[Applause] [Laughter] i don't want to be here [Music] welcome to the sidemen christmas mukbang bonus clip at the end of the video oh no no no no no straight away you don't want to bonus questions one million four million likes will be making only fans just for that just repeating it every night a million likes though all right guys to kick us off i've got you some lovely christmas sweaters oh so bogo you're first thank you oh show the world show thank you thank you thank you i'm already wearing a christmas jumper though that's not a glass not just this is a christmas shirt christmas job it's a christmas job oh [Laughter] you can you can guess whose this is a big star oh i was about to say captain america i kept an inline captain india's ethan hey this is actually sick you know oh oh you got a cool one i [ __ ] won stop complaining bro okay okay [Music] what is this hey yo come on man your things bro you better stinker one i'll take this one actually yeah [Applause] yeah it you're rocking it i'm going to eat [ __ ] everything yeah we got a beautiful three-course meal on the way for you boys okay okay but first let me take yourself congrats on 10 mil sir [Laughter] oh oh you're sat next to these two they will fire at you he's already fighting it's just keep your eyes i'll be there who would have thought we'd get 10 mil we grinded all year for it that's what we tried to get for a long time what was our first video uh what our past real video our first video on the channel apart from the welcome to the sidemen it's face painting challenges humble beginnings we started with the biggest thinker of all time no we have to give these tables back please joe you were the kid you were the kid at the table at christmas just like so dude wait wait wait wait wait now why would someone get our food do we think we'll get to it 100 million no no no videos that's 208 will be blind blind eight and sixteen oh two hundred and eight minus four for compilations okay yeah how are we gonna be don't bring up the bridge how are we gonna be in four years thirty two [Laughter] we need to rinse kids for content here's a camera yeah olympics come on just chuckles well you said there'll be one like we need everyone's got their plate so i'm going to put this food in my house i know we're going to be one mighty one oh i might have done i need to go oh this is good this one lied to me i'm in such a happy place right now mm-hmm oh i've got goosebumps on my legs no bro you cycled here in the rain oh i did do that how far is it uh 19 kilometers you're a madman what are you doing huh oh i'm eating bro do you think we'll get 100 million yeah 100 million but how oh i was doing money okay okay i mean after this year bro i think give it three years 100 mil oh my goodness okay he's on his duck wraps how are we getting 100 mil money or subs how are you doing touch your plan i wanna hear your business plan well we start off with a charity match next next year cherry blossom this is we start with a charity match and then you know a couple couple blind dates yeah a couple of couple tinders we are going to end up on blood day 24.

Double speed speed speed runs speed runs speed runs speed running dating speed ones with females racing them yeah yeah racing women [Laughter] you know what actually could bang you know simon vs women olympics well only fans olympics that's a good idea 100 sprint some events are suitable for summer decide what some could be like there we go should we what's in the brushstroke the boys get ready we should probably address the charity match because in our last mukbang video which you all loved [Music] um yeah we said we'd do a charity match we got a million likes and you got us there quick um we can't though so well i'm [Music] if everyone just takes the vaccine then we'll be calm tweet out where like everyone here it just a random like hackney football pitch next to preserving because i skipped his car park please please please well i'm barely halfway through please oh whoa i'm just i'm starting john look christmas is about giving one more buddy oh my goodness okay you guys taking them back soon let's not talk about this one yeah it's not worth what every ticket comes with a vaccine every time it comes you get vaccinated when you enter bank surprise vaccine should we can we get some alcohol who wants to open these this man i'll take one can you want to jj no he could just actually nice ruined the christmas jumper one i don't know if i'm gonna regret that i should have bought you know what i should have bought for 10 mil i should have bought the ace of spades that vic gave me i've had in my room for a special occasion but nothing special has happened yeah this is i actually can't wait for like everything to go back to normal next year hopefully oh mate i think it'll be a while before it's normal i think by summer i think we'll be good yeah i feel like it'll be good mystic harold would be better mate we pray we pray i can't waste another summer night i just feel like this is going to go wrong i'm waiting for it where should i aim it who's what do you mean everyone just come here it's going to go no because oh [ __ ] yeah actually don't want to don't don't want to damage it i'm not going to shake it up don't just pop it right but you kind of just keep it in your hand like that bro it's fine no no god no oh god it's a bit of a tight one why have we given it to these two we've got a [ __ ] title she's going to go she's going to