(NEW RELEASE 2021!) Earn $12.00+ Every SINGLE Song YOU Listen?!! Make Money Online

In this video I will show you how I earn $12 for every single song that I listen to. STEP 1. I want you to go on Google and search "playlist push". Click on the first link right here and you will be taken to this website which is called "playlistpush.com". You can read it here connecting artists to the playlist curators. As a BONUS later on in this video I'll show you more websites that you can combine with PlaylistPush and you can 2x or 3x your earnings. On this website we are going to be the Playlist Curators but first let me show you some statistics. There are over 800 curators all over the world making money on this website.

This website has been featured by big brands like Medium and Fortune. You can see here the testimonies of many people around the world saying they earn a lot of money online using this website. This just shows that this website is 100% legit. STEP 2. I want you to click on this tab right here "For Curators" and you will be taken to this page "Discover New Music For Your Playlists" scroll down below and you will find "Get Paid To Review Songs".

We pay you to listen and review songs and if you like it you can consider adding it to your playlists and that's how you can earn $12 for every song that you listen to. This then means that if you listen to 10 songs you will earn $120! The best thing about this website is that they pay you every week. They will pay you every Friday via Paypal and trust me when I say they don't miss a single Friday to pay you. As good as this is there is a catch to this method. You need to have followers on either Spotify, Youtube Music or Apple Music. STEP 3 Click on the "Sign Me Up button and it will take you to this page. Select your country. As you can see here when I click on this tab, they're basically accepting people from all over the world.

It doesn't matter from which country you're coming from. You can join this opportunity from wherever you are. Right now I want you to comment down below and let me know from which country you are watching this video from? So that I can create specific videos for your region in my future videos. Next select "Yes" if you have created a playlist on Spotify. And one more thing you should have at least 1 000 to 10 000 real followers but don't you worry I got you covered I'll be sharing with you a strategy that will help you get thousands of followers. So be sure to stick around until the end of this video. But first how do we sign up click on I want to "Apply As A Curator" then continue with Spotify.

Click on this SIGN UP using your Spotify. Once you click on that it will redirect you to the Spotify website. If you already have a Spotify account, you can directly log in but if you don't have one then just put in your email, password, username, your date of birth and gender. Don't forget to click on these boxes right here then hit this green SIGN UP button. STEP 4. The next website is called "playlists.net" on this website you can share post and upload your playlist. There is so much cool music here. and so many playlists on this website and every single day, people around the world visit this website to listen to music. With this you'll be able to gain many followers for FREE but first you will need to submit a playlist.

Now click on this "Submit A Playlist" button. As you can see you must log in and connect your Spotify to submit your playlists. If you don't have an account on this website click on this LOGIN button and this window will pop up. You can see here, LOGIN or REGISTER if you're new and don't have an account on this website click on this register button and this registration page will pop up.

Just type in your name, username, country, email address, password, and confirm your password. Then click on this box right here and hit the register button. Now you can get started and submit your playlists from Spotify and gain followers. STEP 5. The last website is "soundplate.com". On this website you can promote your Spotify playlists. All you have to do is click on this button right here at the top you will be taken to this page as you can see it says here "Grow Your Spotify Or Deezer Playlist With Our Website And Free Submission System". This is pretty much like "playlists.net" so when you combine these websites you can earn $12 and even more by just listening to music.

Share your Spotify playlist on these different websites and gain followers FAST! Once you achieve that you will then be a Qualified Curator on this website and start earning a lot of money online!.

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