RE-USE Videos and Earn $20,000/Mo | How To Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Making Videos Yourself

on this video i want to show you today how you can earn hundreds of dollars every day online and all the way up to twenty thousand dollars plus and even more i'm going to show you how to make money on youtube without ever showing your face without being on camera without use your own voice and you can start watching this video right away and make anything up to a hundred thousand dollars a year if you are interested and you want to know how to do it for free keep watching what's going on with you alan again here from the smart money tactics channel and today i want to show you how you can reuse others' videos to make money on youtube absolutely for free, i want to show you a niche it's absolutely blowing up and you can directly get started after watching this video, so if you have not yet subscribed go to my channel but go to the bottom of the hit button for subscriber, turn all the on
notifications so every time I enter a message announce one of this brand new videos 's so we can make money together online today guys I want to show you how people use the luxury niche or how they use a niche called you know the billionaire lifestyle to create these very simple 5
to 15 minute videos and you can the exactly the same and you do not have to create any of these videos I want to show you how channels are used other YouTube videos make very simple collages and make well over twenty thousand dollars a month I want to show you and give you a massive bonus of how can you double down and I'll give you everything you need to get started on this video so make sure you look to the end to get these bonuses so if you look at this niche here guys call the luxury lifestyle nation, I give you examples and evidence of channels that do this but actually they get hundreds of thousands of views and as you can see it literally has the title billionaire lifestyle billionaire luxury billionaire luxury lifestyle etc and if you scroll down here like me said these videos get hundreds of thousands of views and i will show you channels here now the first channel i want to show you here guys this one here it is called lifelong winners okay and if you come watch these thumbs it is basically a thumbnail of a car from a boat from a house you know it's just luxury guys, some people use jets with which they use watches speedboats etc.

or else they all use them and I will show you where you can get these royalty-free images and it is very simple to make one of them these thumbnails guys and many of them use very similar you know these keywords and these titles in their videos over and over and it's not this person post every day post he posted a video a day ago and then three days ago then six days ago and they are literally four minutes eight minutes videos okay and it's just a collage of this expensive cars expensive houses expensive yachts and I will show you exactly how they are doing because they do not actually make these videos themselves are not on camera and they earn a lot of money how much money is it on youtube make good if you do it go watch channel here guys we can see here that they get 1.1 million views every month and on average you can see that they are
sometimes up to 50,000 times every month I can now watch tell you that this type of niche has a pretty good cpm guys it would anything be eight to ten dollars and maybe even their tpm because it's luxurious, it's a lifestyle and these channels that get pretty good cpm cpm of anything up to ten dollars guys thoed are twenty thousand dollars now i'm going to show you how every month can double and make even more money, so if your CPM is a bit let's say five dollars and that's make your ten thousand dollars a month not bad for something you do not even have to create then I'll show you how you can double down with affiliate marketing to make even more money with youtube guys this is one channel here is another channel here called vyb okay it has 336 000 subscribers as you can see again money magnet new year new you visualize your goal okay so i am rich all these manifestations good guys are really good because i'm going to show you how you can double down with this stuff and as you guys can see, these videos some of them are a bit longer but generally you know 15 minutes 10 have some of these t he's here for an hour okay and they are all collages if you come here and watch one of these different videos and the best thing about these guys is that they are all earning money and I show you how they do it and how they are getting along with others' videos okay and when you also watch this channel guys you can see that they get as many as 42,000 views every day and also as you can see daily average of about 40,000 views will get him anything to you know 400 dollars a day it's very good money again guys for another channel that if you watch here he is posting a week ago four days ago two videos a week so make him 400 a day not bad not here is another channel over here this one is called nine a figure live also again this person about it, he posts very very similar content about two to three videos per week thumbnail is very much the same and also this person gets anything up to if we to their channel watch here about 32 to 56 000 times guys every day and it will make you into something 500 Let me show you this channel one day here I want to show you how to put it all together so you can do it and make money online because I know you want to put it together so if we come to this channel here it's called the building empire it's luxury lifestyle, now i can not believe this channel is number one to make money number two they do not even use their own videos number three what