See No Evil 1+2 (2014) Film Explained in Hindi/Urdu | See No Evil full parts Summarized हिन्दी

Both parts of the film "See No Evil" are being explained today. The movie starts showing a house. Where a woman is feeling fear from someone. Two police officers reach there to check who is that man. They are left shocked as they glimpse that man, That he was a giant figure. He eliminates one of the police officers. While he dismembers the arm of other police officer, breaking it. In spite of it, he fires his gun on that giant man's head.

Consequently, he runs away. This giant figure whose name is "Jacob". He is the major character of this movie. When wounded police officer notices that shouting girl. Then he notices that her eyes have been removed. When the police arrive, they discover even more corpses. Whose eyes had been collected, The scene then shifts from here. Now the time is shown after four years. Now that police officer is seen who had fixed the bionic hand. He is given the charge of eight prisoners, Whose punishment had reduced after cleaning a building. He is also accompanied with a female officer. There were total eight prisoners including 4 girls and 4 boys. This building had to be cleaned , Because the two floors of this building had been badly burnt before many years ago. And those had been polluted.

Now all prisoners reach that building. Which was hotel building where an old lady instructs them what they have to do. Now all start their working. Now one of the boys says that, I have the map of this hotel which has a safe containing a lot of money. He suggests to his friend, We will escape, grabbing this amount of money! On the other side, A dog comes towards from a hole when she is taking her meal. They were not allowed to leave the building. And their passing way had also been blocked. She feels pleasure seeing that she has found the exit. A weird tattoo is observed on the body of a girl among them. Its meaning will be revealed, moving ahead in the story. And that boy gets busy with his work who wanted to search for the safe. Going upstairs, they find the mysterious dead bodies and their eyes had been misplaced.

They are observing it yet. Then that large figure "Jacobs" appears there. And he takes one of the two boys with him while dragging. When female police officer presses the button of elevator to check the prisoners, Then she reaches the 9th floor where "Jacob" captures her. He pulls out her eyes, killing her. Here it is exposed that he used to preserve their eyes into a filthy liquid. No one knows what he was going to do with them.

Now there were two such girls among them who wanted to run away. The name of one girl was "Christine" while the other's name was "Kira". They talk over, we may leave from that place from where dog appeared. They nearly move there to go outside, Then "Jacob" approaches there. And he begins to drag "Kira" while trapping her shoulder into a hook. "Christine" moves to that police officer frighteningly. Now they go in an elevator together. Their friends or those prisoners had been caught in each separate floor. Here it is revealed to the police officer that he is "Jacob" not anyone else, Whose head was targeted by me! Then that large figure targets the neck of the police officer, attaching it with his hook.

And he kills that poor one. "Christine" and her companions are much afraid. But she does not lose her hope and keeps that police officer's gun for protection. On the other side , "Jacob" comes on the scene. "Kira" was lying senseless beside him. He cages her. This place is very polluted. There are also many dead bodies lying there. Now the flashback of "Jacob" is shown here. You were also thinking how Jacob's mind converted to the mind like the murderers. The matter of the fact was this, his mother was very rigid. And she used to cage him as it is, in his childhood. And he was also told this , a man speaking against god will be a deadly sinner.

He will not be virtuous so kill him! His mother also used to say him that the people having the carved tattoos on their body, "Jacob" pulls out the eyes of one more boy. Then he proceeds to a couple among the prisoners. But "Jacob" also pulls out the eyes of that boy, capturing him. And "Jacob" unties a rope through which a poor girl was descending . Falling backward, a glass is pricked in her. So his body wound begins to bleed. Many dogs begin to hunt her body , appearing there. Now the only four prisoners had survived . And there was "Kira" who was caged.

Now "Jacob" moves to a couple among those four prisoners. One of the boys hits "Jacob" badly with the iron pipe. And he comes outside, taking her female friend. Suddenly, his cell phone rings and "Jacob" takes that girl along with him, coming there. And he thrusts the cell phone of that girl into her mouth. Which blocks her throat and she is died after being choked. The accompanied boy with her has fled. Contrarily, "Christine" and her friend are also very frightened. Now these three people were survived. And they are four prisoners including "Kira". Now three survived people mutually begin to search for "Jacob". Each of them had a weapon. Before they kill "Jacob", "Jacob" begins to assault them while breaking a wall. And he knocks the other boy out. Now "Christine" and her friend move upstairs. And they reach that room where "Jacob"had preserved the eyes of the people. They were reached the same room where "Kira" was caged. Then they both hide themselves, hearing the voice of "Jacob". They reveal themselves when they notice that "Jacob" is bringing "Kira" out to kill And Christine's friend brings to break all lying glass bottles there.