go she's going to go that way surprisingly well we've got a tidy struggling yeah come on you got this do you not been hitting the same don't don't don't almost try it yeah okay oh my god no no no no no no no i hate this guy this guy it's a tough one you can double knot see this one's difficult it's just what your hands have done there you go fella oh oh let's go let's get a bath she's gonna have marissa oh my god that's your bottle there you go that's yours i'm over the whole bottle yeah in there oh probably this man knows the christmas spirit you should probably wait i've wiped off don't worry no you can't cycle home which goes for the whole thing when you push him oh [ __ ] yeah you're a wave why are you still pouring it oh my god wow what do you say when you steal someone's food thanks you say thank you thanks vic see how it goes i can't believe we just popped two champagnes for fun [Laughter] appreciate the honesty vic that is a shambolic paul my friend i should be ashamed we'll get there we'll get there just so wet christmas mukbang it wouldn't be christmas without a certain special guest what come on in come on then let's be having you oh wait what what come on who is it who is it oh [Laughter] [Laughter] is [Music] [Laughter] [Laughter] yeah yeah yeah i can't get it out so oh wow it's simon oh you're pretty bad at rapping what is this oh wow oh are you you're good you're a bad boy vic the person who wrapped that isn't it [Laughter] you have to get a random christmas trivia question right where where is santa going now what do you do have that that's for you mate commission and he's off by standing right that's absolutely okay with me all right you might not get wait okay then wait oh oh let's do it so someone could steal your presents no no no no no i like it we can't have split or still against like uh no no you go around like if you always take someone's present if you do something i'm gonna have in my presence that's fine i don't know it's a christmas game it's a christmas game who ordered this me there's pina colada's me oh that sound is so good lad i'm just never going to get my pinot noir i'm never going to get what penis collider which country started the tradition of making gingerbread houses oh come on bro oh come on so obviously so obviously so obvious no that's not right oh i did it oh [ __ ] oh okay oh snakes and bladders okay though [Laughter] me me you yeah right yeah all right jj jj jj in charles dickens a christmas carol [ __ ] in our world what is the first name of scrooge wait uh oh scrooge what is is that your answer no no no it's um michael scrooge i open mine for that yeah you can open yours michael scrooge scrooge ask questions bro it's a portal gun like oh what whoa whoa you've got something that isn't real this guy you're just trying to ruin christmas it's christmas next up i'll go if you're driving if you're offering yeah what was the first company to use santa claus in advertising it was coca-cola oh my god oh my god oh my god oh there's a car yeah what have you got yeah [Laughter] wildlife yeah all right how do you say merry christmas in spanish oh come on [Laughter] [Laughter] oh you like poker he's got some cards [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] oh it's got some stuff in it we've got some stuff do that give me give me right give me a four i'll give you a festive four okay four two one [Applause] [Laughter] josh elvis isn't going to have a white christmas he's going to have a shy christmas black christmas black lonely this christmas it's lonely christmas he's definitely done the [ __ ] toilet yeah oh thank you thank you i spiked it he died [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] yes yes in home alone where are the mcallisters going when they leave kevin behind kevin oh sorry home what was that she doesn't have home stay home home oh they're not successful [Laughter] is [Laughter] i know where are the mcallisters going when they leave kevin uh can i steal pennsylvania no come on someone will pop up a european city paris yeah [Laughter] building lights [Laughter] [Laughter] what what well-known christmas carol became the first song ever broadcast from space oh oh was it silent night no quite nice in space it's totally nice no feliz navidad [Music] it says jingle bells right now oh jj what's in your stocking give me another one wait toby has to get the time you can have my present what holiday no he actually tried it no don't can you shuffle cards no no it's pretty cool too but i've already got one no you don't oh just be great actually no he's going to go because you broke it last time just like that crossed your arms but i didn't you did toby what holiday movie sequel includes a cameo from donald trump ah i know him alone yeah yeah but yeah that's right this is kind of cool this is pretty cool what is it [ __ ] green that's right why is this phone holder i have groups yeah [Music] [Applause] okay [Applause] [Laughter] yes do you know what i don't think you can be an alcoholic in your 20s i think when you're older it's smaller you can you can definitely be an alcoholic i don't know if that holds up i feel like if you have a kid then you're just drinking yeah i don't depend on it to get through my days but i like it you never know there's different levels there's different levels to it yeah levels to this game there's not a game in there it's definitely not a game i remember i went to that i went on the night out in birmingham oh and