they pay credit and show you what channels they use and how they do it now, some of these channels they do guys are actually using voice prompts from other channels where they use motivational quotes motivational speeches and they put it on their channel this person uses here now only music you can get royalty-free music from youtube itself or what you can do is just watch, you know the rule is free music on youtube and you can download it there are channels that give you that music, so as j y come here, guys, I want to click on video here, so I basically came and clicked on this video if you come here, you can see it there is playing an ad on their channel so they make money and if you scroll down here, is i want to show you something look a little bit on this he shows this person you where they get their content from so he comes over and says video credits and then here you can see he has yachts for sale so if we open it channel he has john olson open this channel Bentley opens this channel Austin Martin opens this channel Rover let's open this channel he shows you where he got his music from and then he shows you where he came syneum thumbnails are well made but you can make this yourself thumbs up then he has an copyright disclaimer then here guys he literally says that if anyone is having problems with the videos he is used to contact him and he will remove those videos so he did not contact these companies and ask permission he use ee simple their videos small snippets 20 second excerpts okay maybe 30 seconds apart so I'm going to show you this at the moment and creating these videos and then he's putting it all together and he's getting thousands of views on his channel so late me it removed ad and i will show you this video everyone real guys so i'm just going to play it i will play the music fast for a bit and then i will get rid of the sound so you can see exactly what is happening here if you can see they have cars, it's just luxury lifestyle so i'm going to remove the music again and i will move it forward okay so these are all royalty free images he got for these different types of videos guys this is his videos not right like you has not seen is a famous promotional video for yachts if we move it forward, you are going to see all these different videos for yachts but then he also uses these videos as you saw you know Austin Martin and then he is used ande r car companies well and he is putting it all together and he creates these videos and people like to watch these videos if you can see he gets tens of thousands of views and you can do exactly the same thing as you can put videos together and you do not have to film anything if you can see there is nothing on camera there is no voice there is nothing so how would you do something very similar like you saw I came here guys and I opened all these different YouTube channel so you can see exactly what he is doing and you can repeat one of these channels to make money on YouTube and get paid tens of thousands of dollars every single month but make sure you keep watching because I want to show you how to double down with this niche and make more more money and if you like this video do not forget to smash that kind of button in appreciation like you guys saw we opened it channel he is to get content from what austin is martin we opened here what is landro far we opened this channel here yachts for sale okay and as you can see you know some of these videos guys we watch here with Bentley as well these are promotional videos of one minute one minute and 40 seconds promotional videos and all you need to do, let's say you came here and you opened let's say for example Austin Martin and they let you know six seconds video or they are one minute here and 21 video or this one here 39 seconds you would click on this video guys here , you can interrupt it if there is an ad level that is not there then all you have to do from here is guys come here grab this url here so you will come here copy this url then you would overcome, you can to go
google and you can just search for mp4 downloader for example and if you open the first result iv it will take you to a website that looks like all you need to do is paste that channel here or that video here sorry and then do not click to t e link and what is going to happen it is going to download the video directly from on your computer
there all you need to do is to come over and download a software like which is absolutely
free then grab the file and download it on this video editing software and then you can delete or remove how much of the video you want to use on your own video okay and you can make a collage of this use a video of Austin Martin use a video of Land Rover use a yacht video and find all these other videos and then pay credit for this just created person has here and he talks about how he pays credit to these channels how it helps them promote their channel and he earns money from YouTube is not you do not know that copyright strikes him or do anything and as you can see here, we make it videos to educate others in a motivating inspiration form we do not own the video and the music used in us videos if any owners of the content clips you want know want us to remove them video, we will do it as soon as possible contact us just so everything you need to do guys have something like this exactly so in describing your video they will contact you, they will contact you ask remove it you can remove it and then you will not have any problems because you can also drive traffic to their channels and as you can see they pay credit to all these videos so once you get here guys you are simply creating the video what you want to set up now if you look at these videos here you can see that they use tags in their videos you can do something similar you can use a very similar description and you can use these tags now to see these tags you want do you want to download a software called vid iq I will have a link in my
