NO REFERRALS: I EARNED $820 [₱39,764] FREE DOING NOTHING! | Earn money online using phone Super EASY

Hello Ka’Chika, This is Antonette and Welcome back to my channel If you’re new to this channel, click the subscribe button and the notification bell, because I am uploading videos about how to make money online, by just using our phone, application and some websites for free for today's video Ka'Chika I will share to you where I earn free $820 or in our currency it costs ₱41,000 pesos in total just using this one application and even if we are asleep and even if you are lazy to invite I know most of you are lazy to invite and allergic to inviting that's why I made this video because I have to share with you an application that you will definitely like because we have nothing to do here this application is really LEGIT, we will not release any investment this is all 100% FREE & LEGIT, I have been able to payout this application many times and until now the application is still paying so now if you are interested to know how we can earn free $820 or ₱41,000 pesos with this free application just watch this video until the end Before I reveal to you what this application is, I will first show you my proof of payments from this application so here I covered what the application is for surprise this is the first payment I received from this application which is $19.20 so it is $20 because Paypal has a transaction fee the payment I received was only $19.20 so I received it Oct 8, so this is the first ever payment I received from this application (counting) by the way the one here is not $19.20 so it is $2.88, so 41x I received a payment of $20 so a total of $820 is the total I earned from this application and now the application that I'm talking about where I earn a total of $820 or ₱41,000 is this Current Rewards Maybe you are familiar with Current Reward because I have made this Current Reward video many times here on our channel but for those who do not yet know what Current Rewards is, this is a mobile application that you can download on your Playstore & Appstore where users are paid by just listening to music and the nice update of Current Rewards they have added new ways of earnings which is you can earn by just charging your cellphone if you want to download this Current Rewards, you can click the link in the description box and pin comment to install it immediately directly in your playstore and appstore after you download the current reward you have two options to sign up with your google account or email and password once you have signed up you will immediately receive 20 bonus points for you to start let's just click claim bonus
and after that click continue so here you just choose the music genre for example you like pop music, worship song, rock music, once you have selected you can click the get started so it says "Congratulations! you just got paid for setting your references" you can earn 10 points immediately just click start earning there is a pop up on our screen that says "allow this play over other apps, so in order for us to earn rewards "please allow this play on top of other apps" so here we just display over the app, we just allow, so allow permission so we have set it already! let's just go to earn, here we can see all kinds of ways for us to earn points so these are our points as of now we need to be able to accumulate a lot of points because these points that we accumulate here in the application we can convert into paypal cash how can we accumulate a lot of points here in this application first is the Daily goal, here are the tasks that you can complete daily for ex.

You have reach 50 points for today you will have an additional 5 current points
reach 100 points you'll earn additional 10 current points and then reach 200 points you'll earn additional 20 current points and another way for us to earn points is by check-in unlike other application that featured here on our channel when you check in you just click on day 1, day 2 to day 3, but here in the current it is different because when they check in you need to finish
a song for it to be counted as 1 check in or 1 valid check in for that day so when you check in you'll earn 20 current points they have other ways to earn here
there are games so here in the Games you'll earn up to 50,000 current points, there are also Offers you'll earn up to 20,000 current points there are also Surveys you'll earn up to 10,000 current points, and here in their Videos this is my favorite ways of earnings in their application you'll have to watch 30 sec.

Videos and you'll earn up to 15 current points, I can't tell step by step their ways of earnings because I already discussed in our previous video so just check in our previous video I will just put in the description box and pin comment the link of our previous video the most main ways of earnings here at Current Reward is by listening to music you'll just have to listen for 30 mins. and you'll earn 200 current points You just chill, you don't do anything, you just make a sound trip, but you can earn money here, so even if you sleep, even if you only play music all night you can still earn points, and those points will be converted in to paypal cash Take Note: Ka'chika, we can not earn points when the volume is turned off, the volume of our cellphone must be maximized so that we can earn current points faster, ok It's like spotify, but the only difference is that you can make money here just by listening to music ok, so now i will teach you how we can gain current points by charging our phone posted on their homepage, "charge and earn get paid for every second you charge" It is only available for android ok so now, I will show you how we can charge by just charging our phone, first we need to activate it, let's go to the settings or we click it with the gear icon on the side and then you will see here there is a charge screen, so we just need to turn it on our charge screen is enabled so we need to allow so that we can earn current points while charging our phone I have a charger here, we just charge it and I will show it to you, so it is already on our screen, "get paid to charge, first charge your phone, second you'll earn points every seconds and third is to keep your screen ……" as you can see there seems to be a running meter, looks like meter, so our current points increase while our cellphone is charged so you do not do anything very simple, it is for people who are lazy to invite and lazy to play games those who do not want to make an effort so while you sleep even if you just charge your cellphone you do nothing you just sleep, you can still earn money by just using this Current application here even if you don't invite, even if you don't have an invite you can still make money here at Current rewards, for those who like to invite want to make an effort like me do not generalize everyone who is lazy to invite because there are still hard working to invite like me.

So with this strategy, if you want to earn fast here in the current app, you can also create a youtube channel and promote this application to earn money from referrals so let's not be bitter because its already 2021 and there is nothing wrong with inviting because its one of their ways of earnings in any application and websites even shopee and lazada have affiliate commision, so why not use of it? for us to invite friends, we click "invite" earn up to $25 and points for friends plus 5% their music earning for life you can copy your referral link, by the way open our comment section so you can comment on your referral link so that others can use it here too let's just work together, there is no pulling down each other, you can also put your referral links there so now I will teach you how we can redeem our earnings here in the current rewards app let's just go here to redeem, the minimum amount of current points we can withdraw is 7,950 points and this is equivalent to $1 and the largest amount we can withdraw here at the current reward is 39,950 points this is equivalent to $20 so now I will withdraw $20, so I just click it, first link your Paypal account I showed it before step by step how we can withdraw for the first time here in the current, I will just put the video link in the description box and pin comment, ok now I'll click redeem "use 39,950 points to redeem" so click redeem, so there is it "Congratulations! we are done to withdraw $20 based on my experienced usually it will take 7 business days and more, actually the first time I withdraw from the current it took me 2 weeks to wait before I received the payment in my Paypal account, but its ok as long as the application pays, its worth to wait this proves that the Current app is very legit and we can earn money even when we are sleeping and even when we are not doing anything this ends our video Ka’Chika! If you like and have learned this video, please don't forget to click the like button and share this video, so that you can also help other people earn just by listening to music and charging our cellphone and if you're new to this channel click the subscribe button and the notification bell to keep you updated on our new online source of income, that's all for now Kachika's, thank you so much for watching this video, Goodbye and Godbless you all, Good bye!

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