz he's called yeltsin he hasn't got any Hugo Boss so there's a shop here called end which has all the height base you want off-white harem crass turn which Maya you name it everything about everything I'm trying to Spencer everything you name it they got in here because I feel like everyone everyone come out with a plan and I just free board it so I'm just gonna go and spend some money alright so we may not be able to film so you like to see what we get in there or out here spend money here I don't know what to do with it I'm happy with my McDonald's chips but that's a good day out I don't know that and we'll show you what you got on the trend but we got me fast we're literally running for two parents so she was busy well I beasting yeah I got this national colorful Versace pop I got Kenzo hoodie would the dragon in death also mine was a 4/4 a bt ticked off the budget that's Bieber Balmain polo we've got work to do parents is up next alright Josh we're off to now a final destination basic it's awful destination time is running out Bob it's the big one all right the big one where is our shot it if we cannot spend the money now then we waited for will never spend it exactly meanwhile good money alright I think I found what I'm looking for 1.6 are boosted scooter alright alright just what's the update ok so bang bang I'm also I'm looking for a birthday present and my room Thrones and I'm buying presents my brother sister mom and dad so if you're watching Rosie and Josh mom and dad click off now I'm giving on the laptop biggest next stop I'm gonna get some stuff my father he would like an iPad we've gone with the Big Daddy Big Daddy Christmas shopping is done and it's not even that way it was over start over yes personally I think the metal ones are sick that was the which one out of four I've been asked to call this one cheese Josh you're cool you're stunting on a man can you make me look like that I just do it yeah collar that's doing collar yeah I've never done any of this before and have that never done nothing like okay [Music] wish I sign as well can I can I sign up stay sweet alright what we're saying thank you know I know it's a song man thank you no it's okay it's okay that I it's okay boy it's not you boy yeah it's alright man let's go let's no it's all right let's keep going man I'm gassed I'm get both are we still going and still you know what take the whole thing it's been a pleasure yg yeah thank you and enjoy well hey I can't take your foes but I can give away some free cash all right all right take care guys so yeah we've decided basically we're trying to spend money shows what it is do you want a pair shoes yes both of them you got a girl do you want some shoes maybe once you know you can pick them for you hurry up you guys are amazing is this making your day Australia all right let's go get these oh my god enjoy the rest of your day oh my god you guys are amazing yeah ohh oh my god did you expect this to happen to do it no it only came for a photo and this is why I and these are your just got new pair of shoes Bravo take care so you did a good thing today yes footlocker's done we need to move on move on we are midway through our Harrods trip and we both had to do something big tip to keep up this be you gotta burn the nail that's cool oh six and a half bags so again six and a half bags I've never I'm not meant to be this booty I don't know what I'm doing but it's lit and I feel like a [ __ ] so I also could go for the silver the nice golden got rose gold that's obviously matches the chain you know your silver and gold hands that was half the budget I'm a male we got more though you got I've got Tom Ford my favorite fragrance which is venetian box columns here that Holland so I got that and they gave me like a special set that it was all four hundred pounds or something so I've done that well should I get I've got a t-shirt upon me just to each others – I'm did from here so that's up to like a seven seven five to seven point two in Harrods alone yeah season so I can't be the classic burberry scarf for me mum is gift wrap something around it also got some some aftershave just two balls 130 maybe these were one for my mom a Prada red and black purse that matches her bag and her coat so she gone she only like that you're doing that good strap you did sighs [ __ ] you know I should get my mom so Albert you know I'm kinda like just get another break I don't live to me enough nowadays I don't have it so I'm leaving the [ __ ] me right now I'll tell you what where I had the bad road trip had the bad I [ __ ] that problem spending my money I spending money today legs road trip this is me now he put us really get like I am just happy with my I like cotton very smells of me so but I've been on the bad trips so [ __ ] you side oh sorry I couldn't see you over all the bad road trips I've had anyway I bought a Balenciaga t-shirt and a wallet that come to 625 pounds or a no Tiffany ring lovely little thing got some small diamonds on it then obviously got the got the nail and then now de nail I spend too much money I was like yeah I can't decline by the way my cousin makalah straight to come on I've got like 1500 pounds left to spend but I can't do it so that's probably going back to seidman so that's on me boys hey oh that's a case for a camera I picked up the Sony rx100 camera for you know