NO ONE Remembers The RULES! | D&D Lesson From Critical Role

No one remembers the rules! Critical Role scene: "yeah, 
yeah, yeah, okay ready? whoa whoa  all three of us? yeah– three way, three way! how 
do you do…? feel like this is a dumb idea, maybe   it should be just you two– no no no! three way, 
three way! let's do it, let's do it! uh, uh, UH! … uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (wait) *all laughing* 
that's why it doesn't work with three people! how have you all survived 
level 12? *yuck yuck yuck!*" Now, I love Critical Role! The show was a huge 
inspiration for me when I first got into dnd   a few years ago, and my fiance and I still 
watch it today! But every time we watch it   we get distracted by all the times that Matt 
or somebody else on the cast either messes up   a rule or doesn't remember something simple that 
they should know by now! And if these literal   professional dnd players can't remember the 
rules, can anyone be expected to? (pause) well,   yeah! I do get it because they play for hours on 
end, and for me, just after the first hour or so   of DMing, I start to slip up a lot, but here's 
the twist– this video isn't just a rant about   Critical Role or about how difficult it is to 
remember all the rules of dnd.

It's about how   the rules are never what we remember about our 
games! Let me explain. 5e is a great system;   it's what really introduced me to dnd as 
a dungeon master, but it is complicated!   Yeah maybe not so much compared to third edition 
and 3.5 where I started, and it is easier than   similar systems like pathfinder and pathfinder 
second edition, and one day maybe soon dnd 5e   will definitely be overtaken by the popularity 
of 6e and later 7e, or maybe just a time when dnd   loses its monopoly on tabletop rpgs and 
everybody is just playing different games!   And even then when you're looking back, reflecting 
on the awesome gaming memories that you have,   you won't be remembering the system! 
Nobody finishes a session of dnd,   gets up from their table, and says, "Wow, 
guys that was great! I'm really impressed how   everybody was able to distinguish grappling 
from restrained this session! Great job!"   No no no.

Instead you remember that time 
your barbarian was just throwing kobolds   into the red dragon's mouth! And one of them was 
a kobold explosive expert! And the bombs he had   strapped to him blew up the dragon's head! 
And you all walked away victorious! No one   remembers the rules; you remember the times you 
kept the rulebooks closed, went with your gut,   and turned that moment into something epic! So 
if you're a new dm and you see the approximately   600 pages of rules in the core books and get a 
little overwhelmed, that's normal! You are not   beholden to those books and trying to be so will 
even take away from your game! Experienced dms,   you know what I'm talking about! I know I've been 
through times when I've realized that this rule   is getting in the way of what I want my players to 
be able to do right now! So it's okay to loosen up   and to home brew and to experiment and to keep 
those books closed! That's what you'll remember   about your game, and that's kind of what I 
try to do on this channel, so if you agree   be sure to like this video and subscribe– it 
really helps me and the channel and the whole   community here who are all just people trying to 
have more fun playing dnd! Now keep building 😀

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