Seeing it, "Jacob" becomes furious. And he kills that boy, pressing him behind the cupboard. There were only three survivors comprising "Kira", "Christine" and one of their companions, Who had been knocked out. Then that old lady approaches "Kira". Who had greeted them in a hotel. They are all excited thinking she may know it now. And she may save us from "Jacob". Here a great secret is revealed , that old lady was the actual mother of "Jacob". That old woman says, There was burning fire of revenge in my heart! For that police officer who targeted the forehead of my son. I had to kill him . Look! I succeeded today. "Christine" says on it, What was our fault in it? Then that old lady says, Enough! A person entrapped here if he came here at once. Now the question rises why did they cage "Kira" among all prisoners. As it was told that tattoo were against the laws according to that old lady. And she wanted to kill "Kira" because he had tattoos on his body.

But "Jacob" declines it. He says, No! I have started to like "Kira". I am not going to let her go anywhere! He throws his kin at a distance when she forces him. As a result, an iron pipe pierces her. That large figure brings "Kira" with him. Then "Christine" approaches there. And he says to him, pointing him a gun, Let my friend go! Then "Kira" also says to her, Shoot him! But the gun magazine is empty when "Christine" fires the gun. Noticing it, "Jacob" becomes aggressive on both of them. And he lifts them in the air. Then that boy appears from backside , restoring his senses, And he attacks him , using a pipe. And three of the prisoners begin to flee. They begin to escape while breaking the window of a room. But "Jacob" was also not stop pursuing them. They throw "Jacob" out of the window, lifting him up. But he was hanged somewhere and not fallen.

He catches the hand of "Christine" when she bends to check him. And her companions are continuous;y attacking on his hand. But he does not get any harm. Then "Christine" takes the same iron pipe from his friend. And she starts to target his eye. So his eyes are spoiled and he eventually falls down. Here "Jacob" had died. Now three survivors "Christine", "Kira" and his male friend come out of the hotel. They were contented as they defeated "Jacob". But they were also grieved as many of their friends were died along with it. The part one of the movie completes here with it. Now the part 2 will be explained . A hospital is shown as the movie starts. The two people are working where doctoral dissertations on dead bodies are performed. There is one of the lady doctor while other is male doctor.

The name of female doctor is "Amy". And her colleague doctor used to like her. And they both were bosom friends. Next day was the birthday of "Amy". She was very excited on it. Because her co workers used to celebrate her birthday party. She is getting ready to go to her birthday party. Then she gets a news , wait for a moment! Because ambulance is arriving here, There is a patient in a critical condition. So "Amy" has to stay there. Now the inner side of ambulance is shown. Who was that patient? You have noticed the mysterious big hands of "Jacob". Yeah! These hands belonged to him which were still moving. It means that large figure man was still alive. He did not get any harm in spite of falling down from the height. He was just out of conscious. Now "Amy" and her friend bring that unconscious "Jacob" in the hospital. And they treat him. First of all, they measure his weight. It was 350 kg. He was tallest. He was not called gigantic without any cause.

They notice that he is still alive in spite of receiving many wounds. "Amy" says that he is so larger and gigantic so these wounds would be minor for him. Getting time, "Amy" comes to another room. There were many dead bodies lying there. And these were covered with a piece of cloth. Suddenly, those dead bodies are revived and begin to stand. "Amy" is very scared. But she knows that those were her friends. Who were acting , taking the form of dead bodies. She was scared because there was going to start the celebration time of her birthday party. There is also the brother of "Amy" in that party.

When he knows that male doctor is going to propose his sister, having the affections, Then he says to him, Keep yourself away from my sister! Otherwise, there will be the bad consequences! There is also another girl named "Tamara". "Tamara" and her friend go in the same room where "Jacob" was lying unconscious. As being mischievous girl, "Tamara" begins to tease "Jacob". Thinking as he is dead. His friend forbids her saying, Don't do it! You don't know how dangerous murderer he was! They start their conversation. They notice , turning back that "Jacob" is not at his place. Seeing it, both are afraid. And the light is also switched off all of a sudden. Both friends sense as "Jacob" is exactly after them. And they were sensing accurately. "Jacob" was exactly beside them. So he puts Tamara's friend into death here. "Tamara" begins to scream. Then all people in the hospital move towards her.