upgrade the video quality was 1233 also got some some ray-bans new ray-bans p okay and your new bracelets no so that is all I bought on the end of the trip I'm gonna be hopping on my phone and I'm gonna split the remaining 4600 between the British Red Cross and Cancer Research UK so they get 2,000 to 150 each and then that's 4300 spare maths and then after that a cards blot yard motto always ten bags but [ __ ] you Josh road trips okay okay let's get barga beef review my older proceed to payment yeah what's up thank you [Music] heyyo who made this burger somebody was so good everyone gets a burger yo that's for everyone yell and so I'm told my yo amazing amazing amazing yo everyone gets cash – yo everyone yo yep or will or will yo go ham that was the best burger I've ever had in my life thank you guys to us – I get it look at this look at the size of it you know rocky right now a giant bear on a scooter alright so with the last beer money I had I decided you know what we're gonna celebrate all the things we bought so got this [Music] and that's how you have it that's how you do it that's all we do we're trying [Music] let's go yeah oh okay sweating all right so the case for drones as well all right we'll never sneak away that was a buy myself a little supreme or so you're a height beast I am supreme booty okay oh so I've got a nice suitcase we go either live in Prague oh I'm a pro again got some beefs that's my phone cases got some off-white necklaces we go vibrator I know so give it a thousand pound each to hear sorry there's more so here I come we spend about a thousand pounds well I say I spend about that found on gift cards yeah Stephen bags men's socks to get out [Music] the user Perry so then once that was ticked off of it I decided to go a little bit crazy have a few t-shirts this is a bow mange little smart clothes off white tee I've got a Balenciaga t-shirt I love is just for me wallet that ooh if you shine in the right light you can see it's Balenciaga Venetian blocker want is my favorite Tom Ford fragrance lat that's 400 pounds this is a nice case I got a offered a road trip I got Paul Magers t-shirt and because I was like I quite like the graphic on that FISA bill I spent six and a half of the Cartier bracelet six fifty six thousand five hundred Great British Pound money that's Tiffany so I bought pinky ring with diamonds in it that was eight eight five and then but so at that point my card stopped so I spent ten thousand a thirty-eight pounds in total so yeah are we just gonna like what pass this this is the Cartier gold man the suit was 1200 and the bracelet was 2300 wool wrapped up but I got the classic burberry scarf I got the Sony rx100 of that video quality that's 1.2 k-96 my scarf was 350 got case got a hoodie Kenzo hoodie the Dragons nut and then I got this t-shirt [Laughter] hello I came up to 7000 and then I donated 2300 to Red Cross 2300 to Cancer Research UK so the first thing is this it free of charge I'm on official break you know we're the kettle boys you'll find out later two TVs – Baba – boom our support camera which is being delivered tomorrow he what's your TV's two of them all right the rest is getting delivered tomorrow look at the amazing TV let's go I'll support a camera a good camera is being delivered tomorrow tomorrow a pair of shoes oh no and hold on it's not just any shoes what a pair of shoes Wow God knows I do while we were there Toby parachutes told me yes he did yeah are you talking something wrong I'm just commenting Oh while we were there we bought I think eight people choose random people from the street no me was get a little cold without hook them up he was wearing shorts we had a mariachi bun turn up yes all you came late for an eSports team BAM actually I didn't really know what's [Applause] that's the nice clean we didn't get one Carol we got two oh you can make twice the coffee's floral cult gone left the best part about to be a little insurance next time oh yes yes you see that yeah a thousand pounds each so say again these were actually in short hold on hold on it gets better so since you want to throw iPhone Elevens on the ground one iPhone – I got it oh [ __ ] that's all we got calm down Oh 300 have you bought three each of them I told him no nice no Apple watch Oh dick in a sigma lens so I can replace best as photographer for segment oh oh I forgot we also gave a beatboxer 50 quid hey watch the footage all right no yeah 11k Pokemon is it worthy that's our main Gotham value how much was that open it how much did you pay the artist for that I do I give a lot of people our money I took a loving K I'm a bank and I just threw it everywhere well you make you made it rain you mother just bring the rain everyone then let's the square just threw money I just threw money so happened how was it what did I do unless the square well those rich people went through all the money to them are you serious the rich get richer not the only one that's literally hurt they he just threw 11,000 for four people that mean he got people to do press-ups I gave mine to Japan I spent all the money who do you think had the best journey I would say sure who invested the money correct what did you decide there's an independent outsider what do you mean okay since I'm an independent outside [Applause] you you

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