Online Passive Income Secret Formula (Make Money Online While You Sleep)

egc plus m-o-n plus s-c-o is equal 99 p-i don't worry this is not a physics or math lesson i'm here to show you the secret formula of success online how to make money how to make passive income online with this secret formula this video is so interesting stay tuned and follow up with me hi everyone i'm hassan from educate and today i am so excited to publish this awesome new video about the secret formula of turning your online business into almost 100 percent passive income let's start first what do you mean by passive income passive income simply is you plan the seeds today the seeds of your online business and like after couple of months after one year your income will be automated you can sleep you can travel you can do whatever you want and every month automatically money will come into your bank account or into your pocket so this is the power of working online is to work smart and turn your online business into passive income what is the formula egc plus m-o-n plus s-c-o is equal to 99 p-i which is passive income before we go and start explaining this formula and see how it practically works i'll give you some examples from my own business don't forget please if you like such videos more videos about online marketing digital marketing online business making money online please don't forget subscribe now to my channel 10 notifications and like the video to get every new update almost almost every day so let's start together and see what this formula means how you can apply this formula in your business or start your business with this formula and be successful online so let's start with e g c simply it stands for ever green content what is evergreen content simply it's a content that you publish and it can stand for long time what this means let's give a direct example let's say you published an article about weight loss or about food or diet and such topics these topics are characterized that they are a long term topics and ideas why because 10 years ago people were searching for weight loss today people are searching for weight loss after 10 years people will search for weight loss so when you publish an article about this topic this topic can last for a long long time and what this means that if you add the second part of the formula which is m-o-n which stands for monetization and monetize this content today so you publish an article today it's an evergreen article and you monetize this article you will keep making money for years and this is the power of evergreen content you see so we create evergreen content and we monetize this content then you turn this into passive income that's simple you understood the idea now we have two types of evergreen content two types of egc we have a very long term content ideas and we have like small term ideas like one or two years let's give two examples the first example is like about weight loss this content idea will last for maybe 10 or 20 years so it's like 100 percent passive for the next 20 years on your website why other topics like maybe the top 20 microphones in 2020 this will last maybe for one year or maybe two years only so we have two types of evergreen content very long lasting content and we have a couple of years lasting content both works perfectly and i will give you now examples of both in my business so now we understood what is e v c ever or e g c ever evergreen content and what is m-o-n which is monetizing the content now when we say content what do you mean by content simply we have three main types you can write articles on your blog about a certain topic you can create youtube videos or you can publish online tools i will give you also examples about the three types of content in my business i have a three types and i implement the three types that was and i will show you the power of this strategy in your business if you apply it today you will turn this business after like couple of months and 200 passive income so let's start with the first example the first example is from my youtube channel i told you we have the first type blog content or youtube videos so this is a youtube video i published about one year ago you can see this is the graph of views it's always getting views i published one year ago and i still earn subscribers earn money and earn views almost every day from this video without doing anything i published it one year ago and it will keep getting views and money like maybe a couple of years from now so this is the power of evergreen content i know this type of videos may not be the perfect type of evergreen because maybe it will last a couple of years only and not a long term every green content like weight loss or so on but this is my business i'm showing you examples from my business to be honest with you i want to show you a direct example from what i do so this is a video published one year ago and still getting views till today getting money and everything i have tens of examples of videos like this on my channel another one like let's search for is i think this video this course i published i think let's see analytics i published in august 23 also sorry let's say since published since uploaded i published it in november 2018 you see and you can see number of views i get views almost every day let's see the reach you can see i have views almost every every day from this video so this other example of a free video i published on youtube and it generates for me every day new subscribers new leads new views and money passively 100 passive income you see these two examples from my youtube channel on how to make money passively with every green content let's go now to my blog other example if you go to my blog you see i publish like this video here how i moved from one thousand ten thousand dollars in 18 months working online a case study i think this article will last at least at least five years in this article you will see that i monetized it now this time not with ads i monetized it by promoting my other courses my services and by affiliate marketing so if you watched my affiliate marketing videos you know that one of the best ways to promote affiliate marketing links is to create content so in this blog article i added affiliate links if you read it you will find some affiliate links so in this way this post is an every green article that will last a couple of years and i'm monetizing it with my products and with affiliate links so i say mon in the formula monetization it can be monetization with ads with google adsense like in my youtube channel it can be affiliate marketing links it can be different monetization techniques i explain them all here on my channel in my five new ways to monetize your website you can check in the description below anyway now so that these are two examples one is one is from my blog and one is from my youtube channel the third example i told you about is publishing an online tool my tool i publish is called ash super tools i think you know it if you don't know just go now to and you will see this awesome platform for free seo and digital marketing tools let's go and open into let's say keyword research tool here you will notice in this website i have these ads all these ads are affiliate links here i'm promoting semrush here promoting email validation service here's a click funnels here is web hosting here is get response all these are affiliate products i'm promoting in my website now it comes the big question you will ask now okay i published my article or my youtube channel or my tour online but i have no visitors i don't know how to get visitors here comes the third part of the equation which is s e o in the equation we said that you want to turn this business into 99 passive income so when you start in your online business in this field in content creation in youtube or in your blog in your tool whatever the first step will be is to get traffic manually you can do automated traffic from the first day so you have now two strategies to work on the first one is to get traffic manually how is to follow my seven tactics of getting traffic for free it's a full video here on my channel you can watch it i showed you exactly how you can get thousands of visitors from the first day it's a short video explaining seven tactics go please and watch it to learn how to get traffic to your websites if you don't know how anyway what we want in this video is to turn our business into passive income so we don't want to go every day and do some hard work in getting traffic like maybe one or two hours every day so how to do this as i told you plus seo what is seo simply it's search engine optimization what is this it's simply getting traffic from google organic traffic as an example if you go now to ma to google let's open google and let's search as an example for super email center as an example you will see that my website will be on top of google for this keyword so in this way i'm getting free traffic from google i explained this in detail in my seo mini course here on my channel how to get traffic for free from google please refer to it as a step-by-step guide anyway so the idea is to make your website get traffic for free from google organically on the long term with seo if you go to my search console here my performance to see this this is my website at super tools the free tools online tools you will see the last 28 days i got 8 000.7 clicks from google these are free visits directly from google i don't do anything all those people all those users are coming from google without doing anything so this is the power of passive online business you publish a tool you optimize it it's an evergreen content you get organic traffic from google and you go and sleep and you will see money in your bank account without doing anything this is the power of this formula this awesome formula if you go to my main website let's go to edge educate where let's click here you can see 6 000 clicks without doing anything from google this is the power of seo when it's combined with monetization and every green content this is the best formula you can apply today you can start today to really build a smart passive income online business and make money while you sleep just as a small motivation i want to show you my earnings that are coming from this awesome system the evergreen system the autopilot system you can see now in adsense here this month i have around three thousand dollars coming into my bank account in 21.

It's almost today so if you go to my youtube channel here if you go to my channel dashboard you will see the last 28 days i have around 4 000 dollars revenue from youtube this is passive just focus with me it's really perfect if you apply it correctly you will do the same as me and make 100 passive income and live a happy life with your family without worrying about anything every month so you can maybe work on improving your business work on other businesses maybe play with your kids do whatever you want and see your income coming automatically every month into your bank account if you want also to learn about affiliate marketing and see my passive income formulas you can check my affiliate marketing playlist here on my channel don't forget please subscribe now to get every new update and please if you want to support me like this video see you later [Music] you

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