Red Dead Redemption 2 Online – *UPDATED* Easiest Way To Make Money ONLINE

What's up guys and welcome to another
video today I will be updating you with a better version of yesterday's video if
you haven't seen that video then I will leave a link in the description down
below, by watching that it will give you two different locations to do this
method. Also on top of that I just want to say a massive thank you for support
on that video as of recording this it is on 16,000 views with over 200 likes so
THANK YOU! Anyway getting into this video what you're gonna want to do is head
over to Saint Denis and pretty much what you're gonna do is just hunt round there
it is such a good location and I want to say a massive thank you yet again to
everyone that commented on the last video telling me to hunt round Saint Denis
and what to look out for, it has helped me so much.

Yesterday we was making around about 10-20 dollars somewhere between there this time we are making at least $35
every time we go back to the butchers to go and sell all of our stuff
round Saint Denis what you're gonna find is alligators, boars, snakes, snapping
turtles, toads but more importantly a bunch of different types of birds.
The problem with hunting in Blackwater is you'll find Bisons, Bucks, Cougars and all
of them are they're good but they take up a lot of space on your horse which is
very very irritating if you then get a bison you get Cougars start skin and
stuff like that and you run out of space and you want to start looking for some
smaller animals the best you can do is actually just get rabbits guys the
complete opposite for Saint Denis once you go there what I do is I normally go
and get an alligator get some boar skins and then I will go and hunt a bunch of
different birds as I'm telling you this you're probably thinking that birds will
not be going for that much but you will be wrong if you get the right birds
their feathers go for a lot.

Birds like hawks, heron, vultures all of their
feathers go for at least one dollar and 50 cent and every time you go and get
one you normally get one or two different feathers so you're making
$3.00 per bird which is very very good what will normally happen is once I
finished hunting I will go back to the butchers I'll sell my stuff and most of
the stuff I will sell and I'll get like 10-15 dollars and then
get to the feathers and then it starts going up to like 20 pushing on to nearly
30 dollars every time which is very very good the feathers are a massive part of
making money for me right now they are very very good on top of hawk, heron,
vultures you got a bunch of other stuff you can get like Raven carcasses which
don't go for too much but you know it just adds on top you can get a lot of
them, you'll get ducks yet again those feathers don't go for much but it just
builds on top and also I believe for every single bird that you go and hunt
what you get is a flight feather and those go for like 15 cents but you'll
get a ton of them if you don't get at least 10 I I don't know what you're
doing wrong but you'll easily get 10 plus you're probably pushing 20 maybe
even 30 which is a very very good amount of money and it doesn't take that
long to do.

Similarly to when I was hunting in Blackwater
I probably hunt for about 10 minutes and travel back, travelling back to Blackwater
because the Bisons the Cougars the Bucks they were so close it took maybe a
maximum of a minute to travel back into Blackwater to actually sell everything
to the butchers but Saint Denis you have to travel a bit further out which
is a bit more irritating but like I said you're getting twice maybe even three
times as much money for your time so I mean it sort of weighs out the journey
in it makes sense the only problem with this method is I think I hunt too much
and I get too many different animal parts from Bird feathers, meats, flight
feathers from alligators all the way to birds like this there's a wide variety of
stuff that when I go back to the butchers and sell my stuff sometimes it
just stops me from selling my stuff it says that I can press A I press A and
nothing will happen it won't go it won't sell
I don't know whether or not that's a bug with this game or whether or not it's
just that I've sold too much it's not gonna buy everything that I'm selling I
know at some point if you actually listen in to the butcher he starts
saying !oh I don't need this but I'll take it anyway" so I don't know if I go
above and beyond that point to the point where he's like "Nah, I'm not gonna go and
take this anymore" but that is the only problem if you just go and leave for a
bit walk around the shop around there
and then come back maybe a minute 2 minutes later you can resell everything
again so there isn't a problem with that also it doesn't affect the price of
anything so it's not if he has too much of something he's gonna drop the price
so that he'll buy off you none of that problem you just need to
save it.

Stuff in the back of your horse on the stow sell that stuff first
otherwise if you've got like a you come across a buck, a boar something like that in fact I don't think you could put Boars on the back of the horse but if you came
across something that you put on the back of course it will start to rot
maybe you actually pick up a bird and actually store out on your stow and
that is probably the first thing you're gonna want to sell, feathers all of that
stuff don't worry about you can store them in your satchel and that is the
good thing about this method because you're not wasting your horse space you
are using your satchel and your satchel can hold a lot of different items so
that is why I'm making so much money.

Yet again and I said it for the Blackwater
one yesterday, as soon as I start getting the correct weapons the varmint rifle is
a very very good one for hunting small animals like birds or rabbits I will
start getting perfect hides which will just make this method even better I was
saying yesterday that I think I could have got my at Blackwterl maybe up to
twenty or even thirty dollars this one were easily getting thirty five
dollars every time so maybe I could be pushing towards that fifty or sixty
dollar mark every time I go out hunting and then come back to sell everything to
the butchers anyway that is a quick update from yesterday's video I hope
guys did enjoy if you did enjoy don't forget to leave a like and subscribe but
anyway for now I'm going so see ya

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