i met him i met her with this guy and what voice and this girl i honestly i fancied the girl but like the girl was with the guy as in like they were just like friends yeah so i ended up going all the way back to their house wait was this the basement night yeah he went into that basement bro i hated it i ended up like shagging her but but he was a raging alcoholic oh so he just kept screaming ass like it was just weird like they were in the room with you wait so he cut no no well he kind of cut but like i've busted anyway so it was kind of [ __ ] boy he's well yeah you really like alcohol in his hands did he have a camera in his hands he might have you know are you sure so me and someone were trying to get either was it duncan me and duncan got a cab back and he was like oh no i'm going back i'm going back to her basement i don't think that's a good idea we've all ended up john where that is a little bit unexplainable a little bit of harry like you too yeah we ended up in an fantastic yeah we ended up in like what was that it was how do we actually i mean we look you know and there was like a little square like a little door in the bathroom lo and behold this door opens and it was just the attic the ladder like folds down yeah and you climb up and then we sat in the attic and got [ __ ] peppered it's quite fun but just you two no no no no it started off with just us two and then people just discovered that the attitude and the whole house down huh yeah that's how they yeah yeah yeah but yeah no because everyone was the ground floor there was three floors in this gap but we were tippity top it's not quite as interesting in the basement yeah i can't believe that you've waited till this moment yeah well because alcohol yeah drink some more that old wine i'm trying to think if there's any other like random sex stories i'll go oh here we go i've had sex with christmas christmas with ksm let's not let someone say well tell us a story josh [Laughter] where's the weirdest i must say [Laughter] yeah you've had time now where's the weirdest weirdest place you've had sex why is everything about he went to josh to try and get away from sex oh are we going away where's the weirdest place here we go you've uh pissed well that's a good one on an electric venture do you not answer you bastard you might have an answer for this one but i didn't get to give him a date you were there can we not throw hard things that wasn't even brazilians yuri gagarin cosmonaut training center in russia what you pissed yeah but you're pissed oh i know but it's cool oh but that's not different for us though we've all done that well it was a cool time it was like it's more meant to be like a reckless place you're pissed no yeah if you said like i pissed myself on a zero g flight do you remember on the um were you there don't know when i tell you what it is first of all you're pissed are you talking about he's on the side of the video yeah on the road tripping it would have been toby josh no no no no toby that's the first bit so you put your dick inside the bowl in a bowl and then taste it and then it filled up and then it was like a hole you know i'm really glad it was a limousine because me and toby went to the other side and we were like five minutes like we were like five meters away so it felt okay if it was a normal car i would and like you sat next to me it's not happening i don't think he'd be in the back of a prius just you don't you this man pissed on the london underground honest on a platform you're just incriminating this man said i need a piss i need to do that i didn't even walk to the end of a problem [Laughter] i'm scarred by this day wait was it on the tracks or did not dribble down to learn i don't [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] there's no top in there i feel like that's kind of what i think your [ __ ] crazy old man josh at the end of the road he keeps chasing us with his poo on a shovel i had your [ __ ] in a cup i didn't make it in the video oh yeah they say stuff at a poo that's not indeed no one else would get the poo and josh was like i'll do it like right he wants it boys oh dude that was so good i'm not very good at pouring in in a random place oh god i did a poo in the toilets once that's right bro me and me and harry go to uh go to the roxy one evening what story is this oh no no i've beaten you again i'm going to the toilet okay start while it naked out the toilet just stop my clothes so i had to give him my bomber jacket out of the club i've been sick on my clothes oh no but he was just naked in the toilet just like shaking you left in just the bomber jacket no no i had my trousers but the whole top was all gone he walked out the security guard was outside the toilet rocks and he's like there's your friend now i was like yeah don't worry i'll take care of it i open the door like bog it's me [Laughter] i put my feet on top of my shoes but i take them off the shoes i don't put them on the floor bro i am fully naked where do you put your trousers you know how i do i pile it all on top of each other i pull a pile on top of the shoes and then [Laughter] like a comfort thing like you feel comfortable but it's actually more of like a compulsive you have to be a child you know it's actually a childhood trauma thing because when i used to have my constipation i just sit for hours on the toilet naked because i just did so now i just this man did it to get it fixed oh yeah who's been the best