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[ intro music plays ] The Blizzard Livestream yesterday didn't give any hints as to when Overwatch 2 is actually going to be released, but it did go over a lot of the differences that PvP and the game will have with its predecessor. Sure, it looks exactly the same as the original, but now you'll need to kick a friend who only plays tank out of the Discord because there can only be one. They dropped the max players and Overwatch 2 PvP from 6 to 5, and in doing so removed one of the tank roles from the game. This means the team will consist of 1 tank, 2 supports and 2 DPS. When explaining the new format, game director Aaron Keller said that the single tank format simplifies gameplay for several reasons, namely less characters means less confusion, but also because two main tanks in the game can be very oppressive.

If you can't fix it, delete it. That's why we killed my little brother. What? When the original Overwatch launched in 2016, your team could be six of the same character, so everyone was zipping around as Widowmaker talk and shit in a French accent going “Shhh. Go to sleep.” But as the game assured the devs implemented role lock. Now in this next iteration, they're kicking out the second tank, which sucks because I always play as off tank. Off tank is the best of both worlds. More help, less responsibility. What the hell am I gonna play as now? Mei? The community is split on if the change is because ActiBlizz is trying to save money by dropping the Overwatch League play requirements by one, or because nerds are more likely to travel in herds of 5.

We're only assuming, but it likely has more to do with the fact that trying to broadcast 12 characters, farting rockets and teleporting around the map is a bit of a challenge. Making you amputate one of your tank friends from your group isn't the only announced change. They also added an upgraded sound system for batlike echolocation precision, plus new maps, new game types, and some blanket changes for each role. Damage characters will move slightly faster than others. Support will have a passive health region and tanks will have reduced knockbacks.

Or should we say tank? Some characters have UI changes. For instance, healers now have a portrait of the character that they are healing at the bottom of their screen, and there are new passive abilities for each character as well. Zarya can have two bubbles up. Mei no longer freezes, only slows. That $#%&ing upsets me. Rein is two fire strikes, and Winston has a long range ability. Overwatch 2 is going to be a very different game with PvE story mode and hero missions as well as all the PvP changes. Let's see if the fans stick around to see them, though, because who knows when this game is actually coming out? See you in 2027 Long range Winston! If you're a fan of G4 make sure that you stick around by liking, subscribing and ring that bell..

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