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All right y'all man,
Q&A part two with my man, Bam. All right, got a question here from Nick. Was you always eating so
little protein in your hold up, hold up, he has a question mark. He said 70g, he's talking about protein. Yeah. 70g a day is
what you say you eating? That's the lowest I eat.

Okay, so hold on, okay. It says, was you always
eating so little protein in your skinnier days? 'Cause he got a question mark next to 70g so talk about that 70g you was saying. Okay, honestly guys, like with the – I don't do, I don't count calories, I don't calculate how much protein I get. Some days – what I meant,
and I didn't say 70.

I think I remember when
somebody asked me that question and I put 78g. But that's the lowest I get in a day. Okay, 'cause I see
70g all over the place. That's the, yeah that's the lowest. I see a lot,
you said 70 something. That's the lowest I get,
you know what I'm saying? Okay, okay. That's the lowest I get.

It could be, it could be
112 to 150, who knows? Like there's days I get hungry and eat literally every
one and a half hours. You know, of beans, nuts. All the, all the legumes,
all of that stuff. So when they ask that question, I'm saying that's the
lowest amount of protein I get in a day. Okay, also now we have Raul. He says, speak more about protein. 72g, do you feel that's
enough for your size? Yes. So once again, yeah go ahead. Yes. Honestly protein is not the only thing that's gonna help you look in shape.

Yes, it's one of the
most important things, but it's not the only thing. Like, if you run away from carbs, you need carbs to work out, you need carbs for energy
to do things, you know? There's a lot of things
your body needs, you know. Iron… But he says the protein, so he said 72g a day, you feel
that's enough for your size? Yeah. Okay. And like I said, that's not, that's not what I get everyday. Like, maybe on a rest day
where it's like, you know, my metabolism is not running that quick.

That's the lowest, I said
that's the lowest I get. That doesn't meant that's
what I get every day. Like, that's definitely
not what I get every day, but I would say that's
enough for certain days. But it's not, I can't say
that's enough for every day. All right, but that's the minimum? That's the minimum. Exactly, that's the minimum. Okay, this is from Victor. Anything for lower back training? Maybe we gotta do a lower
back training video. For lower back? Yeah, for lower back. What I usually do, I
do a lot of back levers. Okay. Yeah and even squats too. Like, doing heavy squats,
that works on the lower back. Okay. All right, so squats and front
levers, that's what you do? Front levers and back levers. Okay. Back levers, you do for your lower back. This is from Branch. I don't know how to pronounce
his first name, Branch. What's your weekly routine
looking like these days? Man, it's whatever.

I like a challenge, you know. If you like to stick to, to the same routine
everyday, I don't do those. I like to work out with different people. If you guys check out my channel, you see that I'm always working
out with different people to get different ideas
for different workouts. If you do the same routine all the time, especially at, not to
brag, but at my level, if I keep doing the same
routine all the time, my body is not going to grow because it's already used to it. All right, but give
them an example though. He said, what's your weekly routine? Give them an example of
what you do during the week. Give them a example. Okay, okay. Before I got here, I was
saying like I always – what I love to do is pick certain
days to do certain things. Like on a Monday, if I'm doing close grip, everything is close grip. So I'm doing, I'll first
do the palm together and then the diamond for the push-up.

The diamonds – and also when
I'm doing diamonds push-ups, I like to get the core,
get the core engaged. Same thing, I'll do
like, closed leg squats. And with the closed grip, I'll
do the closed grip pull-ups and I'll switch the grip,
I'll do sets of that too. Switching, everything's closed grip. Another day, everything is wide grip. So wide pull-ups, switching the grips too. Wide, doing ten reps
of those, of each sets. And also, wide push-ups and wide squats. And another day, I'll just
do regular with one arms. So regular pull-ups, regular push-ups, regular squats, with the one
arm push-ups, one arm pull-ups, And then the pistol squats.

So that's how I used to
do my routine, thank you. Okay, all right,
this is from Peter. Any injuries so far,
any injuries this year? Yeah man, a lot of them. The bugs is getting
you, let's walk over here, man. The bugs is getting you. A lot of tendonitis,
I'll say, right here. And also on the knees
from like, doing squats. Okay. So that's why I laid
off the one arm pull ups. And we just did a video, isometrics. Isometrics really help from like – to me personally, doing isometrics
helps prevents injuries. Like you know, it's the best way.

