O Brother, Where Art Thou? (7/10) Movie CLIP – Big Dan Teague (2000) HD

Thank you, boys, for
throwing in that fricassee. I'm a man of
large appetites, And even with lunch
under my belt, I was feeling
a mite peckish. It's our pleasure,
big dan. Thank you as well for
the conversational hiatus. I generally refrain from
speech during gustation. There are those who attempt
both at the same time. I find it coarse and vulgar. Where were we? Making money in
the lord's service. You don't say much, friend,
but when you do, It's to the point
and I salute you for it. <i>Big dan: Yes, bible sales.</i> Now, the trade is not
a complicated one.

There are but 2 things
to learn– <i>One being where to find</i>
<i>a wholesaler,</i> The word of god in bulk,
as it were. 2–how to recognize
your customer. Who are you dealing with? It's an exercise in
psychology, so to speak. And it is that
which I propose To give you a lesson in
right now. [branch cracks] Why, I like to think
I'm a pretty astute observer Of the human scene,
too, big dan. No doubt, brother. I figured as much back
at the restaurant. That's why I invited
you all out here For this
advanced tutorial. Unh! What's going on,
big dan? It's all about
the money, boys! <i>Big dan: That's it!</i> Gol…Durned…Money! I don't get it, big dan. Raah! I just take
your show cards. Yaah! [yelling] And whatever
you got in the hole.

What the… There ain't nothin'
but a damn toad. No, you don't
understand. That's pete. Pete. You know these things
give you warts? [squish] [gasps] [splat] [gasping] End of lesson. [whimpering].

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