Online arbitrage using OAXRAY on Amazon for amazon reselling using amazon fba.

hey guys it's Ted with Oh a x-ray and today we're gonna be scouting with on if you didn't know Oh a x-ray worked with Amazon it does the best places to go would be toys I like to check just because Lego is on my mind today let's go to Lego and see what comes up the way this works is go to any search term or category make sure there's a whole bunch of listings on the page and just run oh a x-ray now what I'm gonna do is go back I'm going to let that run in the background so we have a little bit of time to let it find all the items and I'm just going to click a few times and just keep going page my page go to page 3 generally I'm going to let three to five pages run at the same time just so that there's time for the program to get all the data ready for me so that you don't end up waiting there's no point in running it waiting for the data running it again waiting for the data you might as well just run four or five pages and see what comes up so here's my first page that I ran a few seconds ago as you can see there's nothing with the positive ROI there's a few items that don't have matches but I'm just gonna skip those today that's not my goal today when I look on this page page I do not see any other good matches look on this page I do not see anything positive positive come out with the color green so that's how we're going to know we have a positive match now here we go I see something that is positive so I'm just gonna do an analysis on this and I'm gonna show you how to do some due diligence make sure you are checking all your bases before you buy something so the first and most important thing is to make sure that items actually match they're exactly the same sometimes you'll have an item and the picture might look the same but it might be a different piece count or something like that so just looking at this item there's local pickup and also you can deliver to home one thing about Walmart is it's free shipping over 50 so you want to consider things like that when you load up your cart I'm looking here six to twelve five nine nine to zero is the set number normally the set numbers if you have the set number correct you're gonna have a match but you always want to check the beast' count and things like that so when I look at the two items I see that the set number is the same piece counts the same in the picture and the image and everything look like they match so the price looks like it's correct sixty dollars and sixty two dollars is what it said and it's selling for $39.99 on Walmart so the first thing you want to do is whenever you look at the top you can simply go here and look at the star rating here we have all four and five star reviews this is one of the things that the customer sees so if there are a lot of negatives there's a lot of one-star reviews maybe it's item you should pass on because it could translate into negative reviews for you sometimes people you leave product reviews on you even though you know the product review is not your fault and then you have to deal with removing it so sometimes you might want to consider not listing something if it's all one star but sometimes I sell one star and I saw a lot of it so just take that in consideration whenever you're buying the items next thing I'm going to do is check out keepa now keepa is a good tool but keepa does not track price pause shipping they only track the price so as you can see it says today it's at fifty seven ninety-nine there must be a merchant fulfilled cell right fifty seven ninety-nine and maybe it has five dollars of shipping or whatever it is so that's why you see these other sellers in this box so the price looks a little stable looks like we've had it it's been as high as 99 that was way back in May but it looks like it's pretty stable going into July so we have a few months of data on that now whenever I look down and look at my product dimensions it doesn't look like it's gonna be oversized the weight is pretty low so it's probably gonna be a pretty easy item to ship I'm gonna copy the ACE and for my revenue calculator make sure all of that is correct whenever I look at my bestsellers rank I always want to look here because sometimes Amazon will give maybe a subcategory rank instead of the main category rank but as you're looking at this item you can see it's number 241 in toys and games and that's a really good rank for toys if you want to read any of the reviews to see anything there you can also but everything looks pretty good if I were going to take the time to purchase this I would then start to look for any discounts or Walmart coupon codes or anything like that I would also go ahead and purchase gift cards if possible sometimes you can see gift cards I've seen gift cards up to 8% of Walmart pretty rare generally it's between 3 to 4% but I've seen it go up to 8 and I've seen sales where it's 5% off additional and seeing it all the way up to 10% but that's pretty rare also so after you do your due diligence try to find coupon codes for Walmart look for gift cards on one of the main sites coupon granny I think it is raise calm card pool one of the other websites okay and I think that that is all someone would need to do to find an item on Amazon and find it on another website only takes a few seconds make sure you do your due diligence to make sure you find the correct item and everything matches up and that is how easy it is in 6 minutes we were able to go through find an item one more thing is you want to check the item on the revenue calculator which we'll do in one sec okay our final step is to check this item on the FAA revenue calculator so what I did was I copy this and I'm gonna put everything in um the reason I say always check it is because your product dimensions will sometimes there so for instance on this listing it shows 12 by 2 by 10 and here you see it's 11 point 2 by 10 point 2 by 2 point 3 it might not seem like a big difference but if one of these numbers goes over the threshold for size then it will put something into oversize which can mean a pretty big difference in selling price not selling price but on fulfillment cost so the item in the buy box was at $62 and our buy cost is going to be $39.99 whenever you calculate that you're gonna make nine dollars I believe when I was looking at the thing it said 944 sometimes there's a slight variance and that could be probably because of your 30-day storage fee which we do not um calculate we just do weight handling and order and picking back with a Oh a x-ray so that's why I always recommend doing it making sure these don't vary slightly which can change the numbers so we've looked at our reviews we've made sure the items match we have made sure the size is correct by going to the fulfillment calculator and it looks like we've done everything we need to do to make this purchase so if we were going to do that we'd go to Walmart find the best deal we can on coupon codes or whatever else and make the purchase that's all we need to do that's how easy it is using Oh an x-ray have a great day guys signing out

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