(SECRET WEBSITES) Websites That Can Help You Make Money Online (Growth Money Making Website 2021)

welcome welcome let me show you these websites 
that nobody is showing to you i want you to know   that here today i'm going to show to you three 
websites that has to do with avali marketing and i   mean those of us who are going to be making money 
using affiliate marketing i will show three to you   for you if you want to establish any business 
online and you really want to set up and make   tons of money online i'll show another three and 
then i'll go to another three for content creation   if you want to be like me and make some money 
online by creating content this is african giant   where i teach make money online and my name is 
blessing Kolawole let's scroll straight into it   the first one is impact.com i can tell you from 
people that live in the third world countries   like nigeria ghana senegal tunisia kenya we have 
a lot of problems with clickbank digital although   we have the way we open this year but it's not 
trustworthy so what do you do come to impact.com   i can tell you i've been using impact for a few 
uh months almost run into a year and they are   fantastic most of the big brands are on these 
most of the big brands around these at least i   use impact for namecheap i use it for grammarly 
i use it for canva and these are incredible   platforms that can let you make money online 
through selling their products so what do you   do i always recommend use epic browser always use 
epic browser that's what i use and i want you to   also use it so you guys know story that touches 
and it pays well without any idea of anything   you get money by paypal which is incredible 
that's the first one number two is appsumo.com appsumo.com i got to know appsumo when i wanted to 
do a free giveaway and i had to put up something   for them and then they expanded and increased 
and expanded in fantastic way of earning you   can handle unlimited income up to 100 commission 
peripheral each hundred percent of sales when   you'll find new appsumo customer and up to 
five percent on sales of existing customer   cards at fifty dollar per hour i mean per order so 
incredible way of making money okay let me go to   the third one share a sale now i have dedicated 
tutorials that i'm going to pop up on these so   if you want anything of this nature to know how to 
open up to get approved that to you know send your   uh messages to clients i mean to brands so that 
they can pick you up because that's necessary as   well just go to the comment and say african giant 
show me the whatever name you want affiliates so   they'll know that's what you want but then you can 
you know make a lot of money on should i sell as   well i want to move quickly like i told you there 
is what you can do now if you really want to go   into uh business now this is one of it nimtech by 
ch underscore k that's how it sounds check over 30   domains and more than 92 accounts the reason why 
i love these is not just to go to maybe namecheap   and check if your the domain name is available but 
whatever name you're using as a brand name you can   check as well what they have on social media 
you understand i'm saying for example let's do   african giants i just wanted us to know and then 
i click on i'm not a robot i'm not a robot why   are you disturbing my peace i'm not able to human 
oh now we are together okay then i hit on search sorry bear with me i just wanted you to see this 
because the social media is actually what i enjoy   and then you cannot have the variations of what 
we have that is available that means my direct   african giant is not available but you now go 
over to user names on all of these platforms   youtube facebook you see them they are loading up 
the ones that are already taken will be marked in   red absolutely i'm sure i'm the one on youtube 
facebook and twitter and all of this and even   tick tock but you see the ones in green are the 
ones that are not used right that's exactly how   this slideshare is there paypal is here you know 
all of these they will mark it incredible so that   you don't need a brand name you notice on facebook 
they have used your name you can do this when you   are buying a website as well that's why i brought 
this to you very smooth also you can use luca.com   for your logo so let's say i'm still 
sticking with african giants okay   just go through these get started and 
then this can design your beautiful   brand for you using a ipod platform and design 
it's incredible and then you can have lots of   free designs just go through this i'm not going 
to waste your time because now you have to fill in   some things but they are going to create for you 
wonderful wonderful designs next is teleport hq   dot io now for those of us who want to build a 
website without coding this can let you do it and   you can start it for free that's the beauty of it 
look at this find beautiful websites just as much   as you can and it's just by dropping and pasting 
just dropping and pasting you can start this for   free and do all forms of website designs so that 
you can start your business now and start making   money now that templates just drag and drop next 
is rytl without me now there's no business you   would start you have to run facebook ads you have 
to run landed pages copies you have to do product   designs if you're selling products you have to 
do story plots you have to do about those pages   instagram posts you have to write that's just 
all i'm saying all together you have to write   so now even youtube descriptions taglines and 
headlines you have to write so rytr is an ai   writing assistant that can help you create 
high quality content in just a few seconds   although there is money involved here but you 
can still start for free you can just see this is   like 29 if you're starting let's see that you can 
put this on zero and let's see what pops up there   and then i refresh you know so it's incredible 
you can actually start these and get something   beautiful out of this writing ai and i'm not going 
to stay alone at this i want to help especially   people that are bloggers and are interested in 
writing now when you want to rank on any blogging   site wordpress or whatever you are hosting you 
need to have backlinks now setting up backlinks is   very expensive especially if you want to pay for 
it but then there is what we call at a reporter   what happened reporter does is you save your 
journalists or your source to any of your blog   posts now you can look for sources here we call 
it arrow for short basically and when you reach   out to the hours they were reaching out you can 
register and then they send you things that they   want sources to so if they see you as the source 
they link back to you these reporters are heavy   every reporters and i mean every atlas that have 
