Scam Alert: Amazon work from home jobs

currently has more than 250 work for huh work from home jobs listed on its website but people are being approached by con artists looking to hire them for remote jobs that don't exist here to talk about the potential financial and legal dangers of all of that is Aaron Duffner with the Better Business Bureau good morning to you can see so tell us a little bit exactly what's going on with this scam well what's happening is that people are being contacted saying that they're from somebody saying that they're from Amazon or maybe a third-party retailer and really the hook is it sounds really great how can you pass up an offer that's either $20 an hour or up to $6,000 a month so for those looking for work or maybe even want to make a little extra money certainly the holidays are closer than we'd probably like them to be it sounds like a really good deal and that's the hook yeah that is a very good hook tied bite so tell me what happens then after they you know you take the bite and what are they doing well people are reporting to BBB scam tracker that a couple of different issues in fact there's one consumer who said that she was paid forty really claims to be paid forty dollars an hour to have a product shipped to her check quality control and then ship it out which is something something certainly we could say absolutely that would be something that Amazon would pay me for but a couple of different things number one what crooks are doing is they are either sending stolen items or stealing people's credit cards purchasing items and then having these people forward their packages a lot of times to foreign countries so it's almost like laundering almost stolen goods oh my gosh that is not where I thought this story was going Wow scary really frightening it is scary and you know everything seemed legitimate according to her reports to BBB and so the moment that she found out she wasn't getting paid she wasn't getting her $40 that she was promised per package that's really when the light bulb went off for her and the other problem with this situation is that this company had all of her personal information so there's a couple of different things here free work laundering stolen goods and then possible identity theft Wow and so what can people do if they want to make sure they're not scammed well the first thing is make sure that you're going to website as you mentioned to look for all of those jobs a lot of them are remote jobs they might be driving around delivering packages but look for those things that might be concerning if anybody's asking you to repackage an item send it overseas if they're looking for personal information not willing to give you a formal job description or have you sign anything or if the offer sounds too good to be true six thousand dollars a month is great for anybody regardless of what they're saying you know that you're going to do and certainly again the holidays are are coming up and we might see more of these but these work from home scams working remotely bee bee bees rip been reporting on those for decades so this is just another twist it just seems unlikely Amazon's gonna reach out to you you would reach out to Amazon for the job right and some of those red flags aren't necessarily there so some people are getting pop-up ads maybe they're shopping for something some people are reporting to BBB that they're actually getting calls maybe they were looking for a job remotely put in their information their phone number to be contacted and then it sounds like it really is somebody from Amazon so those are some of the things it can get really really scary and but at the same time it can really sound legitimate so you just have to be careful and look for something that sounds too good to be true and of course they can always go to your websites right right would give it to us go to BBB org and certainly all you know if you think you are being scammed check out scam tracker and it'll have a list of all the scams that are being reported across the country Erin thank you so much for joining us this morning to see all right guys we'll be right back

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