Hello Ka’Chika, This is Antonette and Welcome back to my channel If you’re new to this channel, click the subscribe button and the notification bell, because I am uploading videos about how to make money online, by just using our phone, application and some websites for free so for today's video kachika I will share to you a legit earning application where I already earn free $100 or ₱5,000 php with my Gcash just by typing Captcha before I tell you what application I am referring to I just want you to inform you kachika that we have an ongoing Cellphone Giveaway, not just 1 not just 2 but 3 Cellphones will be giving away to our Subscribers and by the way kachika make sure you subscribe to the "Roland & Tonet Channel" because there we will have a live raffle draw with our Cellphone Giveaway so just check the link in the description box and pin comment so you can join our cellphone giveaway so now the application I am referring to is this CASH FLOW ok to start earning here with Cash Flow you need to download it from Playstore so now if you want to download this Cash Flow you can click the link in the description box and pin comment to be directed to the Playstore and to install Cash Flow immediately just register using your Gmail Account so here at Cash Flow kachika when you log in you will immediately get a Daily Bonus everyday we are given 140 coins and 6 tokens as our Daily Bonus
so let's just click Claim Now! before I tell you how we earn with this application, I will show you how much I have earned with this application let's click on these 3 lines below and you will see kachika I already have a current balance of $100.4 usd so that's my balance in the application so it's live
here kachika you can see I have 100 coins and 23 gems so our goal kachika is to save a lot of coins because these coins that we can earn in the application can be converted into cash these tokens or gems are what we will use to play their games so here kachika you'll just have to share the application link with anyone and you can click Tap to Share and you can earn $0.02 usd everytime you invite a friend and Take note kachika it is optional to invite, not compulsory or required for you to be able to withdraw but if you don't like to invite they have other ways of earnings so let's click Let's Play and here kachika we will just type this Captcha like for ex.

Let's just enter the numbers we see here so just type 067016 and then click on verify
so that's it "Congratulations" we get 50 coins immediately so let's just click and there are pop up ads so let's just finish the ads, here kachika you expect a lot of pop up ads but don't worry kachika because when we watch ads we can earn money there so later I will discuss with you how we can earn money by watching ads here in the application as you can see our coins increased before 100 coins now it has become 150 coins so let's just type the numbers 701880 and then click on verify so another 50 coins again
so it's very easy to earn coins here just click Claim 50 coins
as you can see it became 200 coins as you can see our tokens are also reduced everytime we type a captcha it is reduced by 1 token so far kachika of all Quark Tech applications this is my most favorite because it's very easy to earn coins here and it's very easy to do just type a captcha so all you have to do here is just type so just type and type I will first teach you how to increase our tokens or gems when they run out and so that we can play their captcha game again so let's go here to the homepage and then let's click this token logo You can watch a video to get 3 tokens, so let's click to get 3 tokens and short video ads will pop up so let's just finish this ads so that we can earn additional 3 tokens so that's it we done watching the ads and just close the ads and as you can see kachika our tokens have increased so here kachika unlimited we can type captcha meaning also unlimited we can earn coins here and the last way of earnings here in Cash Flow
is to join their leaderboard so let's click your rank here below
and you can see here kachika the ranking of users so as of now kachika I'm still in Rank 2668, when you join their Top 1 Top 2 and Top 3 users you can earn cash here for ex.

This Top 3 will win $1 Top 2 user will win $2 and Top 1 user will win $3 so this Ranking will end within 4 hrs and 29 mins so here kachika on the leaderboard the battle here is to increase the viewing of ads so for ex. this top 3 user has watched 1761 ads and the top 2 users have 3102 ads seen and the top 1 user has 3227 ads watched so where can we see the number of ads that we have already watched so we can see that here we only saw 19 ads today you can also see that here on the homepage as you can see 20 ads that we have already watched so Take note it's not hard to watch ads here because every time you click and every time you claim coins there will pop up ads but here kachika I will teach you a trick on how we can increase our ads immediately and so that we can win here in their Ranking so this is the trick I used so I earned $100 in just 1 week and for us to win here $3, $2, $1 everyday first we need to consume our tokens so we can do the tricks I will teach you so now kachika i will consume the tokens or gems first so we can do the tricks so when you run out of tokens or 0 tokens let's click it let's play and just close the ads and as you can see the number of ads we watched has increased, we already have 34 ads that's all we will do so click cancel and repeat again let's click let's play and there will pop up ads and just close and as you can see it has increased our ads 35 ads we watched that's the only tricks here kachika to speed up the number of ads we watched so now kachika i will teach you how to withdraw from this application so Take note kachika the coins we earn today can be converted automatically in the next day so to be able to withdraw let's click the 3 lines below and click withdraw so as of now kachika I already have a balance of $100.4 so let's withdraw that today let's just click withdraw they have two payment options with PAYTM and via PayPal we just link our PayPal account here to their application so let's click PayPal and then click done so here kachika we just enter our PayPal email address and then click done let's just select the amount we want to withdraw so the minimum amount we can withdraw here kachika is $5, $15, $25, $40, $70 and the maximum we can withdraw is $100 usd
so since I have a balance of $100 let's withdraw $100 so let's click it and after that click withdraw and you will see here in the transaction kachika that the status of our withdrawal of $100 is still pending so now kachika i just wait to receive my payment and i just pop up on our screen when i receive and from our PayPal kachika we can transfer that to our Gcash Account and I made a separate video in the description box and pin comment you can watch it so you can transfer your PayPal funds to your Gcash Account so this proves that we can earn free $100 or ₱5,000 in our Gcash just by typing the captcha and just watching the ads using Cash Flow ok so now let me share to you my Honest Review about this application actually kachika it's very easy to earn coins here just type a captcha and you'll just watch a lot of ads so kachika it's super annoying when there are a lot of pop up ads so here in this application when popping up ads we can earn it's an advantage for those who don't like to invite because you just watch ads and if you have unlimited wifi I can say that it's perfect for those who are lazy to invite but want to earn a lot so my cons with this application kachika is that it can't provide us with stable income this application can only be for extra income so now kachika if you want to have a stable income you can visit my 2nd channel "Homebased Chika" where I shared Homebased Work and Earn from Home Tips that we can have a Stable Income even if we are just at home please subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell because every video there I will give away 100 pesos gcash so that's it this ends our video Ka’Chika! so now If you like this video, please don't forget to click the like button and share this video, to help other people earn money just by typing a captcha and watching ads and if you're new to this channel click the subscribe button and the notification bell, to keep you updated on our new online source of income, that's all for now Kachika's thank you so much for watching this video, Goodbye and Godbless you all, Good bye!

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