On the opposite side, "Jacob" goes to the place where his mother's dead body was lying. He had ended her matriarch in the part I of the movie. He was feeling sorry on it and also repenting. Then he puts on a placed mask there. And he picks some placed tools there. It means those instruments which were used in postmortem.
It means he takes his life. On the other side, No one was finding out "Tamara". Hearing her voice, an employee on wheel chair approaches there. "Jacob" notices that employee and drags him, hooking him. Due to it, that poor one falls down. Then "Jacob" gives him the eternal sleep , coming there. It means he takes his life. Contrarily, when "Amy" and his brother observe the dead body of their friend, They are very frightened.

Then Amy's brother takes a knife with him. And he leaves to search for "Jacob". There was also another girl along with "Amy" and her brother. She was the friend of Amy's brother. Three of them leave in search of "Tamara". Fortunately, they find out "Tamara". "Tamara" tells all that "Jacob" will soon appear to kill us. We will immediately have to escape from here. But "Amy" says, No! Her friend is alone. The same friend who was going to propose her. He was quite alone where he was present. Suddenly, "Jacob" appears before him who is about to end her , But he runs away, rescuing his life. It means, he strikes with the four friends. Now five friends were with one another. "Jacob" was not leaving to chase them. And he kills one of the girls, capturing her. Whom Amy's brother used to like. The rest of the four people hide at a place, coming there. But "Jacob" casts a glance at "Tamara".

And he slaughters her with a big knife. Now he moves towards Amy's brother from there. And he lifts him in the air while choking him. Amy's brother is also attempting to end him with a knife but of no use. "Jacob" takes along with him, lifting him. Now only "Amy" and her friend were survived at the backside. "Amy" starts to weep thinking "Jacob" grabs her brother. All of a sudden, she hears his brother's voice and starts moving there. She reaches that room where her brother was present. He was laid on a stretcher. He warns both of them, Run away! Suddenly, a chain crosses his body as someone had attacked from the bottom of stretcher. Actually, "Jacob" was hidden under that stretcher, holding a chainsaw. Now he moves towards both of them after killing Amy's brother. "Amy" was in aggression at the death of her brother. So she begins to attack him but "Jacob" protects himself from every attack. On the opposite side, he is nearly to cut "Amy" with that chainsaw. At the same time, Amy's friend approaches there.

And he takes her with him after rescuing. Meanwhile, he had also been wounded. Now they run to the cellar while running. There is well built gate made of iron. They close it so that "Jacob" may not enter. And it happens the same as "Jacob" neither is able to break that gate nor he opens. "Amy" and his friend go inside. Fortunately, they glimpse a window. Amy's friend says to her, Go outside and call the police! I am here! I will struggle best that "Jacob" may not come outside.

"Amy" comes out of the window, doing so. But "Jacob" comes there. He had not seen "Amy", going out. So "Amy" immediately enters through the same route. "Amy" tells her friend, Our found route had also been searched to come inside by "Jacob". Let's move to another place! They both start to run. "Jacob" had also entered during this time period. There is a locked door as they move ahead. The chain of Jacob's chainsaw crosses the door as "Amy" was going to open the door. And it targets directly the abdomen of "Amy". Consequently, "Amy" dies at the spot. Now Amy's friend was in aggression here. This insane large figure man killed all of my friends! Above all, he was most anguished at the death of "Amy". Now he wanted to take revenge. He hides himself at a place. So he may kill "Jacob" while attacking as he enters. When "Jacob" enters and Amy's friend start to attack him, Then "Jacob" captures him.

And he leaves him wounded after beating badly. But he says, I am never going to accept my defeat! I will surely end him. Then he turns on a embalming equipment, extracting a chemical. There was fixed needle on its point. He pushes that embalming equipment into the body of "Jacob". So that chemical begins to penetrated in his body. "Jacob" begins to feel feebleness due to this. "Jacob" falls down. Amy's friend thinks as "Jacob" is no more now.

And he leaves that place. Taking his car, Amy's friend starts to drive away. Then traffic barrier appears on the way. He begins to remove that traffic barrier, getting off his car. When he starts to move into his car, he checks that, His car door is open. It is also possible that "Jacob" may be alive, And he might have seated in his car. Then Amy's friend starts scaring. But "Jacob" was not in the car but behind it. "Jacob" also ends him, pulling his eyes out. Now "Jacob" had taken the lives of everyone. The movie completes on this scene. Thanks for watching and your time!.

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