Hello Ka’Chika, This is Antonette and Welcome back to my channel If you’re new to this channel, click the subscribe button and the notification bell, because I am uploading videos about how to make money online, by just using our phone, application and some websites for free so for today's video ka'chika let's review a new application where we can earn $5 or $10 just by spinning so in this video we will find out if it is Legit or another scam application so make sure you jist finish this video because I will share to you my honest review about this application and before we start kachika I want to let you know that we have an ongoing giveaways we have a $500 special giveaway, in the description box ok so now let's start our application review now the application we review today is this ecash so this application is developed by Quark Tech so as you can see it has 4.7 ratings so more people rated 5 stars and you can see here the reviews of the users so let's read a positive review so in this review coming from Vishu Kumar, so he said "it is the best application to earn money to students or futures working properly it easy to use i like it most." let's read a critical review, this is a review from Lloyd Castro so he said "too many ads, if you claim it, ads is about 5 sec.

If you claim x2 ads is 30 secs or more, also what will happen to the coins we get, no option on how to exchange it. so you saw the positive and critical review of this application so now let's try to identify this application, so let's install and let's try to download and use this application let's click install we can't know if an application is Legit or not Legit if we don't try so we have installed Ecash so maybe this application pays so let's try
to install because nothing will be lost and we will not release any investment
so let's click open it says, ECASH your way to success
here let's click sign in only way to use to sign in is using your google account
do you have a refer code so its optional only kachika, you can enter a referral code, you can also not if you want to enter my referral code in the description box or in the pin comment, enter and click apply if you have an account here on ECASH open the comment section so you can comment your referral code for others to use as well I'm not forcing you kachika to enter my referral code so its up to you whether you use it or not, so there is nothing mandatory here, so for those who will use my referral code, thank you so much for using my referral code in that way we can giveaway to our subscribers so that's what I use so we can giveaway on our channel after that click get started I received a daily bonus
we got 150 coins and 5 tokens as our daily welcome bonus let's click claim now as of now kachika we'll see I don't have an available balance yet and you can see kachika we have 150 coins and 30 tokens so these coins kachika are the ones we will use to convert to dollars ok, so let's save a lot of coins
so we can earn dollars and this is tokens, this is what we will use to play their games, so we can't play games if we don't have tokens here below you can see the offers first way to earn coins here at Ecash
is to rate their app, "Rate us 5 star on playstore and write a sweet review and to get $0.10 now That's why many people rate 5 stars because they have a reward for giving 5 stars so still up to you, whether you give 5 stars or not
so let's try to rate their app on playstore let's rate 5 stars, let's click this post and let's go back to the app so true that you will be given $0.10 for rating their app on playstore so we already have $0.1 in our balance another way to earn points is to invite friends so send your invitation friends and get $0.02 on each sign up so let's click invite now so our referral code is here "your friend has to put your refer code, while signing up, then you will be rewarded with $0.02 and your friend will get $0.01 as a bonus" so it's a win win situation kachika
so when your friend enter the referral code he/she will also get $0.01 and you who invited you will get $0.02 and the last way of their earnings is by playing their game play game and collect coins to win leaderboard
let's click play now they have, Spin Saga, Scratch Saga, Flip Saga, here kachika in spin saga so we can play here in spin saga we need 4 tokens so these are our tokens we have 30 available tokens so our tokens will be reduced by 4 tokens when we play the spin saga
so let's click spin now here we can win a minimum of 5 coins and maximum 150 coins and we can also win here a minimum of 2 tokens and a maximum of 5 tokens so let's click spin me so we won 75 coins, we can immediately claim 75 coins or we can double the 75 coins we won, let's click claim 2x and let's just watch short video ads to double the coins we earn so we doubled the coins we earned and we earned 150 coins next one is this Scratch Saga
here kachika we need to scratch their scratch card so let's scratch, you've got 100 coins
we will claim 2x and watch short video ads we immediately got 200 coins
let's claim now it's place here FINISH all you have to do is restart the app so close and reopen the app so you can play their Scratch saga again so you can play unlimited in their games
as long as we still have tokens and their last game was the Flip Saga
tap over card to Flip it and be rewarded so let's click Flip now so all you do is flip it like you're going to tap
so we got 5 coins so we can claim it or we can double claim it by watching video ads if this is FINISH just the same as the process before close and reopen the app so you can play their games again here what if you run out of tokens? so just click this plus button beside the token, and it says "you have 25 gems You can have a maximum of 200 gems, To earn more gems tap over button given below" so let's click get 5 gems and watch a short video advertisement but when kachika happens that no ads appear you can use a VPN, like vpn super, vpn fast, vpn turbo and top vpn, so in the description box we have the vpn links so as you can see our tokens have increased before it's only 25 tokens but because we watched the ads it became 30 tokens and lastly this is their leaderboard, so here kachika increase the coins you have accumulated so here you can see the first ones here on their leader board so there is a countdown here so when the timer is over, meaning the contest or ranking is over here on their leader board so when you are in the top 1 of their leader board, you will win $2.5 when you are 2nd in the ranking you will win $2 when you are 3rd you will get $1.5 up to top 5 you can win there as of now here we are at 16165
so earn many coins ok so now so we can withdraw here ECASH
let's click wallet and then click withdraw there are two options for you to redeem your coins available with Paypal or PayTM here we are at PayPal, just enter the PayPal Email Address click done and let's click withdraw and as you can see our account is already linked to our Ecash account, minimum of $5 we can withdraw maximum of $30 as of now I can't show you the step by step process on how to withdraw because my available balance hasn't reached $5 yet
so i can't withdraw yet but don't worry kachika I'll update you on our Facebook Page if I've already paid out here on ECASH so make sure you follow and like our Facebook page so you are updated on Legit and Paying applications until now so now I will share to you my honest review about this application my cons in this application have too many ads so everytime you click buttons or everytime you switch to another page the ads pop up if you are irritated with such apps that have too many ads then don't install this application, because it will really annoy you
that's my only cons with this application so the pros of this application, the app is very easy to use its a very user friendly app actually it's easy to earn coins here at Ecash
just tap, just scratch, just spin the wheel and you can earn coins so if you can ask how many coins we need to earn $1 so I estimated about 20,000 to 25,000 coins we need to earn $1 and for me it is very difficult to earn $1 when we have that amount of coins we need to collect so it can't really be expected to be your source of income but if it's just an allowance or snacks, it can be right so its up to you if you try to download this application so now if you have downloaded this application please feel free to comment in the comment section below what you experienced or if you have already made a payout with this application so that our subscribers also know if it is worth downloading this application this ends our video Ka’Chika! so now If you like this video, please don't forget to click the like button and share this video, so you can also help other people make money just by spinning the wheel and if you're new to this channel click the subscribe button and the notification bell, to keep you updated on our new online source of income, that's all for now Kachika's thank you so much for watching this video, Goodbye and Godbless you all, Good bye!

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