youtuber uh for the uk this year oh it's because i asked him yesterday it's because i said because jack may put it on his podcast yeah i'm just stealing i so i thought maybe hit you deep i saw that title on youtubes and i was like i was like that's disrespect ksi's elite in there trunks and philly have smashed you do you know what it is though like i love them but they do it for everyone else's channel if you know what i mean yeah yeah you got the channel's bar you need to be chunkle and philly channel yeah yeah yeah yeah if we have like chocolate challenges it's crazy what they've done for foot science bro everywhere what was yeah like and if they go on new projects or whatever like pro direct videos as well even like stuff like that they should have their own channels yeah they should invest in themselves and stuff yeah yeah man in the uk are we saying in the uk it's a good idea just to have them as the main people yeah beckett all right what about what about youtubers in the us you answer the question though yeah okay who do we think then who do you think i think people online has been sick this year his mate said but they said that was last year he was better yeah i guess if he's struggling was easier you know i want to give a shout for from the left side from calyx i enjoyed he's done some light colors out there videos this year when he made your bedroom that was so insane it's just ideas he's yeah consistent all year that's the hard part i feel like you're thinking are you thinking period one two videos for the whole year yeah you think you're here but just like he's someone that stood out to me this year blue who blew who was it wait is it jack the guy who jackson yeah yeah yeah we steal all of his [ __ ] again it was last year yeah last year really no you have a few good [Laughter] don't don't tell anyone all right what about u.s us youtubers hasn't posted anything when everyone got some meat for you all right wow that's me right there those are your balls no no no no that's my dick no food for you josh sorry naughty boy can you please take your place it makes my skin cool you're a naughty boy [Laughter] one down hit differently man yeah who actually likes muscle sprouts me i can eat them i really i don't mind them i tell you my top two veg yes two top two just look at that when i never see you having brussels sprouts how can it be because they're rare they're red but they're lovely they're like smaller broccoli and brussels sprouts top two no probably broccoli oh sweet potato don't count either no that's a cop out okay i'm a root veggie carrot peppers kale is pretty nice not nice kale is not nice and peppers and red onion oh a pepper's fruit they might be you know they might be [ __ ] they've got seeds in them seeded i'm telling you now tomato is the fruit i know tomato is i think you might be right what's your definition of a fruit i'm gonna look at r yeah yeah go to the var on this one all right peppers are a fruit i'm gonna be mind blown no same but i think i think they might be you know not could have learned about it right yeah i think tomato is the fruit but they're flying under the radar fourteen vegetables are actually fruits every kind of pepper from the bell pepper to the hot pepper it fits the bill as a fruit and not only the belt but it's actually is it is it what it was it's been misgendered trying to figure out peppa's flash fruit i don't know they can't come on [Music] no no no no no no basically they're both yeah yeah okay yeah that's cool [Laughter] that fully caught me off guard man yeah let me let that wing keep him let's move something once um what's your favorite thing about christmas bugger oh my favorite thing about christmas would have to be seeing my family again oh like this christmas or every christmas um well every christmas but this one this one especially because what was it as a child though like when you were as a kid what was the thing you the most look forward to the presents i'll be honest the presents i used to get guests at seeing them put up christmas lights you know when they put the yeah the lights on the streets i used to get so gassed at that and when the tree goes off in your lounge because the kid is always present so then you get to add on it's like oh i like seeing people or chilling or food foods without a goatee see unfortunately for me i liked the food even when i was young that was always my favorite part my presence um yeah they're yeah they're cool but what you want guys over again like an action man a new xbox i did actually sick i've never got i've never got an xbox on anything what's the best present you ever got i'm just going to ask that i can't even think all night action man no really not for real really well like i was so my imagination went well i bet you made ashman have sex with you oh yeah like i had had sex with bears and [ __ ] i was like oh my god wait wait wait wait wait wait wait what bears and then they'll fight each other hurry and they've always created a sex scene with a bear and action man and then you made them fight the easter business i didn't have any female dolls oh my god are you actually i'll bear weird i don't have a barbie you're only what why would our mum can have a bar that's why he's a fairy right so what else is he gonna have sex that's my boy you know i'm just that's my boy well action man [Laughter] if you can remember no it wasn't even that wasn't going to be amazing he's doing it to himself now i think