Nintendo é videogame para jogadores casuais! E Pokémon Unite é Pay-To-Win! – RESPONDE NINTENDO #24

Reply Nintendo Ladies and Gentlemen, Your
Favorite Friday board here on the channel Coelho no Japão where one week we
answer the questions you asked there on my Instagram @RodrigoCoelhoC when
we open that box, and the next week we deny some lies that talk
about Nintendo That's it, some controversies of course today we will talk about Pokémon
Unite being Pay to Win – paid won – will is that so? Is Nintendo focused on
casual gamers? this you've heard a lot will be what is it? The one with Star Fox deserves to
be revived… but maybe it's a lie? these and others here on the channel So it's already leaving
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We have some little
lies that we read around on the internet I I want to start with a very controversial one I think
because in my opinion it counts as a lie but maybe it's just opinion and many of
you might disagree So let's disagree here respectfully because this phrase you
may have already read on the internet I want to talk with you about Pokémon Unite is Pay-To-Win So there's
this controversy, and let's talk about it haha It's complicated, and has divided the players,
some think so, others who don't. Facts that lead to believe that yes: In Unite, you equip your Pokémon with items that, in
addition to effects, increase characters' stats, and these items have a level up to 30.

It is a fact that it is a lot of work to level up to minus 20, which is when the item's effect
improves, and even more until 30. And it's a fact also that there are paid resources to
speed up this leveling up of items. that is, you pay, and it's easier to level up the items, making a bigger effect. Let's say two players with the same level, one has
level 20 items , the other level 30, level 30 wins, then pay-to-win.
That's the reasoning. Now, facts that lead to believe that NO:
(Firstly because the game has a server in Brazil, and here in Brazil the guys are not even
able to spend crazy haha ​​but ok, let's go to the more solid arguments kk)
-This format is more called “Pay-to-fast” that is, pay to accelerate progress.

And what's the difference? A pay to win is a game that those who spend are ALWAYS in front
of those who don't, and no matter how much hard to level the items up to the maximum level,
the limit is 30, and then it doesn't matter if you paid or not, it's the same stats and effects and the
spender has nowhere to take advantage. “ah, but in a championship these extra levels
make a difference”, yes, but…. until you have level to participate in a championship… let's be honest,
you've played tens and tens of hours. Or at least played a lot every day! You are a Hardcore player. Did I say Hardcore Player? Calm down, we'll talk about this question at the end of the video! What I mean is that most likely you have already uploaded enough of your items I don't know if until level 30 or until level 20, but if you want to participate in championships you are dedicated to improving the game, right? but then the guys can talk "Ah but just playing in the ranked has an effect".

Look, I already know not one, not two, not 3 friends who are at the top ranking and haven't
spent a dollar… Unite is about team strategy (hence the name Unite) so a guy is level
30 and you are 10, but he doesn't know how to play as a team, does not know how to manage the points, the pokemon
of the scenario, etc…. it's no use, he won't win. This difference will only take effect
with 2 competitive players of the same level of both skill and strategy,
and again, if you play at a competitive level, you will need to dedicate yourself a lot and in this process you
will already upgrade the items to level 30 anyway… "You're saying that because you
wipe Nintendo." There's going to be this one, sure, but hey,
Pokémon Unite isn't even by Nintendo, is from Tencent/Tiimi with the Pokémon Company, and I
'm going to use a Pay-to-win example FROM NINTENDO: Fire Emblem Heroes.

This mobile game is EXCELLENT, it has lots of singleplayer content and game modes, but…
the gameplay mode, it's 100% pay-to-win, because payers can spend infinitely
buying better characters and still making mergers, making the
game's strongest characters , even stronger in the game community, there's kind of a consensus on how far the
free ranking goes, and from which ranking it starts to be the paid people, which they call
“whale”, that's the term for those who spend every month like crazy in the same game kk
In Fire Emblem Heroes, what you spend ALWAYS will be big steps ahead, and it's impossible for an
excellent player to beat a player… good haha This is pay-to-win, and definitely
not the case with Unite.

