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This is melecia from melecia at 
home and I'm back with another video   back with another work from home job lead and 
this job lead I'm just going to jump right into   it and I am not going to waste your time going to 
jump right into it this job lead is coming from   Amazon and they're currently looking 
for customer service representative   account recovery this is a virtual position 
and its a temporary seasonal position so jobs   like these that are from companies like 
Amazon full fairy quickly so hopefully   when I post this video it will still be 
available for you guys so hopefully okay   and you want to hop on this one as soon as you 
see this video so the responsibilities include   the position is a seasonal roll where employees 
remain with ring so this is for company call ring   ring is basically a company that develops security 
doorbells for your homes so so well-known company   again this position is seasonal roll employees 
remain with ring in a temporary capacity dependent   on customer needs there may also be opportunities 
for long-term appointment so even though it stays   temporary there is still an opportunity for it 
to be a long-term okay so this position is a   full-time 40 hours per week position but may at 
times require overtime based on customer needs   so expect to possibly have to be available 
over time so that's a 40 to 60 hours a week.   provide solutions for complex situations 
related to account access meeting regular   and reliable attendance effectively communicate 
with customers and other internal departments   provide excellent customer support to insure a 
ring accounts are safe must have the discipline   and adhere to process and workflows this 
position requires that you handle various   contact types including chat email inbound 
and outbound voice calls with their customers   so they list their basic qualifications you just 
need to have a high school or equivalent diploma   strong verbal communication skills strong 
note-taking skills must possess Keen attention to   detail ability to attend a three weeks of training 
between Monday through Friday 8 a.m.

To 5 p.m.   you must have hard wire DSL cable or Fiber Optic 
internet meet a minimum of download and upload   speed that they have listed here provide a private 
workspace provide comfortable ergonomically safe   desk chair desk that can accommodate dual monitor 
setup and agree to Amazon work-from-home agreement   are they have their preferred qualifications 
that are listed here on so you can go through   this list on your own time I just want to hurry up 
and make this video before this listing goes by by   and again it goes fast these types of jobs 
from Amazon so it looks like it's more like   entry level of type of position doesn't look like 
they ask for a lot of experience work for work   experience so even their preferred qualification 
is basically being curious about new platforms   they do require that you have previous customer 
service experience but it doesn't tell you   how many years that you need to have all right 
so also previous call center experience logical   problem-solving skills experience working 
iin a fast-paced environment is experience   in prioritizing having time to ensure efficiency 
seemed so on and so on its a $16 per our position   and a compensation for this role is non-negotiable 
so don't try to negotiate they also offer some   benefits Vision Dental 401K matching program and 
host of other benefits for their employees okay   so I'll definitely check out this position it is 
up and it is live and it will go fast so if you're   ready to click where it says apply now and you can 
go through the application process also don't mind   if it says Phoenix area Arizona majority of the 
time Amazon positions are available in Most states   in the US so on this listing did not give specific 
states that they're hiring in so you should still   go ahead and apply and get your application in 
the matter where you are in the US this is just   where they're located but doesn't necessarily 
mean that's where they're hiring specifically   do have some State restrictions but again they 
did not list any in this job post so just go ahead   and get your application in can't hurt to do that 
right all right that's so much for joining me   and hopefully you catch this position and wish 
you all the best of luck happy work from home

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