my mum got me uh httpr but got with me three weeks early [Music] my channel started there i got it like a smart present it's gotta be the best present right now my career started where are you bros uh i thought i had nothing one time and my mum said i'll [ __ ] something i need you to help me beside the dining room yeah went to the dining room [ __ ] mountain bike oh yeah that was my mountain bikers listen this [ __ ] i'm out here cycling everywhere bro what's up with president vic nothing stands out to mike to my memory your poor parents down larger was it a maths book you've got a day off a day what a one christmas morning one christmas morning you woke up and going wow yeah something [Laughter] his your pros being so strong how'd you get the work done mine was your presence people are over for six hours my mom wrapped it up in some black in some next clothes like some used trousers she just wrapped it and used trousers so i was like what the [ __ ] is this clothes again open it fifo four little bit going a little bit that's cool having a phenomenal time this is lovely where's simon again what you're a dick would you like some wine uh yeah go on there a little bit i can't see what i'm doing so you have to aim for me bro stop it i can't oh no this guy loves me i know this side loves wine oh my god you go harry next and then am i right yeah even a good boy finish it off lad i'll give you a good boy finish it off [Laughter] he's enjoying himself too much hmm what's that present a gamecube oh really yeah really your game can you guys never had one or anything i like it a bit more now i'm up to a little bit wait no no no gamecube gamecube's here we got a neglected console wasn't a christmas present oh i'm sorry bro oh yeah [Laughter] [ __ ] just take it off bro you can't just walk in this randy here you can choose by now today wait random that's not formal [Laughter] he thought he was having a scrap ah oh no oh oh my god i'm literally taking the best parts of my food you sort of stuffing oh i'm tired okay you staying for last hi guys i'm finished you've left all your greens man no i ate the carrots and i ate the potatoes and the parsnips none of them are green in them it can be oh oh my god this just going to knock me up i'm going to be at a slumber after this sorry i'm sorry wait any more topics i feel like he's getting lit he's getting he's getting there i'm [ __ ] now that stuffing was really nice over well i imagine i'll take you better with my own stuffing as well now i'm all right you know what i i hit my knee as i run for yourself yeah we know we felt the table whole thing are these presents behind us fake yes they are just for sure my god i have some table man you just burped in my food you turned into bubble over here yeah yep down here like that [ __ ] outrage all right so 10 mil was our huge goal for this year yeah what is the next goal like what is the next thing that we aim for is the side one i think you can't back that mirror [Laughter] i think we should all make our own political party okay i'll put this down again lord lord buckethead versus ksi let's go how did you do that well we would do [ __ ] would we we're all of us well we bro if we had a sidemen party yeah yeah i think we'd do well i don't want you involved in this more curly fries at school that's what i've done turquoise twizzlers there you go we win we could move like the live demons seriously and he's the only one that can't do it it's a good point to be fair no i just i just think it'd be disaster from start to finish yeah it'll be good though i reckon it'd be entertaining it would be entertaining i reckon we could get but the thing is like would you feel guilty if we got a lot of votes no no not at all it's your own fault you voted yeah yeah this you you sacrificed it i'm [ __ ] uh consequences that's what i was talking about i was trying to give you also you're back in the beginning i like festive four will be good three two one three oh no reverse this video went from politics to downing drinks so quickly [Music] no all right um what's our actual goal what's our goal um our goal is i think more diamond plaques yeah more side mentality i i actually think that another diamond platform is stick i'll be banging i would like that yeah should we just sack off the main channel now let's hit 10 mil just post our main channel videos on one side man and just get 10 minutes on that and when that happens go to the side of the reactor yeah oh it could be a banger could be a matter no cpm cpm farm that's like oh my god okay yeah this one knows this this land knows his stuff um i think she's happy do you think do you think we would ever release how much we make per month you're right i mean you have one more drink and you probably will it's not bad you know what more more holiday videos should be more holidays they're fun we should travel more we should we should we should because this year horizons this video was stinkier this year better videos oh what's it um what it's like to live like a billionaire we should go to dubai and just so this is a sick idea yeah we should do this let us know if we should do that yeah yeah i just thought of it it's that's a very good idea thank you man jane is the brains of the science yeah it's already booked what you're looking at wait what what what sort of idea right now fun fun well we're just playing football it's just a little yeah we'll be fine we'll be fine not it comes up and it says oh this