So me, Coelho, I'm in the group
that thinks it's pay-to-fast, and who KNOWS that you can compete in the
highest rankings without spending any money on the game, because there are already people around who got there and said. And you want to know what else? There's a Pokémon Unite TIPS video here on the channel MADE TOGETHER WITH THIS GUYS for you to know a series of tricks and win the game… and no, you won't need to spend 1 cent to watch this video kkk and get good at the game so you don't complain when others are winning. aahaa i'm sure some people do that. but let's deny the information number 2 here and it's also a little controversial maybe? this one, look… that maybe I've already said on the internet 2)Star Fox deserved to be resurrected. That's it! You don't deserve it!
Haha it's a joke. The point is… you can't
resurrect those who are alive hahaha The Star Fox franchise has had new additions
on 3 of the 4 consoles prior to Switch: Star Fox – no DS
64 remake – no 3DS and
Zero – on the WiiU.

Only the Wii didn't. And even on Switch, we had
a huge collaboration counting with skins and an entire campaign dedicated
to the Fox group in the game "Starlink" that rendered this amazing action figure here.
As much as Starlink is not a Star Fox, it's not the same style of play, it's everything else, you
know what it would be like or it will be a new Star Fox right? But even disregarding Starlink,
Zero was released in 2016, that is, we've been "only", in quotes, 5
years without Star Fox. Want to see how much Isn't that a lot? Animal Crossing which is
an EXTREMELY profitable series, it was, between New Horizons and New Leaf, amazing
EIGHT years living spin off haha So, putting Star Fox in the resurrection queue
is disrespectful to those who really need her, such as Golden Sun, Eternal Darkness,
Sin & Punishment and F-Zero.

These yes, a lot of prayer for a new
entry on Switch… Star Fox no is sure to show up on Switch, but
it's not the most unlikely thing. 3) Smash Brós is not the inventor
of "fighting platforms". Technically, it's not wrong
at all. The creator of this sub-genre of fighting game was this game here:
The Outfoxies, by Namco, released in 1994, 5 years before the first Smash, which
was originally supposed to be an original IP called Dragon King ~only Google's “Dragon Kin Nintendo 64~,
ie it wasn't a crossover ! look there haha But then 2 things happened: 1st Smash
exploded in popularity and many games followed his formula, which still does not
make him a creator or father of this style.

2nd Both Outfoxies and Smash 64 are not
considered COMPETITIVE fighting games, that is, they are not part of the so-called FGC, the
Fighting Game Community, which is the niche of competitive game players.
However, Smash Melee on the GameCube, perfected the Smash 64 formula, which already had
its differences for Outfoxies, and on account of certain techniques (some not even official kk)
he was accepted at FGC, participated in EVO etc. So, Street Fighter II is considered
the great father of competitive fighting games, but… is he the 2 kkk and the 1? Nobody considers
him the father of the genre, because it's not like Same thing with Smash, it was the second game that
kind of defined the rules of what a Fighting is Competitive platform, the scenario model, the
techniques that this type of game has (like Direction Influence) as well as the main mechanics
that this type of game should have (like edgeguard).

And then, from Melee, other games emerged,
also competitive, like Rivals of Aether, Brawlhalla and even the recently announced “Nickelodeon
All-Stars Brawl” that a lot of people were teasing about, but is being made by Ludosity, developer of an
indie fighting platform called Slap City, and this game will have Rollback Netcode which is the best
netcode for online fighting games, besides having Wavedashing (which is one of
Smash Melee's competitive techniques ) so… yeah , looks like it's serious hahaha So no, Smash 64 is not the
first Fighting Platform, but Melee is the first and is the benchmark
of competitive Fighting Platforms. 4) Nintendo is just for casual audiences. This one is difficult to counter,
because when we say no, people think we're avoiding
something bad, something pejorative, you know? And it's not.

Nintendo has focused on the casual audience already,
especially in the Wii era, but not today it's more this audience that it targets, in fact,
today Nintendo targets the versatility of the audience, that is, it tries to put some content that
casuals will enjoy, and some targeted content to hardcores, and also adults, and children, etc.,
that is, she wants part of her games to please everyone, or she releases specific games
for these audiences to always have something to play. It is very difficult to define what is a player and a
hardcore game, right? But simply put, a hardcore game is a game that will require dedication from the player
and will reward you for it, so you can get addicted and play for hundreds of hours because you will
always have some achievement (and yes, hundreds, player hardcore seeks to play a game incessantly,
so it can't be over in 10 hours).

