Suggested cybers Aleta has left us. She is far far away the other side of the wall and in America He's competing in a really big escape winning competition. I've got what school it was So sad angry, but I said when she was leaving for the airport Especially for biggie because he gets really emotional Let's bring up Sabre and see what she's been up to hopefully she has a beeping about any American ready squirrel Yeah Remember that American legend Hayley did she told us that Americans crews have rabies and you get beaten by one you can't break me That's my nicest are worried about gang right here.

Remember when ice water IVs? My ears, too It's all over Oh, oh My goodness But we'll have rabies I'm sure I haven't am I filming in the mouth? Mass rape a song keep you all the red radish. Thank you. So me now Wow like you guys would love America Have you seen any rabies wearables not yet. But if I do say when I'll make sure I run really fast I don't get Down all the sideways legends. I just follow the best idea ever My plan is that we put all our money together and we spend it on the most best presence of Sabre when she gets back Let's do that So you have to stay in that way and then I just feel edges the belly's big around that means the baby has become of the cha-cha yet Yeah, but legends.

Can you please pray for me? Because I won't I really want this to come out on his due date because that way is haber a purple beard burka And I'll be Australia and that way I get Legends that that's going to happen because the obstetrician told me that my placenta is aging which means the baby probably isn't Going to get all the nutrition Nutrients it needs so sake I think that's a good chance. That's gonna but Sookie Why don't you want to be the birthing partner you get traumatized for the rest of your life, baby? I don't get traumatized by stuff. That's you get stomped out by everything my Christmas We need lemon sugar and Glass by disco dancing in the elevator injury Is so-so. It could be broken. I'm not thinking this is the most Lemon Wedges understand the Pussycats we got the plastic champagne Flutes because birthdays will be able to sell lemonade more Yeah, let's Teleportation What would you do is squeeze the lemons into juice put it in this bowl and Then pull the sugar then give it a mix and then it's done then we sell it Step 1 squeeze lemon Like it we integrated here we're gonna eat some sugar Okay, so she's born if it's not pouring the whole bit sugar we should go with this Right She like bit up no, let's spin our meeting with sugar yeah Legends, I'm just about to try to new it in pretty bad, you know lemon Ice She's like good sleep it's like sugar Good so we need that.

It's quite good. Actually. It's only now that we have finished making out So you spilt it l.a, and You've been guts. Oh So close I am amazed how much better chance for one glass One dollar fifty. Yeah Bronx right nose Yeah, he'll explain there were trash models will make more money. Yeah That's too expensive notice You have to still make a price that it's a really expensive button UI is not $10 it is Now you do Instagram story to make all the legends Okay laces, we're gonna set the lemonade store now we make lots of dollars I've put some of my money in here. So it looks like we've been selling heat But now that cousin is like one mile away our first customer is coming Ma mo coming He knows there's more coming hey mo cousin is it coming no more our second lot of customers are leaving us 50 cent. No we should not it's a lovely hot day for lemonade. Look at all the rain We've been trying to sell lemonade for now Lewton still wondering why you guys aren't all he and I've just Realized that on their Instagram story Saki forgot to take where it's at.

So no one even knows we're here in the ice, but I don't have the heart to tell me they made a big mistake because they'll get upset so I'll just see how guys Been hour and a half now and no one has come. So let's just have lemonade for our so it's a great idea Have a cheese with me okay bones from Guinea eliminate accept. Oh, so It's a big dog, but that customers We soda for nine those cheaper then it's meant to be so that's all right We're not selling lemonade to her she's drunk It costs $10 to buy all these ingredients to make these lemonade and we're gonna make one So so far we've lost $9 Less juggling you can guess of the free Okay, thank you we support a whole packet of sugar in there Okay, you can help yourself as much as you want, thank you thank you, yeah Oh, no, no, there might be a bit too much sugar in there.

So you sure yeah, yeah Thanks for can thank you. Okay guys, it's going dark We're gonna go home and wrap up the video let you tell us Oakland Even though our business is running a loss of seven dollars. Mama says, she'll give us money to buy say we're present Yeah in the next block We're gonna buy sabor her special press and we're also gonna go to the obstetrician to see if mum needs to be induced. Hmm Hmm. I hope he dies leaving. Jesus sake wants to be the birthing pilot. Everyone knows legends. It's time for the she Said McGee has gotten bigger and cuter. Oh my goodness. He's so good. Yes, I Just want to say you weren't most beautiful girl I've ever seen well Abby we did If you want next week's yeah don't forget to hashtag McGinnis Matt coming and vacations.

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