person liked you don't touch this no no no no i'm just now she looks lovely oh actually oh no no oh no no you know what what meet her see what she's like no no never know she bro sorry those type of girls in the video guess what i've already [ __ ] done it we was meant to do another one but guess what i'll do it if you mean it oh someone puts it out of it i'm just waiting for the other sidemen to do 20 verses that is up there of my favorite videos i'm just waiting i'll do it after jojo does it you're single fam oh how about that yeah all right that's what you do 51 more to go 50 because we've got a billionaire idea now as well 50 to go but i do just want anyone to know that when you do it having them come in that's what the worst bit brother having them come in one after the other and simply having to say yes or no is the worst feeling i think i've ever had um i'm quite heartless it's horrendous no but i'm i would say i'm not i don't care about people i'm not gonna lie but that was [ __ ] wretched that was terrible it was hard you see in the video like there was the camera behind a nice someone said i don't know i would say no i was like because bro the looks you get yeah they look like oh there's the world or you just all you just see the whole person deflate deflating all the way to the street no they walk in front and they go it might not be your type it was the worst one in that video ethan it was the one where you hesitated for ages [Laughter] you can see the person deflate in front of it and you have to think ah that's why that's honestly why i hate it so much like the talking to him is all right it's the it's the brutality of the first thing which is foul i don't like i'd pay good money to see you dude well i've been really good harry doing it well you'll just be a mess it'll be like yeah you said twenty twenty one we'll do it next year or the next year what's your favorite video that we've done this year oh well this year this year yo phil i love you bro but jesus christ you are [ __ ] that's his characters characters i wanted to hit him solo [Laughter] uh [Laughter] [Music] [Music] until just [ __ ] send it and you all would just [ __ ] i think after like three three hours me and harry are walking oh [ __ ] after like three holes uh me and harry were like walking next to each other and he's like oh my god they're [ __ ] you know what doesn't work like it's like just running like assault course stuff doesn't translate no no it's time to do but you can't actually translate yeah yeah that was a fun day but it was i felt like after the shoot i was like oh that was [ __ ] sick and then i watched it back and i was like it's impossible to properly capture it he needed like the uh full ball challenge wait was that a goal no the shooter one paintball hide-and-seek was pinball that was good that was time was it after hide and seek on a private island no i think private island was the first one this year that was decent to be fair that was good that was fun yeah we started off the year well we did yeah well oh my god bro this year would have been i don't think that video will be as good as we want it to be because i don't think they'll get our humour that's almost funny like they'll just be like wow that would be the comments sorry oh my gosh and that's their problem it's not our problem you're not wrong sorry my favorite video is probably the the holiday video the europe one yeah that's what i said i was like yesterday no no that's what i'm saying if we had got if we had been able to do those this year yeah bangers would you say that is our best video of all time i would argue which one are you sorry are you talking second second europe yeah i think i think maybe the first one for nostalgia i think as a piece of content no no i'd say i mean maybe i'm being biased but i think the tinders were absolutely [ __ ] hilarious right i think yeah the second the second one especially but i think there's a lot i think the second holiday is the one that could go everywhere yeah well i think like if you want to put down netflix yeah it could definitely it was called yeah netflix can we have a bag please [Laughter] who's got a bag who's [Laughter] i imagine you on a million plus 10 pound holiday you've got a 10 pound holiday you know you're so pissed i'm just hoping i need a hundred hundred dollars someone up there is listening to the fact that i've had three stinkers and the day comes that there's a million dollar one it's going to be me maggie is don't worry i know then you've always succeeded right you and toby he's had about 20 minutes in a bad car yeah you had 20 minutes in there toby toby had the second half when you slept in it you [ __ ] stopped 20 minutes awake yeah i slept in the good quality nice [ __ ] boxer what was it i i made it what did we name her what was that at least like you're doing something like if you're so happy yeah i was sat in the passengers yeah yeah eight and a half hours and then i split my head open that was nice oh yeah [ __ ] you walked into a pole it's healed quite nicely i mean it wasn't that it wasn't that bad it was just quite nice quite nicely just nicely there's nothing there now yeah yeah yeah actually how's your head actually i could have died that you know actually i'm talking about legitimate could have been as fast legitimately if i hit like a bit a bit of a worse angle yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah just wait on what when i fell off the car and hit