So for example:
-In Ultimate Smash, the top Ranking, called by Elite Smash, it's individual, that is, you can
spend hundreds of hours until you get it everyone in elite Smash…. and there are +80 characters,
good luck hahaha (so you have an idea, Wii Smash wasn't even considered competitive,
and Ultimate is a phenomenon in the championships, look at difference of Nintendo Wii and Nintendo on Switch)
-Splatoon 2 is another that add rankings taller and extremely punitive,
like, won the game goes up a little, lost match goes down a lot.

-Pokémon Sword Shield that has a competitive that requires a lot of dedication, because
you need to train a pokemon with status, skill, IV, EV, moveset, etc, all
lined up, and that's just to form the kk team "Ah but this is online multiplayer
PvP game ." Yes, and… she's investing in it hahaha but let's get singleplayers….
-Fire Emblem Three Houses has 3 different campaigns, with more than 50 hours each.
-Xenoblade 2 has very rare heads and blades of if you can, like, just over 200 hours.
-Nintendo funded Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 which also have missions and game modes
for you to do when your character has at level 200 – and there are 50 characters kkk
-And of course, Breath of the Wild is right armor that takes a lot of work to get,
like, you have to farm in I don't know how many items, I don't know how much money, I work
like that for tens and tens of hours. And even outside the games,
Switch's big advertisement is "Play wherever you want", in the first commercial for “Be yourself”
we saw a guy who played on TV, then he took the game to the park, then
he took it to the plane, then he arrived in home and kept playing Skyrim and Zelda.

And that was to attract hardcore players, Nintendo wasn't targeting the same casual Wii audience there with that Marketing. they were aiming in addicts, who want to be there playing
all the time, there aren't many people who have more than one console says that games, like RPGs,
prefer to use the Switch, which is to have this feature to be always playing. (including in this
commercial there was the girl who was baptized by the KAren's fanbase haha ​​she took Switch
to a party, and then the guys joked that party friends would say "oh karen,
stop being addicted, it's a poh party." kk KAren is hardore.) So no, I don't think Nintendo has been aiming
for casuals, that's so evident in their games.

As in the console proposal itself,
although there is soooo much for casual, but because Nintendo focuses on
audience versatility and in reality this is one of Switch's factors and your games sell so much… and a factor I
like a lot want an example? my son man he is 3 years old and Mulequinho is already
good in video games because we feel us play together. When he's playing Super Mario
3D World World + Bowser's Fury and he can't necessarily go through all the stages he
wants but he gets it because after he dies several times Nintendo gives an Item there that
makes the game casual. The same thing happens to them can't catch all the little green stars
for example it's a challenge for me this! not for him. So in the same game it can be Hardcore
or Casual… Want another example? donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.

Oddly enough everyone
gets this Hardcore game right? but mine three-year-old mule he plays dude, and he's already
in the third world… in the second or third world I don't know when he's already but he
plays in Funky Mode where the character has five lives if he steps on the thorn he doesn't die
anyway the game is hard but it's a casual way there between You understand what I mean.
I don't think it's right to say that Nintendo is just for casual isn't it, I think it's very wrong to
say that… and it's not because casual is bad, it's just because the wrong information really but
what do you think about it this mine friends was today's Nintendo respondent hope
you enjoyed spending this little time here with me. Deny a few little lies or at
least think a little about me And these statements that the guys are so sure that more
than sometimes there is another side of the coin that the person did not think about the time to make that
statement, you will agree with what I told you disagree feel free to disagree or
agree with me here in the comments beauty let's continue this conversation here and remember
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thank you so much And then watch ours Pokémon Emerald tips video for you guys to
improve I'll stay here for you see in the next video And remember even when you
disagree with people who don't fight dear conversation in morals sometimes it's just a matter of
you getting the ideas right where you agree and disagree here too ok man be
nice to people beauty that's what you're doing the familiar is so cool we go
from friends told about doing it right, thanks and

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