Online Tools To Make Money Online Without Investment!

in a lot of cases you don't need 
to spend money to start a business   and start making some money online so in today's 
video i want to show you online tools that you can   get started with and using for free that 
can assist you in this make money online   without investment type of process so 
you don't want to miss that stay tuned hey there welcome to living delightful freedom 
we are going to talk about online tools that you   can use for free to start putting your work out 
there these are going to be very helpful if you're   going to get started with freelancing becoming an 
influencer i am going to show you some examples   of things that you can actually do for other 
people to make some extra money with so i want   to show you some tools that can help you with 
that process but before we get started if you're   new here welcome i'm Delania on this channel we 
talk about making money online working from home   being your own boss so if that sounds good to you 
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and check out the first link down below alright my   friends so without any further ado let's get right 
into it all right so the first one you probably   have seen before this is and this one 
is actually really amazing still want to put it   in here because you can start so many businesses 
around just this one tool and using it for free   another thing that i actually want to show you 
with this is how you can make money with fiverr   and canva in a new way because they actually have 
added something new to canva and actually if you   go over here i already clicked on it but if you 
actually come over here to video they have youtube   video intros so you can actually now create 
youtube video intros and outros right inside   of canva which is pretty awesome so they have very 
many templates over here that you can use or you   can start from scratch it just depends on you and 
how creative you are if you actually come over   here to if you come over to industries 
you can actually see that they have an influencers   section and they have them all categorized with 
web and blog services youtube services instagram   services facebook services so obviously if you 
come over here to youtube services you're going   to see people who were creating youtube thumbnails 
intros outros banners and things like that   you can do any of those things on canva of course 
another thing that we can do here is look at   podcasting there are people over here looking for 
podcast cover art podcast logo maker so this is   yet another avenue that you can take by searching 
for people who want to start podcasts or searching   for people who are podcasting and they are looking 
for these type of things so you can come over here   to podcast cover art and you can get an idea 
of what people are actually looking for so if   you're already doing youtube thumbnails if you're 
already freelancing and doing things like this   you can also go ahead and try for podcasting and 
come over here so over here on facebook i did find   some podcast groups there's even one right here 
that is for networking so it's podcast nation   so you can join some groups like these and you can 
find some people who need this type of service and   podcasts are actually getting super big nowadays 
so this is pretty cool you can definitely use a   tool like for free and obviously they 
do have paid versions over here of canva but you   can start working using the free stuff once you 
start making money you can probably afford just a   subscription of canva to get unlimited access so 
this is the next one this one is and   this one works very similar to canva and with this 
one you can create social media posts they have   images videos animations what you can do with this 
is you can use it also to create social media ads   for companies and things like that another thing 
that you can do with this one they have all sorts   of designs that you can use for ebooks okay so 
you have to do is click on one that you like and   you can actually preview this and see what you can 
change out so all of this is editable and you can   edit all of this to your liking so you can create 
your own ebooks on here or you can come over here   to fiverr you can use the editable ebooks to 
actually create some lead magnets as well lead   magnets are free gifts or free ebooks and pdfs and 
things like that that people give away to their   leads in exchange for their email and just so that 
they can have them inside of their email list and   some people cannot design these for themselves or 
they don't want to so they do come over here to   get somebody else to design for them and this is 
something that you can do on crello because these   are already templated for you with the pages all 
you have to do is add your customers content to   it and that's it if you come over here to pricing 
you're going to see everything that you do get for   free you get 10 design downloads every month you 
can go ahead and upgrade whenever you want if you   think you need any of this but getting started for 
zero dollars is definitely a plus so this website   is so this website is another similar 
one that i wanted to show you this one is adobe   spark this actually comes with the adobe cloud but 
they do have a free version as well but you can   use some of their free templates and get started 
for free so this is another one that you can check   out now this one i think is a little bit more 
limiting with the pre-plan so i would definitely   check it out and see if there's something 
different that this one has that the other   ones don't okay this one is hey if 
you're liking the content so far you're finding   it valuable then go ahead and like this video if 
you do like it subscribe if you're not subscribed   yet all right let's keep on going all right so 
the next three tool is a tool called oberlo and   this is but to actually get access to 
the free tool you have to go ahead and type in forward slash tools they did make 
some changes to this website so basically oberlo   is a place where you can find products 
for a shopify store or for drop shipping   but they do have these tools that you can use 
for free for example they have a business name   generator they have a slogan generator traffic 
calculator profit margin calculator so there are   actually people that need help with their business 
names and things like that if we go to fiber   sometimes people can't come up with their 
own ideas and they need a little help   so for example the way you use this is you can go 
here to find a business name and let's say it's a   coffee shop let's say it's a coffee shop that's 
open till midnight so and this is just an example   is all i could come up with right now um i put in 
these two words and we're going to go ahead and   generate names okay so as you can see many many 
names just showed up and they found 100 business   names so another one that you can use is this one 
right here this one is   and you can do the same thing with this website 
all you have to do is enter the words and click   generate what this website also does is that 
they can check domain availability as well with   godaddy so that is pretty cool because it's also 
something you can charge for you can use something   like this and you can say by the way the domain 
is also available and these are two other free   online tools that you can use this website here is 
called pixlr this one's this one you can   use with canva crello or any of the other ones 
why because you can actually remove backgrounds   with this one for free now on canva you can 
remove a background but you do have to have   the paid version of canva or you have to pay every 
time you do want to remove a background and i have   used this before they do have some paid versions 
that you can subscribe to i've used the free one   before and it is pretty awesome it's pretty good 
now the only thing is that it's supported by ads   and let me tell you the ads didn't bother 
me at all and that is how the free version   actually makes money so you can start editing and 
you can select between two of the editors i think   what i did was i selected the easier one which is 
i think e not sure but go ahead and check it out   for yourself this is another one that you can use 
to remove backgrounds and this one is totally free   as well and this is another way that you 
can make money is by creating short video ads and   i'm going to give you the free tools that you can 
use to create these short video ads now you can   go ahead and find customers here on fiverr or you 
can do things on your own and finding businesses   that are actually looking for this stuff you can 
do that on social media on facebook on instagram   you can follow some businesses that maybe 
are newer or need some video ads talk to them   connect with them and see if you can do this for 
them so the first free tool i'm going to show you   is called and on here 
you have free stock video footage that you can use   and all you have to do is depending on 
what your client wants you can download   some of their free video footage and if it's 
necessary for you to put a voice over it you   can talk over it whatever it is that you want to 
do to it just be editing some short video clips   in order to create their video ads another website 
that you can use is they do have some   free stock videos that you can use as well on here 
so this is one option that you can use for free   as well this is forward slash hit film 
express this free video editing software that you   can use it's got professional grade vfx tools and 
everything you need to make awesome content so you   can do this for films gaming videos and it says 
it's perfect for beginners film students gamers   youtubers or any creative without a budget and you 
can use some of the video serum pixels you could   also use some of the free stock video footage 
on if you're still looking for some   free websites to make money online with then go 
ahead and check out the next video i think you're   gonna like that one as well thank you so much for 
watching and i'm gonna see you in the next one bye

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