QUICK & EASY MONEY! How To Start Making Money Red Dead Redemption 2 Online (RDR2 Online)

what is up guys and welcome to another
video today I'm gonna show you a different way to make money on Red Dead
online this is a pretty old method I think people knew about this in the
first week of Red Dead online but it is something that I use every now and then
just to make a few dollars here and there and it is something that I keep on
coming back to even though it is not the best method it is not a new method
it is always something there and I haven't done a video on it yet so this
is what this video is gonna be what you're gonna be doing is going to this
location and right here right in this house you can find two sets of jewelry
the first one will be a gold one and a second one will be a platinum one and
all you're doing is pretty much server hoppin you go into a lobby and you go to
this location you can collect one gold piece of jewelry and a platinum one as
soon as you've done that pause the game go all the way down to online and just
find a new Lobby when you spawn in again all happen is you'll spawn in bright
round the corner like I said this is not the best method to grind out money on
Red Dead online if you're gonna need a lot of money but what I use this method
for is when I'm just a couple dollars short of buying something that I want if I
had say a pistol that I wanted to go and get and I say 270 dollars and I have 260
what I would do is quickly go to this location quickly grind out this Method
jump into say five or six different lobbies collecting it go to the fence so
all the jewelry at the fence and then go ground into saint-denis to go to the gun
store and then I'll go and buy that pistol that is what this method is
really good for if you are looking to make hundreds upon hundreds of dollars
maybe even pushing to the thousands I highly recommend doing one of the other
videos that I've already done on this channel panther one was the most recent
one go to rhodes there's a panther there did not know about that panther until i
went down there pretty sick method it gave me like 20 to 23 dollars every
couple minutes which is very good but if you just want a couple dollars here and
there maybe to buy some weapons maybe to buy some clothing maybe you're just short
or something maybe you're just starting off and you want something very very
easy to make money on Red Dead online this is probably the easiest one to do
because all you're doing is holding "X" you'll run to a location you hold X and
three different things and then you just jump out and go into a new lobby it's
it's that easy I had than a video like this before in a
different location the other location was to the side of Valentine that area
is a bit more popular than this area I hardly ever see anyone go to this area
and the first week of Red Dead online people used to use this method non-stop
to make money now there are other ways people know about the fish people know
about the Cougars people know about the Panthers as well as they do showdown
series and also the new game mode gun rush that stuff can make you some decent
money if you win it but this one is still very very good but anyway guys that
is just a quick video of me showing you a different way to make money online I
know this is an old method I know a lot of people gonna be saying get with the times
or this is old method find something new you stole this from someone else well I
did actually do this in the first ever day of Red Dead online I don't know
where I go from it was quite a while ago do not know where I think I might read
it on reddit or something like that I do not know the post cuz it was the first
ever day I didn't do a video on it I just sat there and grind out this method
for a bit when it was useful and now it's all evolved to something where I
only use it every now and then just to go and get a couple dollars as I said in
this video and even though it's not the best method in the world I still wanted
to have it in the playlist of how to make money on Red Dead online so this is
probably more for me than it is for you but anyway guys I hope you guys did
enjoy if you did enjoy don't forget to leave a like and subscribe but for now I'm
going so see ya!

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