Red Dead Redemption 2 Online – Easiest Way To Make Money ONLINE

What's up guys and welcome to another
video today I'll be showing you one of the easiest ways to make money on Red
Dead Redemption online. Before we get into the video make sure you leave a
like make sure you subscribe and also make sure you turn on notifications. The grind for Red Dead online is real by completing the main story missions you
will get only about 150 to 200 dollars and that will take around about four
hours to complete that is why I have resorted to this method now this method
what I'm doing is very very easy anyone can do it I've seen a few tutorials
online of people going into PvP and playing that way getting like 10, 11
dollars every couple of minutes which is very good but that does mean that you
have to be a skillful player with this method you don't have to be skillful and
I'm gonna show you what you'll get if you did it the worst possible way and
you'll still making quite a bit of money considering how this game is right
now but pretty much what you want to do is head to Blackwater and just above
Blackwater you're just gonna roam around there and hunt.

Round there you can find
Bisons, bucks, rabbits, different types of deers as well
as other animals. I think you got Cougars to the left of it there's a lot
of different stuff going around Blackwater and what you're gonna do is hunt
them now with the footage that you're seeing on your screen I have not got the
best weapons I have two weapons to my name that is a pistol and a rifle and it
is not a good rifle is the first rifle that you get when starting the game it
is not the correct rifle to be hunting with it's taken two or three shots for
me to kill animals I'm not aiming for the head I'm getting poor hides but I'm
doing it a lot now what I've been doing is after I've
hunted all those I would go into Blackwater and sell them and after every visit I'm
getting at least $10 I would probably hunt for about seven minutes and then
head back in that I'll have a couple rabbits I'll have quite a few different
hides and I'll either have a buck laying on top of the back of my horse or I'll
have some bison hide which is very very expensive but everything that I have is
in poor condition and I'm still making ten dollars once you get to a hundred
dollars which will not take that long it'll take
roundabout all of you to get $100 what you're gonna want to do is start
upgrading your weapons now at the moment I do not know where I can get a bow and
arrow if anyone knows please tell me please leave it in the comments down
below because I'll help me massively but I believe you can get a varmint rifle
for free I went to go to a gun store as well as a few other weapons you can get
for free as soon as you get them you will be making a lot more money your
hides will be good especially with a varmint rifle what you can do is start
getting perfect hides once your hunting rabbits at that point I believe we can
be easily making twenty dollars at least every every time you visit Blackwater to
go and sell all your stuff at the butchers I did say earlier the different
animals that are round black what you've got bison, bucks, rabbits but the ones you
want to look out for the most or not the ones but the one is a cougar.

A cougar is
very very expensive even if you have it in very very poor condition I managed to
come across one it was by accident it was before I even started to think about
doing this as a actual method to make money in Red Dead Redemption online it
just out of the blue attacked me I ended up killin it. I think I put four bullets
into it so yet again it was very very poor meat, poor hide but I laid that on the
back of my horse went back into Blackwater and managed to sell it for I
think just over five dollars I think it was five dollars and five cents or something like
that which is very very good so I highly recommend you do the same thing anyway
that is just a quick video on how I've been making up my money on Red Dead
Redemption online I will be definitely be bringing out some other videos to
show you how other ways different ways to be making money online it is an
incredible grind right now I've only been playing it for two hours and I
think I'm like on 120 dollars which is very very good for what's been happening
for other people like I said right at the beginning if you were to do all the
main stories which I I do recommend doing but you're only gonna get 150 to
200 dollars and it does take about four hours traveling from the right hand side
of map all the way down to tumbleweed which
it is kind of crazy it's kind of crazy especially once you've got a horse with
very very low stamina but anyway guys that is the end of the video I hope you
guys did enjoy if you did enjoy don't forget to leave a li ke and subscribe
but for now I'm going, so see ya

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