my head jumping yeah like i came out your head went bang off the floor your shoulders caught you first yeah yeah yeah yeah but if you're in straight head a bit higher might have [ __ ] pike dived into the ground i mean we would have done this i'm surprised by how we told the story yeah yeah yeah no we can't do nothing no don't hold it okay yeah we'll talk so you know when do went to ibiza right and we went to amnesia and then after that we got a taxi back lux was having the best night of his life wasn't he oh yeah yeah so then me harry lux carl and steve stated we get the cat back we go back into our villa lux decides to chuck a glass bottle of what was it like champagne a bottle of wine you ping the bottle of wine garrett garage door smashes all over the locks what the [ __ ] are you doing so we're like [ __ ] it we'll get we'll get and we start me harry and coward doing some flips we're like oh [ __ ] oh look flips don't you have a video of this oh no no no no no no no no no no no no so then lux tries it so lux tries like a normal front flip and without that no it was a backflip no no because before we do a front flip and it stunk oh yeah but then we started doing backflips and he was like let me give that a try so he did it right he goes boom and he tucks and it looked okay and we're like you can do this bro 100 100 bro we do a couple more and then he goes we're going to do it i've got him up this moment he stands on the edge of the ball right and he just completely forgets to talk so he goes up like this and then just head down his legs his leg is but then he sold a load of shoes i'd say biggest youtuber much dub possibly in a long time yeah sold out in seconds shoes [Laughter] where is she actually what's she doing she is caked in money but she did bits in the early ages yeah yeah yeah what about thinking it's bits back then versus bits now i think i think she i think she was doing now bits yeah i don't know i think she you know her bits then have translated to now so she's kept it up yeah whereas when you're talking now you're saying people that have got bits ages ago and then falling off but you know her her account now like the zoella account isn't actually a personal account anymore like this it's now just there's a lot of brand account here so it's a dope like she's yeah she's gone clear she's just lucky her name is good for a brand i imagine you add the ropes no no [Laughter] yeah it comes as like a clown nose i'm just not hungry mate i don't know why i'm i'm what you throw yourself up with a drink don't you you love me much either yeah i know but he's a little man so i'm a little man any more topics fam oh when are you when am i released to do music oh he's got another like here we go oh my god oh god then let's see oh oh okay yeah yeah yeah yeah that's all right okay chef oh oh no no no no no we're talking no oh yeah chef come on god have you gone you gotta go see santa in the garage santa said ethan just invited himself come on you gotta go the [ __ ] is going on what are you doing why are you yeah okay okay listen i've been sat down the whole time so this might not be explainable um but yeah that is cycling sure yes i am just in my smoking challenge can i expect that oh oh no it's just a joke bro okay give him a spanking oh wait you've you've got a padded ass yeah i cycled here breath i like that it's sick what's nice oh my god nancy sanders because basically okay this cheats you've doubled your butler bro this is the best part i've ever had this is for a fat nick [Music] it's like the equivalent of migraines for me genuinely because you know when you drink you have that like night where you drink too much and you can't smell it based on his life it's actually called that now look look it's got a lot of views we like to shop with santa santa is all right and when we shop with santa santa what's wrong with you were you saying jj what was your [ __ ] holy spirit have sex so what day is it what is such better thursday so a week yeah a week yeah it hasn't been around two weeks oh you set yourself up oh six months ago my friend [Laughter] what is this that's my god a [Music] where's the greatest meme to come from this year and we're not including what's really totally frozen from this year for this year we're not including nate i got used i got used as benfica uh you know from the twenty verse who else is there nate robinson uh psa tim uh bulbasaur very gay the year was going great until we went to miami traveled from miami to london with a a4 slanted print out bro the picture of my password please let me through because i run up the embassy and everything bro he managed to finish his way onto this because the embassy in miami was shocked because the super bowl weekend so he was potentially gonna have to stay there so they called up so what did you watch about yo like yeah yeah we said like we have to waffle or toby you just need to embrace it and enjoy it like anyways yeah like go go like try and talk to the phase boys and say can i go there and the person that the person at the desk was literally just ringing up the because it was a sunday evening the uk well they sound about it every person you dealt with was the most bizarre thing in america because in america they're the first people to tell you no we got so lucky every single person like we have the two like police officers yeah from america to the uk but at the same time as well because i was going to new york and i was just like my