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and some websites for free. For today’s video, I will share a new application where we can earn free $100 by just playing using our cellphone. All you need to do here is play the game.
Even without invite you can still earn. They have low minimum payout so you will surely have your payout by just playing even without invite. Make sure to stay until the end of this video
to learn how to earn free $100. Now the application that I’m talking about where we can earn free $100 by just playing is.. Earn money for free with Givvy. If you want to try this application I will put the download link in the description box and pinned comment.


Here, select English and USD.
Click Continue. Start earning money with Givvy. Accept their terms and conditions by checking this box.
Let’s put check and after that click on Continue. Go to your profile icon. You need to sign up using your Facebook account or Gmail. Go back to Home. It says here, “You have just earned 3 Givvy coins for 3 minutes in the app.” They will give 3 Givvy coins
when you stay longer in the app. I hope everyone stays..
Here we go again, so much sentiments.


😂 Just stay in the app– [I hope everyone stays..] To receive additional Givvy coins.
Click Ok. Fill survey and earn coins.
So, here you can earn coins by completing surveys. Agree on this. What day comes after Tuesday?
It’s so easy. What is your zip code? Please select the languages in which
you would like to take surveys. Oops! Someone ate all the surveys.
Who’s that? Who did that? Why did you eat it?
Why are you eating surveys? I hope everyone eats.. Fine! It’s all yours!
What happened there? Our goal here is to collect Givvy coins.
You’ll see here your Givvy coins.


As you can see, I only have 2 Givvy coins.
These coins will be converted to Paypal money. How can we connect Givvy coins?
Tap the second button below.. there! Here, first way to earn Givvy coins is by daily checking in.
We will just check in by clicking this, September 18. There, you’ve just won 1 Givvy coins for participating in the calendar game. You just have to check in again tomorrow, you will earn 2, 4, 8, then 16 Givvy coins. The rewards get bigger
when you login consecutively for 5 days. Here, they have exciting games like Memory, Tic-tac-toe, Calculate, Invite a friend, Tasks and other offers. Now let’s try Memory game.
Click Start. There’s a timer here.
We just have to match images. Remember these images. [Playing] Okay, try again. [Playing] I’m really forgetful.
I hope everyone forgets easily. As you can see, I have 3 lives left.
Here, we won’t be able to receive coins until we win [Playing] [Sighs]
How annoying. You have used all the current lives for this game.
Your life will soon be loaded. Let’s just wait for this to recharge.
I hope everyone gets to charge.


Let’s play Tic-tac-toe.
There, it’s now searching for opponent. [Playing] Actually, I don’t know how to play this.
It’s a draw. Let’s try again. We’ll play first.
Then let’s wait for the opponent’s turn. Now, it’s our turn. This is just out of luck.
I really don’t know how to play this. I lost because I really don’t know how to play this.
Reward here is random, from 1 to 4 Givvy coins. As you can see, I lost all my lives here.
Let’s just wait for this to recharge. Let’s now play Calculate.
Here, we can earn 4 Givvy coins. Click on Start.
How to do this? I need calculator.
192 / 32 = 6 90 – 75 = 15
273 / 39 = 7 13 – 22….
Oh, it’s done. I’m not good in Math. If you only know my grades in Math.
It’s very low. Next is Invite a friend.
Invite a friend and win together! You will both win 130 coins when your friend confirms his phone number, and you will win 240 coins when he gathers 500 coins! So, it’s a win-win situation because both of you will receive 130 Givvy coins.



But wait there’s more, when your invite gathers 500 coins you will get additional 240 coins. So, if you already have a Givvy account,
feel free to comment your referral link so others can use it and you will earn Givvy coins. Let’s now go to Tasks.
I can not click Tasks, I think there is a glitch in their app. Let’s proceed to Other Offers.
You just need to like and share their Instagram profile And you will earn 5 Givvy coins. Like and share their Facebook page,
you will earn Givvy coins.


You will see you here below,
Tap to get 6 hours. You have just started opening a chest.
So, we will open chests here then earn additional coins. We need to wait 6 hours to open another chest
I think we can only activate 1 chest at a time. So, those are all of the ways to earn here. This is where we can convert our Givvy coins to Paypal money. It says here, 119 Givvy coins = 0.01 USD If you have already converted Givvy coins, click Withdraw, choose Paypal then enter your PayPal email address. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.21 USD
It’s very low, right? Before we proceed.
Let me tell you the hidden hashtag word. So, the first five commenters of #MemoryGame will win ₱50 each! Comment now! Let’s go to this last button.
This is the leaderboard or rankings of users.


If you ranked 1st, you will win 4,000 Givvy coins.
If you ranked 2nd, you will win 2,000 Givvy coins. If you ranked 3rd, you will win 1,000 Givvy coins. Let’s proceed to Daily. You can win their daily prize, 500 Givvy coins, if you ranked 1st. I don’t have my own proof of payment yet because I just recently tried this app. But many have payout from this application already. This ends our video, KaChikas! If you liked and have learned in this video..
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That’s all for now, KaChikas!
Thank you so much for watching this video. Goodbye and God bless you all!

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