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This is very legit because I have proven and tested this. I have payout free Php 5,000 by just installing the app and doing nothing. Compared to other apps I share where we need to answer surveys, play games, etc., in this app, earning is really easy. By using this app, we can earn free passive income. I'm really excited to share this application to you! Now, without further ado, let's start this video tutorial. The application where we can earn free passive income by just opening the app is Honey Gain! What is Honey Gain? Honey Gain is the first application that allows users to make money online by sharing their internet connection.

Honey Gain is a crowdsource network company that lets other businesses gather information data intelligence and perform market business research. In short, Honey Gain pays you for your unused internet. This is an easy way to earn money online and you can earn passive income by just using this application. Please take note that we will not invest here. this is not an investment program where you will just invest money, wait and gain profit.

That's not how Honey Gain works. With HoneyGain you can start making money online for free in just few minutes. Now, if you would ask, is HoneyGain safe to use? Yes, HoneyGain is legit and safe to use.
You can earn without compromising your security. Internet traffic that they will use is used by trusted partners only. The application doesn't have access on our device storage or personal data/information, we'll only share our unused data. The application doesn't have access on our personal data/information in our device. All you have to do is download this application, I will put the link in the description box and pinned comment. So, you can now download HoneyGain and start earning passive income. I recommend you to use a referral link to get free $5 upon sign up. When you click the link in the description box or pinned comment, you will be redirected on this page.

By the way, this will be my second account from my other device. I have my main account in my other device. I will just use this to show you the step-by-step tutorial. Welcome to Honeygain. Congratulations, for using a referral link you are eligible to claim $5. Click the button below to sign up. We'll click claim $5 now and we'll be redirected to sign up page. We'll just enter an email address, create password (must be 8 characters above). As you can see, I have 5,000 credits which is equivalent to $5. You will just sign up and you'll get instant $5. We need to confirm email.
This is the email that you'll receive. We will need to verify our email.
Click verify email. Honeygain is available in Windows, MacOS and Android devices. Since I'm using Android, I will click the Android logo then click OK. After downloading Honeygain APK, click install.
There it is. App installed. click Open. You may read this Terms of Use which we don't usually read.

This will take too long. Click I Agree to the Terms of Use. Welcome to Honeygain! Share your unused data and earn money with the best passive income app out there. You may read How Honeygain works or skip the introduction. Let's click How Honeygain works. Share your Internet and earn. Your phone earns you money when it's connected to either your WiFi or your mobile internet. Earn more on All Devices.

So, we can use multiple devices. For example, you have a laptop, desktop or Android phone. You can use all of those. Just install Honeygain on your favorite devices. Make sure those are connected to different networks or IP addresses. For example, one of your device is connected to WiFi and the other use mobile data. Invite Everyone to Help others join Honeygain and get 10% of what they earn. The more they share, the more you get.

They have referral program but you don't need to invite here. We can earn here even without invite. Sit Back and Earn. You don't have to do anything after you install Honeygain. Just keep the app on and let your earnings grow. Proceed to Start up. You'll have the option here if you'll use the mobile data or WiFi. For me, I usually use WiFi, I'll set this to No. You can turn this On if you want to use mobile data limit. There's another option to allow usage battery, if turned off, Honeygain will work only while charging.

Earn more with MacOS or Windows. So if you have desktop or other devices, you may use MacOS or Windows app to maximize earnings. Just click OK. As you can see, we haven't logged in yet. Click More then click Log in since we have signed up already. On this part, enter email, password then click Log in. On your dashboard, you'll see your current balance. I have 5,000 credits = $5 which we earned from using referral link. You'll also see your earnings for today. You'll see your credits accumulated during the day. Will be added and available for payout the following day at midnight. You will see the chart for traffic data that Honeygain collected from your device. As of now, Honeygain have not collected any data yet from this device. Also, you will see your active devices. I already connected my Android device here. You will see your referral link here.
Invite friends and get 10% of their earnings.

You may copy your referral link and feel free to comment in the comments section your referral link. So, you can earn referral commissions. Once you installed and turned on Honeygain, that's it!
Just let your device earn passive income. You will just wait until you reach their minimum payout.
Their minimum payout is $20. Now, let's talk about how to redeem our earnings here in Honeygain. "You will be able to redeem your earnings into your Paypal once you reached minimum payout threshold of $20." The payout steps are very simple.

So, if you reached their minimum threshold, you can already request payout. You will see a payout request button and it will be available on our application if you will log in your profile. After you requested for a withdrawal, within 1 business day, you will receive an email from their payment provider, Tipalti, where you'll need to register for an account. You will register for a Tipalti account and you will wait for an invitation email from Tipalti and register to their platform. Based on my experience, I received Tipalti email after 1 business day when I requested a withdrawal. You'll see the email I received from Tipalti. You will just have to fill in your payment details. For example, your Paypal email and your other personal details. Based on my experience, I received my payout within 2 business day only. That is my proof of payment from this application. I requested Php 5,000 but they have a transaction fee so I just received Php 4,612.

This proves that this application is legit and paying. That's all. Just install the app and let it run then you will earn passive income. That's all we need to do to earn easy passive income. We'll do nothing, no efforts. You will just download, install and run the app.
Sit back and wait to get paid. That's all! Very simple. This ends our video, KaChikas! If you liked and have learned in this video..
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