description there is a free version you can use it will show you all these different labels so you can do exactly the same you can repeat these tags, create many similar videos and start uploading it on youtube because you can make a lot of money with youtube with advertising revenue and also with affiliate marketing that i am going to show you how to do within a second so vid iq is very important to help you arrange these videos and show you exactly what labels it's used to labels to make these thumbnails are very simple all you have to do is go to a website like click on to create a design for example as soon as you click on it to create a design go to custom size, just type 1920 in at 1080 okay because what is it is a standard YouTube thumbnail size and once you are here you simply need to get an image of
somewhere now that you can do you can come to sites like and once you go if you type luxury, for example not only can you also get luxury videos but you can a
get a whole bunch of luxury photos there 16,000 photos here of luxury photos of cars and watches I mean look look at this photo below this one you have a pool here you have a house here here you can literally come here and get a whole bunch of these different images to use in you thumbnails royalty free and then all you have to do guys is simply put whatever you know caption or whatever you want here simply look what it is different channels do I mean watch they just sit billionaire on their thumbnails ivy because their channel is called
build rich lifestyle and they just sit billionaire on each of their thumbnails, you can watch other channels below and see what it is do you can dream big set you can do you know what it is guys do visualize your goals, I am wealthy etc just Just repeat exactly what it is different channels do it seems like billionaires are something and you can do exactly the same so everything you need to do guys come here, for example click on one of these images download this image, for example select the 1920 1080 download it to your computer come over to upload it here and select any one of these different fonts and just put billionaire all over it you want luxurious lifestyles and upload that it as your thumbnail guys are absolutely free to use now one of the things you should do do too and that is the bonus strategy you can use to make even more money with YouTube and especially these niche guys because you do not have to create any of these videos you can literally let yourself know some of these videos in one weekend and upload them for the week so you only reuse the content you have guys can do if you watch one any of these channels you can come here and you can put a link to a affiliate marketing offer and the best affiliate marketing or some of the best affiliate marketing guys offer you can on a nw ebwerf with the name and what works really really well with this niche okay if you come to them market as soon as you sign up when you unroll and you click here on self help it will open this tab then you will all need to come here and click motivating and transformative as soon as you click on it you can scroll up here and you can find all these things different products now you can overcome here and search for example for gravity and as soon as you search for gravity you can come here and look for product here it becomes manifestation miracle called okay average conversion for this product guys is $ 318 and all you have to do is put this product in the top description of your video, so all you have to do is come here and post it here or post it here somewhere down here and from you know what are the monthly visitors you get from the 1 million visitors you visit on your youtube channel guys let's bring my calculator here, let's say you let us say one million people visit your channel okay so let's say one million if 0.02 of the 1 million people click on the link okay so that's about 20,000 people click on the link from a million people a month may sound right okay and out of those 20,000 let's say if we multiply it by 0.01 buy your product, say 200 people buy your product more than realistically good a month and if you say it once, let's say you're promoting a product which on average gives you about $ 75 per sale if you click on it, it's still $ 15,000 a month, but as you guys have seen, the product I showed you is about $ 300 on average, which if you double it you know you can earn 15 to 30 000 per month on affiliate marketing which is about right if you get about a million hits on your channel every month this is why this niche is so profitable guys and gives you tremendous amount of opportunities to make money on youtube it's absolutely free guys and you use other people's again videos create free thumbnails and you can literally get started many of these and repeat different videos these guys do on their channels and you can start right after watching this video it was my video for today guys in a great way you make money can earn youtube reuse other people's videos like you saw guys i gave you a proof of other people do it they crush it absolutely and you can do the same all you have to do is make your own videos get your own music there create a little different and you can make really good money online if you like the video do not forget to crush the kind of button go in appreciation below and sign in because I have great content coming out to help you level up more money online until tomorrow I'm all of smart money tactics you take care of yourselves and goodbye

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