flight's earlier than yourself i'm gonna have to leave you good luck good luck to stay there it wasn't like from there they don't like that the whole journey was ropes because even at airbnb oh [ __ ] yeah i got out for a run in the morning because i was on my ship back then right i was like [ __ ] doing 5k in the morning lovely nice weather running i got out the door and there's just like this police person stood there and i was like yeah i ain't the person to talk to speak to josh so i went out on my run i get back from the runner they're still there and then i see them getting their suitcases and i was like oh lads they're like you know he's not meant to be rendered out he was illegally renting out his airbnb yeah you're not supposed to think about it he got baited out and then from that point i've gone back and we think it's the cab driver did you ever get your money back yeah we got our deposit back i think we got a cab driver to take us there from the airport and then don was like we're driving into the place and he was like oh how much was it to stay here stuff like i started asking baraboo key questions then the next day the [ __ ] place where he writes once you realize in hindsight yeah good times oh yes just asking tonight's questions i deal with a lot of my life's problems by saying speak to joshua from the gym [Laughter] [Laughter] anyway um when are we opening these yeah i feel [ __ ] shoehorn wait the [ __ ] jokes are always the best there's nothing in mind everyone has to read out their jokes what would happen if pigs could fly what would happen if pigs could fly the price of bacon would go up okay what are false teeth like stars don't know why what why are false teeth like stars i don't know huh they come out at night right yeah why does the giraffe have such a long neck why does cal freeze yes because it's feet smell that was oh that was dead i don't know what do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back a okay what's the fastest thing in water your mom a motor pike can i get a champagne glass as well please thank you we've got to play football harry oh yeah yeah it's gonna be an hour it's gonna be a file you're on the other team as well we're gonna dick you down you know what do you mean it's me and lenny at the back it was funny because no one was that licked right it has to go blood i'm [ __ ] it has to go again it has to go black you have to go with that it has to go black oh it's a lot as well oh he's he's gone oh god he's like come on come on guys hey bro come on man drink the tea it has to go blood you want me to try and put your bike in my mind how's mine gonna bike home oh [ __ ] he's finessed no it's just stop saying that's illegal you know oh thank you it's okay hurry hurry you gotta finish that oh well oh it's hot all right so what what's in my stocking i have uh what's that would that be a video back into it easter teddy that's good enough it's good enough you said easter bear before but yeah it's fine this needs to tell you that oh oh an orange snowman you like orange stuff i do like orange stuff just chucks it on the floor oh yeah earlier on in the quality streets you took out your own oh oh wine gums oh it's a wine gun what did you think it was i'm gonna it is he actually doesn't appreciate anything i do i do i love you guys good and [Laughter] is oh should i use my shoehorn to eat my ice cream is it just my choice chocolate stuffing it's just chocolate one more right you're stopping that's the dream the sweets you're good you're good stop stop that's enough all right everyone's got one right yep yeah yeah all right ice cream ice cream my teeth are bit sensitive oh sorbet that mango pineapple you could be my sorbet ah actually that sounds a bit weird when i say that it's good though wow give it give it a sloppy stop [ __ ] diabetes [Applause] [Laughter] oh [Laughter] what's this who's doing this you're not wrong who else do you youtube we'll just work with them next we have finessed our way through this yeah we tried our best yet we did our best i think we've been the most hard-working youtubers this year one of the most hardcore ones this year bro i know maybe not you but as a group you did pop golf as a group yes where's my spoon you have many acts of dandos everyone says i do i do i do i mean recently you posted a weather video i know yeah very good yeah popping off subscribe to w camera next year w2s players soon like a hammy hoover he was like a henry uber do you see that thing oh wow hey i cannot say if i speak i'm a big trouble i've tried i've just tried walking hey yo he's actually you're actually racist i'm a bit wobbly wait bro josh actually hates black people why why oh [Music] what happened what happened in the time that he walked because all he i don't like champagne it doesn't matter it's for the end of the video yeah okay to end it [Applause] put the link in the description [Music] [Applause] subscribe to the assignment merry christmas merry christmas subscribe to our pokemon merry christmas and then just get us up well done guys do you think we have to put a disclaimer that drinking is not no how we've done it is not responsible don't drink and cycle it's christmas drink drink hey drink responsibly yeah and the discount code is drunk [Laughter] that's responsible [Laughter] this is how we're starting a christmas okay uh oh can we agree now that goes to the end of the video [Music] you

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