huge backlinks and authority or domain when they   link to you once you can actually get tons and 
tons of traffic and also you get quality healthy   backlinks so we use this to create backlinks which 
is important if a blogger you know what i'm saying   and it's fantastic now we also have krello.com 
don't worry like this video and subscribe to   this channel so that you can see everything money 
making i teach everything from beginning to the   ending and i have two surprises for you at the end 
of this tutorial and i'll get into it shortly now   free graphic design tool to epi create impressive 
content in minutes i'm sure most of us know canva   which is cool but and by the way i'm bringing in 
camber for a lot of us you know the three versions   we're using at go through but i'm creating 
something fantastic that could work but a   lot of us for free and all of that i'll get that 
soon shortly you get the you know notification   from our community page on this channel okay so 
creative facebook pages and these are incredible   designs you can use for your instagram and know 
check out clello.com we have general dot l y   genius.ly look i told you if it's all about 
creating content you don't want to miss this out   it works i see if it's like a cover interface or 
you can create it simply by dragging and dropping   of templates as simple as this as you see it 
this will work and you can actually start for   free this is it create presentations infographics 
another sony content by yourself or for your team   and start it for free that's what genial.ly does 
i'm moving straight over to where i wanted to be   animaker.com let me tell you for months i learned 
this to do animated you know video content but you   don't have to do that again look at it you can 
create animations video by just dragging and   dropping templates so as simple as that 
and just like that you have a powerful   uh movement powerful animations fully designed 
the way you want and it will do the character   especially and this is fantastic as well the 
good thing is it can render 4k videos that's if   you want the high resolution you can do that now 
where i'm going to basically is this two things   are involved here i told you one is a giveaway the 
others are the information that i want you to have   look at this website i mean this uh channel is 
by mosh it's called programming with mosh if   you follow me on this channel you know i said by 
december this year i'm going to learn programming   so i've started the you know framework on it and 
you know people teach rubbish online i must tell   you the truth unless you know a lot of people are 
still watching some channels now the reason you're   not making money online is because of those 
channels they're teaching you a [ __ ] that   does not work and you keep you know looking at 
them and then you are not neither there or there   confusing yourself i know it's a problem but then 
i already got the best of the best of programmers   online that can teach me and like i always tell 
you i learn everything online i don't go to   basic schools and the name is programming with 
mush so if you're interested in programming let's   go this is it i'll show you this so that you can 
follow up i'm sure by the end of the next year   before the end of next year i will be a certified 
programmer running programs across everything   the reason i'm doing this was because i wanted 
to create myself uh the keyword research tool for   youtube and google i want to make something like 
that and that's exactly why i'm running into this   and i'm going to start in december i'm already 
doing through framework and physicality now to the   big one please head over now to 247 cash dollars 
and this is a giveaway for all the jazz community   i'm giving away 50 000 naira to okay not directly 
to one person basically you click on forum don't   worry about the first one that pulls out because 
i don't know on mobile it's good on desktop is not   but then click on forum because that's why i 
really want it done if you click on forum it's   going to open the forum which is our forum chat 
forum by the way if you have not signed up to it   please do and then you can see african giants away 
20 21 i want to do this every three three months   and then i'm starting i'm starting now in the last 
quarter of this year giving back to our society is   a thing with cherisher the five people who win 
2000 each but then what you have to do is simple   just put your name here let me see i put cooler 
and then you can just add a gmail and then you   click on join the giveaway it's as simple as that 
as soon as you join the giveaway that's not all   because you have one or two things to do that's 
simple things it's not like you have to do any   ridiculous or big thing you can see it's just a 
part participating in this link click below okay   now i'm supposed to make a video and put it 
here i hope i'm not lazy nowadays well nice   and easy then you can see what's going on here 
you follow our instagram page you click this   if you take it to the instagram page this these 
are points it's going to be counting the points   and the number of points you have i think it's 
one one per point or something so here you can   see african characters just happy just click on 
follow okay i'm not signed in so you just click on   follow and then that's all you go back you follow 
the facebook page it's just by recommending first   community all of us are still going to benefit 
from this basically now you can see we have   1200 members here so you click on join group 
and that's that one then for youtube channel   obviously i expect us to have subscribed to 
this youtube channel already i think you guys   assignments that make you win and this is like 
every three three months i'm gonna be doing   this giveaway from now till and then i'm gonna 
be increasing the prices as we go on and then   you now have shed is linked to five friends now 
this is one point one point one point five points   so this is the eight point in all that's what 
we do so this is a link all you have to do is   copy this link and paste it anywhere maybe on 
whatsapp on youtube just to promote to five people   this software here will calculate everything 
and you know pick it up and that's pretty much   everything you have to do and then winners will 
be announced you see this we as we convert back   contacted via emails and announced on african 
giants youtube channel i'll announce it when we   get it done i think the last day for these 
will be 20th of december that's when i'll   do the announcement of this if you enjoyed this 
video please like this video so that you spread   to more people and subscribe to this channel i'll 
see you in this next tutorial because i want you   to start making money now via freelancing 
click on this now and let's get into it

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