Like let's say you're injured. If you just do, if you
just work on the isos, you'll get stronger. Okay, this is from Meatpole. Once again, 72g of
protein a day is very low. He's saying now 72g a day is
very low, he's five foot nine. 70kg is about what, 150 pounds. He's trying to get to
160g of protein a day. But if you get 72g, you look like the man. So what do you think about
him, 160g of protein? That could work for him. Like I said, everybody's
body is different, you know? I tell people what I do, how I eat, but that doesn't mean
you should follow it. My body type is different
from your body type. You might need to consume more protein to get to where you want to get to. I might need to consume less. Our bodies are different, you know? So it's not like, "Hey, if you don't "get this amount of protein,
you're gonna be skinny." Nah, some people might just need that.

Some people are satisfied with
72g, some people need more. And like I said, that's the
minimum amount of protein I'm getting, that doesn't mean
that's how much I get a day. Okay, it says, also Meatpole says he gets his protein – somebody says he gets his protein he gets his protein from fish. Meatpole, he gets protein from fish. And he says, what do you
think about the black lentils? People be sleeping on those. Yep, people sleep on
the black lentils, man. I feel like that's the best
source of protein period. It's a natural source and honestly, very low in saturated fat. Like I said in the video
we did in the past, all these meats has saturated
fats, which is not too bad, but it's like, if you're
really trying to get that lean definition, it's always good to go on
a natural black beans diet.

Okay, Wheel Gun Fan Boy, he says when he does chin ups,
he gets a very sore wrist, why is that? Chin ups? Yeah, chin ups. What would you say to that? Maybe he's not gripping the
bar right, or what can you say? Tell him to go see a doctor
or something, a therapist? – Yeah, I would definitely
say go see a doctor. Yeah. That looks like a
medical issue right there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can't help you out with
that one, Wheel Gun Fan Boy. I can help you out
with training, but not Yeah, training and diet. Yep, not injuries. Yeah, Bam is not a doctor. Yep. Thanks for the question
though, Wheel Gun Fan Boy. Man, you know, go see a doctor
or therapist, my brother.

Okay, this is from Chantum. Best chest in the game. 70g of protein. There you go, there you go. Best chest in the game y'all. He comes again with the 70g of protein. We already spoke about the
protein, you know, so… He says it's very low, yeah
he's saying it's very low, 70g. That's the lowest I get. There's days, like when I say that too, like there's days I do
intermittent fasting though.

You know, when people do the – I know you've heard about this, people doing the one meal a
day, you get what I'm saying? Yeah, yeah, yeah. There's days that I do that stuff. So that's what I'm talking about, that's the lowest amount I'm getting. When I'm, yeah when I'm
just eating out once a day. So I don't do that everyday,
but there's days where I do it 'cause I like to cleanse my system. So that's the lowest I'm getting a day. That doesn't mean that's
what I get on a regular day. I'll do the calculations for y'all though on what I get on a regular day. Okay this from Darrio,
how often do you work out? It depends on the week but it's usually four to six days a week.

On a busy week, I'll say three to four. But on a week where it's like, I don't really have much
to do, I go for six. Okay this from Greg. Greg wants to see a picture of you when you just started calisthenics to see how much you gained. Okay. So maybe you could
post that on your Instagram? Yeah, yeah. So check his Instagram out today. I'll do a before and after
video on my YouTube too. All right, the links
to his Instagram and YouTube will be in his description
box, so you know. I could send Good Money the picture and he just puts it after the video. All right, this
from Hood Entrepreneur. He's anxious to see, what's
your work out regimen? He's anxious to see…

your work out regimen, man. What's your work out regimen? You already answered that, I believe. But speak more on your regimen? Yeah, like I said, that's how I started. I was switching the grips
every day, you know? And also, there's weeks
where I do explosive, where I just do, you know,
nothing but explosive. Explosive push-ups, explosive pull-ups. I like to do full body, you know. I don't do "Oh, today's push
day, tomorrow's back day." Even though that's what I I do post a lot of content
like that on my YouTube, that's just to show y'all
what to do on those days, because I do the videos
for y'all, not for me, you know what I'm saying? But my work out regimen,
like what I do usually, I do full body every day. I try to hit every – not every day, like every time I work out. I try to hit every single part of my body.

Some days, I'll put
more focus on the legs. Some days I put more focus on upper body. All right, I don't
think I got Hood Entrepreneur, I don't think I got your question right. He's anxious to see something out of… Sorry Hood Entrepreneur, maybe
you ask that question again. If y'all got some more questions for Bam, just leave them in the
comment section below.

I'll ask them again, we're
going to do another Q&A. And also look for our,
you know, a vegan trainer, he talks more about
being vegan and all that. – Yeah. So thank y'all
for y'all questions. May y'all got more, once again, leave it in the comment box. Yeah, might do some grocery shopping. Yeah. Looking forward to a lot of stuff. Thanks a lot Bam..

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